I wrote the lyrics and melody for Everybody Calm Down, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Elliott Sheridan to record it for me.

Song Title: Everybody Calm Down

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Everybody Calm Down

Verse 1:
Drivers on the road
suddenly filled with rage
poking poking with a stick
a lion in a cage

Waiting for a table
standing in a line
all the stress and anger
an emotional land mine

Everybody Calm Down
Everybody Calm Down
just open your eyes
to the beauty all around

Everybody Calm Down
Everybody Calm Down
sit back relax
take a good look around

peace will be found
peace will be found

Verse 2:
I see it in their faces
and feel it in the air
a pot is boiling over
and no one seems to care

We shout about religion
We yell about the war
all this screaming at each other
man, that's not what life's for

not what life is for
not what life is for

Everybody Calm Down
Everybody Calm Down
just open your eyes
to the beauty all around

Everybody Calm Down
Everybody Calm Down
sit back relax
take a good look around

and peace will be found
peace will be found

Everybody Calm Down
Everybody Calm Down
take time and look
at the beauty all around

and peace will be found
peace will be found


Reviews of Everybody Calm Down from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 7.5 out of 10):
  • An island inspired beat in the opening that serves as a good intro for a vocalist who has a lot of talent and passion in their lyrics and the tone they bring to the track.
  • He has a Jamaican sound to his voice in this song, which is really cool. The music helps to add to that. The lyrics are really nice. I like this duo the best of the various Borgos songs.
  • I don't really like the Jamaican feel to the song, it makes it sound like a kid's song. It also sounds kind of dated, like it belongs in the 1960s not in 2017.
  • I like the sound of the vocals in this song. They go well with the flow of the music. I like the rhythm and beat. The lyrics are good. It is a good dance song.
  • I like the title of this song and the way it starts out. I like the melody and the lyrics are interesting. The song structure is simple but works here.
  • I liked the music in the song and thought that it sounded joyous. I liked the clever lyrics of the song. I liked the relaxing pace of the music in the song. The lyrics were beautiful and peaceful.
  • I liked the music. It had elements of reggae that I liked. I thought the lyrics got a little repetitive but I liked the message of the song.
  • I liked the relaxed feeling that the song had. It made it seem like something I could imagine myself listening to on a beach somewhere or in the middle of the summer heat.
  • I love the beat and the singer though I found the lyrics to be a little cheesy. That said, it's a very mellow and calm song. It makes you just want to relax.
  • I really liked the laid back and easy going vibe that this song has. I think the vocals and the lyrics complimented each other very nicely in this song.
  • It seemed like it tried to blend Calypso with country and it just didn't work. The beat was good, and the lyrics were good but the thing in it's entirety just didn't work.
  • Not bad, has a bit of a Bob Marley Reggae feel to it. The vocals are strong and soothing, while the lyrics are relaxed and mellow sounding. The instrumentation works well, and the production is excellent.
  • Overall I have to give this song a thumbs up because what it achieved was brilliant. The track was done in a way that had me interested through the whole time.
  • The instrumental effects in this song were really good. The whole song made me happy and chill. I would love to hear more. Thank you.
  • The song started out ok. The bass was a little too lite for my taste. The vocals were ok, but maybe a little nasally. Reminded me of a song that I couldn't place. A little old school sound. Just an ok song.
  • The way it started out was pretty nice. Could of been beefed up a bit I felt. The vocals sounded pretty decent on this one but could use some tweaks.
  • This song actually sounds different from the songwriter's other songs, which is good. I like the happy sound of the piano, but that's it. Te singer's voice is still not good, and the lyrics are still a bit strange and don't really fit.
  • This song makes me happy!! I love the beat, it has a very jamacian feel! It makes me feel positive and happy about life! I would love to listen to this anytime of day and anywhere!
  • This song was quite happy and upbeat. Reminded me of Bob Marley a bit. Simply arranged and the lyrics are fun and to the point.
  • Very good instrumentals at the start of the song. I think the song has direction and the melody was simple and easy to sing along to. Best wishes.

Below is a version of Thank God For Memphis by Douglas Haines:

Reviews of the acoustic version of Everybody Calm Down from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 5.2 out of 10):

  • The singers voice has a great goofy texture to it, and although you cant really understand what he's truly talking about. The melody to the song is wonderfully melody, and the message behind the song is a good one. the song itself is catchy but not the kind of catchy that would make anyone want to get up and dance about.
  • The accent of the vocalist is very calming. The drums and guitar hold a very good rhythm, and the subtle use of harmony is great. I think it might be better if it wasn't present through the entire chorus. Very peaceful, accomplishes its goal well. Not spectacular, but a solid track.
  • Starting the song off is a very soft but beautiful melody, blending seamlessly together. The artist has a very strong, imaginative voice, controlling himself as to not overpower the music, and never misses a beat in the song. The lyrics are a little hard to understand at parts where the accent is a little rich, but overall it's a very beautiful song about peace, love, and harmony, which is what we really need in today's world.
  • The intro is very good. The vocalist isn't very good and his words aren't completely clear. A few words I had a hard time trying to figure out what he was saying. The lyrics are weak and uninteresting. I get what he's trying to say and I think with a new vocalist and a few changes in the lyrics it would be better.
  • The guitar that starts this track is really nice and peaceful and then the lyrics kick in with a male singer. The lyrics are not complicated and its quite an easy song to listen to. It's a great song and would recommend it to those who just want something nice to listen to or are looking for music they can use at say a funeral or a church.
  • Very chill song and I am digging the drums when they are off beat. Not a huge fan of this style of music. The backing track is awesome. The vocalist has a different voice to anything I have ever heard. I think this makes him stand out. I think that there needs to be a stronger chorus as it sort of just blends in with the rest of the song. The lyrics rhyme and work well with the song, and don't sound out of place which is good. There could be a better bridge included as I think this will lead into the chorus better.
  • Intro starts with a nice smooth beat, which sounds relaxing! Then he starts singing and it was hard to understand what he was saying. He is a good singer though, and it is a catchy song that I think I would get used to liking! Just a nice relaxing song! Good Job!
  • This song seems to sound kinda dry and arid in my opinion. The vocalist seems to be singing in a tune that is a litle bit amateurish at best. There needs to be another instrument other than the guitar to make this song a little lively and awesome.
  • The guitar playing in the background makes the song sound very nice. however as we get into the singing it is completely destroyed. the vocals are just disappointing. the lyrics are rubbish. this shouldn't even be classed as a song. overall this song would not make it in to the top.
  • The acoustic guitar is pretty, but the Voice is really rough and not necessarily in tune. I cant understand any of the lyrics and I'm not sure if i want to. This song has nothing unique that i haven't heard before. I don't think he will going anywhere soon.
  • This song initially reminds me of an Ed Sheeran song. I like the sound effects of this song. It almost sounds like the artist is using his guitar as a drum. The artist has a unique twist to his voice that is very interesting and inviting. I like the message the artist is portraying in this song.
  • The intro was very lovely and put a smile on my face. Then the man began singing. I do not know how to take this song. What is that accent that the vocalist has? The lyrics of the song we iffy, I can't figure out what the song is about. Is he saying calm down or come down. I do approve about the peace theme of the song. The guitar chords are rather simple and become repetitive rather quickly. Overall the melody wasn't that bad, but the lyrics and the vocalist bring the song down. If the song were to be revamped and given a different vocalist, maybe the song would do better. However, if the song was going for the folk-ish quaint sound, they nailed it.
  • The introduction consists of a slow guitar solo. Its leisurely tempo is relaxing. The vocals are unusual due to the singer's distinctive accent. He doesn't sound like English is his first language. However, he sings on key and with competence. This song evokes a peaceful, happy mood. Its simple melody and positive lyrics are unique. However, I think this song will appeal to a small niche audience rather than to a large broad one.
  • The Male singer is very hard to understand. The song has a soothing beat with the guitar. The lyrics have a positive message. It talks about peace and calmness. The singing is definitely the downside to this song. It has a good positive message, but it just was not appealing to me. It sounded as if it was reggae, but it was kind of hard to tell what genre it was.
  • I liked the combination of the guitar and the drums being played lightly. The singing was very soothing to listen too, every note was hit well. The singing sounded lethargic and effortless but the positive is that it worked, none of the notes sounded flat at all. The minimalistic production really made the artist's voice stand out which is good. It was clear when it was the chorus with the repetition of the words "come round round". This wasn't my song of type but I can respect there is a market for song genres like this.
  • The beginning of the song caught my attention. The guitar blends well with the melody. The vocals are a bit off tempo. They blend well together. The lyrics are uplifting. The beat is classic and subtle. Stronger vocals would improve this song dramatically. The lead vocal was a little flat and monotone.
  • To begin I think this is an excellent song for sleeping or relaxing. The mix between vocals and guitar is well balance. I would strongly recommend putting this on itunes because this is perfect for many people of all ages.In Conclusion, this music will make you feel like a positive person everyday and will be perfect for everyone. 5 out of 5 stars!
  • The lyrics are actually pretty funny coming with your thick accent. You should change your instrumentals, they are a bit choppy. I think you have a nice voice though. Incorporate a piano, that's always nice. I think it's great when an artist can be heard throwing emotion throughout his song.
  • Good rhythmic intro. Vocals are raw, rich and interesting. The artist has a different and unique voice. He has an accent, but it really doesn't bother me. Very peaceful and relaxing song. Even though it is repetitive, I still absolutely love the lyrics! They were very heart-warming and comforting. The overall theme was very melodious and enjoyable.
  • The intro have a really nice sweet sound to it. I think they shouldn't have use this singer since it would sound much it better if the singer have a dreamy song with this song. I bet the song would actually be a hit if the singer had a dreamy voice . I think I'm able to listen to this but not always. I rate this a 7/10.
  • I love the lyrics but at times it's hard to understand what the artist is singing about. I like the tempo and melody a lot. The instrumental background works well for the song. I love how the artist is singing about peace. The song has a lot of room for growth.
  • The intro is amazing and really brings a nice smooth feel to it. The vocals could be a little more smoother to suit the beat. I really like the guitar as it sounds very sweet and fits well with the vocals. I would listen to this song if I were around a bonfire with a group of friends just talking. The song makes me feel happy and calm. Overall the song is awesome and I don't see any improvements that could be made except for the vocals. Good Job.