I wrote the lyrics and melody for Feel The Circle of Life, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Elliott Sheridan to record it for me.

Video by Eric Borgos and Eno Productions.

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Feel The Circle Of Life

Verse 1:
Billions of people
and we're all connected
united we stand
under statues erected

But one day they'll crumble
and all turn to dust
the dreams of a nation
so carelessly flushed

Is it too late in the game
for a Hail Mary pass?
The Greeks and the Romans
all thought it would last

They prayed in their temples
looked up at their gods
they fought epic battles
defying the odds

Now ghosts of their ruins
litter our streets
a heart filled with sadness
no longer beats

Feel the circle of life
it rushes and flows
the circle of life
it sparkles, it grows
the circle of life
we sing the same song
Feel the circle of life
to which we all belong

Verse 2:
The soul of the Earth
cries out in pain
in fast melting glaciers
and thunder and rain

No one can hear
the tree as it falls
over registers ringing
in suburban malls

Will new generations
feel sun on their skin
bathe in the oceans
and wash off our sins?

Time to wake up
to go plant the seed
the power of change
is all that you need

Feel the circle of life
it hustles and flows
the circle of life
it sparkles, it grows
Feel the circle of life
we sing the same song
Feel the circle of life
to which we all belong

Reviews of Feel The Circle of Life (overall song: 7.1 out of 10) from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service:

  • A catchy and nicely flowing opening that serves as a good intro for a vocalist who has a lot of talent and passion in their lyrics and the tone they bring to the track.
  • Easily my favorite type of genre of music and the artist did it some justice. The production quality was great and had me listening to the whole song.
  • Good mix and instrumentals. Loved the start of the sound. The vocals were a little dry, but not bad. Sound was a little to light for me. Other then that not that bad.
  • I like the start of the song. The song was uplifting and sounds very positive and simple. I think the vocals could improve to make the song better.
  • I like the title of this song and the melody is really pretty. The vocals work with the music and sound great together. Song structure is simple but works.
  • I liked that it was upbeat and fun. I don't think I would want to hear it again just because it's not that interesting. But it is a good song.
  • I liked the method and delivery of this song. The vocals were a little flat and bland for me but the vocals do carry some of that resistance over.
  • I listen to a lot of music, but this duo is quickly becoming a favorite. I love the lyrics, the vocals are just so spot on, and the music is great. Again, I wish I could rate them higher.
  • I really liked the easy going and relaxing beat of the song. I thought it fit the song very well. I think the vocals were also really well done. Great work.
  • I think the vocals could be stronger in the beginning. The lyrics are good and fit well with the music. I like the rhythm and beat of the music.
  • I thought the lyrics made a powerful statement about our culture and history and it was done in a haunting and sad way. I rarely hear lyrics this good.
  • I thought the music was simplistic, didn't care much for the lyrics, either. The worst part was it sounded like the singer was singing off key off and on throughout the song.
  • Not bad, but a little too much of a downer for me. The vocals are good, but the lyrics are a little too melancholy for the instrumentation, which is kind of cheerful and upbeat.
  • Something about this that is not let letting me enjoy this one. I think the music needs to be a little better and more powerful to compliment the vocals.
  • The beat and tune of the song was cool and upbeat in a way that sounded really good. However, the singer did not sound good at all and kind of ruined the song for me.
  • The melody to the song is catchy, but the singer's voice is just not good. He sounds monotone, like he's really not singing, like there's no emotion in his words. Just very bored sounding.
  • The recording quality of this song is pretty good actually. I don't think I would ever consider this pop or dance music. But it is a nice song. Whatever genre it really is.
  • The song had a good pace to it. It was relaxing and chill. It was also very easy to listen to. I would not mind hearing more. Thank you.
  • This is a great song to get moving to. It makes me feel ready for my day! The tone of the instrumental is very mellow and the lyrics match! Neither one over powers each other.
  • Vocals are not bad overall but again could use more energy or feeling. The structure is a bit simple and could be more complex overall.

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Reviews of the Douglas Haines version Feel The Circle of Life (overall song: 7.4 out of 10) from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service:

  • The guitar in the intro provided a soft, soothing melody, leading into the vocalist. the vocalist had a soft voice, and was compelling to listen to, I found that the artists voice had a slight husky tone to it, I felt that there was a lot of emotion in the voice. the lyrics were very engaging and meaningful. This song was extremely inspiring and beautiful to listen to.
  • Guitar opening is smooth and sweet. Male vocals are warm attractive and spoken with heartfelt enthusiasm. Pitch range sounds a bit limited. Lyrics are original and thought provoking. they are deep and clever. Melody is balanced and rhythmic. Lyrics are inspired and have meaning that impacts the listener. Sounds like a good track.
  • I'm liking this simple but effective melody it leads nicely into the laidback country vocal. the acoustic guitar chord progression sounds tight and fresh. The mixing of this track is done well and i like the over all finished project. well done nice work here keep her lit. peace.
  • The soft notes of the acoustic guitar are very lovely. the vocalists voice suits the tones of the guitar. his voice is melancholic and expresses that well. the lyrics are also melancholic. the vocalist does a good job of getting you to feel what he is feeling. its very charming with him just using the gentle soft melancholic tones of the classic acoustic guitar.
  • This is a song here with so much pretty guitar chords. The words are so meaningful and he sings the truth. I wish he could sing more happier and not as sad as he does. I am loving the tempo and the slower ballad pitch he has of the harmonies he sings. The chords of the singing are smooth but seem to be almost singing without being connects to the music being so weak. I did hear a few pitch issues in the middle of the song but the words are so beautifully written that I don't care. Still needs a tad more work on the control of his chords but I see a good future ahead of him if he gets slightly more energy into the song.
  • I really do love the chilled out starting to the song because it really does start this song of really really well. I love listening to songs like this because it just calms me down and it makes me feel happy. The lyrics are really nice and make me happy. This song is also very catchy.
  • The somberness in the lead singer's tone is befitting of the mood and reflects the right balance for the lyrical conveyance, though it sounds a bit too bleak and sleepy to interest me significantly. I think it would be much more attractive to a wider range of music fans if it employed a livelier tone and chipper feel in the singing. The beat is nearly tuneless and hard to follow. The lyrics are commendable in their theme, but the rest of the track needs to be more uplifting.
  • I love the peaceful feeling in the start up. The singer comes in and he has a clear, folksy voice. The music stays simple and that works with this one! Just the acoustic guitar and singer. Nice! The message is good and I enjoy the lyrics immensely. "The circle of life", anyone could relate to that! Good production, good feeling song.
  • Amazing guitar work at the beginning and is swiftly followed up by lyrics that sound like a beautiful story. This track is very chill and i would listen to it again. The two singers combo sounds perfect along with the guitar. This song sounds like something off "Life Is Strange" I cannot think of any other ways to make this song better, it is perfect just the way it is.
  • The guitar playing is very well played out and smooth. The vocalist's voice is clear and understandable. There are no drums to keep a beat but it adds to the saddening lyrics of the song. The song isn't overwhelmingly country which is good for those who do not like country music. The song is peaceful and the lyrics are sensible enough to add to the overall theme of the production.
  • I liked the relaxed guitar at the beginning. The music had an old school country feeling. It sounded like a mountain song. The song had very meaningful and powerful lyrics that are a rarity in music nowadays. There wasn't a lot going on but I think it worked to this song's favor.
  • The acoustic guitar gave a melanchonic tone to the song. The male vocal was reminiscent of Johnny Cash, with a gravelly undertone, but without some of the great man's strength. The lyrics were poetic and mature. The harmonies in the chorus were pleasing. The lyrics here, however, were too derivative: I half expected a baboon to lift a lion cub high to the joy of the prideland. But in tone and melody it was distinctive and bucked the modern trend.
  • This sounds starts off with an acoustic guitar which gives it a rustic and folk feel. I think this song is positive but also realistic and I could hear this maybe playing on the alternative radio. I think the singer put a lot of emotion into this song.
  • The guitar played at the start gives a good intro to the song and really sets the overall theme. The singing is not really what I'm into but the choice of lyrics has been done well. Seems to have a kind of historical and story kind of theme to it. The lyrics go on and tell the story allowing the listener to picture the story in their head. This type of song could be used for any emotional setting or for easy listening.
  • The introduction to this song is absolutely great! The intro leads into the lyrical portion of the song very seamlessly. The vocals on the track has a great sound. He is very talented. The lyrics are imaginative. You can hear the emotion in his voice. The melody is nice to listen to and the song has a good rhythm to it. The instrumentals are very strong. This is a great song to relax and chill to.
  • The introduction to the song sounds enchanting.The lyrics of the songs are so meaningful but I feel like they would do great for motivating others soundtrack in a sad movie or slideshow about how society is decreasing . His vocals are good. This type of song connects me to the singer and creates sadness.
  • This is a male vocal country folk song. The lyrics are good and easy to understand. The instrumentation is too sparse and minimal though. The singer has an OK voice but nothing spectacular. The background vocals don't add much. This song is too austere to be very interesting. Fans of stripped down music might like but it won't appeal to the masses.
  • Of all time I haven't really hear a song with such good sound effects. The way that the song was coming across is so much very well on a fine line of harmony and also tune of the instrumental. I think this artist could be influenced to the radio.

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Reviews of Chris Davidson's version of Feel The Circle of Life (overall song: 5.0 out of 10) from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service:

  • Wonderful organ playing in the beginning. I feel like it was just a little sketchy when the rest of the instruments and sounds came into play though and it was not organized very well. I do not like the singer. The lyrics are somewhat mediocre and the tempo is just not right for the song as well. I can not really make out a tone or certain attitude either. I would say slow down the song and maybe get a different singer. I do however like when it was just vocals and no instruments.
  • There is an exciting piece of music in the opening rhythm in this track. I like how the tune is felt with the creativity of the performer. There is a progressively done set of verses that play with the chorus and make the track seem like an alternative pop kind of genre. I like the overall beat and those drums in the music stand out perfectly. There is nothing about the harmonies and melodies that sound smooth but they are quirky and really often so different. There is a great sense of originality included in the song. The vocals take the stage and he seems to really be a quality performer who can entertain people with type of musical style that hynotizes you with the flair of his emotions grasping the chords. the beat and the tempo is what stands out the most. The trick here is to listen to the way he is so unique and then it changes up and down with the chorus at times so that it is never bland or boring. Check out those pieces in the song with the rhythmatic strings of guitar. They are an alternative sounding band and artist with a lot of creativity in their soul. This is a song where you should appreciate their differences compared to other songs. I like this one, and it feels very very different. I wouldn't want to listen to this one daily but for one time it was an effort.
  • I really liked the melody of this song; i found the dynamics here wonderful. I would recommend this song to others because it is not the kind of violent rock music you will hear; on many songs from this genre this artist can really sing. I would recommend this song to people i also think this man should start singing in other music genres.
  • The beat was very cool. The drums sound amazing. The vibration and beat was nice. The song was just blasting. But I think this song should have just been a instrumental because the lyrics and the singing wasn't the best. However, I love when you use auto tune to break up the word. That was pretty cool. Overall it was ok.
  • I do not really like the beginning of this song. It just isn't consistent on what the band is trying to accomplish in making a song. The beginning use of tbe instruments are not a fun thing to listen to. The singer is not the best either. The lyrics are all over the place, literally. I dont know what they used in the studio but its hard to listen to the lyrics. The inconsistentcy of the song all together is something this band should work on. Hopefully they come back with a better way to create music.
  • These sounds are very annoying. I do not like the tones, they are piercing. The sounds are also not in sync. There is a disconnect between them in the harmony. The melody is atrocious. This song is seriously starting to give me a headache. The dynamics don't change much leaving the tune shapeless. I can't stand the lyrics, what a boring story to tell. The aesthetics are just awful. I am irritated.
  • This song sounded like it was meant at a funeral at first until u really get into the song. And you realize it's meant to listen to if your driving down the road. The tuning wasn't the best in this track but the remix in this so f made up for it. This track made me feel like I was going down a roller coaster, the stomach feeling, also I have shivers when they are good songs, and in this point of view I had the shivers.
  • The intro to this song has a banging and rocking beat! I absolutely love it. Both the male and female artists have a unique country twang to their vocals. They sound professional and show emotion. The melody is perfect. The drums and different use of guitars blend well together. The harmony is soulful. The lyrics are powerful and makes me want to sing along.
  • This song begins its introductory exposition on what sounds like an organ of some sort, which gives off a dreamy effect, and soon is interrupted by the layer of an electronic sounding instrument, which creates a shift in tone from dreamy to more realistic, then a voice chimes in, masculine and not too bad. The voice sings the lyrics very fast, and it is hard to understand the lyrics for the most part. The melody is nice, but the vocals seem to ruin the song because I can't understand it so well. I would not go out of my way to avoid this song, but would not go out of my way to listen to it again either. It is a little below average in my taste.
  • This rock song is very plain and boring. The instruments used are very repetitive and do not carry any originality. One other negative is the weakness of the vocals in this song. In my opinion, the singing does not meet the standard of our current music industry. The songs guitar and drums and different segments are not very good.
  • The instrumental to this song is very nice. It starts out very slow and gradually picks up pace. It gains momentum. The vocals are nice and smooth. The vocalist seems to have a clear vision of what he wants for his song and goes for it. I like the echo effect on his voice but sometimes it makes it hard to understand the lyrics a little. The vocalist does have a nice tone to his voice though and I enjoyed the song very much. This seems like something that you would hear on the oldies station or the alternative rock station. I could see this on the radio and it appealing to many people.
  • The intro of this song sound like everything is out of place but, on the other side it sounds very original. The song is very tuneful and gets you going. The lyrics i consider to be very original. The singers vocals are average i would think. Overall, i would rate this song a 7. I know that this song might not be the greatest song ever but it has its reasons and who knows it might have a high potential in the market a few years from now.
  • This song had a decent and catchy sounding introduction it however fails to deliver good and tuneful sounding vocals and lyrics. It seemed like you did not put a lot of time in thinking about the meaning or message behind your lyrics and I think if you did you could come up with better lyrics. If your song had better lyrics, I think the overall rating of your song would be better and be higher.
  • Beat does not have enough quality, i didn't feel entertained due to this and singer didn't sing loud enough with very poor vocal quality and very serious pitch issue. Song sound extremely bad especially the instrumental which have very poor and low quality sound effect. Song does not have any melody, sound very awkward with very poor arrangement. This doesn't have any professional touch and I'm not impressed with the overall performance.
  • I like the tune at the beginning, and the intstuments go very well together. The person who sings this song has a very good voice and actually makes me kind of jelly. The lyrics seam to be repeating in my head even after it ended. At the end of the song I like how it repeats the same lyrics over and over and over. Again i really like the singers voice!
  • Very distinctive voice.The low bass on the organ overpowers it some. I do like the song tho and would definitely put it on my playlist.Would like to hear more from this group. Could do with out the echo on the vocals. The vocals stand out well on their own with out the echo.
  • Very nice tune,enjoyed it alot, vocal is amazing and beats incredible, truly recommend especially if you are an 80s fan like me :), Awesome Awesome, loved it very much, great weird lyrics, i like weird : ), great job! 10 out of 10 from me, two thumbs up, great music here! Very robotic feel to it also electric feel to it too. That's what i like about it.
  • This sounds like the underground level in a videogame about robots from space. The vocals are difficult to listen to, and the guitar work is sloppy at best. The rhyme scheme of the song isn't too terrible, but still bad, nonetheless. The glitch effect after the first chorus was pretty interesting, though. I really enjoy glitch effects in music; it provides an interesting facet to a song.
  • The synthesizer on the track does not sound very good with the beat. To much echo on the singers voice making it sound like he's in a tunnel. The song sounds like its trying to be futuristic. The echo is jumbling the song. It needs more drums and a guitar melody to make the song better. Just completely lose every echo. And change the beat so that the song has more energy.
  • Although I like that the intro begins with an organ for the fact that it's very unique and unusual, it makes the song sound very very dated, and not in a good way. It almost as if I'm about to start listening to a church song. The drums are a bit overwhelming and take away from the vocalist. I don't really like the singing, it sounds really stiff and robotic. There's no emotion behind them whatsoever, just sounds as if they're being repeated off a piece of paper. The song overall is really unusual and strange, but there's no one part of it that would make me want to listen to it again. There's nothing catchy about it or inviting.
  • The intro was atmospheric and got u interested. The singer vocal tone was on key and kept up with the melody of the song. But there was not alot of variations for the rhythm. It could have been mixed up a little more. It was very predictable. It needed a better musical arrangement.
  • The song begins with some cool sounding sound effects. But I think the beginning sound effects were just dragged on too long. Besides this, I like the singer's voice, it is almost as if his voice was made just for this type of song. The lyrics are not bad, but I can not really catch them to sing along later because they go by so quickly. I would recommend this song to a friend.
  • Happy to hear that there is a clear difference in the tone of music going from the introduction into the verse. Vocals remind me almost of Oasis because of the echo used. Bass reduced in the bridge to drop into the chorus and vocals are clear. Great rhythms with the drums and all kept in tempo.
  • I love the intro. The intro is really interesting compared to most music today. The bass line is awesome also. The guitar after the bridge is nice too. If I would change one thing I would remove the spot where there is lyric distortion. In my opinion, it detracts from the song. The lyrics are nice also.
  • Didn't care for the opening of the song much as the intro tune was very high pitched for people, like me, with sensitive hearing. The musical instruments also seemed very dis-organised and like they weren't even playing a melody at times. The vocal lead has much potential but i feel there were too many layers and filters edited over his voice that i couldn't hear it all. The background music is a little distracting at times and should be lowered down in volume a little. If this song was edited a lot less i would have enjoyed it hugely, as when the chorus kicked in i actually strangely enjoyed it for a while.
  • Beginning of the track is a little weird, could be improved. As the song progresses it gets slightly better. I don't get the point of this song, and it is hard to enjoy a song with no meaning. I think this song would be more appreciated by someone who enjoys rock or heavy metal music, but for me I'd rather not listen to it. Though this is the case it is not too bad of a song.
  • I guess the mixing was not the best, and the keyboard sounds are too awkward, maybe that's a point to pay attention next time. It's not a bad song, but I felt some boringness after 60 seconds, maybe adding some different structure would resolve that but of course it has some potential to become something more and something better.
  • I enjoy the beat and the effects used for the most part, however, I can hardly understand the singer because the echo happens too much and too noticeably. I think if it happened after a verse was sang, and subtly, then I think the song would be more pleasing. Also, patterns are nice but the instruments and the melody gets a little too repetitive after about a minute.
  • There are a lot of feelings in the first few seconds, and I love them. There is a strong harmony in the contrasting sounds. It has a powerful dystopian feel in both the lyrics and the music/sound effects. The singer(s) work well together. The beat is fun; the song could be a great club song or a radio hit. It has a strong rhythm and tune.
  • Slow start but good vocals, once it gets into it. The music has a good beat but may needs a part where you can hear more vocals than the music over bearing the song. It gets very repetative near the end of the song and the beat does not change much although a good start went off it the more it played.
  • After listening to this song all the way through, I've come up with the following conclusion, and this is my conclusion on the song. I belive the introduction on the song is way too long and I believe it takes too long for the real part of the song to kick in and start, the song is very slow progressing and personally o belive it will lose the listeners interest and attention. The slow building song has a really slow harmony, I belive the pitch at times, the pitch at times is not the best, meaning that it makes the song sometimes sound out of tune, whether or not this is true I don't know, but I think it may be because the pitch is out it makes the rest of the song sound out of tune, sorry for the painful review.
  • I do think this specific composition offers some really good musical qualities although it should use a superior audio set up. Your musician includes a lovely, as well as beautiful singing vibe, although it is often drowned out with the potent instruments. The Synthesizer tones are usually too tough and also loud. This musician ought to has to control the music and never have to take on the base. The particular vocals appear rather fascinating, although it can't always be appreciated easily due to weak vocal-instrumental sense of balance. It's an amazingly relaxing track, though, it may possibly be simply improved with a much more stylish instrumental set up.
  • First off it sounded like a video game then when the lyrics came in it ruined the song. I wouldn't download this song only because the guy singing it sucks. he sounds like a robot. so giving this song a 3 only because im diggin the beat. i would not recommend this song to anyone unless they had no choice but to listen to it.
  • Like the use of the piano and guitar at the start of the song. I like the change if tempo after that. Vocals has a great recording quality. Such a unique voice that will sell well. Great harmony between the instruments and it suits the song. Catchy meaningful deep lyrics and nice use of emotion. I give this a 7/10 it will do well in the charts.