I wrote the lyrics and melody for Father To A Son, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Douglas Haines to perform it for me.

Video by Eric Borgos and Eno Productions. Photo Credits: See the bottom of this page.
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Father To A Son

Verse 1:
When I turned 10
my mamma came to me
tears in her eyes

She said a gift
comes from the heart
in any shape or size

And in her hand
there was an old
letter with my name

It was then
I heard the story
about from where it came

The day before my daddy
he shipped off for the war
He put a pen to paper
to live forever more

He said...

Believe in yourself
like I believe in you
think before you act
and always tell the truth

Be a part of this world
look people in the eye
open up your heart
don't be afraid to cry

Breathe in the future
breathe out the past
savor every sunset
and make each moment last

Take this lifetime
worth of wisdom
on a journey just begun

Take this lifetime
worth of wisdom
from a father to a son

Verse 2:
As I listened
to a heartbeat
and watched the ultrasound

I thought
about those words
my daddy handed down

And so began on that day
a new list of my own
Of all the bits of wisdom
I wish that I had known

Saying please and thank you
will go a long long way
try to smell the roses
once every day

And dance like no one's watching
always try your best
play out in the streets
and work a little less

Be a better man than me
let no stones be thrown
know whatever path you take
you'll never walk alone

Take this lifetime
worth of wisdom
on a journey just begun

A lifetime worth of wisdom
from a father to a son

Take this lifetime
worth of wisdom
on the journey just begun
from a father to a son
Ohhh, from a father to a son

From a father
From a father to a son


Reviews of the Douglas Haines version of Father To A Son on the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 7.5 out of 10):

  • I loved it. The acoustic guitar was beautiful. The singer had a great country voice. The lyrics told a tale as if I was listening to a story from a book. This story was beautiful and brought so much emotion inside me it made me enjoy the song. The harmony was perfect, the vocals were extraordinary, I just absolutely loved the song. It was a beautiful sad tale and I look forward to seeing more from this artist.
  • I loved the story-telling in this song. It is a beautiful, captivating song that draws you in with every line and every strum of the guitar. He has a country-like feel to his voice; so soothing and professional. The lyrics are wise and thoughtful; a letter to a son from a dad. It gives off sensitive emotions but is still very enjoyable.
  • Really nice country music. Made me tap my shoe and hum for hours after. I like it because of the awesome little hum that sticks in my head forever, and the fast pace lyrics. Also, the background music is immersive. Really quite cool awesome music that i would listen to every day!
  • The guitar is perfect! The lyrics are great! The singer's voice is so soothing and perfect for this kind of song...The sad and reminding type. You can truly learn something from this song. Great piece of art! Overall I give it a 9/10, it's gold!
  • The beginning sounded like a song that Ed Sheeran would be singing but it turned out it wasn't. Whoever this artist is has an amazing voice and very creative music composer. The vocals are easily heard and understandable. An amazing song I would recommend it to anyone.
  • This song has a great story that goes along. The lyrics are very deep. The singer has an expressionless voice that does take away from the song. His thin voice is very noticeable. The basic string instrument in the back is nothing impressive. The tone remains the same the whole time with no spice to add any extra excitement through the song.
  • I like the tune of the song, it relaxes you and really lets you listen to the song. The lyrics however sound more like a story than a song. The lyrics of this song are expressive and good, but I believe a song is about expressing a feeling, not telling a story. I recommend this artist shorten the lyrics, or at least edit them to make it sound more like a song. I also recommend the artist work on his articulation, I could barely make out words in the chorus of the song.
  • The southern signing and guitar playing is great as the guitar get faster as it doesn't really feel that way. The story telling is original as everyone don't tell the same story in their songs. The song could use a little more along with the guitar maybe drums and flute or other instruments. The hook not bad as the song go on. The guitar though as a great progressive as it get faster and slower in the song.
  • The acoustic in the intro is very soothing and relaxing, sets a tone and mood of the listener. The lyrics are powerful and descriptive even though there wasn't much said. The vocals are very calm but sensational.The song entirely is a bit melancholy, but it is very bold. If you like classic slow songs, I'd recommend this for you.
  • Not my style, but you know what, I'm gonna listen to the story. So far im getting sad. Okay, the letter is from your dad going to war. I kinda want to hear what this has to say. Okay, there's a good message here. Good lyrics, but the song itself is sad. You have a nice voice, but i wouldn't personally listen to it. On the radio people kinda want to hear more upbeat music. I dont think this would be very good in the mainstream market.
  • This song has a pretty tune and it's easy to listen to. I think it's only for certain kinds of people, but I also think people might have to be in the mood to listen to a song like this. It has thoughtful and cute lyrics. His voice is soft, but leaves an impact because of the inspirational lyrics.
  • Soothing sounding voice from the singer, accompanied by an acoustic guitar using plucking and a duple meter structure. As far as the lyrics are concerned, it really does a great job of attaching to one as a listener and connecting on a personal level. It makes listeners feel personally attached to the meaning of the song. From the mellow music and the powerful lyrics, could be a big hit.
  • Guitar is on point and the vocals and awesome with fantastic lyrics. it has a heartfelt background and it seems to be a bit long for the taste of most. It has a bit of mumbling and troublesome hearing issues. It has a good beat. The bass is great with some minor tweaking. It could be good with a minor change. I like it. Very good job.
  • The guitar intro was perfect and beautiful. The voice is exactly what someone would expect in a great country song. I love the lyrics and the message that they send. The instrumentals on this track are phenomenal. I find myself swaying and closing my eyes and just enjoying the way his voice and words wrap around me and pull me into his story.
  • Great acustic guitar playing. Nice voice, very calm and soothing. The song had a story and I like songs that have meaning. Melody very cool. I would buy this for sure. very meaningful song. it made me think of my father and listening to this was worth that.
  • This artist has a nice voice. This song is a great chill song. The artist is a beautiful guitarist. Though the tab is simple, it is gorgeous. I loved this song. It was a pop-y enough folk that it would definitely hold its own on the radio. The lyrics were sweet and would probably make listeners smile and maybe even cry.
  • Easy to listen to this song. It has a sad story that will bring tears to some eyes. I see people buying this song. Very nice instrumental, vocals are spot on. Overall, a great song. The singer will bring satisfaction to your ears. The story in this song is great.
  • This song sounds great. The guitar solo of this song is super dope. This song makes me feel very relaxed and relieves all stress. The artist of this song is very talented and professional and i really love his style with this song. The lyrics are meaningful and heart felt and gives you something to think about. This song doesn't have a melody but the instrumental is on key. I would recommend that this artist keep on making more songs. This artist will be very successful in life.
  • In a few areas of the song, it feels like the voice is off from the music. I love the voice - excellent, very soft, and extremely easy to listen to. I sense the emotion as well. It's very clear and easy to understand. However, I feel like the guitar work needs a little work. The lyrics are beautiful - great story telling and word choice.
  • I don't like the hook of the song it is not very captivating . The Lyrics and verses of the song are really good I like the way the artists talks about his personal life in his song. The song is really not a bad song to listen to in my opinion. Good Job!
  • The beginning reminded me of a summer song. The guitar chords are very beautiful and peaceful. The lyrics have wonderful meaning and the overall chords and pace of the song fit with the meaning of the lyrics. I like how you reached the lower notes and your words were clear. The chorus was nice with the little echo of your voice. This song definitely evoked some emotion out of me.
  • I love the lightness of this song. It has a really intimate feel to it. I love the lyrics. I think a lot of people will be able to relate to them. This blends country and folk music well. The intimate of the guitar makes this song all that more sincere.
  • Very gorgeous guitar. I like the folk sound to this. It is reminiscent of the 70s. He has a nice tone to his voice. He tells a story that is common in folk songs. This is very relaxing. He has clear diction and you can understand what he says. It is very, very beautiful. The chorus is very pretty also. I like the message of this song too. Overall, a good song.
  • The music on this song sounded great, you could hear all the chords the guitarist was playing on his acoustic guitar. The singer had a nice vocal that reminded me of Rod Stewart. He hit all of his notes and did a great job at staying on tune with the music. This song was really good. I enjoyed the lyrics, they reminded me of a special time in my life and honestly touched my heart. I liked this song and honestly believe that it could be a great hit.
  • It sounds a bit country which I'm not a fan of. It's a sad story to it, and its great the artist sounds sad along with the story. The mother gave him a note which I love about the song, because he sings the song. The vocals are great and he doesn't just stop in the middle of the song and leave long pauses. It's alright overall its a good song I'm not a fan of country though! Great story to sing!
  • Again, I am a sucker for acoustic songs. His voice is nice too and not super smooth. It's a calming song to listen to and I'd love to add this to the list I listen to as I fall asleep at night. Every word is understood perfectly which is a bonus. The fast rhythm in the background works with his slow melodic singing. Please continue making music, I will gladly be a supporter.
  • This song painted a picture of what it's like living in a small town, it also emphasizes the importance of family and not taking a single day on this Earth for granted. I really enjoyed the lyrics and the message the artist gave in this song.
  • This is a very 70's folk style song. The artist has a good voice and ability to write an engaging/storytelling song. The guitar player is very great at the fingerpicking guitar style. This tune has a stable structure and shape but I do not hear a hook of any kind. Is this a christian song?
  • I love how the voice is very country and strong. The beat and instrumental part of the song was great with the voice. They both matched it made the song very relaxing and made it sound caring. This song would be great for a bar song or a soft romantic song.
  • Smooth intro, harmonic acoustic guitar, country style , lyric beautiful and relaxing and singer's voice is just wonderful love this song. Theme kind of religious and pleasent to hear it. Really good piece lovely voice and chrords according this soundtrack are good engaging lyrics and song, really great. Love it.
  • This country song has an amazing guitar lead and also an amazing lead vocalist. It sounds like a religious song, but it has a good point to it. It sounds all natural, not any tuner in it. Love this song, I'll give it 9 / 10.
  • The guitar sounds great, it is at the perfect volume. The harmonies during the chorus sound incredible, the artists did an amazing job singing together. It seems like intention of the harmonies during the chorus are to let the listener know the father is speaking. This is a deep song, I particularly love the message of this song. The relationship between a son and his old man, how the dad gives his son wisdom.
  • This is a great listen to all country lovers out there who want to dedicate a cute song from father to son. I'm not a big country listener myself but I found myself enjoying this song. Anyone who likes well thought out lyrics and a cool calming acoustic guitar melody will find themselves to love the song. It's definitely worth a listen too.
  • Love the acoustic begin with a nice crisp vocal song. A music story that you would be able to remember. A faith and inspirational song with much anticipation thought out through the whole song. A message told in a very brash and sweet way . A Father's Day song to express the way you feel about your father on that special day.
  • This song is beautiful, just plain beautiful and sad. Though this song is one that is to help inspire everyone to overcome any obstacle sung in a story about a father and son. It's melody is beautiful and it fits the vibe helping the listener easily connect to the song. I would gladly recommend this song to everyone.
  • It sounds amazing. Love the rhythm. It's calming, and an encouraging song. Sounds like a song you can listen to over and over. The singer has a great voice. Sounds like it is mastered. This is a great track. I definitely would be interested in listening to more tracks this artist is creating.
  • I like the beginning of the instrument and how the melody flows around. But I am not really a fan of the singer's voice. I guess I just don't really like his voice and the way he sings the song. Sounds a bit like talking.. I don't really like it but maybe some other people will.
  • I like the tone of this song. I makes me feel like I'm napping inside on a rainy day. The singer's voice is soothing and really meshes with the music and that makes the song feel very warm and peaceful. The verses and hooks are really calm and this is something I'd feel very comfortable falling asleep to.

Below is a version of Father To Son by Chris Davidson.

Video by Eric Borgos and Eno Productions. Photo Credits: See the bottom of this page.
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Reviews of Chris Davidson's version of Father To Son on the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 6.3 out of 10):

  • Wow! I like this song. especially the start! it puts you in the mood. It makes me feel calm. Nice lyric combination The message is good and very inspiring. I love the vocalist, he sings with emotions and feelings like as if it's a real life thing. i rate this music 10 of 10.
  • The chiming vibe of the guitar breeze in this happy single really makes me happy and appropriate this song very much. I enjoy this track a lot and I think that is a very good song. This song makes me feel very good and I get shivers. The happy and wavy sounding effects that soak the acoustic guitars just sound right.
  • The introduction of this song is bland and lacks expression. The lyrics are also uninspiring and the way the singer needs more bass in his voice for this song. The overall development of this song could use a lot more work. The chorus sounds just like the rest of the song as far as the music is concerned. There is no variety whatsoever in this song.
  • In the introduction I found that the melody that started I witnessed that the build up with the vocals was very well presented. The pitch off the voice was in great timing of the music behind. The volume of the song stayed into a calming tone which I very much enjoyed. This was due to I got notice the tones and changes within the music.
  • The opening guitar is beautiful. The concept of the song is beautiful, as well as the singers voice. It is a lullaby-sounding song that would be able to put you to sleep easily if on the Pandora Sleep Station. This song uses strong pathos in its lyrics- there is a story within this song. Not many songs today have real meaning, but this song does. This song teaches lessons.
  • The record tips off sounding like a country ballad. there is a violin and a acoustic guitar playing the acapella background. the vocalist is a guy and his voice has a country accent to it. the track sounds very sad form the melody and the lyrics kind of sound like a poem. the words are very depressing to me. change this no one wants to come away from a song emotionally drained.
  • The first thing I noticed about this song is the way it sounds to be recorded quite amateurishly . However, the rest of the song I thought was rather deep and well wrote. The guitar and vocals mix melodically and create for a very soothing classic sounding track. This is good.
  • Would like to hear some more bright, crisp acoustic guitars in this. Keyboard part is straight forward and vocal is decent at best. Watch how those drums come in and the timing of them and that weird offbeat thing going on. Very conflicting. Chorus is simple but needs something else to bring it to another level, make it more powerful and gripping. Great message, just fill it in and make it an anthem.
  • I like the acoustic beginning with the guitar strumming at the start of this track. The vocals are exceptionally clear and you can really hear the storyline that's behind the song. The tune is simple but the harmonies are very pleasantly blended with the backing music. This track is easy listening and will no doubt have a wide appeal I feel. There's a tinge of country to it too.
  • I like the song. Sounds very family oriented. The mans voice is soothing and nice. The beat is very mellow and relaxing. I like the lyrics. The song is very vivid. You can picture everything that is being said. The song has a very good moral. I like the values being talked about in the song it has a good point.
  • I like the melody and I like the voice, the song is emotional and very connectable, the lyrics are personal and deep, may emotions to this song, I feel connected to the artist and feel the emotions he feels, the song is good and I would like to hear more from this artist, it's motivational and a soothing song! Very impressed with this song and artist.
  • I love this smooth music. I really enjoy the sound of the guitar and his voice over it sounds soothing. There's a rift in the middle of this song that just makes my heart melt. I really enjoy music that is relaxing and comforting but not too sappy or emotionally draining. This song is just right not to much emotional drainage. The story he tells with the lyrics is great too, I really like it. I would definitely add this song to my Spotify playlist if at all possible.
  • This song is acoustic, with the main instrument being a guitar, With some form of strings in the background to add texture. There is a single singer with no effects on the voice or harmonies. A bit into the sing a backing beat is added to again build the texture of the song. After this another voice containing harmonies are added. This is introduced in the chorus.
  • The guitar and keyboards work to give a decent enough backdrop to this track ,the few cords that are uses alter little in the first part of the track, though the introduction of the drums is a welcome touch as it does give the track more strength. The lyrics are about as sentimental as you can get without going completely overboard, the leads delivery adds just enough emotion to them, any more and the track would be over the top. With the steel guitar giving some nice warming sounds in the chorus this does ok, but its sentimental nature may be its undoing as its a bit too much in the first verse.
  • A nice, calm introduction brings you to the emotional lyrics which seem deeply personal and tells a story within a story, really engaging the listener, even if it is a little cheesily over-sentimental.However this song has a message and a healing element. This is sung in a lovely way with a gentle voice. The instrumental after the chorus is also very effective, it sounds very different, breaking the song up a little and giving a sense of time passing.
  • This beat reminds me of a beautiful country slow beat! The gutair sounds really great! The vocals are stunning! The pitches are tuneful! The lyrical choice was a fabulous choice! The artist goes perfect to this type of instrumental! Well thought together song! It's beautiful in so many ways! I enjoyed it's uniqueness!
  • I quite like this songs It is beautiful and gentle with a lovely flowing melody and a great musical arrangement. The song is unique and the vocals have a great freshness to it. The only negative would be that the song does get repetitive, and the artist should try and change the tune in the middle to make it more progressive and to improve the song even further. Overall a fantastic piece.
  • The song starts of slow and steady, the singer starts and you can instantly tell that it is something that was close to him. There are various instruments that come into the song that does not make it depressing to listen to, like it was at the beginging of the song. The different pitches in the brackgroud give it that extra something. The tone of the singers voice does change every now and then therefore it makes it more interesting.
  • Smooth and mellow start to the track which i love. great vocals to match great opening. And along with the great vocals very well put and lovely lyrics that really catch you off-gaurd. Very honest lyrics make you feel the song a lot more. Love how the artist structured the track. The lyrics and vocals go a long way and definitely go with the production really well.
  • The introduction is soft, flows nicely. The instrumental portion is blended nicely. I love the country vibe. The overall tone is consistent. The lyrics are decent. I like their flow, as well. The message is nice. This whole clip is nice. I can imagine it playing on the radio waves, gaining popularity day by day. I can also imagine people dedicating this song to loved ones. I hear a small country tone. If that was meant to be, way to go! It fits the lyrics!
  • This song is sweet and has a nice message. However, it is delivered with a bunch of cliches. I think the song has a lot of heart in it though so I won't brush it off because of the cliches. The singer has a nice tone and believable delivery. he sounds invested in this song and it's meaning. I think it's a great song about a true story.
  • I don't really like this song. Its little to old for my liking. Over all it has a nice slow country sound to it. The lyrics are nice. I personally think this song would be better for an older person Its more of a heart felt song.
  • To be honest, this is definitely not my type of music.I absolutely hate country music or whatever this is, but the lyrics have a really deep and passionate meaning to it.Though this isn't my type of music I really like the meaning of it and i really appreciate artist like you that actually add what i think is true stories to their music.The story of the song is really great.
  • This is a calm tune that is easy to listen to and by being paired with an equally calm vocalist makes for a very nice piece. Very sweet and thoughtful lyrics, that are making a good list of thoughts and pieces of advice for the audience. From Father to Son, makes for a very nice and altogether great piece that hopefully gains popularity among a diverse audience.
  • I love the beginning and the guitar solo before the music starts. it lets me know what mood will be setting place and it was beautiful. your voice goes perfect with the guitar and this is a great romance song or just sad song for any slow dance party. great job and keep it up!
  • The start of the song is very mellow, and the guitar works wonders with it. The singer has great range and a great voice. I don't like the drum addition; it seems to be rushed and doesn't go well with the rest of the song. I like the lyrics of the song a lot. It has a good message and is suitable for all ages. It is a relatable song that can have some emotional appeal. It has a nice, smooth ending, which adds to the greatness of the song.
  • I really like the soft strumming of guitar in the beginning. When the vocals started in, they were in perfect harmony with the music. It reminded me of 70's music and I love it. I enjoyed how more instruments were slowly added into the mix. It created a medley which is not common anymore, but is a wonderful combination. The lyrics were beautiful. I would listen to it again.
  • This song is a bit boring and the beat is too slow. For people to enjoy this song it should get a bit faster. But it's a good song to listen when alone. It will be a bit akward when listening with others because it is very slow. Except if your slow dancing. But the beat has a cool string vibe.
  • The intro was melodious but as the singing started it kind of ruined it. The singing is somewhat decent, but sounds a little expressionless. The way his voice portrays the lyrics does not support or express truthfully the lyrics. The beat is not engaging or exciting, it is actually very bland. The structure of the song sounds like an old rock song.
  • Good intro. Slow but kind of cheery. Good length leading into the beginning of the song, not too short and not too long. Meaningful, expressive singing, good story, matches the melody very well. Provokes deep thinking. Fairly relaxing. Where the lyrics drop off for a little bit, the short guitar solo is nice. The atmosphere of the song is nice and consistent. The fade into the ending is nice. Not really anything to complain about with this song.
  • Beautiful sound to the start of the song in the introduction. The vocals are real. The lyrics of the song are powerful and quite emotional. The kind of song that will make most people shed a tear or two. The melody of the song has a loving sound to it, which really adds to the emotion in the song. A very honest song that deserves to be appreciated for the potential that is has.
  • I would highly recommend exchanging "mama" for "mother" to detract from the cliche country sound. The drums also sound VERY synthetic. The voice is nothing new to the country sound, but the guitar is good. It definitely won't be stuck in my head nor do I desire to listen to it again, but it is far from being terrible. The guitar solo gives the song a hint of personality without overwhelming the rest of the song.
  • Tune- 6/10 The melody seems a bit generic but is also quite a beautiful beat. Lyrics- 10/10 The lyrics are amazing and have an amazing message embedded into them. Telling a story about a father wishing more for his son then he had which is tragically beautiful. Overall 9.5/10 This song is amazing I love the lyrics. The song is meaningful and sounds amazing. I love the chill vibe it has. Honestly I can find nothing wrong with this song to fix other then the melody. I love it.
  • I found this particular song to be extremely calming and perfect for studying. the southern vocals of the artists really gave the song a lot character. the instrumental was the perfect mix of acoustic, and drums! overall i am very impressed with this song will certainly be recommending it to my friends and family.

The version below of Father To A Son is performed by Elliott Sheridan:
Song Title: Father To A Son

Reviews of the Elliott Sheridan's version of Father To A Son on the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 7.1 out of 10):

  • A good song for parents and their children to hear. This is the most conventional style of pop and it is pretty generic in terms of songwriting. But it works good.
  • A slowly building guitar opening that serves as a good intro for a vocalist who has a lot of spirit and passion in their lyrics and the tone they bring to the track.
  • As said about all his previous songs, the singer's voice is the weakest point of the song. His vocals just sound so bored, like he doesn't care about what he's singing, even though the lyrics of this song are sad. The melody is okay, however. A bit kind of just a starting song, but still.
  • Good introduction. I like the skills in this song. The song was appealing and has good real life things in this song that many people can relate to.
  • His lyrics are so powerful. They really make me think, and they evoke emotions. What else should a great song do? Nothing, that is all it should do!
  • I like the mellow sound and feel of the song. The vocals blend well with the flow of the song. The lyrics and good and fit with the music.
  • I think the lyrics of the song are great and really sound 'classic country', telling a beautiful story through song. I think the singer could have a little more emotion in his voice maybe, but the song was great!
  • I thought that the guitar playing was really good in this song. I thought that the vocals sounded great and fit this song perfectly. Good work.
  • Not a bad song, but not really my kind of music. The vocals are decent and the lyrics sound developed. The instrumentation is pretty well done and the production is excellent.
  • Realized with tracks like these this genre may move up my top 5 laddder. Very smooth track with a great sound, will listen to artist again.
  • Really liked this song, had a nice upbeat feel that makes me want to give it a second listen, it was really impressive and so were the vocals.
  • The instrumentals were nice and light and easy to listen to. The vocals were solid and good. I would not mind hearing more. Thank you.
  • The singer did not have a really good voice. However, the beat and the lyrics of the song were really good. If someone else sang this song then it has the potential to be really cool.
  • The vocalist was very offputting to me in this. I don't like the sound of his voice at all. He's not quite on pitch it sounds. Kinda dillan-esque, but not something I'm interested in.
  • The vocals sound pretty rough on this one. Especially when they first came in. The chorus didn't do it for me. The transition on that was pretty bad.
  • The vocals were very good, the beat was very good. The lyrics were just okay. I think the biggest problem was the monotony of the tune.
  • This is a pretty cool song. I definitely would never think to call it pop or dance music. I do kinda like the song, however. It is kind of a sad song, but with a happy sound to it.
  • This song makes me upbeat and feel positive. I would seek more from this artist to see what else they have to offer in their music. The tone is very mellow and relaxing.
  • Very pretty melody to this song. I like the lyrics and the vocals are great and work really well with the music. Song structure is basic but works here.

The version below of Father To A Son is performed by Frank's Nashville Demos (vocals by David Ward):
Reviews of the Frank's Nashville Demos version of Father To A Son on the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 7.2 out of 10):

  • I love the intro and how it comes out like country. But the way the song goes, its more of a story. I love that kind of feeling. It's a great way to a release. the artist knew what kind of tune he was trying to make and he perfected every last note.
  • I really like the composition of the guitar, and the quality is really good. The vocals could be better, but the lyrics are written very well. I really like the overall message behind the song and I can feel the meaning in the lyrics. The production overall is pretty good, but the vocals could stand out a little bit more.
  • A great country song. Iam drawn in by his hansome vocals. This has nice lyrics that are truly amazing. The song can be dancef to while being entertained. Great beats, sweet rhytms. This song will do well on.the radio. Can I hear more like this?
  • I like the quiet country acoustic leading in to this song. The mixer needs to turn up the sound quality. Good country western vocal. I like the lyrics a lot very traditional. The addition of the rest of the instruments on the chorus was a nice touch. The bass was very straight forward. The drums were perfect for the style. This is really a nice song. I think you could benefit from a vocal coach so that you could take full advantage of your vocal skills. You have a nice voice but you don't give it full support.
  • A classic country style song with some emotional lyrics. The lead artist could use some vocal training as well. The verses are too fast and should be slowed down a bit, for better song balance. The hook is on point but the song has a basic feeling to it. A very melodic song that has a positive message and is ready for radio with some small adjustments.
  • I love the story approach in this song. It is very family friendly. Also, it doesn't have anything to do with beer, girls, or trucks. It talks about family and encouragement. The singer seems very bland though. He needs to put just a little bit of emotion into his voice. Other then those little things, the song is great!
  • I like the simple start and introduction! It's beautiful and the vocals that lead it, are country strong and the instrumentals are well played and deep rooted in the south. This simplistic, sweet country jam would fair well with acid country fans. The lyrics are really good, and are well written and have a really amazing and sweet message.
  • Light hearted guitar playing is dueted with soft male vocals that start telling the story of his life. The instrumentals are soft enough to make the singers voice stand out. The lyrics have great morals and lessons that are important and stood out to me. The whole track is so cute and has deep meaning to it. It seems like the whole song is a positive metaphor.
  • This is a great country song! I love country music and this is definitely a good one. I feel like this is a good sing along song. A lot of country lovers will love hearing this song. I see this being played a country bar. The country artist has a great voice. I give this song an 8 out 10. It's well done.
  • The introduction was very sad and soulful I loved it. The vocalist has a beautiful southern and rich voice. The lyrics are very inspiring and so motivating and makes me want to make a change in my life and the people around me. The volume in the song was right on times with the song and was such a great emotional song.
  • The guitar is played really well. I have to say that country music isn't something I listen to. The vocals are spot on and clear which is amazing. I love how the lyrics are written and how they are sung. I also enjoy how this tells the story of a man's life. Good job!
  • The lead vocalists voice is a perfect male country voice. Just like any good country song it tells a story, and I like that. I like the lyric's inspirational message from father to son. I want the lead vocalist to sing out with more power. I think it would create better emotional impact. Overall, this is a lovely country song that could be a hit if it is sung and played with a little bit more punch.
  • Classic country once again. Has a story to it. Maybe life lessons learned. Thoughtful lyrics. I don't like this style music, but a good song for people who are into this genre. The guitar is okay, doesn't blow me away. Sounds like Kenny Rogers a little.
  • Very nice opening chord progression. Some typical country male vocals. Its something my local country radio station would play on locals night. Vocals stronger in some parts of the song than others. He should do some vocal lessons to strengthen his voice and really project the feeling he is trying to get across. Lyrics are not too bad, better than a lot of country songs I have heard lately. If the vocals are improved, the whole general song will be strengthened. I can see people liking this.
  • The intro to this song makes it sound like i would like it. and sure enough i love it. i love any country song. but this song could be a little louder but i understand. the lyrics tell a story which is so significant and important in a song. i don't like listening to rap because theres no passion. but this singer, you can hear his passion because he just has background music, that it. no editing nothing just his voice. and i really like that.
  • I love this song. It is so original and beautiful. I love the guitar in the intro and throughout the rest of the song. You do not come across modern country music very often that sounds this deep and meaningful. The way he sings really gives the impression that these lyrics are coming from his heart. And the lyrics are just plain genius.
  • Old school country guitar licks open the intro of this track, with male sung vocals that are country in an Americana way, which is to say genuine and soulful. The lyrical nature seems salt of the earth and honest, which I enjoyed. The arrangement is filled with subtle drums, minimal guitar and it gets a bit boring at times, but fits the track's composition. This track has potential, I like the sincerity in the male singer's voice. The weakness would be the production of the track, although the heart lets the expressive emotion shine through.
  • Nice guitar. This is a good song with vocals and lyrics that are very like your telling a children story tale which is cool. the song is alright it is not very modern and could do with more dynamics. I would not buy this song because its not very interesting.
  • The guitar in this song is light. It flows well. This is a classic country song. The subject matter is dealt with beautifully. The vocals are deep and rich. This is the perfect song to listen to when you need a quick pick me up.
  • This is a country song which has a good Crisp production style. the vocals deliver with a sound that have a anecdote about a son talking with his father. the tempo of a song is fairly slow, with the rim shot on the drums being a main feature in the verses. the acoustic guitar provides a steady rhythm, and there is decent melody.
  • I like the guitar introduction. The voice is really twangy so that has to be something you are into. I tend not to like it unless I hear this kind of thing over and over. It sounds like (from the lyrics) kind of sad story and is supposed to be inspirational but it is not really my thing. I think country fans would enjoy it though.
  • The song definitely has the lyrics that tells the story that so many people can relate to. And the songs present form it has a classic country sound somewhere in the eighties. I really feel confident that this song can make a great demo and with further embellishments and the right artist can turn this thing into a good hit. It's a great story and a great message. Good job!
  • The guitar solo is the best one. The tones of the song are tuneful. The lyrics are very clever and the artist took the time out to make sure the words were prefect. This song doesnt have a melody at all. The instrumental of this song is full and very rhythmic. It would be better if this song had more digital effects.
  • The instrumental during the intro was very thought provoking and interesting. The lyrics state a clear point to believe in yourself. The melody of the song was very upbeat and happy. I could tell that the artist is a professional at what he does. Overall, it was a well put together song.
  • The lyrics to this song are very good and thought out. I liked how the lyrics told a story that was super easy to picture. The message in the song is something that everyone should listen to every once in a while. I liked the vocalist. The background music was kind of simple and hence a little boring, but that was okay because the lyrics were what was important.
  • Great song i feel it.the vocals are fantastic.the vocals of this song tell the truth about life.the instruments are good.i love the guitar it sounds smooth and good. this song is so real if only people would listen.and there's no question that this song will do very well commercially world wide.
  • This definitely fits well into the country genre. It had a good message and had enough emotion to make it a hit. I see this song becoming popular because there are lots of cliches used but that's what popular country songs usually have these days. I wish there were a few more verses as well that would match up with the chorus like in the song "Don't Take the Girl". The format of this song was very similar.
  • I love it! This song has a very true meaning behind it. Very descriptive and plenty of detail and time put into the lyrics. I would really enjoy listening to more music from this artist. Very thoughtful and heart warming. Vocals are clear and distinctive.

Below is a version of Father To A Son with Douglas Haines doing the vocals, using music created by Chris Davidson:

Reviews of the Chris Davidson/Douglas Haines version of Father To A Son on the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 6.3 out of 10):

  • Good start. Liked the guitar playing the music. A good country song. Sounds interesting when you listen to the lyrics. And now the base and the drum. I would think it would be better if the rest of the instruments came in the chorus rather then the middle of the first verse. The back up singer sounds like he's going to kill himself. The song is sending message to the fathers and sons.
  • I like the keyboard style in this song, the vocalalist has a very nice voice, he sounds like early leonard cohen stuff. i like the style of this music, i like the way it is all fitted together as a song. i rate it, because i like it a 9/10.
  • I love the soothing riff at the start. then kicks in the singer with his unique voice. This singer is very talented and is really good at what he does. It sounds like old school chill rock. I approve to this. what an awesome tune to relax to. I will show this one around.
  • The beat to this song is something that i could tell would be a slower song. The vocals in this song are very good and complement the melody and the beat of the song very well. this is like a country crossover to a classical song. the lyrics i can understand also. very good song.
  • The guitars beat is good. The voice of the singer is off. It sounds like an old man. They completely ruined the song there. Completely. They tried to add more layers to the song an dit just wasn't getting better. The combination of the instruments and voice weren't the best choice. It was a very poor decision. I have no clue what the title of the song is. The only good thing about it is the constant guitar playing.
  • I really like the start the song, and the upbeat instrumentals. the vocals and lyrics are both amazing, and the true stars of the piece. the melody is the next best thing, and really creates a strong structure for the song. lastly, the lyrics really well written, and i enjoy how much meaning and depth is within them.
  • Such a nice song, the lyrics are the reason it's so good. They are so deep and so happy at the same time, it's wonderful. The singer's voice in this song is okay, I think there could be someone else singing it and it would be a bit better.
  • The introduction to this song sounded great. The song has a nice vocal mix and the track sounds professional. The country singers' accent sounded authentic and the song has a nice vibe to it and I'm impressed with the track in general. I give this song a solid eight out of ten.
  • Great feel at the beginning of the song. Not sure of the genre but I loved the words in the song from the start. I liked the passion he was portraying in the song. It sounded very sincere and it sounded very loving. He had a nice tone to his voice and I loved the arrangement of the song and the choices the artist made in the song to make it what it is.
  • A high and light and feathery guitar and drums fuse. A male sings with a passion and sadness. The notes twirl and dance around the vocals with a movie plot sound. It could be used as a concert song. The guitar adds more strums and the song has a piter pat to the heart. The steel guitar twangs.
  • I like how this song has a good feeling to it, the tone of the song is happy, the mans voice is not that good, he sounds okay, he has a different style of singing to the rest of us which gives him an advantage but overall this song is not grabbing me.
  • The singer reminds me a bit of Billy Joel. His tonality is great, I also really like the melody of this song. I like the story behind this song, it gives a good message that all kids and teens should listen to, and one that tons of adults can relate to.
  • Sweet intro but the instruments seem to fade together; watch your mix! However, the vocals are clear and strong, that is a plus. I like the "storytelling" you are doing with your lyrics. The harmonies are very nice, as is the sound of steel guitar and acoustic interlude. Nice.
  • It's a different genre that I am not use to listening to. The voice is very unique. I like the lyrics it's very touching. It sends a positive message. It's something I would listen to because sometimes I feel like Iam not able to do anything I feel like a failure, and this song gives you that push of positive vibes. The instruments is very melo and has made my day positive.
  • Very touching song from a father to a song. i could very much relate to this song. very sensitive and real sounding, keeps your attention through the entire story line of the song. lessons learned by the father and given to the son definitely pulls on your heart strings. touching, loved it. I enojyed the guitar rifts and the melodic rhythm.
  • In the beginning, the symphony is very mellow and that stays consistent throughout the entire song. It gives a very chill vibe I like it a lot. His voice is smooth and goes with the melody beautifully. The only complaint is that sometimes I can't make out what he's saying but that's fine.
  • This song is alright. I think the vocals are good, but I think by eliminating the echoing of the voice, would make this a better song. This will also make the lyrics better to hear and understand. The music and vocals are in sync and flow well together. This song has a very uplifting tune to it.
  • The soft guitar in the beginning is very nice. I like how the singer has a nice low tone voice that matches the low tone base guitar. Sadly, the singer sounds monotone most of the time, I wish he reached different notes. Overall it is a descent song that needs better vocals.
  • Very soft beginning, although when the artist starts to sing the words don't exactly match the tempo of the beat in some parts. then when the beat moves up a little and gets a little more up beat it doesn't really match to the words. try to sing slower and keep the beat like you had it in the beginning.
  • This track has a country and western feel to it, starting off with lyrics and a strumming guitar, the mans voice has an echo reverb to it, which fits nicely with the style of music. There is a nice calm drum beat. The lyrics are melancholy but not depressing, it has a Bruce Springsteen feel to it, which I really enjoy, especially when it reaches the chorus of the song. The lyrics are thoughtful and even though the feeling is moody, it is also strangely uplifting. There is a wonderful solo acoustic section within the track, which has an unusual quality to it, it is very short, but a wonderful part of the track and I wish they had featured that part more. It is a lazy summer track, perfect for just relaxing to. It has a great rhythm that carries you through the whole track and keeps your interest in the song.
  • I really enjoyed the pitch and tone of his voice. Hit the lower notes quite beautifully. I found it unique. I quite enjoyed the whole song and I think if i heard it on the radio I may stop and listen for a bit. I think the chorus could use a bit of something extra. I cannot pin point what exactly. Maybe something like a violin solo or unique like a trumpet to make it a bit more memorable instead of it putting people to sleep. I think if there was a bit more to it it would do good. Just not enough excitement. that is why i am rating it as so.
  • Acoustic guitar does good job of setting somber mood. Recording quality of vocals is very low with a weird re-verb effect. The singer has a very stereotypical country voice. The song does offer anything new or noticeable. Singer implying that general mannerisms and knowledge are "a life time full of wisdom" makes him seem very ignorant and misguided.
  • This song is absolutely sweet and endearing. The melody and lyrics make a perfect marriage of sounds and emotion.I would recommend this for any occasion especially as a wedding song dedicated to the groom's dad from the groom. I could see a song like as a wonderful highlight and a very sweet touch for father's that have cared for and given their son's pearls of wisdom.

Below is a remix of the Douglas Haines/Chris Davidson version of Father To A Son by Caruano95:

Reviews of Caruano95's remix of the Douglas Haines/Chris Davidson version of Father To A Son on the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 6.5 out of 10):

  • Not my style of music but i will point out that its a new sound of pop. the vocals are sounding good behind the backing track, i like the keyboard playing mostly, the lyrics are ok too. not really my style but i can tell this guy will make it far, i rate it 6/10.
  • The background music reminds me of something from the lion king. Very relaxing and inspiring sounding. I like all of the instruments used in this song. It sounds like there is a little echo, but I think it's a nice touch. The lyrics are absolutely great! They send out such a positive message.
  • The start of this song makes me think of a film where a child has just ran away from home. The beat is good and i am starting to like it more. The man singing has a good voice and I like the story he is telling. i would listen to this if i was going through a hard time and trying to get back on my feet again!
  • I really like the beat of this song. And how the singers voice just flows with the lyrics and the beat its just amazing how good this song is. I love the overall vibe of how this song feels its just amazing and I love his voice its flows so good and go's perfectly.
  • The beginning sounds slow but creeps up with vocals which are soft and nice to listen to. I feel like the song is something to cry about the melody is soft and slow plus the vocals. Need some work with the corase and sounds practical for its genre. It's okay but doesn't offer anything special. Could use some female vocals.
  • There's a really nice electronic beat combined with a guitar in the introduction. A surprising, yet very well executed intro. The verse that goes into this is also nice, pulling a nice remix of the already nice beat in the introduction. The vocals and singer in the song give a very nice burst of energy in the chorus which, although isn't very original, still feels unique in this song. In conclusion, just a great song, with amazing lyrics, and an awe inspiring vocalist.
  • The intro, with its string sound, is a bit muddied .. perhaps it's the recording, but I like the varied instruments within it. The vocals are ... just OK. If you've layered effects on them, lose that track! The lyrics do have a hook to them and tell a story, which makes it a good piece. Add a female vocal to the top end to vary the sound and you'll hear it come alive!
  • The use of the guitar was good. The voice is not as attractive though, it sounds like it is over edited. It is a slow song but it is still relaxing. The volume of the instruments are a little too high because it starts to overpower the voice and make it hard to understand the words. It makes me feel like i am laying in the bed of a truck and looking up at the stars.
  • These guys have good musical rhythms coming from the keyboards and the guitars. I like how the keyboards are also being used for the percussion sound. The singer has an awesome voice for a male singer. The song just seems to get better lyrically and stylistically. I like how the tempo slowly picks up in tempo as it goes along. Should be able to find something where these guys can make money off this song.
  • I do adore the beginning low plucks that play throughout the intro of this track. The bass played throughout this track make it sound very fulfulling, unlike other tracks. I do really like this piece, the arpeggio-ed synths followed by a simple kick, make this song sound really good and it fits together.
  • The composition of the lyrics, harmonies, rhythms and melodies forms a lovely collage of music in this song. The tempo is slow and phrasing of the singer's lyrics is interesting and they make the song stand out. The singer gives a creditable and solid performance.
  • I like the way all you hear is calmness at the start of this song.The vocals are sung so softly that they go along with instruments perfectly. I like how this song sounds so inspirational and encouraging. The instruments I hear are played together with perfect harmony. Overall, I think this song sounds amazing and many will enjoy hearing it.
  • I love the sound of the banjo at the start of the track. It's very original and gives the track a very hip competitive edge. But, the melody of this track is moving so slow that its starting to put me to sleep. The tempo really needs to speed up in my option. The lyrics are cool and hip enough to get audience attention. But, the melody and tempo volume need added attention.
  • Intro is very strong but sounds like a poor quality recording. Once the singer starts you can tell the track is not a high quality track. I can barely even understand the lyrics. The beats added are catchy but they distract more than anything on this piece. The lyrics also seem a bit slow to be having such beats. I would suggest investing in a higher quality mic and working on your pronunciation.
  • The music is out of pace and doesn't match the pace in which the singer is singing it sounds too electro for the style of the song. The singers voice falters too much when he needs to hold notes and much of the harmony that goes on within it echoes and reverbs awkwardly. Over all the lyrics are good and have deep meanings and connect and finish each thought he tries to convey very well.
  • In my taste the song is mediocre. The great things is the beat and the timing. The beat is a fun mood. The OK things is the singer. I can sometimes hear the singer can't make it up some of the high notes so that's when the auto tune comes in.
  • I don't like his voice because it was hard to hear what he was singing about. The background music doesn't go good with the tone of his voice but it was still really catchy. They should go back and fix his voice with the music before they release it to the public.
  • This song is full of melody straight from the start. I like the mellow vibe also. The vocals are sung with passion making me feel the song better. I like how the anticipation builds also. Lyrically, this tells an interesting story that feels relatable to me. All in all, good productions here with a professional sound but i'd like for the beat to have more power.
  • The voice wasn't amazing, but the lyrics were really good. The synth in beginning blended really well, I'm glad I listened because the lyrics are relatable and it's just a great song :D I recommend this to anyone who likes this type of music. Overall it's a really good song so i will definitely rate it at least an 8!
  • The rhythm is really laid back, and the instruments and melody sound sort of caribbean or something. The instruments definitely sound island-ish. The vocals are okay, very calming and pleasant to hear. The lyrics sounded inspirational, and really sweet. Lyrics like these just make me happy inside :) The beat is also just so laid-back, and so carefree, like a nice day on the beach.
  • I really don't like this song it's just not something I would listen to its to much of him saying of the wall stuff It's just something about the song that I can't see myself listening too in a club it's just to soft and his voice is just to raspy. I don't think that it's got enough meaning to it at all. I'm just not feeling the sound effects.
  • This song seem to be a ballad.the vocal melody are really amaing and engaging with a strong and interesting rhythm.the song also have rich variety of interesting intruments that make it more distincctive and memoreble. the lyrics are really interesting and deep i really sure that anyone who like ballad will enjoy this song. this is one of the perfect songs to hear when you want take a break from the day and just relax. i give a score 8/10 that was great song.

Below is a version of Father To A Son with Douglas Haines doing the vocals, using music created by Frank's Nashville Demos:

Reviews of the Douglas Haines/Frank's Nashville Demos version of Father To A Son on the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 7.0 out of 10):

  • The guitar has a country vibe - probably because it's a country song and a good one too! Because it stands out the fact that the vocals are telling a story. The lyrical content is really uplifting. The bass is great as it has got a good balance but is sticking out just enough. I think the structure helps the song stay interesting.
  • Nice beat. Awesome voice. Soft lyrics. I must say this song is very touching to anyone's soul in my opinion. I enjoy listening to this type of genre. Love this song and I would share it to many of my friends to hear it. I am sure they would love to hear you and much more. Great work!
  • Such a sentimental and heart felt song. Talking about his Moma and Daddy. I like the vulnerability in the singers voice. The male vocals are strong and pleasing. I like the over all sound. The band sounds great playing together. Keep up the good work I give this song an 8/10.
  • This song really touched my heart and made me very happy. I think this sounds awesome. I would prefer this to all my heart meaning friends. I love music like this! This song can make you cry happy. The artist really brings out the song. The lyrics and the instrumentals to this song makes it ten times better. I would say this song made someone cry once before due to the powerful message portrayed in this. I really enjoy this!
  • The acoustics stand out here as they have a classic country sound to them. The song lyrics are basic but has meaning, which is great. The song just doesn't have enough appeal and lacks passion. I love the beat and how it makes the song sound so much better. The harmony is on point too. This sog gets better as it goes along also. Good meaning and soul but more word play is needed in the lyrics.
  • Very plucky guitar in the beginning made it very obvious that it would be a country song. The man's voice sounds like any other country singer's voice, and did not impress me much. The lyrics definitely paint a beautiful story for the listener, and evokes lots of emotion. I like the lesson it provides to it's listeners and would be a good song for parents and children to relate to. Would be a song that a father could dedicate to his son, and could be very sweet.
  • Immediately there is a response on this music, and that response is to lay out and listen to this old style song, that is very chilly and has a happy aura on it. the singer has sweet voice, and the lyrics, their content is very qualitative, this is what we need, wisdom on lyrics, there is too much wisdom on this song, it makes you want to save it for your children, perfect song. The instrumental is perfect also it is tune with the artist, the guitars sound perfect, original.
  • This song was good for a country song . i am not the biggest country listener but this song was pretty decent not bad at all. this kind of music can easy get you in a happy mood if you was feeling bad. the guitar sounded good with the bass and electronic sound.
  • A twangy guitar is always a good way to start a folk song. it has sad vocals with alot of emotion dripping out of his voice. An emotional voice is important in a genere of music like this because you need to make the poeple listening to feel what your feeling. It gets a little more upbeat towards the end having hope for the future. Its a nice track.
  • The guitar in the beginning sounds nice. Classic sounding country slow song. Sweet lyrics but very typical. A bit boring. Not horrible though as a song like this. Motivating and sweet but not catchy. Some of the lyrics make you sit and think a little about life and family.
  • I like the opening guitar and how country and natural it sounds. The mans vocals are beautiful and nice. I am not really sure what the song is about, but it sends a really positive message that I like. He talks about making each moment last, and I think that's really important in life.
  • The guitar sounds amazing and it sounds very good with the singer, I usually don't like music that's slow like this but I really like how he and the background music is in sync together and that's what really boosts the song. The lyrics of this song are a little out of the normal but it still makes sense and if you like slow music then I would give this guy a try.
  • The initiating is very calm. The words are very understandable which tells a narrative, which makes it way more sensual. The vocals are average. The words and beat go awesome together. I would listen to this song looking for inspiration, emotion, and to drink beer.
  • The lyrics diction was really clear and the message of the song is really clear too. I like the notes of the guiars is clear too. The echo like sound it really good too. Its makes the emotion of the singer way clearer. I would like the voice of the singer to be a little lower so the guitar will match it. I would also like for some of the notes to ne a little higher.
  • I like the gutair in the song. I also like the countryside this song brings out. The lyrics is very good and inspirational. The artist shows emotion behind his vocals. It's a great song. This artist carries an amusing story musically. He has a wonderful rareity to his vocals and pitches.
  • The songwriting again is the strong point of this song. The lyrics just paint a great picture of Americana. The vocalist has a lot to work with lyrics wise, but he does an excellent job of elevating good material to make the song great. I like the guitar work on this song too. The great music we here in the intro is then carried through the entire song to create sort of a mini-soundtrack for a campfire like song.
  • The guitar solo was the best part to me. His lyrics was so defined,and showed so much emotion it was heartfelt. Many fans like music they can relate to and i think this artost really put that into mind when he recorded this track . Maybe this could be in a country club or night bar. I loved the meaning and heart of emotion i felt listening to this.
  • I already like the guitar beat and the opening lyrics. Sounds like the singer has some personable lyrics. Those are the best songs because they are the most real. The drums seem to provide a good rhythm and for the singer and the guitarist. The lyrics also have good wisdom to them. The song does not sound real mainstream either, but could be. I like that also.
  • Good start to the song but I felt like I've heard it before making it unoriginal or unique. But it gets fixed up and unnoticed but the singers voice as he takes control of the song and has created good lyrics that anyone would sit down and listen to. I'm not a huge fan of country music but this surely goes on something that I would listen to again as it has a good tune to it thats steady as well and not at all overpowering.
  • I love the beat of this song, it is very carefree and country. The singer has a great voice and the lyrics are very uplifting and even a little sad. The song has a deep meaning, which I like. I really like all of the instruments working together in the song, they sound really great and compliment the singer.
  • The intro to this song sounds like it was ripped off of every other country song. The lyrics are different to say the least. However it is nice to hear something that has a touch of tragedy as well as a good parenting lesson. I like that the dad's motivational letter was overall positive. However, the intro didn't seem to really fit into the first verse, and I thought that the transition between chorus and verse was really choppy. Some more transitional bars would be nice. However I do enjoy the overall purpose of the song, and the vocalist is talented. The background music could use some work, as I feel it should be toned down a little, and shouldn't have the traditional country twang to it.
  • This music is a well done country music which i think was a very good music. i lie the instrumentals they where just like a country music instrumentals. i think the artist has a very good voice. the lyrics talks about life and a family. i really like the advise in this music. this song has the best melodies ever. and this music also has a good rhythm. this music started in a very good form and ended in a very good way, which makes the music a happy earning money. i think the artist did his best and really deserve a good rating from me.
  • The instrumentals are beautiful and compliment the song greatly and really brings it together. The lyrics are great as they tell fond memories of the singer. The singer is talented and sings with passion. I really enjoyed this song because it is catchy, has great vocals, and tell a story.
  • It was good but I believe it could have been better. less vocals and more instrumental and more beats and not the same guitar? try singing louder and that way we can understand what your? saying also speak more understanding of English and? not not English and hold longer notes for smoother listening and more calmer for the person to hear.

Below is remix of Father To A Son by Caruano95, with Douglas Haines doing the vocal and Frank's Nashville Demos providing the music.

Reviews of the Caruano95's remix of the Douglas Haines/Frank's Nashville Demos version of Father To A Son on the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 6.5 out of 10):

  • Starting off not bad sounds good then the vocals come in and puts all into one. The tune is nicely planned. I like voice in this type of music. I also like the instruments and how the pattern goes with the lyrics staying right with it. I would listen to this song an add it to my playlist.
  • Beat sounds nice with the guitar. Nice vocals, and voice comes in smoothly on the track and the acoustics, a bit off key at times. Country, contemporary. Nice message overall very inspiring, and a good message. From father to son. And a lot of people can use this message today. Love.
  • The introduction of this song had a very strong bass drum player pushing the rhythm of the song. This was reinforced by the strong vocals of the lead singer. I particularly enjoyed how simple the song was but how strong it sounded because of the incredible acoustic guitar player. The few effects that were used in the background of the piece gave a sense of that completed the song in my opinion.
  • The songs starts of really bad I don't like this song. Very country and USA genre type. The song is just a story about some American dude. Song isnt much not worth listening to all very bad. Could listen to better songs. The instruments are very bad he repeats same thing again and again and again.
  • This song sits with me very well, mostly because it's a very tempting sound to the beat. The slow melody seemed to finish this song off just perfectly! I'd love to reconcile this track's harmony as well to the beat alone, it was pretty nice to hear!
  • Wow! The words to this song are absolutely beautiful and thought provoking. It is very easy to hear the emotion in the singer's voice and easy to tell how important the words are to him. The melody is simple yet engaging and intriguing. This is a perfect coming of age song for any young man. This simple country folk song is beautiful!
  • The intro is very back country and down to earth sounding. It has a very natural quality to it. The singer's voice blends well with the accompaniment. The song's storytelling narrative is cutesy yet emotional. The singer needs to display more emotion in his inflection of the lyrics. I actually really like the lyrics, but they just are not executed by the singer in a very great way. The singer should display more of a vocal range to help show the strength of his voice. The instrumentation is easily forgotten due to its minor part in the song. The composition could be more balanced.
  • This song is pretty good. They have good rhythm here. The vocals could use a little work he seems to try and hit some high notes that are a little out of his range. But over all pretty good song. The lyrics are meaningful and deep also.
  • Definitely a toe tapper! I can just see this song playing in a country line dancing club. The lyrics really draw you in and I can really feel the pockets. A very enjoyable track and i would definitely purchase if it ever went on the shelved! I believe this song will transcend generations.
  • I think the sound quality is good and the instrumentals have a distinct variety that is spaced and timed well. The song is composed well and the vocals are good but there pace falls a bit short. The song has a pretty good balance and nothing is to overwhelming. Good harmony and the vocals are clear and easy to understand. The vocals need more passion to give the song a depth.
  • Good intro. I like the background music. I like the sounds of the voice. Nice deep, guys voice. I can't tell if it is country, or another music genre. I love the words that are being sung. Such a good message. There needs to be more songs like this that people can listen to. This song could change someones life if they were in a bad time in life. Love the reference to the daddy. So true. This song almost makes me tear up. So true about loving dads. Good job.
  • This piece has the power to magnanimously engender some great feelings into the people, or rather the audeince. The song is well written and the lyrical art is there and well done loaded with tons of meaning. Personally this song is not that bad.
  • I like the jolly music with its profound beat. I also like the way the singer sings clearly and with subtle melody. The words to this song are endearing and they seem to bring out some very good points and advice. This is such a pleasant song I think others will like it as much as I do.
  • I am not a fan of music that gives me a boring vibe. This melody is too simple and it puts me in a boring mood. The vocals are a little on the weak side and the artist does not have any feeling while singing. Now I will say that the lyrics are meaningful but without expression, they really have no purpose. Overall this song is presented in a boring manner with a great message.
  • The simple beat is very catchy. The acoustic sound fits very well with the lyrics and the vocalist. The vocalist has a great tone and puts emotion into the lyrics. I like how you can understand the lyrics. The lyrics tell a great story. The vocalist does great getting the story across.
  • I really like the intro he has meaning to his lyrics and they are loud enough to hear. His voice is soft and deep. His lyrics are so powerful and insipring. He has a great vocals. He is very professional how he put the melody and the vocals together. The melody and bass are perfect with his lovely voice.
  • A slow folk sounding song. With a country singer singing about his childhood and his life thereafter. It's sweet and endearing. It does have a drum beat keeping the pace which is unusual for a country song but it doesn't take away from the song. I like it a lot for what it is.
  • Wonderful country song. This song will touch the hearts of many people it is just so sweet. The elements of this song were really cool and harmonious. I liked the drums and the acoustic guitar melody. I think this will be good to hear all year around.
  • I love how even though the opening was rather short, it still sounded fun and exciting from the sounds of the instruments, the acoustic guitar and the drums. The man singing in this song has a soulful and also classic voice that I just love a lot. The lyrics also sound so nice, and I love how this song is about his relationship with his dad, that is just so sweet.
  • This song is really vibrant. i liked this whole song to be honest even tho i am not the biggest country music fan. the lyrics came from his heart and you can tell.i loved the melody to this song it really touched me. they should of added more instruments like a guitar and it would of made the song better.
  • This song is original but sort of shapeless. The melody is simple and boring and uninspiring. The vocals are weak and pitchy in some areas. I found it bland when it should have been exciting. The song itself was too predictable and simple. The instruments were not balanced and not very imaginative. I did not feel like it was creative and it was lacking contrast.
  • From the first few seconds, this songs seemed very cheesy but it got very sweet very fast. I really like the line about the father putting his pen to paper. This seems like a song that would be well received by older people or people who are in the country. I like the tune and the instrumental seems nice.
  • I like the rhythm. The vocals are very country, and so are the lyrics. I think that this song could definitely fit with the country music scene. I live in an area where country music plays constantly, whether it be in restaurants or in shopping malls, and this sounds like it could fit into one of those places' playlists. I personally don't like country music at all, but I can see how someone with different musical preferences would enjoy this song.

Below is remix of Chris Davidson's version of Father To A Son by Caruano95.

Reviews of the Caruano95's remix of Chris Davidson's version of Father To A Son on the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 6.1 out of 10):

  • I love the use of the piano to set the melody at the start. Sets the tone for a soft, sweet melody. the vocals are actually a surprise, I was not expecting that tone. They are quite country and raw, I was expecting soft and sweet. There's a weird reverb on the vocal track, could be an effect put on it rather than in the recording. Sounds a bit weird and I'd like to hear it without it. Lyrics are easy to understand and are filled with emotion.
  • I liked the intro of this song very much. The instruments made the song sound very calming and innocent but i don't think the vocals matched very well. The lyrics were also quite random and unexpected. Overall it was not very meaningful or appealing to me as a listener. The pace of the rhythm was also quite slow and uninteresting.
  • The opening of the song is powerful and is very special. I like the co work in the voice and the rhythm of the song. This song has a very good musical arrangement. This song has a very powerful musical arrangement. i think the lyrics needs to be re written to accompany the great musical work. It loose power with the lyrics the message is correct is just the words chosen do not keep the rhythm of the flow.
  • This song right from the beginning really touches you it just feels good and amazing. As the vocals come in it just kind of ruins the song. Even though you can feel the emotion and care put into the lyrics his voice just does not suit this type of song.
  • The instrumentals on this track were very well played. The vocals didn't really go with the music. They seemed to be competing against each other instead of flowing naturally. They were both good separately but together it didn't work. The lyrics were very powerful and touching. It was was a very well written song with a good message.
  • The pianist in this song did a great job of establishing a basic tempo that goes well with the rest of the instruments in the song. However, there is a little too much echo in the singer's microphone. It makes what he is saying less clear and less believable. If he fixes this then this will be a nice song.
  • Singing in this song almost sounds too quiet or soft but lyrics are easy to understand. The lyrics have an obvious meaning and story behind them that have to mean a lot to the artist. The beat is simple and works well that way. I think country audiences would like this song. Nice work.
  • The piano is gripping because f the melodic content and the bold frequencies - good mids. The whole mix sounds very full and big. It is also louder than most other music. The lyrics are interesting and am curious to see how the story unfolds - the song takes me on a journey. The short reverb on the vocals works perfect!
  • I love the jubilant lightness the twinkling of the music brings to this song, and the echoing vocals nicely blend well with the classical music style. I like how the ethereal wisp in the instrumentals helps add more focus on the lead singer's soulful expression, making the daunting lyrical themes more compelling and dramatic to think upon. The vintage feel from the echo gives it a classiness that I think would appeal to many listeners.
  • So this song in the start sounds really nice I like it, I can see there is a nice rich rhythm & the lyrics are unbelievable, I also love how this song is involved around peace & love. I think that this singer is very peaceful & Inspirational, I think that this song is a very sad & beautiful & rich song.
  • The piano sounds amazing and I like how both high and low keys are being played. I also like how there was a loud background sound that was playing along with it. When the singer started to sing I did not expect it because his voice has a country accent. I was expecting a sweet and lovely voice instead and I feel like it would have sounded better with the music. But the words are sweet and I like them.
  • The intro piano playing is very enjoyable. the vocals are not that bad i just feel like they get lost in how good the beat and instrument playing is. the lyrics are so well written. i feel like a lot of people can relate to this song and will remember it and have it on repeat.
  • The piano is very dramatic and lovely sounding. I think the singing voice doesn't match very well with the melody. His voice is a bit too deep and I might prefer a female vocalist. I like the development of the melody getting more strong and intense in the first verse. The lyrics are very beautiful and emotional. The beat is also very catchy even for this sad song it is uplifting.
  • The track started off very calm and sweet and it was well worth the wait. The vocalist just had a sultry sound about him. The only thing I would even change about this song is the recorded quality of the singer. But the beats had a very ballad feel to it and the instruments used did a superb job. This would have great commercial potential on a country channel or radio. Nice song.
  • The chord progression is really strong here. I like the legato strings in the background. This song sounds very pretty and I think the instrumentals would be great for a move soundtrack. The vocals have a bit too much reverb for my taste. Makes the production sound a bit unprofessional.
  • You have to love the keyboard and piano tones in this. The song seems to be down to earth in the lyrics. There does not seem like there is no shadiness in the lyrics of the song and how the singer seems to feel the song. A lot of things in this world seem to have ulterior motives. I like the simple sounds of the guitar and just the melodic tones. The lyrics also seem to be about making things worth while.
  • Love piano ... nice tempo and rhythm... the singing doesnt look like its going with the tempo at the beginning... dont like the echo...its disturbing...the lyrics arent lame...the voice has to be worked... the voice and the melody doesnt fit together.. good for parents and kids.
  • The piano sounds great, really beautiful, I think that it could use a different reverb sound, maybe a different EQ to make it sound more full. The acoustic guitar sounds a bit dull, maybe needs some high end to make it sound brighter. I like the idea of having a kick drum with all the low end, but I feel that it is a bit too quiet at times. Very uplifting chorus.
  • The piano was nice to listen to. Its chords also managed to keep the beat, because there was no percussion in the beginning of the song. The orchestral sounds that came in as well matched with the voice of the singer. The lyrics weren't great. This song was middling good, but I liked its inspiring atmosphere.
  • This instrumental chorus was all in all a very in depth and vocally useful beat. The artist voice was very off key and was not intune with the beat. His melody to me felt like he should have been singing for a rock and roll and band. The artist does have some very touching lyrics that will touch your heart so to me it was bad but good!
  • I don't like this song. I don't like the voice that sang The introduction was okay i guess. I didn't like the melody, the tempo, and thecord progression. It's not my type of song. I think this song is trash and that it was poorly made. This song will not get such a good rating.
  • Piano idea is a great idea just feel that it needs to be a bit more cohesive. But once again; The idea is good. Watch how that rhythm guitar sits with the song and make sure it is dead locked in time. Lyric is heartfelt, but not an overwhelming performance. Bottom line; Song is decent, but message in the chorus is wonderful.

Below is remix of Chris Davidson's version of Father To A Son by Green Raver.

Reviews of Green Raver's remix of Chris Davidson's version of Father To A Son on the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 5.1 out of 10):

  • The drums are enourmous and compared to the guitar - i think the guitar actually works in the background though now the piano has come in clearly with a mid range presense. I think this is great and could take the song to a whole new audiance.
  • The beat is repetitive but catchy. The voice does match up with the tune so it is not too bad. The lyrics not to sure what it is all about but could be more better within time. This song I'll give it a thumbs up. Probably if more beats and stronger yet softer voice would make this song a whole lot greater than it is now.
  • The piano playing in the back ground sounds nice. The lyrics are kind of depressing. And the male vocals are acceptable. I do not like the song as a whole. The sound effects ruined the song. Once they are turned off half way through the song , it sounds pretty good though. There is room for improvement by editing those sounds. I give this song a 7/10.
  • I like the deep beat. I wish this song has more instruments in it. The techno sounds ruined it for me. I really think they could use more keys into this song as well. The climax isn't suspenseful at all. The story in this song is a good example to people and has great advice. I enjoy the lyrics to the song, but I wish it was played in a different genre. I am not familiar with this genre, but I do not like the sounding of the beats and instruments together.
  • Powerful bass and flow here. The song has a cheesy vibe to it because the vocals are terrible. Too many effects on the vocals as well which makes this sound washed out. Lyrically, a lot of work is needed here. The song's flow is great though and the bass can be felt pounding. Overall, a weak song that needs better vocals and productions.
  • The intro to this song has a very strong beat that makes you want to listen to the rest. However, when the vocals started, it seemed like a strange remix of a country song. The music did not fit the man's voice very well, and doesn't seem to fit in a single genre and might be hard to market to a specific audience. The lyrics provide a really sweet message that would be better received if it wasn't covered up by a loud electric-type music. Overall, I would say this song isn't very easy to listen to and would confuse some listeners.
  • Electronic effects mixed with some low guitars, as i hear them, and this is annoying, there is some kind of buzz on the instrumental and the voice of the artist , that is extremely boring, its hard to stand the music form this buzz. I think that the artist should change a lot if he sings on all his songs like this and has this type of a buzz on his songs.
  • This song was pretty decent. i liked the beginning the most . i am not a big fan of this kind of music but i really liked this song .it was very appealing to the ear. the bass was a little noisy to my laptop speakers. guitar was nice with the bass.
  • A very interesting and electric beginning. He has a unique styled voice if u could imagine a robot singing using a voice modifier to sound like a human that is a perfect way to describe how this person is singing. Hopefully you like electronic beats with a melancholy like story cause that is exactly what you are going to get with this. Nice track and melody.
  • Techno and country? Interesting music. A remix of the song I just listened to. I do prefer this version over the original. The tech remix makes it sound better and more passionate. I would listen again. It sounds like it could be on the radio with a couple adjustments. I think people who like techno would like this song. The lyrics flow better with this beat. I like the cuts in the song as well. I think I know a few people that would enjoy this song at a party or outdoor event at night. Cool song overall. I recommend it.
  • I like the beat in the begining. The vocals come in, and it sounds kind of weird to me. There is like an auto tuned background version playing in the back of the actual mans voice. I like the techno sort of beat that is playing in the background. The message if the song is also really positive.
  • The bass of this song is good, and I like the strumming in the background music. As the song goes on the beat gets little funky and seems like its out of beat. I don't really enjoy this guys voice because he sounds like hes a robot. The beat gets a lot worse as it goes on it starts to sound like static. His voice slows down and sounds wacky. I really wouldn't listen to any music like this because it sounds like the beat and his voice are just out of sync and it sounds bad.
  • The start caught my attention. It sound like it has a lot of bass. The words caught me by surprise. The edited singing are agitating. The background sound is probably the best part, and the singing is probably the worst. The story is extremely understandable, but the way they are edited makes them frustrating. If the singing were improved I would probably love it.
  • I think the intro of the song os really misleading because if you listen without the singers it would sound like a heavy metal song. I song is sang without emotion almost sounds like his just saying the lyrics without fashion. It would be better if it was done acoustically than a full band.
  • Banging percussion combined with a wicked base line pulls you into this song. It then keeps you there to hear better than average vocals singing better than average lyrics. Great story told by the vocalist who makes you interested in the subject matter. I don't think the vocalist sounds like the singers from Pink Floyd, but the material is similar to some of the great Floyd songs of the past. Good tune.
  • The beat is boring. The artist has really unatutral vocals. The production of the beat and vocals seem to be distorted to me. The artist need's to focus on better recording. This was just a poorly careless made song. It lacks a lot of professional aspects. However the lyrics seem to be fairly decent.
  • This right here is a club banger. I feel like the digital effects are to much they could have been without. The instrumental was clear and sounded distinct, but this artist voice was not in sync, at all with none of the tones and melodies used. To me maybe this track could have used some professional fixing or criticism because it should not be out to the public.
  • The guitar sounds pretty natural. The drum beat has a cool bass sound, but does not seem to fit the guitar. I can see the musicians were playing with different styles with this song. I personally prefer the first version over this one. The digital lyrics are just to hard to hear this way. This song is more annoying like their is an electrical short in the amp.
  • The beat of this song is very interesting and different than anything I have heard, it seems almost a little futuristic. I don't really like the effects on the vocals, sometimes it is a little difficult to understand the singer because of the competing beat in the background. However, the song is very interesting, fresh, and new.
  • It is a nice song for a difference. but I don't think that I like the guys voice that much. I like the beat of the song and the lyrics. the tempo is slow and soothing. over all a nice song. i like it a bit.
  • This song was greatly made and very well sung by you guys great job guys! The chorus sung very good and they sang along perfectly. The band played the instruments very good. The beat was smooth and pretty. The bass was perfect and well executed and very good i am impressed. The lyrics were very well written and well done i am happy.
  • Great tempo at the start with a nice guitar to embellish the song. The bass was a little overwhelming at the beginning, but it wasn't unbearable. There is a nice baseline that keeps the song going, but it lacks that high energy pop that I expect to come out of it. The vocals are nice, they aren't really focal point when I hear the song, but they are there to help give it a bit of purpose. The ending was a little abrupt and unsatisfying to me. As previously mentioned I would have liked for the song to take off a bit more in a more high energy hook, but overall it was a nice song.

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