I wrote the lyrics and melody for Don't Think Too Much, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Chris Davidson to record it for me.

Song Title: Don't Think To Much

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Don't Think Too Much

Verse 1:
Lying awake in your bed
replay those words in your head
should you follow the path that you've led
or go your own way instead

Best close your eyes and leap
chase dreams in clouds as you sleep
cry tears but don't ever weep
for promises once meant to keep

See what you wanna see
feel a heartbeat in every touch
this might be love
baby, don't think too much

This might be love
so baby, don't think too much

Verse 2:
The scientist searches for proof
like Sherlock forever a sleuth
our soul is the ultimate truth
let's swim in the fountain of youth

Life is a game we all play
no one wins at the end of the day
dancing round in a cosmic ballet
use your time, don't throw it way

See what you wanna see
feel a heartbeat in every touch
this might be love
baby, don't think too much

Set yourself free
let yourself fall
breathe in the beauty
the wonder of it all

See what you wanna see
feel a heartbeat in every touch
this might be love
baby, don't think too much

This might be love
so baby, don't think too much


Reviews of Don't Think Too Much on ReverbNation.com (song score: 6.9 out of 10):

  • A chick-flick or romantic movie song. The words were just too powerful and very inspirational. The voice of the artist seems very delightful to hear and handled the song pretty well. Nothing unusual with the instrumentals, they did a fair job to make an entertaining song.
  • The instruments are so beautiful and relaxing I love it they has a great melody going on. And his voice to top it off his vocals are just flowing like water very beautiful and I can understand him very clear what he's saying expressing his feeling is great on this song. Sounds beautiful and I am so that I can get a few days of this message in this email address is not sure you are you are you can get it is the new one.
  • Head, lead, instead.. the words are pretty standard and boring. The cheesy drum lines throws off the already trite melodies. The singers voice is his own I will give him that. The underlining meaning of the song is very positive and uplifting. Its an over all mellow tune.
  • The slow smooth intro give me a happy feeling inside. The vocals are no different from many other artists, but can stand on it's own. The digital quality seems a little bland or flat. The singer could stand to adjust his emotion to something more meaningful.
  • The singer's voice is really pretty. There's a feeling of emotion in there, but it's also very soft and moving. The pace I feel is weird, he's going faster than the melody. The music is really pretty, the beat is nice and simple. It's very sweet that the focus is more on the singer.
  • This sounds like a romantic song but i do not like it personally. I know older people would enjoy this type of song but i am more in the modern. The beats and notes are on right. I just do not feel it suits my favorite type of music. Others would love this and be drawn into his voice.
  • Very nice point made in the song about following your own path. I really like that part. This is a good uplifting song. His voice sounds really nice. This is a song I would play while riding in my car and looking around. Nice production.
  • The voice is very light, which contrasts from the instrumentals because they sound more upbeat. However, this song sounds very good. His lyrics sound great, but I cannot get over the contrast between the instrumentals and the voice. They seem to clash slightly. Otherwise, this song is good.
  • Nice beat playing at the starting with the piano and the other instruments sounded nice. the lyrics of the song was nice to listen to kind of a relaxing vibe to everything. the vocals was soothing and soft to listen to. "this must be love baby" the lyrics was nice to hear. well produced song.
  • The lyrics are okay. The song needs some improvement and the music in the back could use a little bit more of a tempo. The song honestly makes me want to fall asleep which isn't exactly the point of listening to music. Remember to keep in mind the audience are trying to please. I do like the Sherlock reference, though. The vocals are sleepy. Other then that the song has a decent message.
  • Piano music with guitar and drums--this is a light and pleasant instrumental..the male vocals--he has a definite good talent and he is easy to listen to. The overall beat is easy to dance to.He is showing slight changes in his pitch and there was sounded like backup vocals and they sounded right and complimented this singer.
  • I like the piano when the music was starting. I also like the person who singing in the song because his voice is smooth and I like smooth music. I also like this music because it has a nice beat to it that makes me happy.
  • I really like the beat of this song and the back ground music. i also like his voice. it is very soothing and i beleive that people will enjoy listening this to a long time. the imstrumental is very calm and easy to listen too. i would suggest this song to many people.
  • The beginning instrumentals seem out of the 80s. The singer has a solid voice. Is a little weak at times. It almost seems like a mix of reggae music and Ed Sheeren. Not a great mix to be compared to. Never picked up like I thought it would. The Chorus is very weak.
  • beautiful vocialist with Lame music.. Sounds like a sample that comes programmed in a keyboard. cheesy. Vocals are very pretty. Heart throb style vocals need a stronger musical track. I would love to give you a lesson on phrasing. Your lyrics and voice are beautiful. You just need some expert musicians and critique and you will have a nice career in music.
  • The beat is very happy and slow. It sounds like a love song. The voice is very emotional and also soft. The beat is pretty good just like the lyrics. I think that this song is a pretty nice classic song. I will rate it 7/10.
  • Very early days mellow tone intro. The artist vocals have a very nice tone. I'm not a huge fan of the song. Seems very outdated like a song being played in a nail salon back in the 90's. I believe that if they could come up with something more new it would be nice. The instrumentals could add more of a techno feel and more of a up beat feeling in his vocals. I couldn't hear this song being played anywhere anymore unless it's a flash back in videos online.
  • Interesting beginning to song that is very engaging. Smooth sounding vocals. Melody is slightly repetitive. However I enjoy the instrumentals. Lyrics are slightly cliche but the song has a good overall feel. However, it's not exactly a unique song as I have heard a lot that are somewhat similar.
  • Really beautiful beginning of the song. The instrumental seems to be really relaxing and soft. The transition where the vocals start is just perfect. The lyrics are amazing. Vocals make a really great combination with the instrumental. Everything seems to be in the right place.

Below is an acoustic version of Don't Think Too Much by Douglas Haines :

Reviews of the acoustic version of Don't Think Too Much on ReverbNation.com (song score: 6.8 out of 10):

  • The introduction is nice with the acoustic guitar doing the fingerpicking. The lyrics are inventive like the one that says cry tears but don't weep. The instrumentation is simple which heightens the emotional character f the song. I like how he rhymes the words "truth" and "sleuth." I don't think I've heard any other song do that.
  • The song has a very good intro and builds in well with the slow guitar. However, i would have like to see more instruments such as a piano or drums come in after the lyrics start. THe lyrics work well with the music and the vocalist does a good job to keep his volume low to compliment the music. Overall the song is very good but could use more instruments besides the guitar.
  • The melody is tuneful and interesting and the vocals of the artist blend nicely. They're distinctive and very warm sounding, like hot chocolate. The lyrics are heart-warming and make you smile. The instrumentals are balanced and rhythmic. I'd say this artist is creative and overall it's a pleasant listen.
  • The guitar off the start sounds good and the singer comes in at a good time and the voice matches well with the guitar. The lyrics are understandable and the guitar doesnt overtake the singer. I like the background singer, he adds good emphasis to the parts he sings. Really good song.
  • The opening sounds a lot like the opening to Green Day's "Wake Me Up When September Ends". The similarities continue throughout the entirety of the song. The love theme sung about throughout the song does not really attract me to the piece. Perhaps a faster beat will make it better.
  • The song sounds very well made, even though it's very cookie-cutter. It's a lot more style over substance: nothing really sticks out as amazing, or even great, but it sounds good enough to pass. The only really negative is the lyrics, which are super cheesy, almost embarrassingly so.
  • This acoustic is nice. Very soft. He is speaking to my soul right now. He has a nice voice. I love this story. Very relate able right now. Wait it is about love... okay if it wasn't about love then I could relate to this song. But still nice. It is a nice slow song. This song has a nice flow from verse to verse.
  • Decent guitar lines, but sort of cliche lyrics are hard to get interested in. The vocalist has a very cool tone, breathy, controlled and very well arranged. The lyrics like i said are not very interesting, and lack a bit of flow in the melodies, but the vocal sound and tone itself is good enough to keep my attention at least. Cool sound.
  • Starts very quickly with lyrics before developing a real feel. The vocals are a bit soft and the harmonies make it feel a bit slow. Lyrics are interesting at time, but quite metaphorical and overly reliant on trite phrases. Has vast potential if a few of the elements are adjusted.
  • The guitar in the intro is truly amazing. I love the vocals. They are very pretty. The meaning of this song is incredible too. I can clearly understand every single word the artist is singing. I love the calm tempo this song creates. I like the similes and figurative language this song uses.
  • I love this song because of the amazing vocals they are just unbelievable there one of my favorite things about this song. The beat is amazing every time i hear it, it makes me feel invincible like i can do anything. i feel like the voice is just beautiful. Its just amazing how someone can have such a nice voice i wish my voice sounded nearly as beautiful. i really love the intro it is very smooth and it has a nice ring to it.
  • The guitar opening the song is nice and opening for the vocals, I like how the vocals are warm and slight vibrato with rich feeling conviction. The lyrics are a nice love song style, with heartfelt and inspiring sounds with deep tones and nice meaningful words!
  • The singer has a lovely soothing tone. The lyrics are heart wrenching. The singer is so soulful and the lyrics also touch your soul. The melody is beautiful. The singing and the lyrics line up so well together. The accompaniment is perfect. This is really a fabulous song and the singer has a warm and welcoming voice which draws you into the song. This song has a ton of potential and I imagine it has the same potential as a James Blunt hit.
  • This song opens with a very soft acoustic guitar intro. The singer has a cool folk voice and reminds me of David Crosby. The melody is a bit bland but the harmony dresses it up a little. I don't hear any amazing hooks. But I like the seriousness and poetic nature of the lyrics. I think the song can be a top ten hit.
  • Nice chords throughout the song. Lyrics are relatable and that's what makes a song great. I love the rhyming and the cliches. The cliches are all about what a love song is all about. As for the singer's voice, his voice is very nice and so calm and peaceful.
  • The intro was nice and could have been a nicer feel. The song is calm and set in a romantic type theme. The bridges are nice and full. The guys voice has nice pitch and texture. The background instruments are not overpowering. The guy talks of being free and beautiful. The outro was nice and little bit stronger than the intro as the speed progressed on through.
  • Great guitar in the beginning. If the guy would have started softer i would've say the beginning is perfect. Lyrics are perfect and they fit the guitars playing in the background awesome. This would be a awesome soft rock song about love or breakups. Overall this song is almost perfect, If he would have started out soft and slowly gained volume i would listen to this song again.
  • Really cool introduction those cords sound awesome on that guitar! I really enjoy the beat and the melody of his voice going a long with it. This man can truly sing! The duet was amazing because I had no idea it was coming and it sounded really great. He really delivers a message and has very good lyrics and word play.
  • The background music is nice, it was kind of expected. The artist's voice is pretty. It sounds like he has a slight country accent. The song is very nice, but it is kind of bland. Which is not a bad thing it is just that his voice at the same dynamic throughout the song.
  • Very sophomoric lyrics and rhyming style put me off of this particular track. I did enjoy the acoustics for a bit until the vocal harmonies came in. I thought the harmonies didn't really fit as well as they could have. My grading was solely based on lack of lyrics. Music can stay as it set the correct mood but would like to suggest a rewrite of the song.
  • Nice chord progression with the intro, very solid but still airy enough that when the vocals start its not awkward. Maybe cut the background vocals on the chorus, or lower them so that the main emphasis is on the lead vocals and the listeners attention is on him. Nice lyrics, slightly simplistic but it works with the overall tone of the song.