I wrote the lyrics for Fade Away, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Douglas Haines to record it for me. Here's the results:

Song Title: Fade Away

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Fade Away

Verse 1:
All alone
in a desolate wood
an ancient tree
forever stood

Seasons changed
gone with the wind
angels prayed
and sinners sinned

One day a light
shone through the door
what was lonely
was lonely no more

Through all the storms and come what may
my love for you will never fade
When the stars go out and skies turn grey
my love for you will never fade away

Verse 2:
Though I sailed my ship
across the stormy sea
the deepest journey
lay inside of me

There were times it seemed
all hope was lost
I soldiered on
no matter the cost

Then at last I reached
the promised land
you were waiting there
with an outstretched hand

When the stars go out and skies turn grey
my love for you will never fade away
embers burn until our dying day
my love for you will never fade away
never fade away
my love for you
my love for you
my love for you will never fade away


Reviews of Fade Away on the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 6.2 out of 10):

  • The music is really an excellant try with the sad sounding vocal of this refined singing star being recognizable to me. His voice is somewhat sad as it is all the time, but there is a certain love for music that he always shows his listeners. Voice is the same as the notes never variation. His voice is pitched fairly nice. The background is a little to light for my liking and needs to be louder to go along with his voice moreso. He needs to sound somewhat cheerful if possible as well, in some of his songs.
  • Only strumming of the guitar sounds nice. The singing duet with the male voice sounds good as well. Love the harmonize that the other male voice gives to the lead voice. Love the rhythm over all the whole song sounds very nice to listen to. The lyrics are clear and easy to understand since that's really important in a song.
  • This song just isn't for me. It's not a bad song. It is just comes off as bland and lacks character or distinction. The lyrics are fine but the hook isn't strong and the guitar serves really no purpose. Not horrible just not very hit-worthy either.
  • The guitar line is very good - The vocals aren't as tight as I would normally like, but it adds a more authentic effect. The harmony is also vey well done, but that second part under the melody could be brought out just a tad bit more - The lyrics seem meaningful and well-written, which is always good - It's a very cute song.
  • This is a authentic sounding clavier. I am really enjoying the clear and heartfelt vocals. You have really nice lyrics that have a lot of dynamics and timbre in the track. You have a lot of accessibility in this song also. You have a really clear and enjoyable lyrical beauty. This song is filled with attractive qualities and the texture is smoothly composed.
  • The voice just does not go with the music at all. it just makes it sound kind of very depressing which, in my opinion does not sound very good at all. the guitar, being the only music in this song, does sound well. the pattern of the strumming is soothing. it is not super crazy but it is also not boring at all. the lyrics of the song are also very romantic. this song is okay.
  • This is a campfire song. One thats played on a radio while roasting marshmallows. I can imagine a lot of covers on YouTube of this song. I like how it sounds very comfortable but not boring. It captured the listener and is very fun to listen to. I'm quite impressed and I enjoyed this number greatly.
  • The guitar in the introduction of this song gives the song a good melody and meter. The vocals overpower the instrumentals slightly which could be fixed if the instrumentals were a little bit louder. The chorus to this song could be stronger instrumentally. This song could do okay with an older audience as this sounds like something my dad would listen to.
  • I loved the fact that this song is acoustic. I love acoustic songs, and the artists voice is so unique and very easy to listen to. It reminds me of Bruce Springsteen, and this particular song reminds me of summer time. I like the fact that he's singing this song for a special someone in his life. I can hear the heart in his voice, and that he means everything he says. The only thing I have to say is that the artist needs to work on his pitch.
  • The lyrics need a lot of work wanted to stop listening after the first 2 lines. It is cliche and cheesy, but not the cute kid of cheesy the annoying kind. The tune to the song was decent but boring. The singers voice was good but could use some improvement as to make it a voice that makes one swoon and girls daydream of what he looks like, especially with those lyrics.
  • This song is emotional. The guitar in the song adds a great effect to the music. It sounds like something that you would hear on a country radio or on a country tv channel. The song evokes emotion from a listener who may be in the same position.
  • Lovely introduction. Followed by clear vocals. Melody is beautiful. The song is attractive and meaningful. Great for travel. Would easily listen to the song again. Simple acoustic and no beat though. It could be better if it had a bit more drumbeat throughout the main part of the song. The lyrics are deep and easy to understand.
  • I felt like this song really spoke to me. It went so well together that the sound was like a thousand voices to speak the lyrics. I really liked how it all turned out after the intro. Great music, written very well. I hope you liked writing it as much as I liked listening to the song.
  • The singer can not sing and the guitar riff is a very repeated one. There is nothing special about the song and it just seems like a sad hippie trying to kill time. Not enough soul, not enough talent and I'm not sure if fans of any genre could enjoy the tune.
  • I feel as though the opening guitar comes off with a happy vibe, and the lyricist wants us to know about "being alone" and the "seasons changing". More work should have been done on the balance between the instrumentals and the vocals to strike a better blend between the two. That said, the singer is able to stay in tune and provides a sense of competence to the entire song. With a label behind him he would be able to do some great work overall, and I hope to see future success from this band.
  • The introducing was nice it lead to the song naturally and made the song stand out. The vocal was a rich high pitch tone and brings the song completely out, My favorite part on the songs is the guitar because the basically the whole part of the song and its very powerful.The lyrics are very amazing "Never Fade Away" is my favorite part because it bring attention to the listener and give them mix emotions.Out of all i'll rate this track a 9 out of 10 because it carry me on and its very touchy.
  • The kick of the strumming is done really well, and his voice is soothing. There does need to be more instrumentation differences in the beginning though. The lyrics are really good and it all fits together in a good pattern. There needs to be a bit more emotion in his voice, maybe a backup singer to help convey the message of the lyrics. The words hold a quiet type of beauty in them. I see this selling particularly well to people who like softer country and sweet music.
  • The vocalist begins strongly with good pitch and volume control. He delivers the lyrics clearly which is great, although the delivery is a little lackluster. The beat is simple but works with the type of song being performed. Overall it provides a very happy religious feeling which i feel most belivers of faith would enjoy.
  • Nice intro beat. Kinda acoustical christian country song that tells of a story. I loved when backup complimented the lead vocalist voice. I really did enjoy this song. I could listen to this with ease. Sounds like a sweet love song that has other christian meanings. I liked it very much! Keep up the good work.
  • I think this song is an original with the voice and the melody of the song! Definitely a great combination! I think it combined all together is great but I was waiting for something else to occur during this song such an intersession but nothing happened while I waiting for that.
  • The audio track for this song was definitely loud and clear. The accompaniment was nicely done. The instrumental track has a country feel to it which I picked up on right away. This song has a slightly slower tempo but it works well for this song. The song was very good overall. I enjoyed listening to this immensely.
  • The singer has a very good tone quality and good ear for the pitch. The guitar was a great choice for the accompaniment to his voice. The lyrics are well written and the singer sets up the tone given by them well. I enjoyed this immensely and would listen again. I bet other people would pay money to listen to this also!

Below is a different version of Fade Away by Minstrelsmethod:

Reviews of Minstrelsmethod's Fade Away on the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 5.7 out of 10):

  • Country like song. His voice sounds old and like he's far away. The harmony is good and slow paced but it seems like a song written on the fly. Which isn't bad. Shows talent. Melody is missing a drum beat. Very sad song. I like it though. Little love song. lyrics are good. Love song. I could imagine this being on the radio. Sounds like a nice driving song to me.
  • Soft and soothing acoustic tones to intro. like the vocal tones with its gravelly but pleasant sound. the sound quality to the vocals are far too faint and quiet though, would really like to hear the vocals more. lyrics are slow paced compared to the music, i think they could have more wording in the placement while still keeping the poetic feel to the track.
  • Slow beat right off the bat. Can't really hear the lyrics but they kind of match the song. Very uplifting song. Every time I hear it it makes me just clear my mind and think. Truly amazing song. Love it can't wait to hear more from this artist. Just want to listen to this song all day. Powerful words.
  • The guitar strumming from the outset of the song comes off as flat, repetitive, lacking clarity, and not full of sound. Not crisp in the slightest. The production quality is lacking. The voice on the vocals is off key, flat, and unprofessionally recorded. There are problems with the singers pitch, he lacks range, and walks an even keel line the whole time without challenging himself to go further with it. The production quality of the song is amateur and takes away from the listening experience and enjoyment of the listener. This is a weak effort on all counts. Carelessly put together. Just somebody having fun, strumming is guitar, singing vocals, while not being interested in making a solid record for any listener or potential audience to enjoy. Sounds like that guitar guy who shows up at the party, and starts playing his guitar unsolicited, singing while you're trying to have a conversation. You let him play to be polite, but you really just wish he'd stop.
  • The guitarist is talented, but the audio layering is a bit off, because the singer sounds far away, either like a phone recording or a youtube video. On the other hand, I love the lyrics and I am a huge fan of acoustic. I think that if a better recording studio is used this song will be able to transcend well, because the only thing wrong is technical problems.
  • This is...odd. The lyrics are pretty and the melody is pure but it sounds like it was recorded in a very large, empty room and he was standing about three feet away from the mic. It sounds hollow or homemade or something. It 's actually hard to hear without really concentrating.
  • Well, the start of the song is slow, and it doesn't build up which is really bad. The best part of the so g in my opinion is invisible to me because I can not see anything good about this song. The worst part of the song is everything, I cannot find anything good about it it is too old sounding, too quiet, the music is not piwerful enough. The different elements of this track do not vary at all.the lyrics play in the same pattern, so does the music. The one thing about this song is how the singer tried to do so well and express how he is feeling. This song honestly has no potential if being a hit because of the reasons above.
  • The melody was unoriginal but catchy,too simple but tuneful,and it was plain but interesting.The vocals had pitch problems,was out of tune,and weak but it was also felling,had expression,and was clear.The lyrics were meaningful but uninspiring,and they were heart-warming but also repetitive.
  • I really like this song. The guitar playing was really good and I felt like the singing was right here with me. Very nice voice, although it sounded a little too quite. The lyrics were unique and original. I like the harmony between the singer and the guitar playing. I could feel the emotion from the singer. He was very good and I see a great potential to be a big hit especially with the girls.
  • The quality of this song was really not that good. The singer's voice was superb but the guitar was hiding it. I really wish that I could have had it closer in my speakers. The chorus was really good though. It 's an obvious Christian song with unique lyrics that are very true and relatable. I also think the single acoustic guitar gave this song a good sound. This follows the Christian worship music pretty well, it 's a song that would be easy to pick up at a church worship service, but it 's expressive. Powerful words that I really appreciate it. I would have rated this song a point higher if it wasn't for the audio, but I really just can't overlook that!
  • This song sucks. It feels a little to country for my taste. I personally think that this song isn't for me. If this song wasn't religious or country maybe I would like it. This song is a little to pushy and I think it should be a little more up beat and have more than just a guitar playing.
  • I think there needs to be a little more music in this track. The guitar is quite soft and acoustic, but there's no beat or any other instruments to really advance the song. The vocals sound quite passionate, they put heart behind the lyrics that they're singing, but as a result they sound a bit loud in comparison to the soft guitar. This is another reason why I think more instruments and in particular, a beat, would help the song. It would make it sound more well rounded and balanced.
  • Sounds very much like a classic country song at the beginning. I couldn't really hear the music that well, it sounded like it wasn't given enough prominence on the track right from the start. The vocals sounded very folksy and welcoming, although a bit more emotion from the onset of the song would have been a good idea. I would suggest that he give the instrumentation more prominence on the track.
  • In my opinion i thought this was a pretty average song. There was not anything that stood out from this song. The vocals and lyrics sounded good. The music in the background helped them quite a lot. If i am honest i thought it would have been better with more singers. This had an extremely boring atmosphere throughout. I feel like this should be given a rating of 5 overall and nothing more.
  • very quiet running notes on the guitar and extremely quiet male vocals. You can hardly hear it even with a high volume. there is too much echo on the lead mike and a good mix over in the studio would do it some justice. It is quiet, gentle and soothing, but doesn't lead anywhere, but it pleasant enough.
  • The acoustic was played too low. The guitarist should play higher. Any song like this should go above and beyond. By the sound of the singers voice, this was recorded because he was a little far behind the microphone. Tribal drums would be good for this with a tambourine and violin. It needs style and another backup for rhythm when all else fails. It was lame to me and hope the musician decides to change things up and ask others to join in.
  • The guitars set you up for a country mood. The vocals remind you of childhood. The lyrics are very artistically written. I like the meaning the vocalist is portraying through his words. The tone of voice are very unique I really like the way the singers voice sounds. This song makes me feel ambitious. Overall really good song!
  • A lovely introduction that is well played, if a little quiet. It sounds a bit like Avechy or something. The vocalist began and i was slightly disappointed. He seems to have good voice but it is difficult to hear him as he sounds a bit like he is singing in a different room to everyone else. the melody holds plenty of potential though, it has a lovely flow and a steady tempo. It keeps a strong tune for the whole track and he has a lovely voice. Instrumentally it could do with something a little more professional. The guitars great, but i think it needs a drum beat or something to make it sound more complete.
  • like the intro mellow guitar only .... vocals very balanced but he could stand out a little more .lyrically very nice ..ilike it its sound like a message of being lost and found.the melody continues ver y mellow and well played.singer continues to keep a ver y nice tune to courtship his music. the chorus is very complex but its always ready ti be learned the melody just brings such a nice atrraction to the song,only acoustic but very well played.from the begining to the end it was a great song.
  • Sounds like his in hallway. I dont like this song at all good with the guitar. Seems like his off something, or he's in depression. Yes i could listen to every word he is saying but that not my type of song. Put more atitude im the song and make it feel free. The artist sounds like he's stuck in a cage amd locked up somewhere.

Click Here to listen to a different version of Fade Away, by Chris Davidson.

Reviews of Chris Davidson's version of Fade Away on the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (overall song: 5.4 out of 10):

  • The intro was very catchy, very boppy, I'm not sure if there is a better term. The vocals are warm, expressive, and feel original. There is a lot of conviction, and it feels raw and powerful. The lyrics are cleverly written, thought provoking, and clever. The background is a little repetitive, but that's okay. The instrumental background is somewhat atmospheric but needs a bit of variation. The artist seems competent but the singing needs some work.
  • I started off dancing to this song as soon as I heard it because the beat it so thrilling and electric that it get's you in the mood to dance. I like the pause in the beginning of the song before it changes to a different tune and melody. I like that you as an artist can adjust well to the change in the tune of the song and the melody, adjust your voice, and sound of your lyrics accordingly. There is a point towards the middle of the song when your excitement in the song while singing the lyrics fades a little bit, but then you get back into your excitement. Stay consistent throughout the the whole song. Keep that hype and it will be great your you to keep the attention of your audience as well.
  • I liked the beat here. This singer has a nice voice as well. His voice was neutral in my opinion. He sounded pretty good in my opinion and just like his lyrics say, angels pray for a voice like his. Then he got a little louder which ruined the original softness of his wonderful voice. He was ok, but he just needs to work on his tone. Stick to soft and smoothness.
  • I like the upbeat intro, the beat is catchy. It sounds like something they would play in the dressing room of a young, hip store. The lead singer has a nice voice but it doesn't fit with the background beat, they are two completely different styles. His singing part sounds distorted, like he is too close to the microphone or something. The mix really needs to back off on his vocals. The chorus sounds offbeat in places, like the vocals and the background parts aren't quite together and a quarter-beat is being missed. The different parts of this song don't really gel and I don't really like it.
  • I think the overall song is quite amusing. The song demonstrates what talent it. The beats of the song go well together and are very different. I love the vocals of the person singing because they know how to sing and knows what true talent is. I think the frequency of the song might be a little to high but its bearable. I would listen to this song over again. This artist have great potential and could make it big.
  • This artist has a very good voice and sounds like Chris Martin from Coldplay, this song is not the best but with a powerful ballad like Yellow he could make a name for himself, his voice is different and its strong and he can carry the song, this background music is annoying, would be a commercial success with the right song backing him up, keep trying you will get there.
  • Good nice and refreshing. With a soft tropical touch. Good and nice sound, good notes and instrumentalization. The voice of the interpreter is adequate but needs strength. acceptable performance of drum, bass and guitar, plus the effects. a god effort that needs to be polished. good musical synchrony between instruments and vocalization. Clever lyrics, nice and cool. good song.
  • This song is not good. the music is a crappy electro-mash and the singing is kind of weird. the lyrics are okay but everything else kind of sucks. i think the guitar is the only real music in this song. i also dont think this song has much potential. the vocals so not line up with the music 100% of the time. i would rewrite this. not the best song.
  • The singer has to sing with more emphasis or accent. The rhythm between the singer and the music is a little off. The singer will have to sing on beat to keep up with the music. It sounds like the singer did a pretty good job as far as trying to keep up with the music, but it was still not on beat or rhythm with the rest of the music. This was the only thing mainly. The music set up sounds good, but those are the only tweeks that are needed to be adjusted. After those adjustments, I think that it will sound great.
  • The vocals could be brought up in the mix and still kept ambient. They are a little too quiet. They do get a bit louder in the second verse, which is better. Sometimes the vocals are not in time with the track, so be careful of that in future. The lyrics are not anything unique. Be careful of cliches when you are writing. I don't think this will be a hit and it is kind of a mix of genres, so I am not sure where I see it fitting into the industry.
  • From the start this seemed like it was going to be a good song. It is upbeat and fast paced. That is what I look forward to in a song. I mean who wants to listen to a song when you do not get your blood pumping. The quality of your singing could be a lot better. It sounds really bad. The guitar being played in the back was really well played, in fact it even sounded professional. "My love for you won't fade away" was one of my favorite line in your lyrics. So you seem to be a good song writer but not too good of a singer. Your voice needs work on, the rhythm of the music was great, not a bad song.
  • Wow! I like that quick drum beat in the song. It is very hype. This is very nice electronic work. I think I heard some kind of wah effect to the guitar. That makes a perfect sound. I need to hear more bands or artists that use wah pedals, it just makes the track better.
  • I like the immediate up tempo beat, that gets my attention. It changes just when I am hoping it will and wanting more. The beginning verse doesn't do much, but I was thankful when the chorus kicked in. The instrumentals are definitely the highlight of the song, and I think paired with other lyrics and vocals they could do a lot for a song. The lyrics and melody drag on and don't offer a lot of variety.
  • I love how this song starts off strong. The artist has a very soulful voice. The percussion is great on this song. I don't love how the singing is echoed throughout the song. I think it takes away from what he is singing and distracts you from the lyrics because you are focusing on the echo. I really like the lyrics and the music in general.
  • Nasty beginning he does not sing loud enough.he should be fired he is not good at singing. he is just trying to get famous like will Ferell. like all the other singers and the beat and instruments are awesome.he does not sing enough and sounds really bad but his band was doing better than him!
  • This song makes you dance as soon as it starts. Great singer and lyrics to match. The musical arrangement is upbeat and well produced. The story in the song makes it easy to vibe out to it. It sounds inspirational despite the fact that the story is not a happy one. Great hit!
  • The beat to this song was rather annoying. I don't think it fit well with the song at all. I think the tempo of the song needs to be slower and the singer needs to sing from his heart and bring out the emotions to this song. I felt that the singer lacks vocal skills and makes this song boring to listen to. Not a song that I would recommend to anyone. Bad beat and terrible singer that really needs direction.
  • A quick get out of town breezy melody to start this song out,and a artist singing about fading away with a hippie beat at times also. This artist sings a very haunting offbeat melody,and it changes tempo also with a screachy jazz beat at times. The bridge plays also a nice music digital melody,and it delivers quite a nice star bright feel to it,but a little to repetive at times.
  • I like this song because it made me think of some very 80's music. I happened to think that the voice of the artist matched the beat of the song exactly, and also with a delivery that is nice to hear. The lyrics are ones that come together to compose a masterpiece like this and turns out to sound like the perfect sound. The whole thing about this song, is that it comes with a lot of benefits and a refreshing sound that I haven't heard in ages. The whole beat of the song was good, until the middle of the song when it got messy and didn't sound organized at all. For me, this song is alright but needs a lot of improvement, if it needs some recognition. I also think that it's full of what it needs to create a sound that is authentic, yet new school. My favorite part of the song is when the artist mentioned promise land, which in return made this song sound more religious and more respectful. I like the harmony cause it was simple and wasn't too much. I also think the chorus was ample. This song is getting an 8 out of 10.
  • Well thats a strange sound, a really strange sound, it sounds like a pack of cleanex tissues. not keen on the notes or the bass, it just sounds weird, the mix on the microphone too, i mean i'm sure some other people will like it but its really not my thing. i think it has potential though. with better production and arrangement i think this song could maybe have something, it'd be something weird but more pushable and sellable to a certain market. it just needs the right things in the right areas.
  • Artist voice doesn't match along with the beat and instruments playing. They have no richness and there is poor balance within it. His voice is way off and his not accurate with the pitches and going along with the guitar at least. Lyrics are corny and they have no skills at all. They are boring and too simple for the performance and the tune really sucks.
  • I love the fast energetic beat. The beat makes me get into a happy funky mood. Moving along to the artist himself i think the artist woice is very tense. Although the tension from his voice makes me just want to burst out some funky dance moves. I think if this song would add 1 more instrument it would be very chaotic. The beat is just perfect for this song. So great job on that. I also want to say that i think if you added a little bit of background voices while your singing it would sound better. But it sounds great how it is right now too.
  • This song has a very upbeat sound which makes me think it would sell very well on itunes. This song has very messy vocals. If I were make suggestions on how to redo this song, I would say to work on getting the vocals more clean, and making them louder than the music. The music sort of overpowers the vocals.
  • Quite nice, nirvana like , vocals are okay but i can hear a lot of work done with computer, oh no good i do not understand the lyrics, is it a saint song or not ? what is it about? cannot see the potential much , chorus is very weak, not a good song, the guitar is awful. now i appreciate arctic monkeys 1000000 times more, no potential at all.
  • Positive song for good mood owners with high spirit rhytm. By the way, good represents the upcoming season - spring. The vocalist should dominate in the song cause some times we can hear pitch problems. For me this song brought a relaxed feelings for whole day.