I wrote the lyrics and melody for Evil April, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Douglas Haines to record it for me:

Song Title: Evil April

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Evil April

Verse 1:
She was born
with a rebel yell
that girl was trouble
everyone could tell

The look of the Devil
glowing in her eyes
when it came to ugly
she always took the prize

A schoolyard bully
picking on the little boys
BB guns and M-80's
were her favorite toys

She swore like a sailor
smoked smelly cigars
would go shot for shot
at biker bars

Then one day she decided
to play a little prank
she broke into the Army base
and stole a Sherman tank

She cruised that tank
all round the town
a blockade of Staties
couldn't even slow her down

Like back in the days of
Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull
so began the legend
of Evil April

They called her Evil April
She was the meanest girl in town
whenever people tried to smile
she would change it to a frown

Verse 2:
She was mean and nasty
dirty and fowl
cross between Cruella DeVille
and Mr. Simon Cowell

Took candy from a baby
kicked cute little puppies
keyed all the fancy cars
of those uptight yuppies

She'd stab you in the back
trip you just for fun
once put a kick me sign
onto the back of a nun

She loved to torture
causing trouble was her plan
of snuff films and Hitler
she was a big fan

Then one fateful day
April went a little to far
she took a massive dump
in the Sheriff's car

Then all over his house
she spray painted her name
and posted the photo to Youtube
giving it Internet fame

After that nobody ever
heard from April again
so that's the end of her story
Hallelujah, Amen

They called her Evil April
She was the meanest girl in town
whenever people tried to smile
she would change it to a frown

Reviews of Evil April on the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 6.3 out of 10):

  • This song was really wonderful. The instrumentals made me feel like it was a summer day and the breeze was blowing through the grass. The lyrics and vocals don't really match the instrumentals to me. The vocals are not very sung and are very "Matter of fact" spoken, they are beautiful though.
  • The singing because it sounds good. Its not my favourite type of music because its not my style and I don't like it but this song is not that bad and I kind of like it. It has a nice guitar part and its nice but still its not my type of music so I don't like it that much.
  • Sounds like a country song in the beginning of the song since the guitar and then when I heard the artists started to sing I knew it. It talks about a bad girl in the song. The artists really do have an country singer type of voice. It is an April type of song.
  • I like the soothing flow of the light-hearted music, and its tranquil mood nicely offsets the more breathy voice of the lead singer's deep singing. The message in its story is thought-provoking and relatable in its method of conveyance, making the song easy to focus on and unforgettable in its unique tale. The vocal range could be a bit more diverse to add further expression to the song, though the chorus nicely balances out.
  • Tuneful and melodious guitar during the introduction was alluring; great use of melody there. I listened to the lyrics carefully and they were a bit over the place, but they told a story, so I guess it was supposed to be deep; I found it catchy and fun. The vocalist has a rich voice, but he did not sing with power of strength. Nice harmony on the backbeat though.
  • I liked the smooth guitar at the beginning and how blended your singing was. It definitely sounded professionally recorded and played. I liked the lyrics as well. I thought maybe some percussion or drums to make the chorus more powerful. If you hadn't thought about about it, I think some bass guitar would compliment your voice REALLY well.
  • This song makes me want to get in a car and just start moving down the road. Good road tune. I feel like the singer is trying quickly to catch up at the end of each line of the sentence. I think this is humorous song as we all know know some chic like this. Who broke your heart man? Or are you talking about Hillary Clinton? I love the soft guitar in the background and the melody.
  • I love the guitar in the intro! The melody is very catchy. "That girl was trouble everyone could tell...", I like this song. This song has great emotion. I feel like the vocalist has the perfect voice for this song. The melody is soft and calm but the lyrics share a different story.
  • I really like the acoustic guitar piece in the beginning as it is the style of song that I particularly enjoy. The voice is nice to listen to, the vocal melodies matching the guitar beautifully. It is a soft and calming song, being very relaxing and is something I would listen to if I was just sitting and listening to a playlist.
  • Slow guitar sounds. Relaxing and comforting. Indie folk country. Male vocals with a deep soft sound. American country accent. Weak rhyming links in places. The song is intriguing and makes me want to listen to more to ensure I'm not missing out. The song is telling a story which is a tactic made by many country songs. The song is a little slow and boring and I'm not a fan.
  • Very nice sounding acoustic in the intro. Singer has a good voice. Pretty traditional feel to the music and the story style lyrics. Feels like he is trying too hard with the lyrics and loses focus on the story. Sounds like a song from the late 60's to me.
  • I love the relaxed melody in the first few bars of this song. the singer comes in at a good spot in the song and i love that he is loud enough to hear, but he does not drown out the music in the background. the theme of the song is intriguing and makes me curious to hear how the story ends. I love how he describes the girl and what she has done. the chorus is haunting and has emotion that comes through it as well.
  • This track is a very smooth and easy. This track is definitely a comic of music and the history of the song. This track is a fantastic opportunity for getting out there in years. This track is good for a weekend tailgate party and the game day.
  • Great guitar, goes well with the song. invites alot of tutorials on youtube. reminds me of the hunger games. nice rhyme scheme in the song. it feels like the listener can relate to the lyrics. the song is as if the vocalist is telling a story, a personally story.
  • The sound of a good acoustic guitar is priceless. It has become one of the classics. In some pieces, the vocals do not fit with the song. In this case, the vocals complement the guitar and vice versa. It is one of the good pieces. The melodic line is very nice and kinda nostalgic. I like it, because the harmonies of the guitar build up the tension.
  • The guitar's arrangement sounds very well put together and thought through. I really enjoyed the folky-country vibe that this song gives off. However, the song's story sounds very specific and crammed into the music; it doesn't flow smoothly with the music. It honestly reminds me of a tenacious D song. Lyrically, this song is kind of weird and not at all meaningful; its almost comedic in a sense.
  • The rapid guitar is mastered beautifully by the strength in the lead vocalist's voice. Though loud, and powerful the lead vocalist does fall flat at times and doesn't always match the pacing of the music. I would like the instruments to be a bit louder, they are very secondary in this song. Almost forgotten because of how quiet and minimal they are. There is not a large variation of instruments and because of this the guitar becomes dull after a while. I think the music needs to be focused on in this song.
  • Love, love, love! I enjoyed this well-shaped and calming melody. A wonderful ballad sung with deep, impressive raw vocals. I found the ballad clever as well. The story of "Evil April" is an interesting one to tell, very unique and memorable for hearing it for the first time.
  • It's very atmospheric, allowing the listener to picture themselves in the environment. This song definitely has the ability to be played on the radio, as I can picture myself driving alone at night with this song playing in the foreground. The verses and chorus mesh together very well.
  • The male vocalist has a soft voice that is pleasant to hear. A quiet song with the sole accompaniment of guitar is easy to listen too but lacks any gusto. Lyrics are comedic but somewhat foolish and not something I'm interested in. The vocalist clearly made an effort to be funny and is not to be taken seriously. Won't listen again.
  • This song is good to an extend. But the lyrics seem a bit too judge mental to multiple beings. The musical accompaniment seems a bit too depression and upsets the listener. The singers voice is good but it could be improved. The music is good but should alternate a bit more. Overall I think that this song is decent but can be improved.
  • I am drawn into the song from the minute I heard the intro. Great western melody. A country song with great potential from the vocal to the musicians. It has great beats and rhythms. I really like the story told thru the sung words. This makes me laugh and I think others will appreciate it too. This is really good. One of the best songs I heard in a long time. Amazing instruments and it all is professional quality.
  • The introduction has a great simplistic yet tuneful quality to it, and while there isn't much to it, the vocals have a wonderfully understated and clear quality that makes it enthralling and engaging. It's a great example of an acoustic cover that still feels full and robust enough to captivate an audience. The vocals and instrument are performed expertly and the lyrics are entertaining. It's a well done and simple song.
  • I love the singer, he's easy to listen to. The beat is very unique and the lyrics is fun and i can imagine it, its legendary like hearing a story around the fire. I like the artist style and voice alot. I would download.
  • I love the way this guy is singing. He sings with a solid grace, but I did not pay much attention to the lyrics until the end and I had a good laugh. The lyrics are definitely humorous and you definitely have to listen to them. It is funny that he sings such obscene lyrics so well. The guitar's rhythm is perfect and flows well. I am glad it is acoustic with hardly anything else. I do not think too much drumming is necessary for this song.
  • I don't like it. The tempo is too slow. The vocals are too loud and the music itself is too slow. I like how it is written and I enjoy the song! The lyrics are weird and I don't like them. The lyrics are about illegal stuff that I don't want to listen to and I just totally HATE the song!