I wrote the lyrics and melody for Comfortable In My Skin, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Whistling Moods to play acoustic guitar for it, and Andreas Grannes to do the vocals.

Song Title: Comfortable In My Skin

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Comfortable In My Skin

Verse 1:
I make no bones
about who I am
as time marches on
less I give a damn

Like what I like
don't want something new
why sit and worry over
what other people do

Curiosity and wisdom
sometimes anger, sometimes grace
a poet and a rebel
all reside here in this face

Every line's a journey
to the places I have been
yeah, I'm comfortable
comfortable in my skin

Verse 2:
They say that youth's
wasted on the young
running from the fire
of the Devil's tongue

Tried to laugh and smile
drifting out to sea
heard a million voices
but none heard me

I may be weird or crazy
but I wear those titles proud
blazing my own trail
'stead of walking in a crowd

Too many years of fighting
time's a game you can not win
I'm finally comfortable
comfortable in my skin

Yeah, I'm comfortable
comfortable in my skin


Reviews of Comfortable In My Skin from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (overall score: 6.7 out of 10) :

  • Decent sound quality, but a little too soft. The vocals are nice, and there's a good story telling quality to the lyrics, but it could use some more inspired delivery overall.
  • I like how upbeat the song is. It has a lot of character in the vocals, too. I would definitely listen to this in the car.
  • I like the guitar playing well enough, it fits with the style and tone of the song. Same thing with the singer's voice. The lyrics were pretty good. I enjoyed them.
  • I like how the artist vocals and lyrics comes in and out throughout the song. The acoustic creates a peaceful motion and melody as well.
  • I like the instrumental part of this song. It's very peaceful and relaxing and also very simple. The voice of the singer and the lyrics match this realy well.
  • I like the instrumentals and thought that the singer's voice fit them really well. I also liked that the lyrics were clear and understandable and told somewhat of a story.
  • I like the intro it was catchy and easy. The lyrics were loud and clear and easy to understand. The lyrics matched the beat of the song.
  • I liked the instrumental. However, I felt the vocals and lyrics could've been better. They fell a bit flat next to the nice guitar which was stellar.
  • I liked the song. It was calming and the singer's voice was nice. I liked the guitar playing in the song and the lyrics fit well.
  • I very much enjoy the soft chill folky vibes of this pop song. Vocalist has a great voice that goes great with this style of music.
  • I am not a fan of this song. The lyrics aren't all that good, the guitar is a bit mediocre and I am not a fan of the vocalist's singing voice.
  • It has an old school sound to it. It kind of sounds like devo or b-52s. I really enjoyed it and I will go out of my way to look for more music.
  • It's a nice cross between country and indie and could even be spiritual. It's a nice mellow song that sounds acoustic and live. He sounds loving and makes me stop to listen.
  • Perhaps I'm reading/listening too much into this, but I was actually driving to work one day and Justin Timberlake's "Filthy" came on the radio. I haven't heard this play for quite some time but this was one example of a song that I couldn't decide if I liked nor disliked.
  • Sound quality is good it is loud and clear. Like how smooth the song is. Vocals are good it is loud soft and clear. Like the pace of the song. Sounds upbeat and makes me feel relaxed. Lyrics are good. Song name is very fitting.
  • Sounds like a folk song a nice ballad.
  • The acoustic guitar playing is interesting to listen to. His singing is about what I expect. The lyrics and his voice show he is comfortable with himself.
  • The background music was too basic and I did not like the style of the vocals. The vocals did not seem to go with the music well and the pacing was off.
  • The lyrics were pretty good, but that was it. Everything else was boring to okay. The voice was just okay. The music was just okay.
  • The singer has a decent voice and the feel of the song over all is decent but I didn't feel like it had anything new that I hadn't heard before.
  • The song has a very nice message and I think the singer is very talented. The acoustic track is done at a high quality and I like the way the melodies progress.
  • This is really pretty, I like the simplicity of the guitar, his voice is really nice, and I like the message of this song.
  • This song is a great song. I really enjoyed listening to it. The lead singer has a great voice and he can sing very good. The lyrics were very nice as well.
  • This song is pretty boring and the singers vocals are pretty lifeless and dull as well. This is a pretty mediocre song overall. There is simply nothing interesting about it.
  • This sounds like a local band. I would probably like to hear them at a rooftop bar here in Savannah with a drink in hand, but I wouldn't classify this as a pop song.
  • Waiting for a hook, but not finding one that compels me to listen to it again. I like the words, it's calming, but not a song I would listen to over and over again. I would not turn it off or skip it if I heard it come on my playlist.

Below is a pop version of Comfortable In My Skin, by Elliott Sheridan:

Below is an acoustic version of Comfortable In My Skin, by Douglas Haines: