I wrote the lyrics and melody for Dance Into Romance, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Chris Davidson to record it for me:

Song Title: Dance Into Romance

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Dance Into Romance

Verse 1:
Beat beat beat
goes the sound of my heart
to the rhythm of your beauty
as the music starts

We head to the dance floor
with your hand in mine
swept up to the heavens
as the stars all align

We breathe
we touch
without words
you say so much

I wanna dance dance dance dance dance
into your
dance dance dance dance dance
into your
dance, dance, dance
my way
into romance

Verse 2:
Feel the heat of your body
see that look in your eyes
there's an animal hunger
behind our disguise

The world keeps spinning
and spinning around
we fly through the night
with our feet on the ground

We breathe
we fall
without words
you say it all

I wanna dance dance dance dance dance
into your
dance dance dance dance dance
into your
dance, dance, dance
my way
into romance

I wanna dance, dance, dance
my way
into romance


Reviews of Dance Into Romance from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 4.5 out of 10):

  • The instrumental has a medium but rhythmic tempo of pop rock sounds. The vocals have a weird echo behind them. The vocals are not as sound as I hoped. The lyrics have some nice lines but some of the last words are repeated. The instrumental has some calm and dreamy sounds in it. I like the sound of the beat better alone. The vocals are not in tune and have a sound over them that does not match with the beat.
  • The first thing I notice is that the song is very catchy which is a good element to making a smash hit. The lyrics are all over the place but does show deep thought and hard lines. The vocals are weak but sounds like it was done that way on purpose. The tempo matches the songs arrangement very well. The overall take on the song is that its a nice catchy tune.
  • I like the beat when this song first turns on and starts playing. It sounds like it would have maybe a little bit of bass. I do not like the guys voice and what he is saying. It kind of makes the song sound very weird. not something I would want to listen to or tell anyone about.
  • I am a fan of this style of music. As soon as the first note played, I was sold on the chords and the instrument choice. I must admit that I was let down once he singer started. That vocal effect is super annoying. Plus he has a not very good voice and his words don't make any sense.
  • Now this song is very weird sounding and peculiar. It is trying to create a futuristic sound, and it does do that. However the singing is not that great at all and the lyrics are not that good at all. The beat of the song is not bad, it does have a very even flow and rhythm to it. However I think in this case they tried to do to much and missed the boat totally. While they try to make use of the echo effect with the vocals even those special effects can not help this track.
  • The song starts off very unique and different. The music sounds a bit too auto tuned and doesn't sound like actual music at times. The vocals are hard to understand because they kind of blend into the music and basically become the music in a way. You can't differentiate between the music and the vocals at times. Once this is fixed, this will be a great song.
  • The song has a very futuristic feel to it. The intro feels like a story. The singer has a very unique voice. It kinda sounds off tune though. The musical instruments played are decent. The change in tempo is a little off as it caught me by surprise. The melody of the song is alright. i would not exactly recommend this to my friends as it did not grab my attention as much as i thought it would at the beginning of the song.
  • The intro gets straight into the song, with a quick fire beat and rhythm, which contrasts well against the slower, more dramatic backing tune. The vocals are quite weak, there is heavy auto tuning which stop the melodies being amazing and there is a lack of passion. To improve they need to think about the structure of the song, and there needs to be more variety so that it is not so repetitive.
  • The electronic beat makes it very cool along with the remixed voices. The echoes sound very good but the whole song is a little pitchy and loud. the lyrics are hard to understand and there is almost to many things going on. When it slows down it sounds good but there at least 3 different beats going. The man isn't really singing he is just kind of talking at some parts.
  • This track is very imaginative. and creative. i like how every indie artist expresses themselves through their music. it is so so creative and i could never have imagined all these ways of self expression through music. the melody is great and impressive. the acoustics and the track layering of each instrument combining to make an intensely powerful song. 10 out of 10.
  • Intro captures attention and gives burst of energy in my mind. Interesting effect of voice, but singer lacks skills of singing. Not very professional. But music seems created with skill and if you can work on your voice you will improve strongly. I think that this song will be liked around your friends, family, but you need to work more on vocals to go beyond that circle of people. Music is energetic, beat rhythm is not boring.
  • I did not like this song at all i think these men could not sing nicely. I think the only thing that kept me on listening to this song was the melody it was really good and funky. I think these men should work a lot harder on their singing.
  • I like these more 21 St century beats but as the singing comes in it just destroys the song for me. I'm not a fan of this style of music. To slow and sounds as if the person sining is talking more than singing. Seems to be a low budget project because its composition and delivery is very bad.
  • This type of beat is kinda boring. Not disappointed, but not impressed. The beat isn't really good so it does not really go well with the whole song. The song is very short. The singer was talking, don't really feel like he was singing.
  • I really like the drums and beginning vocalizations that build up the intro. The lyrics are somewhat unclear but the voice seems to match the song. I like it more in the chorus when it has a more airy quality. I think that the lyrics are in need of the most improvement through the song but overall it sounds okay.
  • Nice intro. i like the way the song starts off. i like the effect on the vocals. this guy has good tone. the lyrics are not original, but the production of the song seems original. i like this song. it is interesting, and keeps me wanting more. the lyrics in the second verse are better.
  • I think the beat is good the person should feature a rap artist to give it more power to the song. The song flows at a certain pace and the vocalist is not trying to over due hitting high notes, but just giving just enough to perfect the song. it could possibly bore the audience with just key accents. this Song should end sooner.
  • The track started off with a bit to much filter in the mix. The music is to washed out and it makes the track to hard to enjoy. I would suggest a remix without so much filter use. The tune sounds o.k. but the effect is ruining the vocals and the lyric is hard to make out and the music is too unstable to truly judge. Remix and use less filter and resubmit.
  • I like the sound of the instrumental from the beginning of the track. The sounds are very bright and clear. The instrumental has a slow tempo but is filled with bass, chimes and good rum play. The vocals are like rock style and have a decent sound. The artist really opens up near the end of the verses and around the hook. The instrumental is very sound and has a nice break down.
  • Pretty percussion with chimes and a rather droll singer describes cosmically aligned dahncing in effete, near British tones. This music attempts a mechanical funk, but its very starchy and too precious in its over digital approach. There is beauty in the electronica, but the red-blooded lyrics are delivered in such a wimpy way, its a hard sell vocally.
  • The song has some good musical qualities but needs a better arrangement. The lyrics seem interesting but the vocalist lets them down as his voice is too expressionless and does not give them justice. The instrumentals are atmospheric and the best bit of the song. Somewhat predictable and could be better.
  • I think that the sound quality for this song is not professional and it sounds poor to me. I feel disappointed that this song sounds safe, I wish that the vocalist can push his limits. I want more energy into this song and suggest this vocalist to improve on the singing.
  • I like the way the snare brings the beat to a short conclusion. The vocals are snappy and share the dispersible energy that is present in every corner of this construction. The reverb is a little too heavy on the voice for my taste, it makes everything seem distant and removes the tangibility that I feel could be present. Some of the synth and guitar fiddles work off each other nicely and with the electronic beat in the mix it sounds a lot like Broken Social Scene musically. It is messy but not untidy, its a purposeful pleasant mess.
  • Wow, this sounds very swagger out.The snare and hi hat instruments add character to this song.The Lead vocals from the singer really stand out in this mix.I think that the flaws of this need to be fixed soon so this song can have a chance.

Below is an acoustic version of Dance Into Romance by Douglas Haines:

Reviews of the Douglas Haines acoustic version of I Wanna Dance from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 6.9 out of 10):

  • This track was great, i liked the lyrics as he was telling a story. he is great artist and singer / songwriter. his guitar playing is very much like bob dylans stuff. i will listen to this guy again. Overall its a great sound and i rate it 9/10.
  • The guitar is so soothing. Normally I don't like repetitive lyrics, but I actually liked it that they emphasized certain words. Sounds meaningful and I would like to listen to more. Sounds like a folk song. The tonality of the singers voice is really nice and matches the genre.
  • I would listen to this song if i was going on a long distance journey to meet up with a country girl. I sort of like it but im not too sure. The lyrics dont go with the beat as i couldnt dance to this song. I do like it though.
  • It sounds like a country song and i am not a fan of country songs because they are all the same. The guitar sounds really nice and the music sounds really nice. It is calm and relaxing. The lyrics are well written and the singer has a good voice to the song.
  • At the beginning of the record there is a very nice guitar sound and I think the way it sounds is very quant and silky. the banjo behind the bass guitar is the main attraction and, I feel like the lyrics are like a poem to a woman the guy wants to romance though dancing. the song is very smoky and I think it would be perfect at a wedding.
  • This song has a really good beat that I really enjoy. I like the lyrics and how his voice blends with the beats and the overall vibes is very good. and the sound of his voice is very good for this type of music and I really enjoy how I feel when I listen to it it really is amazing I love how it just makes me want to dance. with the lyrics just putting me in a trance. I cant help my self this song is just amazing everything about it its a masterpiece its one of a kind.
  • Sounds okay with a very moderate acoustic in the beginning the singer sounds okay, maybe a female would sound better for this song! I like the way the word "dance" is used in the chorus. It's a nice melody and beat but this sounds like a very generic melody and beat! But this song makes me want to dance with a girl.
  • I enjoy songs with a nice guitar introduction, and this is one of those songs. The first verse comes very quickly, and with a fast paced accompaniment such as the one in this song, is appreciated and nice. The singer and vocals in this song feel very unique and original, with very inspiring lyrics to go along with it. Overall, just a nice calm song to listen to.
  • Pretty acoustic beginning into this song, I can hear the imagery in the lyrics. The softness of the vocal works very well with the melody. The lyrics could be expanded upon with more between "dance" and "romance." The verses are nice. The layered vocals are OK but I suggest solid harmonies from two different people (it sounds like you're using a machine and it's not a good sound). Dance dance dance dance ... OK, we get it.
  • The guitar in this song is so beautiful played,The mans voice is gorgeous,this song has a really chill vibe and i love that in a song, and the lyrics are so peaceful and genius i think its great, and i love the melody to this song, the interments are so well played im not even joking it really it beautiful and i love it.
  • I do like the acoustic that plays throughout this intro. I do not like the straightforward lyrics, my personal opinion I would say that this track could use more instruments to go along with the vocalist's tone. However the guitar arp makes the song soung very natural and studio recorded.
  • The beat is good in the intro and attracts me to listen to more of thee song. The use of the guitar to keep the rhythm was a good choice because it does not over power the voices. The main singer voice is attractive and makes me smile. The words of the song reminds me of disney movies. It makes me smile and want to dance myself.
  • These are the strums of the guitar I like. So soothing and fluid in sound. The singer has those down to earth lyrics. He has a smooth voice where he talks about dancing his way through life. Good descriptive lyrics. The song chorus is catchy and seems like it would get stuck in your head. Nice background singing keeping the song from sounding to one sided.
  • The song is expressive from the beginning and the guitarist is excellent. The male singer has a relaxed and smooth way of convey the message of the lyrics. The honesty in the singer's voice is great too. I think that this song can be on at the top of the country music charts.
  • I like the way this song starts. The way the singer sound is great. The way the singer repeats one song multiple songs is good. I like how the vocals are so unique. The instruments are played as softly as the singers vocals are sung. I think this song is really good. The singer seems to be singing with emotion.
  • This track has a very peaceful and slow melody attached to it. I like that it only centers around a single axe for the melody, sometimes, simple instruments are the best. The male vocals sound full of real emotion and passion. Since the melody is so simple, the lyrics are easier to hear and appreciate. The lyrics sound thought out and original. I can't think of anything negative to say about this track and I like the duet quality that I hear on the track.
  • I really like this guitar intro, I don't think I've heard anything like it before. I don't however care for this singer, he just doesn't sound right to me. It sounds like he can't hit all the notes as well. The lyrics are cute but the word "dance" is way overused. The words also sound as if they didn't even try to rhyme them. I would try changing the singer, finding a word besides dance and visiting Rhyme.com.
  • I like the melody that this song starts out. I don't really like the song though, the vocals are pretty good but seem to be lacking some feeling. I like the lyrics but it seems like the singer should have more feeling and passion in his voice, it almost seems dead. I would not listen to this song because it lacks the passion that I look for in music, however, I think that the older generation might like this song, it just isn't for me.
  • The guitar was great and the tuning was fabulous. I think the artist has some potential in his vocals. He is so unique and gentle. I feel he could fit into a song that has a more upbeat tune to it. Hint: The setting around the man's vocals are not that great but his voice has a normal tone to it which make it sound good.
  • Let me start by stating how good the intro was in this song. It reminded me of going out fishing with my family, basking in the summer sunlight. It was a very vibrant and bright track that brings a soft, summer fun genre into your mind. It was composed well and the lyrics match up with the track's simple yet nostalgic tune.
  • I like the use of what sounds like a banjo or guitar at first. The male singing has a very husky voice, and i like it. The lyrics are truly really, really beautiful and i loved this song from the get go. I also like how there is no variation in tune, it tends to just repeat itself, but it makes for a very beautiful, slow and meaningful song.
  • The intro of this song is really quiet, it cannot be heard clearly. The male vocal is really hard, and is more suitable to be in a rock song It is really suitable to listen to when trying to rest. The instruments used in this song is really good, especially the guitar.
  • The song is very repetitive. While it has an amazing beat to it the lyrics could use some work. The vocals were a tiny bit bland but not too bad. The song had a very mellow vibe but could definitely use some variety in the lyrics as the lyrics sounded more like those found in a mainstream pop song.
  • The opening riff is interesting, and has a nice acoustic sound. The vocals are simple and yet effective, and the small number of instruments makes you focus on the lyrics which are meaningful and rhyme well. The bass part is very simple and could possibly be more complex, however it does serve to add a little extra to the song and make the harmonies slightly deeper. The vocal harmonies are skilfully done and add a welcome layer to the song, without detracting form the clarity of the lyrics or the simple acoustic sound. The lyrics are not only meaningful, but are original as well and do well to create an image in the head of the listener.
  • The guitar with it's broken chords gives a clear indication to the tempo and the style of music. This acoustic country song is well educated as it is simple yet keeps the listener hooked. This is the sort of song you could slow dance to at the end of a party. The chord progression changes are well executed. The singers passion in his voice is relaxing and the harmonies from the backing singer add to the beauty of this piece.
  • Enjoyable guitar playing, nice warm full tone. The singer is pretty good, his sense of vocal melodies is pretty good. The lyric are good and clear you can understand everything he says. Well written descriptive lyrics. there is a Fairly emotional delivery on the vocals. The song is well structure and easy to remember.
  • The start sounds like a country song.The guitar is played in such style and brings you into deeps thoughts. The singer sings about dancing himself in to romance. The song is slow and very touching.This song is really romantic and I fell in love with the amazing voice the singer has.The acoustic guitar is brilliant. I enjoyed every second I spent listening to this song.
  • I like the back instrument playing in this song. the artists voice is nice. the lyrics to the song are nice and meaningful. nice and slow song. i overall really do like this song. i would play it in my car in my kitchen or at a wedding. its a lovely song. i actually had to wait and listen to it till the end.
  • I do not like this song. I don't like it because it isn't very catchy. The vocals in the song are pretty decent. This song makes me want to lay in bed and sleep. I would not recommend this song to listen to anyone.
  • The song lyrics are very moving and real. i can relate to every word. The lyrics are deep and expressive. The lyrics are unique. The beat of the song is perfect for the lyrics. I could listen to the song over and over again it is amazing.
  • A bit of an easy listening track this one,the lyrics are quite good. I wouldn't add anything to the track, but my concerns are would it sell to a mainstream audience. I would listen to it again but don't think i would add it to my collection. The addition of a female vocalist in the chorus works quite well though,and the acoustics are quite good. Maybe you could add a little drum beat?