I wrote the lyrics and melody for Clause 5, Sub-Paragraph d), but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Elliott Sheridan to record it for me.

Song Title: Clause 5, Sub-Paragraph d)

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Clause 5, Sub-Paragraph d)

Verse 1:
Clause number 5
sub-paragraph d)
that's what my lawyer
he said to me

Seems like that damn fine print
it was the key
that'll forever change
my life's destiny

Had I not signed there
on that dotted line
my financial health
it would be just fine

But what's done is done
now times are tough
'cause my angry wife
has all of my stuff

Chorus 1:
Don't want a divorce
don't want a divorce
why did the ship of our love
ever have to change course

Verse 2:
What can I do babe
to get ya back?
I wanna cover you in syrup
like a hot pancake stack

I'll be a brand new man
all romantic and caring
to gain your trust again
my soul to you I'll be bearing

Even when you're wrong
you'll still be right
I'll never say anything bad
that could lead to a fight

I know I took ya for granted
let our love slip away
what used to be so bright
became a charcoal grey

But I know I can change
if you just give me a chance
I’ll light a whole new spark
to heat up this romance

So screw all the lawyers
with their rates by the hour
let's unite as a couple
and take back the power

Forget about Clause 5
sub-paragraph d)
all we need is each other
to live our lives happily

Chorus 2:
Don't want a divorce
don't want a divorce
don't put the final bullet
into the heart of this lame horse

Don't want to get a divorce
to you I want to stay married
Let the mistakes of the past
stay dead and buried

I used to be a lost soul
but now I see the light
can't give up on our love
and not put up a fight

So sit down, think it over
consider this my final plea
I promise to love you forever
if you stay married to me

Reviews of Clause 5, Sub-Paragraph d) from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 7.2 out of 10):

  • An upbeat country feel in the opening that serves as a good intro for a vocalist who has a lot of talent and spirit in their lyrics and the tone they bring to the track.
  • I like the distinct rhythm in this song that doesnt quite make it poppy but makes it stand out as a pop song. It reminds me of the ed sheren kind of song.
  • I like the folk sound to the music. It's very upbeat even if the lyrics aren't. The lyrics are well written too, and his voice is perfect for the song style.
  • I like the lyrics and I really like the composition of the song. The instrumentation is great and it's awesome the way they do it. I like it very much.
  • I like the rhythm and beat of the music and how well the instrumental sound blend together. The vocals sing the fast part good and fit well with the flow of the music.
  • I liked the lyrics to this song they were interesting and entertaining. The artist had a nice medium tone sounding voice. The beat set at a nice tempo to dance to.
  • I liked this song, it was a good tune. THe song had mellow relaxing and laid back vibe to it overall. Lyrically, the song revolves around loss and relationships, which many people out there will likely relate to.
  • I think that this song has pretty good production but I feel like it sounds like all the other songs. I do not see myself purchasing the song or anything like that to listen to it.
  • I thought that the song had a really nice beat to it that was very fitting for this song style. I also liked the instrumentation and the vocals in the song.
  • Not bad, but it sounds more Country or Folk than Pop/Dance. That being said, the vocals are excellent and the lyrics fit the title. The instrumentation is great.
  • The light hearted manner in which the song was performed reminded me of a folk singer named John Hartford who liked to sing this way. These songs are not meant to be big hits as so much playful odes to current events or the regular guys condition. I also likes the claw style banjo because it is a rare thing these days.
  • The song was balanced I like the structure of the song . The melody was okay. The singer has a charming voice that was mellow and nice to hear
  • This is a nice, carefree upbeat song at least until the lyrics set in. I enjoyed the instrumentals more than the vocals and lyrics (divorce :( ), but it still feels pretty good.
  • This song has a great beat. The instrumentation is very good. The lyrics are good. The vocals are also very good. I really enjoyed this song! Great job!
  • This song is pretty good to me. It is definitely a song that I would not mind listening to a few times. The artist showed a lot of desire and I really liked that.
  • This sounds too much like country music to my ears. I just cannot get into this song. It is a song I can never really enjoy.
  • What I like about this song is the storytelling and humor and emotion of the song. I like that I can relate and even have a good laugh while listening to the song.

Below is an acoustic version of Clause 5, Sub-Paragraph d) by Douglas Haines:

Reviews of the acoustic version of Clause 5, Sub-Paragraph d) from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 6.8 out of 10):

  • The guitar that starts this song is very strong. I liked the style of the lead vocal and the way he sung what would come off as mundane lyrics. The story that is being told kept my interest and is presented in earnest. I found the song enjoyable in the end.
  • The sound of this track sounds quite promising so far. i like the style of the acoustic guitar playing he makes the track sound crisp. the vocals are great too, he has a nice and unique voice. i like the lyrics too i would like to hear this again. i liked it 9/10.
  • An acoustic guitar is the start for this track and I think the way it sounds is very pretty. I think the bass guitar that plays under it has a pretty sweet sounds with it as well. I think the guy who sings has a really country voice. his tone is very smooth and has a silky voice. I think the lyrics talk of a man wanting his wife back that let his love slip away int divorce.
  • This track contributes all elements from the album into one haunting, beautiful song. It starts off with an electronic synth sound that bounces around. The wavering voice plays. Then the beat kicks in and the sound of guitars play over the top. The voice, horns, flutes, and guitars kick in all together along with the beat all until the song slowly fades out coming to a silence.
  • The beat and tempo was really nice and the vocals was a bit too force country on the instrumentals. Maybe different instruments would have fit your voice a bit more. Since it catch me off guard when you started singing. I didn't like the lyrics, since it was about divorce and it didn't really entertain me like I expected to be. I guess you were trying a more comedic point in your singing.
  • The guitar in the intro is amazing. It draws me toward the song personally and hooks me to want to listen more. The male singer's voice touches my heart because his voice is soft, yet broad. The chorus is catchy and the climax of the song has much depth. The guitar rhythm is cool and i like it. I like this song.
  • I enjoy the calmness of the outset music of the piece. I like the way the artists voice sounds like a mix between country and folk music. His words are relate able as everyone goes through these type of feelings at some point. The phrase covering in syrup like a pancake stack is kind of unsettling. I like the clean notes of the guitar that continue through the whole song.
  • I love how you included different pieces of other artist music. You also added a sense of rhythm and created a great balance of sound. This song created a mixture of a beachy and romantic flow. Loved the song and how your voice matched the flow of the beat. Your pitch was perfect with the tune.
  • The instrumental sounds very nice, and the whole song sounds like it would be nice to go on a road trip or go camping. His voice is very soothing and nice, and I smiled at the lyrics. They were very clever and funny at times. I see a lot of talent in this artist and can see him becoming very famous one day. The song is so nice as a whole, and makes me want to take a nap.
  • The simple nature of the intros vocals and lyrics makes this an engaging track. The instrumentals are plain and it works well. The message of the song from the lyrics and instrumentals is a bit cliche, but it's not surprising. The performance is still emotional and passionate, and plays to the artist's strengths. The only major flaw of the song is that it's dragged down by the somewhat asinine lyrics.
  • This is a nice clean sounding song. The guitar is being played to perfection. This song is smart and has a message that too many other songs do not have. The singer really sings this song with a strong conviction. He makes you feel the lyrics and the emotion of the song. He has a great strong country voice. This one good country song indeed!
  • Very good guitar in the beginning. Sounds a bit country. I would listen to this when I'm on a porch looking outside to a beautiful lake. Sounds like a song I would listen to when I'm a bit bored not caring a bout what anyone thinks.
  • The guitar in the intro is really light and can be overpowered easy by the voice. The vocals are a little too loud but are crystal clear. The story to this country song is extremely depressing and is on a touchy topic. The instrumentals are good besides the guitar and is a little bland overall. Still a good job though.
  • I don't like song that have violins. Im not into country music. The guys voice is very good. I would only play this song if i was on the road or if I was hiking. This song does relax me a little bit. Overall i would give this song a 5.
  • Guitar at the beginning was nice. The voice fit a standard country song. I felt like I heard it from at least a few other artists. You lost me at the 'cover you in syrup' line. Nothing made this stand out as something I'd buy. The chorus was repetitive and not in a good way.
  • The guitar solo in this is nice. You know you are about to hear a story so before you hear the words you and already intrigued. The singer voice is relateable. It is sad but so many people are in this situation. I think it would be nice to add some more music to this song. He doesn't want a divorce from his wife and his voice allows you to feel the pain he is feeling about it.
  • This song had a very instrumental-based introduction which had some key instruments that made it a success such as the acoustic guitar. I thought that this song had some very clear and concise vocals as well. They really gave the song a country feel to it. If I was to guess, this song really fits the country genre. I thought that is really fit this because of the specific instrumentals chosen and the vocals. This song was a really fun listen, and I imagine those who like country music would thoroughly enjoy this song.
  • The guitar intro is cool. The harmonies is really good. The melody is nice and unique. I don't really like the lyrics, mostly because I can't really relate to the lyrics. This song is really simple, and it is just vocals with guitar in the background. I think the vocals are strong and confident. The texture and timbre of this song is good, although it is simple.
  • The guitar at the beginning sounds nice. The rhythm sounds a little weird to me. The song is about getting a girl back but the synonyms are weird. Pancakes? I think the only good sounding thing in this song is the guitar. Sorry but this can't get a good score.
  • Nice finger-picking. I like the current-affair type lyrics. He's got a strong, steady, yet mid-toned voice. It's luring. Some nice note shift within the song too that challenge his vocals, and as a listener, entices me to want to sing along once I know the lyric. Glad he doesn't want a divorce, A great male experiential. A great country song overall. Not sure what sort of beat out side of this acoustic setting. The last verse has some blues sounds and chords to it, which is a nice enhancement to the song overall. The ending was a nice cut. Well done.
  • I love country songs. this guy has the sound the talent very good voice. i think he would do good in the mainstream especially if he does a cameo or introduction at the country music awards.i believe that this guy would be a star.
  • This song to me is not the best and it's not the worse I feel like the lyrics are all over the place and don't understand them but I do like the. Chorus and find it settling and calming and like when the three of them are singing together and the way it sounds it nice to hear.
  • I'm not sure if this is a joke-song or not, which could be a flaw or a positive quality. The lyrics could have been written a bit better, but as I said before it resembles that of a joke/comedy song. There wasn't much emotion in the voice of the artist, which didn't help to get across the meaning of the song. Overall, I definitely would listen to this song again.
  • Super nice song and beautiful lyrics. To excited to download this song and show to everyone about this song. It can be one of the top hint on the radio stations. Perfect perfomace of the guitar in the background of the song. I have to give them a 10 for their super performance. Once again its really sound so good that i can recommend to my friends and should listen the beautiful lyrics that its has and nice message.
  • What do you get when you cross a man that's gonna lose everything and his trusty old guitar? you get lyrics that are true and from the heart, and a simple yet done very well guitar strum that when listened to combined ends up being a well performed song, that makes you forget about your problems and start feeling sorry for the vocalist and what he's going through.
  • The instruments are a good add is good and the lyrics needs more work but all and all its a good song. And you should get a band and start preparing for writing the lyrics, I a,so like how the music is put in a low tone and sad so it makes people feel the music more.