I wrote the lyrics and melody for Everywhere I Go, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Chris Davidson to record it for me.

Song Title: Everywhere I Go

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Everywhere I Go

I can see you in
the colors of the wind
you're that ray of light
as each new day begins

Traveling through
the quicksand of the past
I stop and smell the roses
of moments made to last

In a smile and a prayer
for those in need
set my spirit free
set my spirit free


Everywhere I go
Everywhere I stand
I still feel you breathe
And reach out for my hand

Everywhere I go
Everywhere I go

(Second Verse)

If I fall you'll hear me
calling out your name
for tides of time
shall never douse the flame

Blinded, yet you
help me find my way
from the beauty of creation
to our judgment day

When a memory is all
that's left to see
set my spirit free
set my spirit free


Everywhere I go
Everywhere I stand
I still feel you breathe
And reach out for my hand

In everything I touch
Everything I see
The music of your heart
Beats inside of me

Everywhere I go
Everywhere I go


Reviews of Everywhere I Go from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 5.5 out of 10):
  • This song has a little bit of country flair. I think that the composition of the background music is strong. The lyrics start and it is clear that the song is not country. The lyrics are clear and the message talks about a relationship. The song is unique and i could hear it on the radio.
  • He can see the colors of the wind. I think I missed a word or two, but the line was pretty descriptive. I do like the rasp in this singers voice. Kind of reminds me a tiny bit of Tom Petty with the way his vocals sound. The song is kind of slow like a slow Tom Petty song. The lyrics are nice and something that everyone hopes for which is free spirit where we can strum the guitar and play the drums.
  • The acoustic guitar was okay and his voice wasn't all that memorable. he sounded unenthusiastic which ruined it for me. the music also lacked enthusiasm. I thought this was very boring and I couldn't wait to mute it. overall it wasn't my kind of song and i didn't find it enjoyable I didnt even find the lyrics good.
  • Good acoustic beginning, very catchy and very entertaining. though the males voice is too similar though out the song. there should have been more dynamic parts in the song. not bad though. the beat is very good. the lyrics are beautiful in a way. though i believe there should have been something else added.
  • Decent sounding track, recording sounded fairly professional. Tone of the vocals overpowered the background a bit and didn't blend all that well. Voice is decent and has some range, just sounds a little raw. Guitar riff is a little lifeless and typical sounding. I like the repeating of a lyric by the voices in the background, nice blending effect, should do much more of that.
  • Lovely tempo and song texture. The backgrounds are very creative and nice to hear. The lead had it's own little sound going on in it. The guitars are nicely played and sound great in the mix. The master could be a little stronger but overall not bad. The lyrics through me off a little bit I thought they could have been constructed better. But the melodies were great.
  • Nice sound a very uplifting song. Takes you to a good place. The instruments sound good together. The recording sounds very professional. Great production and sound. I go see radio stations playing this. The singer has a bold and confident voice. The chorus needs more words seems to keep repeating.
  • It's nice to hear a band that can play their instruments without relying on synthesizers for every part. THe vocals are a little weird, and doubled at parts they don't need to be. The verses have a part where the drums cut out and the guitars keep going, which gives the song a strange pacing. The Springsteen vibe gives an otherwise very contemporary sounding song a nice retro feel at parts. If they'd just fix the drums cutting out thing I'd like it. The lyrics are ok, nothing particularly special, but hey, most aren't. The real Boss only comes around once every generation or two.
  • The song is very well done. The beat is ethereal and mellow. I find it extremely relaxing when coupled with the soothing lyrics. The "everywhere I go" part was a little too repetitive but other than that, the lyrics painted a vivid picture. If I were to listen to this again, it would have to be at bedtime because it is a little too slow in tempo for a leisurely listen.
  • Sweet and sensitive start to the track with both piano and light strumming on the guitar, it is very cute how beat has been produced always evolving into a happier track. the lyrics are slightly drowsy and dopey putting the track down, the lyrics are luckily in time with the beat but lacking the right pitch.
  • This had a loose feel and from the introduction i thought you needed a remix to tighten the instruments up. the sound is to loose and lacking a solid sound to support the vocalist. the melody was fitting but the lyric a bit dated and cheesy. I liked the demo but fail to hear anything that would be noticed as a great melody or great songwriting. Cool track to share with friends and family on social networking sites.
  • Very upbeat song. sounds like something which would be in the top 40 UK. lyrics are very catchy. I don't usually listen to this sort of music but i really enjoyed this song and found myself tapping my foot along with the music. I will definitely be listening to this song again.
  • Loving the ride to the intro by this cowboy of a singer. His country sounding vibe is really mesmerizing as he harmonizes these lyrics he is given to sing. I think the talent is there, although some louder pieces of the track stand out way too far like a sore thumb. I don't care for the really badly done pitch of the higher kind either much. There is a really badly done chorus and the song lacks some actual purpose when the stricture seems to go in all directions of the creation. I don't know what he is actually singing about. The tone of his voice at least does sound somewhat connected to some parts of the tune in some ways. This is not a total quality composition but for one listen it sounds okay. That hook is to high pitched and doesn't cut it for me. The little tempo and beat in the background sounds too weak.
  • The drums are nice and the guy's voice is clear. He sings quite well and the drummer is good. It would have been nice to hear another instrument. The melody was quite soothing and it was catchy. Overall I thought that the song was put together great and the drums worked good.
  • I loved the guitar work in this song. I think the digital effect was perfect. I think the lyrics were written very well and I liked how it sounded. The vocals were great and I am really impressed. The beat was perfect and the tempo was a little bit too slow for my personal liking. Keep up the great work.
  • Ew, it's country / folk music. I do not like this. It is not catchy. It is not relateable. It is not a good song. His voice is nice but isnt very good at singing. I would not listen to this again. 2 out of 10.
  • The guitars are soft and the introduction is quite long- all of a sudden the vocal line comes in at a high pitch loud voice. Doesn't mix well together. Also the backing vocals and harmonies don't sound very tight and some tuning problems. The verses actually sound better than the chorus. Didn't enjoy the vocal effects on the background line.
  • A laid back strumming of guitar and drums and electronic keys start in a light country way. A male sings in a loud clear way about life with a light male back up singers singing. It is a carefree song good for a back ground song to a nice movie plot.
  • Great song and lyrics but the vocals are not so great to me. The beats are awesome. It never made me wish to listen to more of it and would not pay for a concert to go listen or watch. I believe something would have been done to improve on the vocals. Thats the only thing that turned me away and would not make me but the album.

Below is an acoustic version of Everywhere I Go by Douglas Haines:

Reviews of the Douglas Haines version of Everywhere I Go from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 6.7 out of 10):
  • Excellent vocals with a Bob Dylan feel. The lyrics are a bit trite, but comes back around when talking about what seems to be a metaphor for the travails of life. Talks about setting the spirit free. Very new west feel. Nice harmonies with what sounds like a female vocalist.
  • I like guitar in the beginning. It has a somber tone to it. This man also sounds like he is singing in his bedroom and music is paying in the background. Not sure if I like the song, but he has a nice voice. The background singer is a better singer than the main singer to be honest. I do not think he has originality in his song. I hope he fails and no one finds him.
  • The intro of this song is very slow and needs a better sense of natural progression. The melody is overly simple and to be honest, is putting me to sleep to a degree. But, when it comes to the vocals of the track, I really love the way that he sounds and I feel as though I can hear real emotion in his voice. The lyrics are a bit of a bore. But, at least I can hear them over the melody.
  • At the beginning, the acoustic guitar has a folksy sound. I'm reminded of the singer songwriter Jim Croce. I like the fingerpicking. In some parts this song sounds like the first part of Abba's "the winner takes it all." It is a nice sequence of chords and the backup singers do justice to the main vocalist's talents.
  • The sound of the acoustic is very pleasing, warm and broad tone. The singer has a very controlled sound, though not really an exciting tone to his voice. I have a hard time latching on and getting excited or attached to a song that is sort of bland, and the singer seems to lack the soul and energy and character to really bring people in. The guitar line is cool fingerpicking line, but the vocal lines just don't carry enough character or catchiness to keep the song interesting.
  • I like the start of the song, the guitar sounds nice and then the singer comes in at the perfect time. I really like the lyrics, they are understandable and clear. The constant guitar in the background goes great with the lyrics and is the perfect instrument for this song and never overtakes the singer at any point in the song.
  • This song sounds nice and romantic. The lyrics are sweet. It was certainly written to appeal to women. No shame in that. Maybe it belongs on the soundtrack of a romantic comedy. It doesn't really seem to have anything particularly unique or outstanding about it, though. It's just kinda nice background music. They did a really nice job on the voice harmonies.
  • The song itself has a rather repetitive nature to it, but for a calmer song it's not bad at all. The guitar being the driving force of the instrumental accompaniment was a wonderful choice because the guitar has a naturally gentle sound. The vocals sound a bit off key and ever so slightly out of sync with the instrumentals, but it's not enough to really notice.
  • Tuneful intro which included extraordinary strumming of the guitar. The artist has a memorable voice. His voice is well matured, talented, angel like, passionate, soft and melodious. In addition the female backup supported the artist very gracefully. The beat was the same as the intro and had no variety but it worked out for the better. The lyrics was thought provoking, personal, deep and well written. Wonderful track that was properly done and produced.
  • The main guitar of this track is surprisingly complex, and the lyrics are very appealing, deep and varied. The melody of this song is honestly quite beautiful, and the background singer adds a lot to the chorus. I can't find much wrong with this song, I really like it!
  • Starts with a rich guitar riff and the vocals are heartfelt. Lyrics are thought-provoking and not too repetitive. The harmony on some of the words are so beautiful. This reminds me of that one ABBA song for some reason and it's one of those songs that plays in the background while you stare out the window and think about life.
  • The guitar playing in the intro is beautiful, and the lack of any drumming or other percussion to accompany this acoustic sound is quite refreshing. This is definitely a more folk based pop or alternative song, and the vocals reflect this fact quite well. The harmonized singing during the humble chorus adds to the intimate vibe of the overall piece.
  • The rhythm of this song is very soft. It is very flowing and relaxed. The artist's voice is nice and dreamy. It makes you want to fall asleep. The artist's do not really sing their lyrics in a up beat manner, but i do not think the song was meant for that any way.
  • Nice slow intro of the song with a nice piano beginning. I like the time when the lyrics come in which compliments the music in the background. The piano and guitar combination is a bit quiet but it still works well with the lyrics. I like the lyrics and how the compliment the music and they also have a pretty good meaning.
  • The opening beat of the song sounds quite sad. It sounds a little like the song "Hey There Delilah". This is a good thing because that song is one of the listeners favorite songs. Throughout the song though, the lyrics could be stronger so that the love message could be better.
  • The chords at the beginning are pretty generic sound. But, since it is generic, its popular. The voice does not go with the soft chords. it is too harsh for this certain song. The beat and sound is really well done and the clean sound makes you be able to understand the story better. Great story and lyric choices, it makes it easy to hear the words you are saying.
  • I really liked the instruments played they were played very well and were very pleasing. The singers voice was good but at times pitchy but overall not bad. I really liked the lyrics they were sweet and very romantic. I also liked the person singing behind the singer. This was a very sweet and romantic song I would listen again.
  • The intro is very intriguing. the vocals are dull and completely bore me. i feel like taking my old ipod 4 and charging it while i listen to this song. anyway enough with the bad stuff.... the instruments are defiantly one of a kind. i love the meaning of the song. the lyrics are definitely confident.
  • Sensational song. I really liked his vocals. I found the lyrics of this song heart touching. This is such a sweet song. I found the timbre of the acoustic guitar amazing. I think the male artist who was singing softly in the track also had a great voice.
  • Very strong guitar playing in the beginning and throughout the song. The lead singers voice and tone sound like the Beatles. Very 70's relaxing music. Not a fan of the female vocals on the track. I don't know if its because of how her voice sounds, or if I just prefer the male vocals alone better. I like that the chords change slightly throughout the song, but the main chords are heard through the whole song. Really ties everything together.
  • Heart wrenching and emotional introduction established just by the guitar playing. The vocals and lyrics are even more heart wrenching. The guy sings with so much emotion. The female vocalist complements him perfectly. This truly is a beautiful song with meaningful lyrics. The singer has an unforgettable tone to his voice which tears at your heart strings. His guitar playing does the same. He sings with so much emotion. This song will absolutely be a hit. It will certainly be played in any emotional movie or television scene. Good job:)
  • I did not like the background music. The lead singer was pretty good though. The background singers are pretty good too.the lyrics are not very impressive but they certainly are not too bad. They just are not perfect I want to hear different song by them just with better background music I can enjoy listening too.
  • This song has powerful, rich vocals and a pleasant guitar accompaniment. It has a comforting sound, and the lyrics are interesting, they are entrancing. However, the vocal part is too loud relative to the rest of the track, which is rather uncomfortable to listen to. This makes for relaxing music.
  • The song has a very soft tone so its perfect to listen to while going to sleep or just wanting to be in peace. I like that its a duet and the words are pretty. The guitar sound is peaceful. Its a slow song so it wouldn't be hard to learn the words.
  • Beautiful guitar picking, nicely mixed. lovely lyrics and some wonderful backing vocals from the lady. The songwriter has some talent with both lyrics and selecting a great tone for the song Honestly just a very nice thought provoking song about life, romance and being judged somewhat. also a few religious references in there, not sure if that has much to do with it tho.
  • Classical guitar. Memories. Relaxing. I prefer the guitar to the song. Nothing happens in the song. "Everywhere I go" but I don't care where he goes. The singer doesn't entice me into learn what he has to say. It is background music for a taxi ride or a dinner, but i wouldn't say to a friend 'you have to hear this song.'
  • The lyrics of this song are so profound and I like that a lot. The vocalist did a great job singing but I think that he should've sang faster because the tempo of the song was very slow. The beat of the song was very slow also and when they both combined it became pretty boring. Everything could've been a bit faster and the song would've been better.
  • This song is great very easy to connect to with a very smooth and short intro. The lyrics in this are very easy to connect with you can fit them into your own life immediately and that draws the listener in even more. Great choice of guitar the prfomance is great thoughtout both guitar and vocal wise, overall the song is very independent and I think it really has potential.
  • This song is beautiful. The male vocals (and i think there is a female vocalist also) is very soothing. It very much made me smile. However, the main singer's voice was a little weak, perhaps he could sing more with more voice, then i would be satisfied.
  • Really like the sound of this song! It starts out kind of slow at the beginning with the first few verses but the chorus really makes this song. With the sweet harmonization between the male and the other singer it is almost heavenly. The chorus also has unique words that are universal to the human heart. I also enjoy the finger picking on the guitar in this song.The guitar makes the singing even better. This song reminds of Mama Mia, which I love, which in turn makes me love this song.I would definitely recommend this song to friends.
  • Really great song i loved it! Nice country smooth on point! The melody is nice and welcome to my ears and the lrics is fantastic! There is alot of potential in this song and its great Potential! Great Job! I would love to buy this song on Itunes or on a music market place!
  • I like the romantic melody to the songs. Definitely see this being used for weddings. I really like the string instruments and wood winds melodies. The beginning it's hard to hear the instruments, the vocals are kind of too high for the beginning but I love the flow into the melody.
  • Reminds me of Glen Hansard on Once. Beautiful guitar melody. Very sentimental with sad and romantic tones to his lyrics. Slow and melancholic, would definitely use as a work background music or for any rainy day. Would not make it my ringtone nor would it make it to my daily music playlist.
  • Not my type of music. He sounds like he is off pitch, but the chorus of the song is cool. The song has a blue grass feel to it with a big western influence to the sound and delivery of the song. The acoustic guitar is very calming and melodic and almost has a trance type of affect to the listener.