I wrote the lyrics and melody for Distortion, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Chris Davidson to record it for me.

Song Title: Distortion

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Verse 1:
They say live life
from day to day
just try to smile
and be on your way

When will I break free
cast shadows aside
jump off the edge
feel the thrill of the ride

Everything's so fucked up (everything's fucked up)
I need a spiritual abortion
world, here I am
burn me down
give me distortion

Verse 2:
We scurry around
just sniffing for cheese
in cubicle mazes
of thank you and please

Where can I run
escape mankind
reach higher planes
explore my mind

Ride monster waves
of shimmering light
into my dreams
as they take flight

Everything's so fucked up (everything's fucked up)
I need a spiritual abortion
world, here I am
burn me down
give me distortion

Everything's so fucked up (everything's fucked up)
I need a spiritual abortion
world, here I am
burn me down
give me distortion

World, here I am
burn me down
give me distortion


Reviews of Distortion on ReverbNation.com (song score: 5.9 out of 10):

  • This song was very groovy and country, but still with a happy vibe. The instrumental was nicely made and incorporated into the song. The vocalist had a great voice and the lyrics were nicely planned out and thought of. The rhythm of the song was also very nice and good.
  • Really am liking the strong drums in the start of this song! This is not the type of song that you would find me listening to that often but It still is a pretty cool song that I would tell others about and see what the think.
  • The vocals are okay and the music is sung with strong energy. The instruments are pretty good and goes well with this piece of music. There is some good harmony in the vocalist voices and it is a good mix. This song is okay, thumbs up!
  • The first few seconds of the song are kind of inviting, sounds like a song I would hear on ending credits of a movie. The lyrics are decent, don't like the swearing. Other than that it seems like something that I would hear on the typical radio as well. The voice in this song is sort of too loud for the audio in the background. The swearing is really the biggest problem for me, because it's not rhythmic with the rest of the song either.
  • This song is the perfect length and it will make a great addition to every and any playlist over the long summer months. The beat is super catchy and you'll be dancing along from the start. The singer is amazing and the lyrics are awesome too.
  • Blending the keyboards, guitar and drums together right from the start gives this track a excellent base, and makes it far more likeable than a gradual start, because the rhythm in the track is so strong and catchy. The vocals are good, the lyrics less catchy, which is a pity as the tune is so upbeat, the lyrics far less so. Having good lyrics and a good tune, this may overcome the rather downbeat lyrics.
  • Intro with drums the guitar is too regular. Vocals are pretty and lyrics are different. Not what i expected from the happy sounding intro. Production overall so far is okay. Not something I would listen to normally. I like the whole "spiritual abortion" metaphor the lyrics say many times. Overall the song is better than what it was i was expecting to hear.
  • I enjoyed this song! The vocals are great and the beat and instrumentals make this song fun to listen to! I enjoyed the lyrics as well as the guitar in the background. Ilove songs with good harmonies too! The song didn't really have a huge build up to the chorus but still a really good song!
  • The intro music is good. The melody starts with a small crescendo and then it is followed by a drum set. The drum set beat is really good. It really backs up the singer. The singer also has a good voice, but the song can really be worked on. The f word up part is just bad.
  • The intro has a nice country beat starting off to it, very calming. The vocals are nice and have a really good sound to it. When the chorus hits it seems a little dull. I think you should pick it up more. Doesn't really meet my style of music however, I still think its a good song for the people who do have interest in this style of music. The production and setup was good and the instrumentals as well. wonderful job.
  • The sound has a similar sound to the Cranberries and captures the essentials of an alternative rock song. The lyrics are dark and offer a nice contrast to the lightness of the music. The singer is easy to hear and understand. The line about cubicle mazes hit home with me.
  • Loved the beat, just the way to start of a song. Perfectttt intro for the vocalist that came in at a perfect time. The vocalist has a very chill sounding voice. The background vocalists make a very different sound, I think you should've skipped on the add ons because of how rich the lead vocalist is being heard. Wish there was a larger range of lyrics, too repetitive.
  • Right off as it starts it sounds much like like an old carry underwood song.The vocals are not that great and sound much like a karaoke machine.The profanity is unnecessary and sound stupid.The production did not come out well. This song is not good and im not trying to be mean but this song is no good.
  • Love the drum work from the moment the song begins, the guitar that follows blends in flawlessly, a seamless addition The lyrics and vocals flow like water, a beautiful picture in itself. Couldn't stop listening for a moment, had a hippy styled feel behind it. It was a powerful tune. Lots of emotion.
  • Enjoyed the beginning of the song, and then came the profanity and vulgar references and it ruined it. I'm sure there's an audience for this but it's sure to be a limited one. The beat was glum and now that it's over, I feel glum too. The overall tone is bland and not enticing.
  • I really like the intro, but perhaps if you added the instruments more gradually it would be better. The vocals and guitar building are really great, and i also like the lyrics. Maybe add a little more bass to the harmonies and it would be perfect!
  • The start to the intro was very intriguing and caught my attention. It was very smooth and tuneful. The vocals were very eligible and clean. The words chosen were very vulgar. The instrument variation was perfect and beautifully done. The production was mediocre quality. Overall, an awesome performance all around. This piece of music really was emotional. The lyrics were really thought out and precise to the story that the artist was trying to tell. The guitar was very energetic and it made me want to dance and clean my room. You couldn't ask for a more precious and beautiful performance from a singer. I look forward to listening to you in the future! You are going to be a magnificent recording artist! Keep it up wonderful, beautiful human being.
  • It started off good but then the singing didnt really go in sync with the instruments. This song seems like a joke. The instruments are very boring compared to the guys voice. The profanity in this song doesnt go well with the rhythm and that make it bad.
  • Spooky song. I like how the movement and loop present and it delivers spaciously. The remarkably plaintive design used by the song is great and it had a really rounded concept setup. It is pristine and intimate. The instrumentation's charm is striking with an intuitively pleasant, fascinating structure.
  • The up-beat intro, consisting of synthesizer and piano, is reminiscent of my youth in the 80s. Even the vocals sound similar to new wave. Beware of some cuss words, however it interestingly contrasts with the upbeat tune of the song. The vocals are clear and echoing, as if you're really there.
  • Music was not good. This music was just bad because it wasn't very catchy. The singer needs to practice a bit more before making a song. Also I do not like the cursing in this song. To much curse words. Song should not have curse words in it.
  • Great beats i loved how the beginning of the song started. the singer i have nothing negative to say about his singing i think everything was perfect. o would defenitley buy this persons music.. this song should be used for a movie. it sounds like something i woud listen to in those teen movies like the perks of being a wallflower or adventure land lol overall its a great song
  • Breathtaking opening! Really enjoying the mix of eclectic-sounding strings in this easy-flowing production. Raw lyrics that possess a real and true side that I enjoy. Classic feel with this dreamy percussion-filled arrangement. Great uplifting sound that I want to hear more of. Vocals are very charming in this song. Really fascinating!
  • Very catchy beat! Intro was a tad bit too long though. Vocals are strong and lyrics are very original. The lyrics could be relateable to an audience. Could be better without the profanity. Digital effects are a little overwhelming, weakening the quality of the song.
  • Upbeat and pleasant major chord was used in the beginning of the introduction with just guitar, and percussion instrument. The male singer sang the song that tells the story well with the text. I suddenly heard the swore lyric which was surprising. The emotion was well sang, too.
  • This song sounds like a very popular eighties song, and the lyrics sound terrific as well. The production is recollection. The instrument is recognized. The vocal sounds great with the shimmering voice from line to line. I rate this song an 7 out of 10.
  • Like the beat at the beginning, really got me listening. I'm not into the chorus (my kids couldn't listen and neither could it be played on the radio). Too repetitive in the melody. Not my favorite. The sound quality was very smooth though. I would try another by this artist though.
  • Very nice rhythm in the start out, I'm liking the cords of the guitars. I like the singers voice, however the choice of song is not that fascinating. The chorus has a few cuse words, and it doesn't sound that good mixed in with the chorus.
  • I think the beginning instrumental music is unique because it begins with orchestra music. I like how the singer at times pushed his vocals to his limit. I like how the singer used dynamics throughout his song. I like the tone of the song, because it sounds really good.
  • The singer has a pleasant voice, but the lyrics themselves outweighed his talent and were underwhelming in emotional depth. I kept waiting for a pickup on the melody, but the arrangement kept it in the background the entire time- the song never really felt a climax. The chorus was discernible and flowed smoothly from and to verses.
  • I like the beat, it's upbeat and easy to listen to. The lyrics are easy to understand and his voice is clear. His message is also very clear. The pace is relaxed and mostly calm. I can picture this song being used in a movie soundtrack, softly playing in the background when a character has a meltdown of some sort.