I wrote the lyrics and melody for Forever, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Kenny Gates to perform the music and somebody else to do the vocals.

Song Title: Forever

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Verse 1:
When you stare into my eyes
This big world melts away
All the colors of my mind
No longer shades of grey

Echo the pulse of life
Hearts beating as I fall
Hypnotized and wide awake
From the beauty of it all

Like a bird on a wire
Just waiting to fly
Wrap yourself in my arms
And dream into the sky

Till the day that I die
Till the day that I die

Verse 2:
When the sunset starts to fade
And our weary breath goes cold
As pages turn to dust
Will our story still be told

Will you reach out your hand
And watch the ashes fall
Was it better to have loved
Than never loved at all

Like a bird on a wire
Just waiting to fly
Wrap yourself in my arms
And dream into the sky

Till the day that I die
Till the day that I die

You're forever in my heart
Forever in my bones
Forever in my blood
Swimming through my soul

Like a bird on a wire
Just waiting to fly
Wrap yourself in my arms
And dream into the sky

Till the day that I die
Till the day that I die
Till the day that I die
Till the day that I die
Till the day that I die
Till the day that I die


Reviews of Forever on the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service: (overall score: 7.5 out of 10):

  • A loud and punctuated guitar opening that serves as a good intro for a vocalist who has a lot of talent and passion in their lyrics and the tone they bring to the track.
  • Heavier rock pop here. I love the way they put country in it as well. The Pearl Jam sound is good. I enjoy this style a lot because it is clear and vivid. The vocals could be less reverbed though.
  • I did not like that song. I felt as though I were in a dive bar listening to the band they have for Friday nights. There was not anything original for me on this song.
  • I like the acoustic sound of the guitar in the beginning, it sounds nice with all of the other instruments. The singer's voice is nice, though he sounds a bit flat, like he needs more emotion in his vocals and in his words.
  • I like the rhythm and beat of the music. I like how clear the vocals are. They sound nice and fit well with the flow of the song. The lyrics are good.
  • I like this song and the melody is really nice. I like the two different vocals in this song, very nice sound to it. Song structure is very nice here.
  • I thought that the guitar playing in this song was very good and I liked it a lot. I thought it had some great strumming and a great overall sound to it.
  • Intro is a bit too long. Takes too long to get the lyrics. The lyrics are great and tell a great story. I love the variation in his voice. Reminds me of Meatloaf. Great song. I like the background music.
  • Loved the way it started out. I would of had it built it up a little better before the vocals came in. The vocals were a little rough and a little too loud.
  • Nice mellow piece of Pop/Dance music. The vocals sound strong and the lyrics fit the tone of the song well. The instrumentation is great and the production is good quality.
  • Not a bad start of the song, has a good mood and feel going on for it right away. The guitars sound good and work well. The vocals are okay could be tighter.
  • Sound was a little to light for me. The tempo was VERY slow to start the song. Wasn't even sure it had started. Other then that not that bad.
  • The beats are so solid in this song, it has a nice chill feel something I could listen to while I'm just sitting back drinking a beer. Great vocals.
  • The guitar playing in this song was really solid. It was easy to chill out to and relax. I would not mind hearing more. Thank you.
  • The music is louder than what I expected, but it works with this song. The vocals are deeper, so that does help to balance it out. The lyrics, as usual, are really good.
  • The singer had a really strong voice, which helped to show off the emotion in this song. I also liked the intrumentals. However, when the singer tried to hit the higher notes it ended up sounding really weird.
  • The slow beat of this song really caught my attention. I like the feeling and the mood of this song. Very simple and entertaining.
  • This song makes me feel like I am in a good mood. I want to be happy just hearing the beat. The instrumental is a upbeat positive beat. The lyrics match the tone of the song well.
  • To me sounds like any other song that you would hear on the radio, and that is not a good thing. I think the sound is played out and needs a fresh tune.

Below is version of Forever with music by Kenny Gates and vocals by Matt Greco.

Reviews of the Kenny Gates/Matt Greco version of Forever on the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service: (overall score: 5.7 out of 10):

  • Soothing intro, sound of guitar was amazing. slow paced and took a while to start singing. it was very relaxing to listen to and this song sounds very special. I'm loving the matching melody with the lyrics. it had a deep meaning to it. song continues to get better and better. his voice was very good and sounds like he took his time recording this. quality was also top notch. amazing 10/10!!
  • The opening of the song is classical and western themed, the instrumentals of the song are very catchy and are in perfect tune. The vocals need work and sound very choppy. The vocals lack energy and strength and need improvement. The lyrics hold no apparent meaning but they do bring an element of complex emotion to the table. The song needs vocal improvement and a balance of high and low pitch notes to engage the audience.
  • This song begins on a good note which I believe is a country genre. The vocalist has a very nice voice which compliments the melody and instrumentals extremely well. This song sounds familiar, possibly a remix, either way it is a good song. This artist really nailed this one and it sounds very well produced. The lyrics do no contain a lot of meaning, but that did not affect the songs performance.
  • I feel like I have heard this beat multiple times before. Maybe The GooGoo Dolls or some equivalent band. However, I really enjoyed this song and how the lyrics paired with the music. The only thing I didn't like was the chorus and the transition from the first verse to the chorus. It seemed to choppy and disconnected.
  • The song sounds nice and steady, it does not sound rushed for tempo. I think that the vocalist has a cute voice, and the lyrics sounds meaningful. I like music that has a beautiful message, and this song displays my expectation. I feel other people can appreciate this song as it sounds beautiful.
  • The lyrics are quite sweet however I also find them rather cheesy. I don't feel they are being sung to their potential, the singer doesn't seem to be able to hit some notes. I like the background however, the violins are a nice touch and are a good contrast against the guitar. The lyrics get a bit better from the start and I like how the melody gets more intense.
  • The guitar in this song has a great tune and feel to it. The intro is quiet long. The vocals are very old school. It is not usually what i go for but I know many people do go for this type of thing. The song does not have a very clear message though. I like the instruments though.
  • The intro sounds pretty decent. I do like how the guitar is being played. The singer voice is amazing, I absolutely love how during the bridge of the song he takes his voice from being calm into a powerful harmony. I love the bridge to this song, the lyrics are dynamic and convincing. It's definitely a smash hit for the radio.
  • The piano of this piece gave a soft tone to this piece giving the introduction the vocalist needed. The vocalist seemed to be slightly off key, however, the wording of the song was fantastic. I decided to give this song a 4 out of 10 because of its use of gentle melodies throughout the piece, and the vocalists off key.
  • Love how the song gets started right away and the artists comes in singing in a very smooth way. The melody is very nice and smooth as well. I would be interested in seeing more from this artists in order to introduce some friends to his music. I like the background music , its what kept me into the song. His singing voice is okay, love the tone of it and how it matches the music and beat. Also love he guitar solo towards the middle of the song.
  • The music is soft and the lyrics work perfectly with the beat. The singer has a nice soothing voice and seems like he is passionate about what he is singing. The lyrics seem peaceful and everything works well together. The guitar solos fit very well with the song and the transition from instrument to singer is very nice. This song overall is very nice and has a nice message behind it.
  • The beat the guitar sets at the beginning is great. I like the pitch of the lead singer. The lyrics are very well said. The beat of the drum is great and not over powering to the singers voice, which is great. I really like the way the guitar accents the voice of the lead during the chorus.
  • The track opens with a country toned instrumental that plays solo through the top of the track. The beat is good but it takes too long for the artist to deliver the vocals. His voice is very flat in the first verse. The artist attempts to pitch some higher notes in the hook and they don't come out right. the artist's voice cracks and takes on a very bad sound. The lyrics are nice as I listen. But the vocals are a long way from ready.
  • This song sounds like something Robbie Williams would write at first. The lyrics don't start straight away, which could put some people off. The singer's voice is very slow and almost boring. It sounds sad, but I think the lyrics are happy. In the chorus, it sounds as though the singer is straining. It is not pleasing to listen to. The drums are done very well though, and the guitar is impeccable.
  • Huge fan of the intro! The instruments and relaxing and the singing comes in perfectly. Lyrics are nice and calm. Perfect amount of emotion and melody. Not a huge fan of the voice. Think it all works together very well however. Would like to hear more of this voice on different songs.
  • This sounds really good. Brings me back to the 90s sound with good lyrics and arrangement. The singer is alright. Its more moody than to be sung i guess. The beat is nice. I would say keep it up. There is some good stuff in this song and is the reason we have to start somewhere so keep it up.
  • Classic D-based guitar progression chords, and a nice drum beat to pick it up. The solo is nice, but the vocals could improve by matching the D note in the song, I guess? The bridge should be a bit more adapted to the song, but still sounds great, and I think that the vocals work better with the bridge than the song itself. Not bad.
  • The tempo is nice and relaxing but at the same time it is very hype, and reminds me of john lennon in the late 90's. Other than the chorus it is very good and the singing is killer. the notes they hit are spectacular also very well done.
  • The introduction is nice and sets a catchy beat for the song. The underlying guitar in the beginning is a nice touch. The singer's voice is excellent, but could be a little more powerful and louder. The chorus is a bit weird, and the chords of the instrumental don't really seem to match the tune of the vocals, but overall it's a great song and I enjoyed listening to it.
  • This song gives off that rock and country vibe. First off the guitar is very nice and is complimented by the piano. The vocalist gives a great amount of effort in this song. This song really gives off a Red Hot Chili Peppers vibe which is great for me because I love their music. Make more songs just as good as these and you will have a new fan!
  • The song off the bat is not my style. The beat is plain. The singer has horrible rhythm to this song. Artists voice does not match the rhythm of the instruments. Sounds rough because the music is out doing the singer which make the singer less noticeable. The vocals are just not good at all or fitting to this song. The lyrics don't even make sense truly. this song needs to me reviewed.
  • I like this song it's nice and great track,would love it.in the future they should let this song viral it's original great melody amazing party song.alot of people should get it has its own beat and great choice of words.amazing vocals nice beats need more people singing dull rich self contained.
  • I loved the beginning of this song. It had a long instrumental opening and I actually thought it was going to be a country song, then as the artist started singing I got the rock vibe, but I had rather have heard it with a country artists voice. I think it could be a great country hit! Rock not so much.
  • The twangs of the guitar helped create a nice setting. As soon as the singer starts it goes down hill. i didn't really like either of the singers. Neither of them seemed on key or sounded good. There was also a whiny noise in the background which took away from the calming effect of the song. With a few tweaks the song could approve.
  • the intro his catchy. Caught my attention typical country type intro, but I like it. Singer voice, doesn't particulary attract me. Nice voice, but doesn't delivered the right kind of emotion. I really like the simple, but yet beautiful guitar solo. I also did enjoy the lyric except maybe the chorus, but that because the singer doesn't delivered. Overall not bad.
  • Really enjoy the folk and country vibes at the beginning of this and that it uses a bit of time for the instrumental before going into the vocals. the singers voice is nice, with a lovely tone - would definitely listen to this all the time, very simular to coldplay.
  • I like the way the song starts out. The instrumentals sound really nice. At first the person sounded like Axl Rose. The vocals are not the best but the lyrics are very nice. The music sounds very existential. I could imagine hearing this song in a movie background. Decent song.
  • The song is quite calm and romantic, however i think it lacks the hook as it sounds to me as many different songs. the climax of the song was not very climactic and left me wanting more. overall i think this song sounds very generic and bland and needs some stronger vocals.
  • I like it. I would definitely listen to this again. It is very soothing and definitely belongs on itunes. The tone was very edgy and I enjoyed the chorus as well as the bridge. I think this artist should focus more on range but overall was very nice.
  • The guitar at the beginng is very good. The lyrics seem very thought out. The high notes are very well lenghted and i like how well you keep it out for a long time. The chorus is very catchy and I like it a lot I like how it slows down too torwards the ending of the song. But thwn it gets faster again.
  • The words in the beginning are very romantic and sweet. I also like the chorus because of this reason. The music playing after the chorus is unique. I did not expect it. The verse after the chorus gets the listener to relate to it by thinking about their future with their love. The song overall gives a message about how much this person loves someone.
  • I am immediately reminded of a cialis commercial by the beginning of this song then it turns into a little happy gilmore action. Pretty good song. Think the vocals are moving and that it is a very serious song with good melody. I would listen to this song in a bathtub with a beautiful woman.
  • This is actually a great song, the music is in tune and all has good noises in all of them. The guitars, drums, and violens all sound just wonderful. The voice of the artist has a very great Bret Michael's vibe in the way he sings. I really like this song, very sweet and soo romantic.
  • Simple, thought-provoking, authentic. The build up to the hook is slow to fast. Violins are beautiful. The mood of the song is mello. The artist is coming from a very emotional place as if he's talking about someone personally. This was done in a studio and the quality is average. The music was done in a seperate booth as well as the vocals.
  • The beginning emerges like a Matchbox 20 or Wallflowers rock ballad. I don't like the song once it goes into the chorus. I'm not sure whether it's the half-octave that the song jumps, or the singer's voice that bothers me more... plus the hook "like a bird on a wire" was just not what I was expecting. The lyrics are actually really ashy and dark... then we go to birds flying off wires. I don't know, that probably doesn't make any sense, but the hook doesn't work for me. In general I like the sound of the verses though. I'll give it a 6.
  • This song has a smooth beat at it's intro, and is pleasant to listen to. The male vocals are also pleasant enough except when stretched at higher notes when it sounds off-key, which happens often.the music itself has a good beat, and engages the listener. With more vocal work, the song could be strong and perhaps find airtime, but the genre in which this would occur is uncertain. The hit potential for this song at present is low.
  • The song sounds borderline country at first, but does express rock elements. My main issue with the song is that much of the song sounds as if it is produced off the keyboard. For example, the guitar sounds really synthetic as well as the drums. The vocals didn't have much range in terms of low or high notes. There are times that vocals are sustained but for the most part it sounds the same throughout the entire song. Toward the end of the song, obvious keyboard tones are used and that my favorite part of the song. I think I would have appreciated the song more if there was more of that obvious synth sounds sprinkled throughout the earlier parts of the song. Overall, I feel kind of confused by this song: it felt like the musician wasn't exactly sure what they wanted this song to be.
  • I like the initial instrumental, but I feel it starts a little abruptly. The instrumental also when on a little to long in the beginning. The actual lyrics of the song were enjoyable, but I found the singing to be slightly monotone. I also found that the instrumentals over road the vocals a little to much. Near the end of the song I liked the change in tempo of the music.

Below is an acoustic version of Forever by Douglas Haines:

Reviews of the Douglas Haines version of Forever on the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service: (overall score: 6.7 out of 10):

  • Love the rhythm of the guitar that it gives like a classy style of the song. Great vocals with harmony in the background. Love the lyrics also easy to understand and makes you take trip to the song and the story that its telling throughout the music. Great structure of instruments and music.
  • The artist's introduction seems very southern and worth a nice listen. It seems like a country song Ive heard before its got a nice melody. The dynamics are always changing form piano to forte. I would give this a solid 10/10 good work keep it up!
  • The guitar in the beginning is absolutely beautiful. The vocals are very strong and enters in with good timing. The song is obviously about a strong love. The lyrics "till the day that I die, your forever in my heart." Shows the songs emotion, and how strongly the singer feels about his significant other. The song was put together very well, and the creativity is good.
  • Guitar in the intro has a great blend of harmony and melody. The lyrics are clear and are in sync with the tune. The songs tune is very simple and easy to follow. The song is acoustic and maybe you could have a drumbeat through the second part of the song. overall a great song and easy to listen to.
  • The song has a nice tune with the guitar accompaniment. It resembled creed at the beginning. the vocalist sounds rigid and raspy almost. It added a unique touch to the song. it feels like a Mexican song. The lyrics are very lovely but too repetitive.
  • Too much repetitiveness in the song lyrics. The artist has a great sound to him and certainly knows how to carry a tune well. The instrumental part of the guitar in the background was pretty good. The only that I would change about this song would be the lyrics.
  • Introduction begins with a good, slow, blissful melody. Vocalist is fairly sharp and could use some lessons. The vocals go well with this genre of music and blend with the track. Lyrics are different and distinct from other music. This provides a unique quality to the music. Acoustic is played well and steadily. Great recorded quality. With a little work, this could really be a hit.
  • The introduction is nice and smooth. It has a good feel to it. The vocals are unique and thought provoking. I think the lyrics fit the flow of the music. The beat is synced perfectly with the tone. I think the artist has skills and can harmonize like a professional singer. The way he uses the different styles to get the message out. This is surely going to be a hit. Nice job artist. I really like this piece of music.
  • I like the guitar beat of the song when it starts off. I can tell that it is the main instrumental piece of the song. The artist has an interesting voice that accompanies the instrument and beat very well. This song has a very professional tone to it that I enjoy. If I heard it on pandora I would have listened to it again.
  • I do like the singers voice. He seems to have a good story telling singing voice. The strum of the acoustical guitar makes sense in this one. I think the lyrics are pretty passionate sounding and sounds like poetry the way I like my music to sound. The singer sings the chorus well with being in his bones and to the day he dies.
  • I think this the beat is nice. Sounds a little like three 6 mafia old things back in the day. I think the artist had fun with this and is professional. I really like the way these instrumental way done the artist seemed laid back having a good time.
  • The guitar is stunning, the voice is nice, it has some parts that seem like mistakes to me, but as the song keep going i think it actually makes the song better. I feel like the guitar is speeding up and slowing down, but the vocals are steady so it keeps it on track.
  • The intro guitar seems to hit every note, and the instrumental is very enjoyable overall. The vocalist seems to be a bit out of tune, but he seems fine generally. The lyrics are very meaningful and the tone is very heart felt. I can see this song being a part of a very touching album.
  • The instruments were played with a melodic beat that I will remember forever. Tone and harmonies seem ecstatic and dependable. Rhythm has a colorful tune that sounds everlasting. Lyrics were easy to sing along to. I think you put a lot of effort into this song and it deserves to be played on the radio.
  • Here is a good way to get some guitar music fix if you crave it. The background music is filled with the notes of one interesting guitar playing melody. It fades in and out as the singing gets stronger. His chords are somewhat strained and forced though in some ways but he sings with his heart. His soul follows and they seem to blend in some of the elements like they were baking a cake. The cake would be a vanilla with chocolate swirls as this is how the flavours seem in the song. Plain with some streaks of richness here and there. The song could use some better tempo to his chords. He sings so sadly that I want to cry too.
  • Slowly starting off with a basic guitar repeating the same riffs, the indie sounding voice is well sung and able to strongly cut across the background instruments. Singing about the beauty of something, presumably a person, the vocalist's voice is perfectly designed for this song. Some production work could be done on the background singers, to make them sound less like an echo and more like they're actually a background instrument. A small falter here and there are the only imperfections that I can detect.
  • I really like the acoustic guitar in the intro to this song. This guitar continues the same into the rest of the song as well, just the guitar and the vocals. It gives off a really laid back feeling. The harmonies that come in in the chorus for the most part are really pleasing. At one point when they first started, the higher pitch ended the line first and it was a little disconnected sounding, but not bad by any means.
  • Burst out with audio in the middle! You can add more Drums or more sound effects because there is only guitar and some other instruments. This would be way better if there is another person because this song sounds like it should be like a person to person song. Amazing Job on the Words. This sounds like a masterpiece. Add some more instruments for more excitment!
  • Nice open acoustic riff. I like the acoustic riff. Very good vocals with great lyrics. Nothing simple about this track. Nicely done recording, but your engineer a drink. Remember treat your engineer nice and take his or her advice. Ultimately, you get a awesome recording like this. Anything else I can add, no. But great job and everything works superbly. Awesome.
  • The guitar helps for a great lead into the song and the vocalist is pretty decent. His voice is very different compared to most male artists out there. I find this song to be refreshing from what is being played on the radios now. He sings within a range that works best for him and controls his vocals with ease.
  • The guitar right of the bat makes me really happy. It definitely sounded like something I would listen to. When the vocals come in, the guitar almost seems too fast for the singing. However, I like the simplicity of the song and how easy it is to hear the lyrics. I don't love it but I definitely don't hate it either.
  • I like the slow weeping of the guitar on this song. It really makes it stands out and focuses all the attention to the vocals. I think the vocals have a nice western and country feel. This song makes me feel like I'm back down south. The lyrics are easy to follow and different.
  • The song starts out strong with the guitar and really hooks you in, making you want to hear more. The voice comes in as a surprise and could be improved or edited... The harmony that is toward the middle of the song is pretty good, but still could be improved... You can understand the lyrics and as you listen the song they become more meaningful as it progresses. Overall, this song could be a hit if the voice is slightly altered, yet everything else is very pleasant!
  • The guitar in this song is nice, the singer in this song is clearly a good singer, and the song flows nicely and just sounds nice, the lyrics in this song are a bit random though and they kinda don't seem to make sense but all in all this song is actually pretty good and could be pretty catchy to the right person.
  • Nice acoustic playing. but the singer kinda sounds like a old man. with no teeth. but the words and meaning are good. the acoustic guitar feels of tune a bit. its a sad song about the wrold ending but i guess it will happen sometime ._. i dont like the background voice (sounds like a cat singing).
  • This song has a gentle and organic feel to it thats really free, but the song doesnt at all sound fitting for a radio song. The vocals and recording are not settled in properly. Also great melody of the guitar, but the song needs a kick and drum under the guitar to formulate a solid foundation for the song. I like the song in general but this is a rough demo not a radio ready cut.
  • I absolutely love this track! From beginning to end, I felt immersed in the music. The singer's voice, added with the instruments, meaningful lyrics and a fun tempo. I loved this song through and through! I would recommend listening to this to all of my friends and family. Loved your work, and keep it up! Looking forward to hearing more of your music!
  • Really awesome song. The lyrics were a little hard to understand and your speech was a little blurb but i got through it and like the song! What would make this song better is clearer vocals, but other than that the song is amazing. I am going to rate this song an 8 because of the upbeat feel of music kind of country feel type music.
  • The guitar sounds decent in the beginning but could be cleaned up a little bit. The introduction lead into the song well even though it wasn't perfect. The tune wasn't very interesting. The strength of the vocals was very low. The tone does not sound very sincere in what they were trying to say. The lyrics were okay. I wasn't too fond of the lyrics because it wasn't very catchy. The rhythm wasn't very engaging but it did flow well. Only hearing one instrument made the song sound a little boring and kept it from being as good as it had the potential to be. The song as a whole sounded expressionless but the song flowed decently.
  • The guitar is played very good in the intro of this song. I felt like the guitar was played with no interruptions or weak spots. The singer remained constant at playing the guitar. The singer sounds very distinctive and rich with what he is saying. The message of the song is very clear. I love the song and don't really have anything bad to say about it.

Below is a version of Forever with music by Kenny Gates and vocals by Alvin River:

Reviews of the Kenny Gates/Alvin River version of Forever on the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (overall score: 5.9 out of 10)

  • The track had a very cut sounding introduction and you might want to clean that up. The music is cool southern rock and o.k. the guitars seem to be out of tune to my ears at times. the voice is cool but low in the mix and he reminded me of Neil Young. I did not care for the harmony. The transition was really cool and a great pull on the key note. I think this is a great song but should be re recorded as a master. This artist has vision, imagination and a great sound.
  • I like the opening of this song. It is peaceful and easy on the ears. It has a very relaxing vibe to it. The vocals flow really well with the song and seem to be very cohesive to the music. It seems as though there is a sweet meaning to this song.
  • This intro has a good start, very mellow and soft. I like the guitar vibe and its progression. The artist has a great voice which i think is great to listen to! His voice matches the melody and the lyrics add a lot more character to the story trying to be portrayed in this song. Great song! I would recommend this to others!
  • Nice Oasis-type introduction, unfortunately typical lovey dovey lyrics. His voice is kind of annoying, though that's probably just me. The harmonies are alright. The song just gets more annoying as it goes on. Begins to remind me more of Muse than of Oasis. Not a good thing, I must say. Cool guitar mini solo.
  • Chord progression sounds pretty derivative. I would re-record the guitar part in this and beef up the bass tone in the verse. The string track in the chorus should maybe only be latter in the song, or the level needs to be reduced, it's supposed to add a bit of fullness to the sound I would guess but it seems forced. The harmonies are not very good.
  • I like the soft touch of the guitarist in the background and the drums aren't too overpowering. There is a nice balance with the instrumentals and the vocalist. A little off tune when he says "till the day that I die." I wouldn't add the piano in like they did because it ruined the consistent beat to the song.
  • Lyrics sound good, the beat goes to the lyrics. The song is great. The rythem was not too good but the artist made it work with the lyrics. I like this track some what. It was not the best but its something different then what I am used to hearing at home.
  • The song seems pretty decent all the way around in a technical sense. The recording sounds pretty good. Everything is clear and no distortions. The musical instruments all have solid rhythms and are in tune. I think the violinist sections stand out the most. The singer sounds good vocally. Have lyrics that tell a pretty well thought out story. Just think some of the song comes across a little bland or flat for some reason. All though the chorus did grow on me.
  • The lyrics in this song is honestly super deep, meaningful, and just so beautiful. The singers voice however could use some work but he still sounds amazing with the music. This song is definitely my aesthetic and I would for sure recommend it to people.
  • I love the old school country feel to this song, as it means the beat and rhythm are very relaxing and chilled out. The vocals i really like as he has a nice, soft tone to his voice which means you can listen to the lyrics and relate to the song, which makes it more appealing. I like the dramatic use of digital effects, as well as actual instruments as it create a nice melody.
  • The song starts off with a slow, but catchy rhythm which recalls memories. The lyrics are nice and colorful. I would say that the lyrics are the ones which makes up the song. Rhythm is fine, but nothing special. This song has soul, but I'm not sure whether I would add this song into my playlist.
  • The intro seems very drawn out, I feel like it can be made a bit shorter and not really take away from the song. The song has very good lyrics in my opinion, and the singer really masters the relaxing feel. The singer also has a very good voice, and I really think he can become successful. Good job :D
  • This song's beginning is breezy and genial in the mood, setting just the right bluesy atmosphere to befit the melancholy lyrical themes and gentle vocals. I think it could be even better with more variety in the music later on so the chorus has greater distinction to stand out from the rest of the song, but as it is, the singer has a great voice and skill in range control. The song could just be a bit more expressive. The lyrics sound very heartfelt and consoling to listen to.
  • I found the introduction to this song very bland and boring, it just did not appeal to me. The artist has a relaxing voice that I enjoy but the instrumentals are so boring. Overall, I really like the artist's voice but not the song specifically.
  • In the beginning of the song I feel that the intro is too long. I do not like how the vocals sound. I feel that the artist needs to put more effort in to his singing. I do like how the artist can change pitch and change notes very well.
  • I love the beat. Its easy on the ears. The vocals are smooth and beautiful. The harmonies are weak though. I love the lyrics. They're really poetic. I love the hook lyric about until the day that I die. The music interlude between the first and second verse is too long.
  • Good intro with really crisp instrument sounds. The transition from instruments to vocals was really good. The chorus is good and you can really tell the difference between the chorus and not the chorus. I like the addition of the violins but they are a bit on the loud end. I do not really like the echo effect you do on some lines. Good song, keep up the good work!
  • The beat was unpleasing bland annoying and repetitive to listen to. The vocals sounded amazing but the lyrics were too slow to sing and too slow to catch on too. The lyrics made no sense to me. The Drum beat was annoying to listen too and the piano made it worse.
  • I think this rock song was really good. I found the guitar bass here okay. But sadly this song was a very depressing song. I really did not like the elements of this song. I think this male artist could of done a lot better. I think he does know how to sing he just needs to work on making happier songs.
  • Quite a tuneful intro, with a nice melody to boot. It's drawing me in, and the vocals aren't bad either. It has a sort of ABBA vibe to it to be honest, although I can't quite place how. The tune takes a bit of an odd turn towards the chorus and I'm not sure I like it, but the flow of the song isn't broken and it's rather enjoyable overall.
  • Well played. The vocals was good, and the instrumental too, but the lyrics weren't connecting properly. Some artist can be very successful and there lyrics don't make sense at-all. But with this song it's not flowing together with the song, and the certain parts of the song where it gets louder to add intensity (with the electric guitar) wasn't done properly. It was just blasting in your ear. It has plenty of room for improvements.

Below is an acoustic version of Forever, by dyingseed on Fiverr.com:

Reviews of Dyingseed's version of Forever on the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service: (overall score: 5.5 out of 10):

  • I like the immediate vocals, backed with a lovely guitar track. The vocalist is very unique with a distinctive and unusual tone, it's not something that's heard too often. I like the metaphor in the lyrics, bird on a wire. The vocalist has a very impressive vocal range, excelling in the high notes in the bridge/chorus. The tone is very similar to an early Bon Jovi, very nice to listen to. The simplicity of this track is the feature point, just a guitar and a voice, simple, uncomplicated and beautiful.
  • The lyrics were okay, but I would not say that they are a hit. Plus I think that he needs to work on his vocals, needs to tighten his sound a little bit. It has like a folk song feel. Which is okay for a club, but not when recording in a studio, not too many people really listen to this kind of music anymore. I think that if he would play it as more of a contemporary rock kind of feel it would be more of a hit.
  • The singer of this song comes out with a nice level of power In this song. I have to say that I was pretty much impressed with this. The Instrumental was pretty nice too. It has a nice guitar sound to It but It's not one of those Instrumentals that I think would be able to stand on It's own but It's still pretty fun to listen to. This song goes In a straight path. The singer brings out the words regularly but he does put a lot of power In some of them to make them sound stronger. The tempo of this song remains slow and the Instrumental doesn't really take a turn for the better so there's not much going on here with that. What I did like most about this song Is how the singer didn't become lazy. He sings all of the words to the song without taking breaks and he keeps the energy up for this one. It's a song that I believe can make It to radio but I don't think that It would be requested that much. In the end this song gets a final score of 4 out of 10 from me. I wasn't a huge fan of the chorus but I felt that It was loud enough to make people get Into It and It Is easily one of the standout parts of this song. I'm hoping that this singer does a little more work In his music In the future and puts a deeper meaning Into his lyrics because everyone likes when a story Is told, but a deeper one Is usually the most engaging.
  • Soft strings strummed from an electric guitar as the bass drum thumped some rapid loud tunes . Also i could hear some faint plucking from an acoustic guitar. So this was basically your soft rock song where the guy sung in a rough low voice but mostly shouted some of the lyrics. The only things that he should improve on was try singing in tune more often.
  • "when you stare into my eyes" are the starting words to this song, and sounds very much like David Bowie! "till the day that I die" is part of the chorus, nice guitar strumming, I could listen to more from this singer, husky male vocals to a guitar goes together very well, I give a 8/10 for this tune, a great song.
  • This is very crazy song, because it doesn't have any starting music played in the song, but the lyrics and the background soung is amazing, the singer voice is amazing, but he needs to sing little more loud and needs to sing little more carefully because he is losing his voice in some parts. the song is awesome.
  • The singer's voice is very pitchy and doesn't sound steady. The tempo seems very slow in comparison to the words. The tempo also seems to flow along at the same speed throughout the entire song now allowing for a climatic part within the song. If the tempo switched up a little bit during the song to provide a climax it would be a better piece.
  • Right out the gate I was hit by an awful pitch. the vocals were so awful I wanted to quit listen. I didn't even listen to the lyrics. I wouldn't get over that awful pitchy tone. I wasn't even a fan of the background. everything about this song and artist voice is miserable.
  • The introduction of this song was not that great in my opinion. It jumped straight into the vocals, and those vocals weren't that strong to make an impact on the audience. So I think that his vocals should have either been stronger at the start to create a memorable moment or had a memorable beat then eased into the vocals. The words are very powerful, they portray the love he has for this women he is singing about. The instrumental balance is great it really matches the vocals. The rhythm tempo is a bit to fast for the tone of the lyrics though. Overall I rate this song a 5/10.
  • A nasally singing man started the song out with a very well played guitar. The man tried too hard to create a rhyme and his theme was truly unclear. I think he attempted to make a song about love, but sung so terribly that even this was unclear and extremely annoying. The only highlight of this song was the guitar playing and when the ninety seconds ended.
  • This is classic bad song. I don't thinks that this song has huge commercial potential. Nowadays these types of songs are not very popular because this slow pop-rock was very popular in 80' and 90'. Harmony is nice and pleasant and nice. Voice is not very pleasant and isn't complementing too much in the song. That's all.
  • Vocals: It's a bit too much wavering for my taste but you do have a nice voice. Instrumentation: Add some more instruments to this recording and song like drums and change you guitar to an electric guitar. This also matches your voice. You have a rock voice. Melody: Very good melody, catchy and that leads itself to becoming a hit. I certainly loved hearing a good story along with that melody. Your lyrics are very nice and the chorus definitely reflects what you are saying in your verses. Overall: I think this could become a hit, work on adding more voices in you mix and liven up the song a bit more. Very nice job.
  • I liked this song. The first thing that hit me about it was the peculiarity of the singer's voice which, at first I thought would put me off the song but then because of the power and emotion that I could hear when he was singing it didn't matter. Just playing the guitar was a good choice as playing many more (or any really) instruments would've distracted from the lyrics and from the singer's voice and message. The message was clear and I could tell where the singer was coming from the entire time and what he was feeling. I can't really say that it struck me but it did something. Overall, good song, great delivery, and keep it up. Oh, on a side note, because of how the lead singer sings your going to have to use that to your advantage because some people may be put off by that so just focus on the people who thinks it's cool like me. Basically, don't try to go for the general audience cause you may not get it.
  • The music is basic and vocal guitar thing, the voice stuck me from the start as it has too much delay and reverb on it making him sound tin canny, try a remix without effects, remember to use effects only a taste to enhance your sound, the effects ruin your vocal performance, you have a nice voice and do not need that crud on the track, the melody is cool and i liked your lyric but the tune is a bit redundant and you should re-record as a full and sound with some guitar work to make it better and bass and drums will make your sound legitimate, whatever you do get that effect off of your voice, you have a wonderful voice and that effect ruined your natural gifted sound.
  • Decent intro, but the lyrics are really hard to understand. keep working on the crispness of your sound, this sounds like it was recorded with a toaster. High highs and low lows, but some more range wouldn't kill you. Keep experimenting, you're onto something here with this jazz dubstep fusion. Decent, will probably be mildly popular.
  • The artist sounds a bit amateur and like he was straining his voice which was unpleasant to listen to, the instrumentals were plain with just the guitar strings. I didn't like the song, it could have been sang a bit softer, artist made it too forced. More singing practice is needed, and the music could have more added to it to make it stand out, not good enough for radio play, too karaoke like.
  • Crusty vocalist sounds like a classic rocker gone to seed on the proclaiming ballad with its metaphoric life struggles. Guitar and voice are the basis of all this consists of so you have to like spare confessional arena rock a LOT. The writing is pretty good with its confessional point of view and defeatist attitude. It does sound a bit too demoish however.
  • This song has a slight Bowie influence to it. The song is pretty sparse with just an acoustic guitar and the vocals. The vocals have a dramatic flair to them and there is a lot of variation in the tone. There is some switching in registers, a dynamic sound which makes the song sound more than just a guitar and vocals.
  • The singer's vocals are mediocre. the melody is repetitive and plain. the lyrics are unimaginative and predictable. this song sounds dated and i would not download it for this reason, and because of the singer's voice. i think this song is not memorable or catchy enough to do well on Billboard.
  • Started off with a nice high pitched sound which can draw appeal to any crowd. Vocals expressed nice and clearly. Instrumental beats used in this song was perfectly organized with each Lyric presented. I would purchase this song if I had the opportunity to do so. Also, this song I can see all age groups adapting to it and enjoying the sound.

Below is a version of Forever by Chris Davidson:

Reviews of Chris Davidson's version of Forever on the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service: (overall song: 5.5 out of 10):

  • The tone of this song is very melancholy. The lyrics reinforce this tone with themes of sadness and lost love. The lyrics are engaging, however, the arist has some problems. His voice seems shaky and he does not seem confident. He does not have the best pitch accuracy and sounds out of tune. The song seems kind of over dramatic.
  • The start is nice, its a nice build up. you can already tell its a love song. hes talking about a girl thats beautiful and he wants her to be his. the lyrics are amazing and it flows really well with the background music. he wants her forever is what im getting from this. i really want to start listening to this guy some more. i like how this entire part is just a huge build up to something even better. this is one of the better songs i've listened to!
  • The lyrics are good, but "groups" like this i have no real interest in.. computer generated beats to me are talentless.. and its a shame that now adays that's almost all we see as far as new music goes.. i cant rate something like this good im sorry.. to me some of the lyrics seem to be off tempo too.. 1 thumb up for the lyric content, but 1 thumb down for lack of talent.. sorry.
  • Cool intro there is a piano and another sound but I am not quite sure what it is called. The vocals are great echo and relaxing, he said echo what a coincidence. The melody is really good in my opinion, The lyrics are very good too there is not one swear word in it so it is a really good song so far. I think I am hearing an electric piano I love those so I will give this song a really high rating. Overall this song is really good in my opinion.
  • I like the melody that the song introduces. the vocals that were shown in this song are very peaceful and very high. I liked how the lyrics were going along with the instrumentals meaning slow and paced. i like this song because it can be listened to at any time whether it is sad or just a relaxing day. The beat is pretty fast but it changes as you go into the song. This song can be describes as peaceful.
  • The intro is very soothing and calm with nice synthesizer harmonies. The vocal track is very smooth and again calm. The lyrics are clear and have a nice meaning. The music then has a nice upbeat drum beat added which raises the tempo of the music nicely. I will rate this song 8 out of 10.
  • I liked the intro to this song. However, the voice seems to be very auto tuned. Not sure if this was intended by the artist to make his voice to not sound off tune. However, I like the lyrics as well as this song having an up beat kinda vibe to it. I would listen to this song when I am on the train to travel to work. Less auto tune will make this song a lot better.
  • This song sounds like a mixture of techno and hip hop together bringing this song can play in any type of club it will get the party jumping. I like this song because as like a good tune to it I can't even begin to work lol what you can do the robot lol. More so get this song if four star it can be fixed a little bit more you can add a little more lyrics to the song but overall it has a nice tune.
  • The beat of the song was somewhat confusing. The synthetic tune seemed to be an eighth ahead of the piano which gave the entire song a slightly off-beat feel. The vocals were very flat and nervous. I think that the voice itself was good and showed potential, but lacked in strength and depth. The lyrics were very interesting and catchy. The highest criticism that I have is the constant flatness of the vocals, even the harmony. This song needs improvement.
  • I saw an opening to a movie . The vocals of this song is awkward . The lyrics are very inpirational and relatable . The instrumentals Don't match , this song is very unpredictable , The reverb in the song doesn't go well , and what genre is this ? This could go maybe into the Christian rock or technical genre but it's really hard to tell . I can't see this song being played anywhere. Not just yet. Lyrics are good.
  • This song makes me see colors. It was a great piece, and he beat was dope. It could have a variety of more instruments in it. I am confused about the genre. It sounds like someone has died. It was okay not very good. You can project more that would help.
  • I think I would have appreciated the intro more had it not been so electro wavy sounding. It also seemed that the singer was a little close to the mike in this song and it distorted his voice a little. I do think that some of the lyrics were pretty good though, and I like the premises of the song. The techno feel about forty seconds ino the song all of a sudden completely changed the mood, and it just did not fit with the style of the lyrics. Lyrics were more of a ballad, saddened feeling type and the techno killed it. Lost points because of the style change.
  • Another talented perforer with a voice that just start singing captives the listener, although the proposal is a bit confusing, because the rhythms make the voice of interpreter lost beetwen them, maybe a fresh alternative to new wave music, maybe not, generally a good musical interpretation with some rare musical accompaniment, even at the end of the song, the singer's voice is a success.
  • The melody of the introduction was very justified and interesting. The synth was technical and distinctive. The drum machine when it started to kick in needed a remake. The drum machine sounded too basic. The snare drum was too high pitched and too short of a note when played. It sounded like a little kid made the beat honestly. The rest of the song was melodious and natural though.
  • The atmosphere of the songs very subtle. I kept that current throughout the song. I am not a fan of slower songs, and this one just helped me realize even more that I really do not like slower songs in general. They just make everything too slow for my liking. The reason I do not like the song, is because that has a Waze slow tempo for the type of instruments and vocals that are used to keep the song alive. And the aliveness of the song is no longer present, because the vocals and instruments are not being used the right way. Personally I am not a big fan of this song because it is very slow.
  • This sounds like a sad love song from the start to me. The audio in this song is too loud. I am confused by the lyrics in this song. Very personal lyrics. The singer seems to be obsessive.The singer also does not use other vocal ranges to make the song better. I think the instrumentals in this are very poor. I think my friends would not think this is very good music.
  • It has an electrical running sound. It has a good sound effect for when you play this song in the car. His voice sounds very dull. You can barely understand what he is singing about because his voice is overpowered by the tune. He sounds like he is trying to make his voice strong but I don't think for him it doesn't work. I think it would help if his music wasn't so upbeat because it gives the song a wrong meaning others may think it's suppose to be a happy song but when you listen to the lyrics it's the total opposite. The instrumental can lose the drums and just keep the grand piano tune and this song would work well.
  • As soon as I pressed play I loved this track. It certainly has that great musician feel. And the artist has really put in good work for this tune. I would not mind hearing this on a daily basis. And I am pretty sure that this artist has plentiful tracks that sound similar to this one. I liked it overall and the lyrics had great meaning to them.
  • The intro music is a mixture of cool and creepy, very nice clear powerful voice. I would love to hear this song more often as it is very soothing and powerful. The lyrics however make up for any mistakes that happen which they obviously aren't any. There is not much that can be improved in this song because it is just so amazing. Respect to the singer and composer. All in all I give this song a 9/10.
  • This song is great. Makes me wanna have love with my girlfriend. This is a great love song. I really like it. I wanna have this song at my wedding or when I die. this song is sad but real. I love it. the beat is ok it could be a little slower so it goes with the lyrcis. but I rate this song a 8/10.

Below is a rock version of Forever with music by Kenny Gates and vocals by Chris Davidson:

Reviews of the Kenny Gates/Chris Davidson version of Forever on the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service: (overall song: 5.2 out of 10):

  • Very country in the begining, gives off a sad vibe, love the divercity in the instruments, needs more work on vocals, maybe edit the vocals more, sounds like a space sound track, love the violins in the background, maybe some backup singers would be good.
  • The beat is pretty good its alittle to slow though. i also thibk that the vocals are really bad and that they could be alot better. the teack isnt that good it could be so mych better with better vocals and better lyrics. i wouldnt listen to this.
  • This Is definitely a slow dance type of song. Although at the same time its a song that you could just sway to alone. The vocals are amazing, the artist has a great voice. The guitar and drums were really cool. The lyrics are beautiful and explain love at its best.
  • It has a country style feeling to it but there is too many people and you were to late. Honestly you sound horrible and you sound like a dying cat like a very bad pig. I like the drums and the beat is very catchy I can see it working in someones funeral cuz this song is dead.
  • I don't like the beginning of the song because it takes a long time to get into it. i also don't the like beat. the guy singing isn't good as well. a girl should sing this song and it should be a little faster. this song is really sad and the auto tune is really horrible.
  • This song has a good tone too it nice a d relaxing! has a good storyline. the drums and instruments sound ok! im not really into this that much but others would be that like this stuff. ill give it a 5 out of 10.
  • Rock ballad time. Interesting chord progression, wasn't expecting that last one. Clear David Bowie influence, and it works well for the song. I like how his voice blends with the instruments. Great harmonizing as well. It's almost eerie, but I love it. Well done, singers and songwriters!
  • Nice, relaxing vibe. Instrumentals play well together and create harmony. Really enjoy the lyrics, makes the song believable. Lead singer's voice is unique. Fan of the song up until the chorus, the sound changes drastically and is a little painful. Entire quality of music changes around 90 seconds. Not a very smooth transition from harmony to chaos.
  • The intro definitely sets up the mood of the song- it feels emotional and perhaps a bit sad. I enjoy the background instrumentals quite a bit throughout the song, but the vocals ruin it for me a bit. The singing is clear and the quality is good, but some of the choices (sudden change in tempo, etc.) leave the song feeling disjointed and it really makes it hard to get into the song as a whole. I think it could be greatly improved if the artist could more seamlessly connect the verses and the chorus.
  • This song is wonderful i love this song the vocals are perfect i will jam out to this song its a great country song, it was made professionaly this song is going on my sound cloud playlist i give this song a 8/10 :) :)
  • This is a good contemporary R & B song. The song itself has very good lyrics and a good tale. The story has a good love tale. The instruments are very well orchestrated and matches well with the song. The rhythm is good and the melody is melancholy. I think some background vocals would be nice with this. Production is in the making.
  • An amazing song. Great voice with great instrumentals behind it. The lyrics are meaningful and I can see myself listening to this with friends relaxing beside the fire. Its mellow so a great song to listen to while working or even fall asleep to. I would recommend this song to many of my friends.
  • I love the guitar in the beginning of this song. The vocals are not that great, but they mesh well the sound, it all sounds a little creepy together. The song all together sounds ok, not something I would purchase with my last $1 or anything like that but it was ok.
  • I hope the instruments and saw were pretty good but I didn't really like the vocals. Have a plan for a country song and doesn't keep me interested. It gets kind of boring towards the end in the courses don't do much to keep the view were interested. Instruments are pretty good maybe guitar so it would be better next time.
  • I like the instrumentation. The intro was a bit elongated. The vocals are very monotonic. It isn't an easy song to listen to. The lyrics on the other hand are great. I would listen to this song every once in a while just to listen to the instruments.
  • Very nice guitar beat. Your vocals need to be worked on it doesn't seem as if your singing. There was to much of a echo effect as soon as it hit the one minute mark. I would suggest you have a women singer either singing this song or added onto your song. It seemed to repetitive. The ending took to long to finish the song. You should end it at 3 minutes.
  • Great country rhythm. I love this musical intro you have conducted here. its really well mixed and recorded and go very well with the vocals. You have such a great voice. Perfect for this genre of music and you should stick with it, it suites you well.
  • Solid and concise instrumentals. Drum beat is steady but the varying of the guitar creates movement so the background is not boring. The vocal tone is off and the reverberation overlaps in a weird tone that does not create an effective balance within the song. The lyrics have inspiration and if the arrangement of the song is tweaked a bit the entire song would be much easier to listen to.
  • Great intro, it starts off with a great beat. This song reminds me of Prince's Purple Rain, but with a modern twist. Great use of instruments by adding a tutti. The lyrics are great and the singer's voice fits the style of the music very well.
  • The beat in the background needs to match the song it also needs more auto tune Besides that good song the word lyrica are great for a country song. B- describe where the singers is at at also back of a pick up truck or??? B---
  • The vocals were not very good throughout the song. I feel that the person was not a great singer. I feel that what the person was singing about could have been better. And the song could have been a bit more catchy. But the choice is beat and the blend in instruments was good.
  • The beginning sounds very familiar like another song, and the beginning drags on too long. The vocalist sounds a little dull and boring, not my favorite style of music, so I personally would prefer a happier/peppier beat, chorus, and melody. The amount of time in between the singing and the instrumental parts are too long.
  • I adore the guitar and drums introduction/start/beginning to the song. the vocalist is okay, but I have heard better vocalists than the vocalist in this particular song. The instrumentals were great, and in my own opinion that star of the song. That is why 7/10.
  • Has a very classic country music feel to it. I do not like the transition from the intro to the chorus, although the other transitions are alright. The lyrics are very nice and poetic. The vocals are not the typical type that I listen to, but are fitting.
  • The intro is longer to get to a below par vocalist and below par instrumentals. I do like the guitarist and some lyrics I herd. The production is amateurish and not well edited. The song as whole needs to be revised or trashed and save us all the hearing loss.
  • Vocals could use some work, but extremely unique and give this song character and a personality. Lyrics are also unique and well written. Production could have been better. Instrumentals were somewhat questionable in the beginning, but made more sense as I progressed through the song.
  • This was not the best song out there it started off a little slow and the vocals weren't the best. It seemed all over the place and not the best quality. I heard an echo a couple of times though out the song when he was singing.
  • The music has a memorable tune, but the singer is weak. A recommendation is to make the singer sing strongly. The lyrics are sometimes hard to comprehend because of the instruments. The singer should sing stronger and the lyrics could be sung louder. The lyrics have a passionate impact on the audience.
  • Good, but not enough singing involved. Lyrics are too typical as well. Other than that, the song has a good beat to it and I would listen to it occasionally, however it wouldn't be in the playlist of the main songs I would listen to.
  • 5/10. its has a great begining but the lyrics arent that good i just feel like the person singing doesn't not sing with emotion this is not the style i like maybe if they work on emotions it will be a great song it sound like a song that will be played during an horror movie.
  • This song has a nice quality to it. the song on its own is very pleasing to hear. the lyrics sound great. the music fits well with the lyrics. the song is very enjoyable. i could picture listening to this on a warm night, driving back home.
  • The instramunts are very well played and the vocals match it good. the vocals are very strong and should potentially reach higher notes in the song. needs a little more variety in it i would suggest a long guitar solo. the middle is great when more guitar kicks in.
  • Not really my type of music. the vocals are not that bad and the lyrics are okay but the beat is not that good. also the verses and bridges are really bad like the transtitions arent that good especially at like 1:00 it sounded really off there.
  • This song seems like a quite and nice song. the men vocals is really nice to me.but the sound like i heard before in some games. however the instrumental gives my an idea about the life. and also gives me mixed feelings like freedom.i gives solid 9/10.
  • If Neil Young were 30 years younger and still able to release music, this might be a close approximation. Complete with sophomoric guitar playing and not-quite-in-tune-vocals. The production is low quality, which suites the verse and pre-choruses, but the choruses fail to swoon they way they're intended. Interesting arrangement is the saving grace.
  • The production and vocals are contradicting. Production wise, it has more of a folk and country feel. The vocals are more of an alternative nature and are metallic. However, the blend of genres is different and interesting, with both strings and electric guitar in the background.

Below is a version of Forever with music by Kenny Gates and vocals by dyingseed:

Reviews of the Kenny Gates/Dyingseed version of Forever on the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service: (overall song: 5.3 out of 10):

  • This would be a great melody for a country song. i was kind of surprised when the guy started singing. I enjoy the lyrics and I really like the melody but not a big fan of the singer. The rhythm is inspirational and soothing and the guitar in the background sounds really good.
  • Sudden ans strong intro. Generic melody, flat rhythm well completed with the clear voice and awesome lyrics. Very well balanced with the accompaniment. Vocal melody is nice in the middle of the song. I love the touch of the violin for few seconds there. Very nice.
  • I like the tempo and beat of the song, the vocals / lyrics goes with the music, and the vocals aren't drowned out. The vocals also sound kinda of raw, like they had no tuning of any sort, like they went straight from a studio to the song.
  • The song kicks off with a calm rhythmic guitar moving through cords, leading into the vocals. The vocals have a slight country-ish twang to them at first, which then vanishes when the main chorus begins. The song has a very mellow tone to it, making it seem perfect for an audience to wave lighters/phones back and forth when this song would be performed live.
  • Well the beginning sounds ripped off from any 2000s rock song. The voice is too. The lyrics seem really cheesy and in the chorus I'm getting a dissonance that I'm not sure they meant to do. The chorus does pick up though but it still sounds like a cliche 2000s song. The guitar is great though. I think it's kind of underused.
  • I like the combination of the drums with the guitar. his vocals fit perfectly with the use of the instruments. his high notes werent his best vocals but still came out smooth. the lyrics sound also okay with whole song. the song is a little boring itself.
  • I do not really care for the guitar instrumentals but they are alright. Kind of too repetitive in the beginning though. Plus, the vocals are too high for the deep bass instrumentals. There could be more done to the bridge to add more depth to the song too.
  • The song has a southern tune to it, The artist vocals has just a plain voice to it and he doesn't project well when he becomes louder. The lyrics really I didn't find any interest in it doesn't really grab your attention. I believe this artist needs more work on this track.
  • The vocals are horrible. I just wanted to smash my earbuds. The bridge is mediocre. The opening is too repetitive with the instrumentals, but it just gets worse from there. Needs to start over and replace the artist with somebody with bass in their voice.
  • The beginning of this song reminded me of a red hot chili peppers song mixed with arctic monkeys . I get that vibe from this song its great . And the vocals are amazing the artist really has a great singing voice . And the guitar solo is perfect.
  • The beginning of the song sounds awful. Like I want to plug my ears. If i heard this playing on the radio i would change the station or stick my head out the window. A song this bad sounding probably has a good message. ok
  • I like this music piece as it's a slow piece with lyrics that make the peaceful state of mind whilst listening to this song. I like the way that the music is adjusted to the vocals when the vocals are changed slightly from pitch-to-pitch. That makes the piece for me.
  • I love this song! This is one of the best songs ever. If i hear this on the radio ill make sure to share this website with my friends. The spng is so great that i would listen to it so i could go to sleep.
  • The melody reminds me of an older times kind of melody and its very nice to listen to. Once the singer began to sing that is where it really went downhill and he just didn't flow well with the melody, the song would of been better with out any singing.
  • Vocals could be better. the mix sounds like a little too much reverb, like a light concert hall. The intensity of the singing doesn't quite resonate with the melancholic instrumental. it could be balanced out a little better. The vocals are a little better towards the end. Overall a better mix, vocals and it'll sound okay The right mix can change the feeling your audience will get when you hit certain levels vocally, or the musician plays a certain melody. Create the picture for the song. Let your audience feel what they are hearing while also seeing what they are feeling.
  • The intro was pretty long, which might cause people to lose interest in the song. the vocalist is not very good at certain notes, his voice cracks and does not sound very good. the piano for the instrumental was a nice touch, though it should be more obvious throughout the song.
  • The music sounds like a combination of country and rock. The vocals remind me a little of Green Day. The instrumentals are pretty good and smooth. This artist is pretty talented and hope to hear more from them soon. Good job and keep up the work.
  • It's good music, I really like the background track, but I think the voice of whom ever is singing this really fits the music. My favorite part in "track/song" was , "The day that I die" Overall I think this piece of music is really good.
  • I'm not in tune with his voice and the track is really slow and doesn't have much depth to it. His vocals come out very loud out of no where . The feel of the track is very laid back and boring. The long guitar solo is the only part I actually enjoyed.
  • Good intro, a lack of bass which is way under-represented, a bit sad. The singer is OK, like a mix of Billy Joe Armstrong and David Bowie, I like it, but the transition from the verse to the chorus is weird, would have expected another singer to do the harmony. The instruments seem unbalanced, the solo guitar's sound level is too low and the singer's needs to be a bit lower.
  • The instrumental sound like some Taylor swift . Also did not like the vocals really but the production was not to bad i just don't think the vocals and that instrumental really go together. so in conclusion i would rate this song a disappointing 4/10.
  • Cry of the Whales was a terrible sound. No wonder why they called it "cry" of the whales. The melody and the tone was very off and did not sound good. The accompaniment and the acoustic was not very pleasant. Also, the lyrics were irrational and did not have a proper rhyme.
  • Slow intro. sounded like country in the beginning. second vocalist is really good. the guy who starts singing first is kind of weak. the beats are mellow, its ok. not the best. to bad there wasnt more lyrics.. its very soft song. i want to take a nap to this song.
  • I like how this song starts itself out and introduces itself by the instrument of the drums. The vocals of the singer are excellent. The background is well done and placed. The production overall was really swell and i very much enjoyed it, and i would love to hear more sometime.
  • The singer has a slight David Bowie quality to his voice which is cool. It is different enough that it does not sound like a copy. That being said, I would like to hear him sing different type song. I am not quite sure the voice fits this song. The arrangement is just ok for me. Not quite sold on this song.
  • Intro bit too long, good solid rhythm, good lyrics but don't think the singers voice goes well with the song, the singer sounds a bit flat. I think the intro could be shorter and is quite repetitive.Overall the whole piece of music is good and good combination of instruments.
  • Rocky start is such a good introduction. strong vocals and a voice which fits the song. instrumentation is well done and well produced, thoroughly enjoyed listening to this. definitely has potential to be a huge success, voice seems to be able to work with different types of music and this particular track is good.
  • The transition from the verse to right before the chorus is very jarring and doesn't really fit the song. The instrumental on both parts and the vocals are nice but those two parts just clash together and don't fit. It feels like two different songs are being played against each other and it doesn't mix well. Otherwise, the mix and balance of vocals vs. instrumental are good.
  • Vocals and lyrics are sweet! if the production could of clear the quality of your vocals just a bit better, i feel the track would have sound more smoother. Another opinion I have is, I think you should end the track with just the instruments playing rather you keep repeating, "till the day I die." Other than that this was a great track.
  • The guitar in the beginning is peaceful and inviting to listen to. The singers voice almost has too much vibrato though. The transition from one singer to another was not smooth, but choppy and abrupt. Clearing this portion around 1:15 would help this song. Its a simple song with simple, nice lyrics.
  • To be fair with you i give it a 10/10 as I do listen to Hip Hop and Grime It is based in london if you dont know what it is but it is also good once you get into It but for now on I'm going to listen to all new songs.
  • I think the song
  • is okay. I found the music itself quite soothing and it is also the case for the vocals. Sometimes, the vocals become inconsistent but it isn't that much of a problem to me. I also found the melody tuneful. I give it a 6 out of 10.
  • The introduction is very simple but it is not bad, one of the singers has a regular voice, but the other singer, who sings the corus, has a powerful voice that gets through, has a voice that manages to catch you, the combination between good vocalist voice, soft but attractive melody and deep and thoughtful lyrics of the song achieved as a final result a good song.
  • This song sucks. this song is dumb. this song is not good. this person who made this song should start rapping. this song is ugly. this is f**k up. the sounds on this song is not good this song is not good they should delet this song.
  • In the beginning of the song I liked the instrument being played. Then it took to long to start I thought my computer broke again. I thought at least when he did start singing I would enjoy it, that wasnt the case. It just sounded like he was whining to much. Most of the time I didnt ever hear what he said. Personally I didnt like the way he sang the song.
  • I believe that the song is refreshing a different type of music that people normally don't listen to. The melody is a little happy. From what I can tell, the lyrics are intriguing to the listener. The lyrics from this song are very happy and upbeat. I am no expert in lyrics writing, but I think that your lyrics are deep. Sometimes, the music is a little bit upbeat and catchy.