I wrote the lyrics and melody for Dive, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Chris Davidson to record a version of it for me.

Song Title: Dive

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Verse 1:
Body in motion
alone on a stage
into ripples of blue
thoughts float away

Waste not one more breath
rise up and awaken
for biggest regrets lie
on roads not taken

Stand on the edge, to feel alive
And dive

Verse 2:
Deeper and deeper
still chasing a rush
the river of life
it flows into us

Don't waste one more breath
let time slip away
a better tomorrow
must start today

Stand on the edge, to feel alive
And dive


Reviews of Dive from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (overall score: 6.9 out of 10) :

  • A well laid down beat in the opening that serves as a good intro for a vocalist who has a lot of talent and spirit in their lyrics and the tone they bring to the track.
  • Although there were some interesting parts to this, and I liked the shimmering sound in the instrumental, it was not that strong melodically, did not stand out, although chorus has some potential.
  • I like that the song sounds like something you would hear on the radio. It's not your typical pop song, which is good, but I don't like the slow tempo that it has.
  • I like the melody in this song and the vocals are pretty decent. Vocals work with the music here. I like the instrumentation too.
  • I like this song. The singer has an attractive vocal tone, and puts real feeling into the lyrics. This song has an instrumental balanced, full and rich sound.
  • I liked the guitar and harmonizing. The singer starts off flat though and doesn't recover the whole song unfortunately. There are a few nice parts but not enough.
  • I liked the instrumentation in the song and thought that the guitar sounded great. I liked the music which was relaxing to listen to. U liked the artist's vocal performance.
  • I think this song is poorly produced, the singing is not what I would consider a professional singer. This song is not good at all.
  • Nice lite sound. Good tempo and beat. The instrumentals seemed to be to be very accurate in tune. Nice overall song to listen too.
  • Not too bad, but not my kind of song. That being said, the vocals sound great and the lyric seem well thought out. The instrumentation isn't bad and the production is top notch quality.
  • Overall this song is very unique and catchy. The instrumentals are very strong and te background vocals really add to the unique affect. The vocals are very powerful and so are the lyrics.
  • Sounds like an older version of Coldplay or iNXS. This has a nice worldy kind of vibe to it that every one can listen to if that makes sense. Loved the little catchy chorus. Wish the song was longer.
  • The beat was fairly simple and not too imaginative. The singer's voice sounds fairly boring. The lyrics to me seem forced and uninspired. The atmosphere created by the echoey effects of the instruments is probably the most positive thing about this song.
  • The melody hooks you immediately. This singer has a nice voice. The song writer did a great job with this one. This song is relaxing and enjoyable. I can see this being on a movie soundtrack.
  • The song had a nice rhythm and I enjoyed the vocal arrangement. One negative I did notice was that the volume of the main vocals didn't match up right with the rest of the song. They were to loud compared to the rest of the song.
  • The song is something like an oldies song my parents listen too but I really like it as well. It is lovely! Its a song for the whole family.
  • This song had a nice british feel to it. It reminds me of n alternative group from the 1980s. I hope this song does well on the charts because I want to buy it.
  • This song is really solid and has a nice fell to it as a song that could be a radio hit, It is something that has the qualities necessary for that.
  • This song was interesting and pleasant sounding. It was easy to sit down and soak in. I would not mind hearing more. Thank you.
  • This was a pretty nice melodic soft song with a nice sensual vibe to it. It had somewhat of an 80s vibe too it as well, which I really enjoyed.