I wrote the lyrics and melody for Dancing In The Rain, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Chris Davidson to record it for me.

Song Title: Dancing_In_The_Rain

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Dancing In The Rain

Verse 1:
There once was a star
that blazed the midnight sky
over cities of hope
and love that would not die

But petals fall from flowers
great statues slowly crack
time moves in one direction
when always looking back

Stop waiting for the storm to pass
they punch your ticket as you ride the crazy train
breathe the beauty of life
and go dancing in the rain

Verse 2:
Under stones and rubble
a crystal river flows
reflections of a universe
that few will ever know

For spirit to awaken
hope and dreams must reunite
true colors only come alive
when darkness welcomes light

Stop waiting for the storm to pass
they punch your ticket as you ride the crazy train
breathe the beauty of life
and go dancing in the rain

Breathe the beauty of life
and go dancing in the rain

Reviews of Dancing In The Rain on ReverbNation.com (Song Score: 6.9 out of 10):

  • I like how the intro starts off, like an unplugged acoustic guitar. The rhythm is really nice to hear and the beat is just amazing. The singer has a natural sounding voice and he just strike me as really talented. I did enjoy the chorus so lovely and meaningful . The lyrics and tempo/beat just do the trick to hook me. I love the instrumentals and the audio.
  • The intro for this song is well done. It has a good variety of sounds and good balance. This is a song I enjoy listening to. The singer's voice really fits well with the song. Everything about this song is great. I give this song a 8 out of 10. This song has a good tune which gets stuck in your head and is enjoyable to listen to.
  • The songs starts off with a rhythmic and engaging tone and the intro is built well to lead into the chorus. The singer suits the uplifting happy tone of this song and the use of guitar adds nice character to the song. I do think the drum beat needs more variation to suit sections of the song and it needs to indicate when the songs is gonna change sections. However the song is professional and i would enjoyed it heaps.
  • The beginning starts with a nice beat with a playful background. The song sounds lively and playful yet the vocals are decent at best. The lyrics are sang sloppily and are hard to hear. The vocals sound to relaxed and unable to be heard. The recording equipment used make the singer hard to hear. The backtrack is decent and is support the singer but the song is over all below average.
  • The opening bars contrast the mood of the song, and almost don't fit. Vocal tone fits the overall feel of the song, but balance seems to be a bit off. Vocals seem to be overpowering the rest of the song, and it almost feels as if the volume of the entire song swells with vocals coming in and out.
  • Consistent, upbeat drum beats accompany with the soft strumming of the guitar. There is a soothing feel to the song. The vocals are powerful. It has a peaceful rhythm. The instruments structurally accompany the vocals. It provides support. It is a nice song with strength in the vocals.
  • In the beginning the guitar was very rhythmical, and after about 10 seconds the song picked up a beautiful beat and tempo and added in more instruments. At about 30 seconds the vocals started and the vocalist has a wonderful voice. Overall the song is good and I could see it being on the radio, it's relaxing.
  • While this song isn't the genre i typically listen to, i actually loved the composition and the singer's voice. It had a nice beat and resonated well with the song itself. Definitely would listen again. The chorus was well written and i liked the transitions throughout.
  • The guitar part did juat what i hoped it would do in the beginning. The drums drop in in a great place as well. The slight echo of the singers voice gives it a U2 feel. maybe taking out that echo would allow it to have a younger feel to it.
  • Smooth riffs of the guitar. Although the drum is a bit overpowering. This music definitely is reminiscent of 90's music. Especially because of the slight echo effect from the back singers. The singer can unexpectedly reach the high notes very well and effectively. Gives the song a surreal feeling.
  • The more I hear, the more I'm starting to love the guitar. It plays a huge role in many songs and it's so beautiful. The man vocals are outstanding! His music speaks to you. My favorite kind of music is this. Not to mention, this track has a very simple yet good beat!
  • The music at the begining reminded me of kelly clarksons music at frist. I really love the tempo of the music but i am not a fan of how slow the vocals are. however the lyrics are beautiful. It is a great song! I probably wouldnt buy it though.
  • I liked this song. it was pretty chill and the vocals were really good. the vocals had a very chill vibe and the song was good. the background noise could be slowed down a little bit though. other than that, it was good. i liked it.
  • The acoustic at the beginning sounded a little too raw, but some people may like it. After everything else was thrown in, it was fine. The voice seems a little quiet and slow in comparison to the beat. The chorus seemed better in that regard.
  • I love the intro to this song. It definitely does a great job combining all of the instruments. The vocalist does a good job with voice control and blending. The production of the song really focuses on the lyrics, and making sure they make sense with the rest of the song.
  • In my own opinion I really didn't like anything about the song it really just didn't get to me in anyway. I didn't like the lyrics and well to me the beat nor the chorus was catchy, I just in general didn't like anything about the song.
  • A nice instrumental arrangement that leads the musical interpretation of the lyrics. True colors come out when darkness allows the life to prevail. It is an invitation to dance in the rain. live life. Stop waiting for miracles to happen. Nice. Pleasant voice and sweet back vocals.
  • The strumming of the guitar was brilliant. Each beat sounded like a whip as the artist beat this beautiful music out of the instruments. His loose singing voice was a sharp contrast against the raging river of the guitar. Speaking of which, its amazing how so few chords created such a great song.
  • The beats start out odd for me. It went from a beautiful melody to a clashing beat. The lyrics started abd they are really good, i related to them. The vocalist did not do too great of a job trying to mesh with the beat and fell flat.
  • I think these guitar acoustics were really cool because it complimented the instrumental beat and percussion. I think that this song has a really good and smooth tempo so you did really well by applying it. I also think that you have a pretty good voice as well so you were able to nail the vocals for this song. Great overall production.