I wrote the lyrics and melody for City In Fog, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Douglas Haines to record it for me:

Song Title: City In Fog

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City In Fog

Verse 1:
I was at a cafe
the one at 4th and Grand
enjoying a coffee
paper in my hand

When I heard a shot
and then a deadly scream
blood on the walls
time slowed like a dream

What haunts us most
has come to pass
the crunch of footsteps
over broken glass

I lay on the floor
the sirens they wailed
justice would come
yet no one was jailed

In a city of fog
there's a man with no name
rising from ashes
of sorrow and shame

Fighting for truth
always doing what's right
helping the world
sleep in peace tonight

Verse 2:
In darkened streets
an evil is lurking
the balance of power
no longer is working

Best watch your back
it comes from behind
grabbing your soul
and robbing it blind

Blurring the line
we all must walk
who will be next
on that chopping block?

Pick up the pieces
you must carry on
dare to be king
no longer a pawn

In a city of fog
there's a man with no name
rising from ashes
of sorrow and shame

Fighting for truth
always doing what's right
helping the world
rest in peace tonight

There's a city in fog
a man with no name
terror and fear
burn like a flame

Reviews of A City In Fog on the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 6.7 out of 10):

  • This song has a beautiful tone to it, the guitar is very precise and crisp sounding. The thing I don't like about this song much is the way the sung is sung. The vocalist sounds like he's reaching a bit too much, and he comes off as a bit whiny when he sings. The melody is really alluring.
  • This song sounds like a soft country song. I don't really get the meaning of the song. But the artists really does sound good with his voice in the song. It combines really well with the guitar because the voice and guitar both sound good soft and low. Nice song.
  • The introduction has been done to death in this genre. The melody is neither original nor creative. While I sort of enjoyed the lyrics in parts of the verses, I did feel that this song suffers from a lack of originality. There is nothing in this song that appeals to me on a musical or lyrical level. It just feels as if I have heard this type of song countless times before.
  • The music on this song reminds me of rolling hills and country life. I think the vocals are a sharp break from the pleasant nature of the music on the intro. The artist does not have a rough voice, but his voice is less relaxing and moving. He also sings in a manner that creates the effect of talking. I think the performance is good, but the artist seems to be in dialogue more so than singing to an audience.
  • The start of this track does an excellent job of letting the instrument get a bit of spotlight. The male vocalist doesn't seem to match the tone or rythm of this song at all. I can't tell if he can't keep up or if he is too fast. Having to listen to him makes the rest of the song almost mute out. All I can hear is how much I dislike his voice.
  • The song starts off once again with a guitar solo. The guitar sounds very calming and smooth. The singer starts to sing very slowly and low. The singer also speaks with references and seems like he is speaking about a story. The story of a hero or maybe the Old West, but nothing in specific. The song is very good and perfect for movies with scenes for remembrance.
  • This track is a very energetic rock song with the highest quality. This track is highly recommended for outdoor use. This track is very smooth and joy of music. This track can drive you to stay interested in this song. This track hype get a great bounce to it.
  • Intro is smooth and relaxes me. His Vocals are good. Has a good pitch to it. The Melody is good and with the times. The instrumentals are good with the tempo of the song. Instrumentals are not over played or not enough. Over all very pleasing to listen to.
  • Another lovely guitar introduction. Relaxing in melody, accompanied by a male singer who is quiet but very melodic. I like the subtle rhythm and how I feel listening to this piece. I think adults will appreciate this more. Sad tune, but very talented musicians and vocals. A song like this can be played and offer a nice original composition. Instruments being guitar was beautiful.
  • The constant sound of the acoustic guitar being played on this classic country music genre track is wispy like a summer breeze. the lyrics are original; fighting for truth and helping the people through the expression of music. the artist clearly has exceptional talent and his voice is carrying throughout the entire musical accolade. I hope this song (and the artist) gets the recognition it deserves.
  • The rhythm laid down immediately makes me want to close my eyes and think of better times and different places. The vocalist comes in with a clear and concise tone that makes you keep listening. The lack of any other instrumentals makes you immediately focus solely on the lyrics and not the filler noise. The balance between the backup and lead is perfect. Clear and crisp sound and the guitar is just loud enough to be heard. Perfect track.
  • I like the melody of this song; the guitar is beautiful. The singer is a bit too fast and doesn't flow well with the melody. The lyrics are deep and very descriptive. This song is very sad and it makes you feel like you're in the singer's shoes.
  • I was not sure about this song at first but after listening to the words, it was very powerful. Lyrics are very emotional and well delivered. Would love to hear it again or play for a special girl. Great soft rock! Original song! Could see this group going far in the near future! Beautiful song writing and performing. Instruments all professionally played!
  • Great guitar entrance. Sounds a bit like Hallelujah until the vocals. Vocals are a little off, nothing too major. Words are meaningful. Make sure you stay on tempo. Tone quality is very smooth and the guitar really adds depth. Sounds like a gospel song or a song about someone that he loved dying.
  • Very soft introduction to the song. sounds like song i reviewed just before as the singer sounds exactly the same! still a nice song. just a guitar and a singer so could be a soloist. very strong and firm vocals to help the song. this song is relaxing also from the singers voice.
  • The song is depressing and slow. It is hard to understand some words clearly and the lyrics are weird and his voice is terrible. I don't like it at all. It's just a weird depressing slow song. I hate country please stop playing it!
  • I like the guitar in this song. It makes the song sound so beautiful. The lyrics are well thought through & pretty. I would listen to this on my own. I would also recommend to others such as my family and friends who have the same music taste as me.
  • Right when the song starts it makes me want to click off. You need to catch the listeners attention in the first few seconds so they can stay tuned to listen for the rest of the song. Now the vocals are amazing I can make out exactly what the singer is saying and that is a great sign. The singer could make it big one day. The guitar in the background is really slow and could be better if it was sped up in my opinion.
  • This beat is soft and smooth. This man sing voice is so amazing. This is a true love song. I feel like he took his time when he wrote this song. The pain then the way he feel is truly expressed in this song right here. The message is powerful and meaningful. The beat growing on you as the song goes thru.
  • The melody is very peaceful and sweet, and it has an almost lullabye like quality, which contrasts in an interesting way with the intense and dark content of the lyrics. The lyrics tell a story from start to finish and it keeps your attention throughout the song. The vocals have a very pleasant and temperate tone, it is a very simple and easy to listen to song. A great example of a simply done acoustic ballad.
  • Beautiful acoustic guitar and beautiful story telling by an awesome voice. Clear strong voice, beautiful melody and harmony with the background vocals are just absolutely perfect! I love this song because it's art in its finest...the music and song. I would like to know who sings this song. I really enjoyed this one!
  • The intro to this song is smooth and relaxed. The artist viice is gentle and clear. The guitar is precise. The instruments in the background are perfectly tuned. I give this song a seven. I give this a seven because it has potential for a lot of radio play. I'm not sure that this song would be a top hit.
  • The acoustic work in this piece right here makes me instantly happy to review it. I can not get mad at it. the lyric's are strong with a great message too. I will be looking for this song tonight bro. the melody is just brilliant. the sirens yell. i like the vocal point's this guy chose. the song is very very well done easily a 10 out of 10.
  • The acoustic guitar has a very authentic sound. The singer's voice is down to earth. I like the story he tells, which is like an old folk tune. The production is stripped down, which is refreshing compared with today's awful over-produced pop. This track probably won't make the chart because the big biz morons who run the radio difference don't know great music when they hear it. This recording is iconic in its meaningful lyrics.
  • I like the guitar the intro immediately captures my attention. The lyrics are ok, a bit on the boring side. He has ok vocals and harmony . I am not sure what he is talking about I guess because the song is a bit boring. Would I buy the song no but it not that terrible to listen to.
  • The classical guitar played an incredible melody with such rhythm. The artist must be old from the past, I think this song is all about fear and sadness. What I also like about this song is that it is nearly a proper song to put a baby to sleep because it is so soft.
  • An okay track overall. Song starts strong, with a gentle, yet foreboding guitar strumming to set the mood of the track before the singer begins his verse. The story his lyrics told hooked me in before quickly losing me with cliches and tired tropes of the acoustic ballad genre. The lyrics were clearly meant to be profound and filled with wisdom, but the confusing and unfocused themes and metaphors they contained just make the little insight they do contain come across as forced and inauthentic. The vocalist doesn't posses the maturity or gravitas needed in his voice to really match the tone of the song. He was also off beat and off pitch at times. With a little polish, this could be a much better song.