I wrote the lyrics and melody for Come Home To Me, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Douglas Haines to record a version of it for me.

Song Title: Come Home To Me

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Come Home To Me

You watch the horses run
And dance into the wind
Our spirit starts to grow
The day that life begins

New hope at every corner
New fantasies to chase
Search under stars and skies
Until you find your place


When this world gets dark
And you are lost at sea
When it all falls down
With no one else around
Will you come home to me

Will you come home to me
Will you come home to me
When love's broken chains
No longer set you free
Will you come home to me

(Second Verse)

An empty pillow waits
I reach but you're not there
Blinded by raining sand
From castles in the air

But if the ghosts of time
come knocking at your door
know the fire in my heart
will burn forever more


When this world gets dark
And you are lost at sea
When it all falls down
With no one else around
Will you come home to me

Will you come home to me
Will you come home to me
When love's broken chains
No longer set you free
Will you come home to me

(Fade Out)
Will you come home to me
Will you come home to me
Will you come home to me
Will you come home to me
Will you come home to me


Reviews of Come Home To Me on ReverbNation.com (overall song: 6.9 out of 10):
  • This man has a gorgeously husky voice, and that immediately boosts the song to sounding great. The strumming acoustic guitar however, is slightly generic and repetitive and some cool electric reverb guitar riffs would really add to the piece. The melody is sweet and would work well within a pop song, however as a ballad I think the song needs more than just a guitar.
  • The record sounds like a country song and the acoustic guitar is very well calculated. The man singing has a low but steady tenor voice. The song is a country song I'm guessing and the song is very well made. The lyrics are sappy though and I think this should change. Overall this is a good song to put on the charts.
  • I love the way it starts off with the acoustic guitar and then he starts signing and it only gets better. I love this man's talent. The lyrics are so sweet and meaningful. I love how calm it makes you feel. The tempo is just right and melody is so soft and sweet. I'm really digging this song. Sounds very peaceful.
  • Great guitar to start it out. i like how it sounds with his voice. his voice is a little plain but i do like the feel of the song, the lyrics are a little predictable but overall the song has a good feel it's a song I would have in my iPod. it's a western trucker kind of song. I would listen again.
  • Nice piano play in the beginning and the artist coming straight for the singing, I really like how he did that and would definitely keep playing this song again. The melody and the beat, one goes quicker than the other and I think that can be improved, the song gves me a chill and a sad feeling just because of the lyrics and all.
  • Though the singer has a great voice, this song would sound better as a non-acoustic version. It has everything to be radio worthy; good lyrics, a good singer, it overall flows very easy. It just needs a non-acoustic version to make it more memorable.
  • Here we have a tempo and softer rhythm that is professional and not overly exciting. I find this singer to have a wonderful set of chords that have warmth and understanding in them. His singing seems like a big part of his personality. Unique and one of a kind style, this artist is getting his song on with the best chords ever possible these days. His variations are totally better than ever, they have plenty of his old singing tone in them but with a slightly perkier personality.
  • Smooth guitar opening. Nice rhythmic guitar. The vocals aren't as strong as the guitar. Good vocal inflections however. Some nice little noodling done by the guitar player along the way. The vocals are a bit off key at times. The harmonies help a lot when the background vocals come in. This song is absolutely beautiful. Perhaps some voice lessons?? Right now you could carry a bar open mic night and be one of the top guys. Your voice would carry any further without some help. This is an awesome song though.
  • The song opens with a very uplifting guitar melody, and is shortly followed by some very nice, clean vocals. Your voice is very strong and robust, giving the track a very prominent effect. I am underwhelmed by the melodies, as they are not catchy enough to make this song very popular. The lyrics on the other hand are very well written. Good work.
  • The introduction to this tune grabbed my attention from the beginning. This song has an acoustic feel to it which I automatically warmed to. I think the artist of this song is very talented and the vocalist certainly has the ability to become sucessful. The lyrics are average and there is nothing that currently makes them stand out which I think is what this song is currently missing.
  • The ending of this song was very smooth. I like how it started getting quieter and quieter, very nice. I also like the transitions in this song, they are really smooth and have no problem while transitioning. I love the vocals, what a beautiful and angelic voice he has, awesome. This was actually such an excellent piece, this will become popular.
  • Fun rock n' roll guitar. The vocals sound country but I didn't like the rest of the song. It was repetitive and it didn't appeal to anything I care about. I can maybe listen to this song if I was in a car and it was on the radio but other than that it didn't make me feel anything and I hate soung that are like this.
  • I think that this song is cheerful and really has a lot of different guitars added to it, I don't like the singers pitch throughout this song, I don't like the singer is very great and has a lot of power in their voice. It's a very truthful beat that sounds positive, great melody that caries onward in the song.
  • Great singing, goes extremely nicely with the acoustic guitar playing. The lyrics are very wholesome, they simply make you feel happy and at-ease. I really can't get over how nice the singer's voice is, it makes me feel so comfortable, and almost safe. You can especially hear the falsetto he does later on in the song, and it is absolutely superb.
  • At the start the song has a lot of changes in volume much like that of a Bon Jovi song. I thought the singer did a nice job staying in a middle vocal range still maintaining power. I enjoyed the reflective lyrics that defined the song. This song had a warm and light feel to it. Toward the end another soulful singer is added and this makes the work more radiant.
  • This track starts off very simply with the acoustic guitar. The vocals could be sharper, that very faint echo is not needed and seems a little sloppy. The performance seems a little afraid and more confidence would make all the difference here. The harmony line is nicely done. There is a lack of energy here however.
  • Nice acoustic guitar in the prelude is peaceful and quiet sounding. The singer comes in and I enjoy the tone and timbre. Upbeat, but yet somehow searching with subtle yearning. The band is awesome and the guitarist never misses a beat. I love the lyrics; it tells a good story that I can relate to. Definite commercial possibilities.
  • This song has a nice guitar sound. I like the voice of the main singer which is very unique and beautiful I like the lyrics of this song and I think many people can relate to it. This song makes me want to throw myself on the ground and watch the clouds pass by. This is a nice song.
  • The guitar intro induces the fact that the song has an emotional background to it. I can't really make out what the song is about from the start but my best guess is about getting your loved one back. The chorus is catchy because of the change in rhythm for that part.
  • The guitar in this song is very catchy and good. I hate country music. This is a very typical country song. They all song the same. The song is trash. I do not like it. The song is not my type of music. It is a three out of ten.
  • Good tone on the guitar part and a nice chord progression. The vocals are strong and clean and I found them enjoyable to listen too. Loved the choice of lyrics and the added harmonies in the back up vocals were a nice addition. It has a really strong melody line and I enjoyed the simplicity of it because it was still interesting and fun to listen to, whilst beening relaxing and mellow. Great job.
  • This is such a good song and performance. The melody is calm and relaxing, the singer has an attractive vocal tone and I can hear that he puts true feelings into singing the lyrics. I love the acoustic, guitar song and it is easy to hear the singer which is great - nothing overlaps his voice. The performance quality is very high in terms of instrument and the singing. I think it has commercial potential as the lyrics are unique and the song is distinctive in overall.
  • This song has very mainstream components. The accompaniment is not too busy and the vocals and harmonization are raspy and interesting. The songwriting is pretty standard but the guitar is offbeat enough to make it worth a listen. There is a nice melody which is relaxed and at the same time not boring. It's upbeat when it needs to be and calm as necessary.

Below is a version of Come Home To Me, by Elliott Sheridan:

Reviews of Elliott Sheridan's version of Come Home To Me on ReverbNation.com (overall song: 5.6 out of 10):
  • A nice, slow beginning with light drum taps and light guitar with a nice male voice for the lead vocals. It was mixed well and sounds great.
  • Come Home to Me has a peaceful and inviting musical sound to it. I liked Eric's singing. It was pleasant and I liked his vocal tone.
  • Easy listening and smooth. Nice lyrics and vocal range with good background harmonies.
  • He has a good voice, but the lyrics didn't really hook me into the song at all. I wouldn't really call this pop/dance at all either it is much more of a slow song.
  • I do not like the structure of this song. The lyrics in this song are sad , and I do not like that. The melody of this song appears to be more like country music than pop/dance and I do not like that either. Furthermore , I do not like the title of this song because it does not resonate with the lyrics of the song.
  • I like the calm, mellow tone of the song. I like the artist's voice, I can hear the feeling. I also like the lyrics. I dislike that some of the artist's notes have pitch problems. I also dislike the background singers, I don't think they're necessary.
  • I like the instrumentals and vocals. I like the beat. The production is good.
  • I thought that this song was a little bit mellow but it had a good beat to it. I thought that the vocals went together well with the music and I would listen to it again.
  • Intro was ok but I thought it was a little dull. Vocals came in ok but def could of came in a little better Kind of sounded like John Mayer to me on this one.
  • Lyrics to songs aren't bad but I feel like the song He's a little more oomph. It's got a nice tune it's very slow I would not expect this out of a pop song or dance song I think singer however is amazing.
  • Ok song I think the tempo of the song could have been a little bit better the song has an ok melody I think more work is needed on this track.
  • Song has a country feel to it at first, and the singer is very country as well. Not bad, but I am not really a country fan by any means.
  • The artist gives a very strong vocal performance, communicating just the right amount of emotion. The lyrics are thought-provoking and the sparse instrumentation works well.
  • The lyrics are all over the place and don't make much sense. The singer has a bad voice. Sounds shaky and nervous. Music is pretty boring too. Nothing stands out. Maybe a guitar solor or drum solo would help.
  • The music at the beginning of the song sounded a bit substandard and the sound quality of the song was poor. I liked the sound and tone of the vocals but had a hard time hearing them.
  • The singer was good and his voice fit well with the guitar play. However, I found the song, while lovely, to be a bore. It's just not my kind of song.
  • The song is neither good nor bad. It could be better but overall I understand the purpose of the music and ultimately art is to be experienced differently by different people. The song is neither a hit or miss. It is just a music to be enjoyed.
  • The song was kind of boring. It was a little too low key and the lyrics were bland in my opinion. Singer had a good voice though so that was a good thing.
  • The song was reeeeeeeeallllllly boring. I love me some singer/songwriter stuff, but this was super basic and unoriginal. Maybe amateur is a better term for it. There was just nothing spectacular about it. The vocals were really flat and monotone. The song structure was completely predictable. Not my thing I suppose...
  • The vocalist was struggling throughout the song quite a bit and was flat for most of it. The vocals need to be fixed before anything else matters.
  • This song has really nice lyrics . The artist has a lot of talent like sound of his voice. Has a country r and b feel to it would appeal to more than one group of people.
  • This song is generally pretty good across the board. My only issue is that the lyrics feel a little repetitive towards the middle and end of the song.
  • This song is very sweet. It sort of reminds me of old Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. The singer has a very soothing voice and great lyrics.
  • This song was a bit too reminiscent of other songs that did this sort of thing a little bit better. To compensate, the lyrics would need to tell a really great story, but I didn't really get that.
  • Unfortunately I think the singing is not very good, it sounds a bit like cheesy karaoke singing, and the song itself also isn't very engaging. I definitely wouldn't remember it after listening to it once.

Below is a version of Come Home To Me, by dyingseed:

Reviews of Dyingseed's version of Come Home To Me on ReverbNation.com (overall song: 5.7 out of 10):

  • A strumming acoustic guitar provides the melody over which the singer delivers his vocals in a jumping smooth style that gives the song a big hook. Good stuff!
  • I don't like the genre of this type of music. The production was pretty good. I don't like the lyrics it's bored me and I listen to music for excitement.
  • I enjoyed listening to the song as a whole. The lyrics were easy to follow and understand. The instrumentals was good.
  • I found it mostly unremarkable. The melody was average at best. I thought the music was repetitive and I was not a big fan of the instrumental.
  • I like the guitar by itself in the beginning. It has a unique rhythm to it. I don't really care for the singer's voice.
  • I liked the lyrics and how emotional they could be if sung in the right situation. The singer had an average voice with more range.
  • I liked this emotional and raw song. The singer has a great sounding voice with range and power. The acoustic guitar adds to the emotion in this song.
  • I loved the music the guitar playing. When Eric he started singing it was a turn off. I just didn’t care for his tone or his tempo. It was like listening to a bad karaoke singer.
  • I really like the guitar intro. It's very pretty and makes you want to hear the rest of the song. I like the singer's unique voice and the emotion he puts into delivering the lyrics. The chorus seems like it would be really impacting and memorable too.
  • I thought that this was a really cool song. It had a great beat and I would love to hear it again. I think many will like.
  • I thought the music had a pleasing beat to it. It was a bit slow. The vocals were weak in my opinion and the lyrics were a bit hard to understand.
  • I thought the song was ok. The singer's voice was nice and the lyrics blended well with the song. The guitar playing was also good.
  • Instrumentally, the song needs tweaking and the composition of the track could be better. The sound production values are also a bit weak as well.
  • Interesting vocals and tune. I would need to listen to it again to learn it. I think the more you listen to this song the more you will like it.
  • It sounds like the vocals is trying too hard to sound professional. He adds too much at the end of each line in the lyrics.
  • Reminds me of my room mate in college who had a guitar. He had this kind of singing voice and its bringing back bad memories. I think this person is more talented and the guitar sounds alright, but I don't think this singing voice works.
  • Simple but profound guitar riff. Vocals are surprisingly good and pair well with the lyrics. I bet this song is super good with the rest of a band. Still, good acoustic performance.
  • Song doesn't sound produced - more of a feeling some one just picked up their guitar. Singer is throwing too many riffs in every single line of the verses. Same feeling throughout song. Nice voice but I would have liked the song better if it had a more melancholy melody to go with the lyrics OR more then just a guitar.
  • The acoustic guitar sounds nice and it has a good quality. Good depth to it. It doesn't sound flat, like a lot of other privately recorded songs are. The singer's vocals are nice, but they're a bit softer than the instrumental. His voice is also a bit shaky at times, but it's not a bad voice at all.
  • The instrumentals to this song are nice. I didn't care for the vocals, I felt that they were dragging too many words too often, and trying horribly to hit high notes.
  • The lyrics and theme of the song were nice. I enjoyed the listening experience. The singing was a bit unprofessional-sounding, but the intended style of singing was okay. The singing style and style of guitar complimented one another fine.
  • The lyrics for this song are nice and meaningful. The instrumental is decent and sets the tone and rhythm. The vocals are also decent. 8/10.
  • The production was the best part of this song. It was very entertaining to listen to. The vocals were excellent as well. The lyrics were also well written.
  • The singers voice is so captivating! The lyrics were amazing and meaningful. The guitar in this songs just seems to bring everything in the song together effortlessly.
  • The vocalist doesn't have a bad voice, but the takes are a bit over the top at times and the recording of the guitar isn't the best quality.
  • There is a pause in the music a few times. I hope it is not on purpose, because if it is it sounds bad. This song needs to go back to the studio.