I wrote the lyrics and melody for Bullets And Lovers, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Elliott Sheridan to record it for me.

Song Title: Bullets And Lovers

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Bullets and Lovers

Verse 1:
It started out small
first a watch, then a hat
snuck out of the store
was as easy as that

Next came a car
then a small liquor store
every new hit
left them thirsting for more

More money
more power
eating life's buffet
much better to burn out
than fade away

Bullets and lovers
danger and lies
we all live in a world
where everyone dies

No chance for salvation
just waiting in vain
the light at the end of the tunnel
is sometimes a train

Verse 2:
Soon they were famous
plastered on the news page
the people they hurt
the heists they had made

No rules to this game
just the thrill of the ride
crossing that line
down into the darkside

Wild and reckless
they just wanted some fun
partners in crime
living life on the run

Bullets and lovers
danger and lies
we all live in a world
where everyone dies

No chance for salvation
just waiting in vain
the light at the end of the tunnel
is sometimes a train

No hope for salvation
just waiting in vain
we cry in the darkness
and live with the pain

Reviews of Bullets and Lovers from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (overall score: 7.1 out of 10):

  • A delicate use of strings in the opening that serves as a good intro for a vocalist who has a lot of talent and passion in their lyrics and the tone they bring to the track.
  • I like the rhythm and beat of the music. I don't think the vocals fit well with the rhythm. The lyrics are good and fit with the music.
  • I like the the song it was okay. I think the song needs more direction especially with the vocals. More higher notes and maybe add some bass.
  • I like this song and the guitar and instrumentation is really nice. I like the vocals here and the melody is very pretty too.
  • I love the instruments in this one. They are quite upbeat and catchy. The chorus of the song is especially catchy and had me nodding my head along with the song!
  • I loved the lyrics. They made a good statement about violence in life and society. I wonder if it's about Bonnie and Clyde. I thought the lyrics were smart and effective and accompanied by good music.
  • I relaly liked the easy going and low key guitar playing during the intro of the song. I also liked the vocals and the beat of the song. They fit nicely.
  • My top genre by far and I love how this song was a unique take on it. I would listen to the artist again if they came up.
  • Nice lite sound. Good tempo and beat. The instrumentals seemed to be to be very accurate in tune. Nice overall song to listen too.
  • Not bad, but not my jam. The vocals are good, though, and the lyrics fit the title very well. The instrumentation is decent and the production has no overt problems with it.
  • The beat of the song is okay and the melody, but the singer's voice is not good and just sounds disinterested in what he's singing. His voice is flat, and has no emotion.
  • The instrumentation was really solid in this song. It was easy to listen to and relax to. I would not mind hearing more. Thank you.
  • The lyrics is this song we rather deep. At first I thought it was going to be a light song, but then it turned a bit dark. It is not untrue though.
  • The lyrics were pretty awful, but the tune itself was decent and easy to listen to. The vocals were pretty good, as was the mixing.
  • The song was very nice and peaceful, which was a little nice. However, it was almost too calm and thus ended up being a little bit boring at some points.
  • The vocals are not bad overall for the most part and fit the song style well enough. The lyrics are strange about what is being talked about.
  • They have a very good sound but this tune could use some added bells and whistles. Maybe a better arrangement and better transitions too.
  • This song comes in with a softer mellow instrumental tone. I love the lyrics themselves though. They match perfectly with the beat and make me feel good and reflect on life.
  • This was so soft, but I really enjoyed listening to it. It seemed more of a folk song, and he has a voice that can really do wonders for a good gospel song.
  • Though it doesnt have the eeriness and tone like Nirvana it sounded like one of their songs immediately. I like the softness in his singing. Good band and song.

Below is an acoustic version of Bullets and Lovers by Douglas Haines:

Reviews of the Douglas Haines version of Bullets and Lovers from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (overall score: 5.9 out of 10):

  • I really enjoy the natural guitar sound in the beginning of the song and you can immediately tell this is going to be a country song. The additional voices in the chorus are a nice touch and add depth to the song. The lyrics are very deep and typical of what you would find with a country song. I think the vocals could use just a little more range but the song is very good overall.
  • This song got my attention so fast, it has a very addicting guitar sound that i love. Not a big fan of the singer. His voice is "too country" for my taste. I admire the catchy chorus and breathtaking lyrics. The harmony is my favorite part, The artist makes it work.
  • I am not particularly loving this song. The guitar sounds good, but the vocals are strong for the tempo of this track. I would have like it better if the music was as equally loud as the vocals. Not a good song to do listen to any where.
  • Wasn't feeling this song too much. The lyrics were dry and generic. The part i did like was the guitar throughout the song, it really brought life to it. The artist could of stepped outside the box with this one a little more. It sounded like the average song we are use to.
  • The music is soothing. The music arrangement has a way about that is sexy and calming. Nice easy listening tune that is great for the easy listening station. The artist sings and speaks to you in a way that is comforting making you feel at home.
  • This talented guitarist is a great addition to this group. And the lead singer sings with emotion in his voice. He is communicating this to his audience. His chorus singers have voices that are in tune with each other. This is a really nice and relaxing rock song. This song might also go into Country for genre as well.
  • I like the picking pattern in the beginning of the song. I also really like the singers voice. Its very raspy and he can definitely sing. The harmony in the beginning also sounds very nice. I also like the lyrics of this song because they are very different the most songs of today.
  • The song starts with an acoustic guitar pattern which sounds kind of nice. The vocals are much louder then the guitar maybe even a little too loud. The singing on this track is inconsistent. The dubbed vocal actually sounds pretty bad as if it is not mixed properly. There seem to be no drums in this song just guitars so I would like to have heard more progressions in the guitar playing. I don't actually remember hearing a hook so maybe the hook was not that great or maybe there was just never a hook. the song could have ended better. The lyrics are not that bad though.
  • Nice spring time guitar strumming good for the family to hear inside a car. The singer has a cool country style voice that really brings out the instrumental a lot more. The background singers did a good job putting powerful behind the lead singer; not bad.
  • The first thing that I notice was the distinctive melody and pitch in which the Artist sung the vocals. The lyrics were thought provoking and captured your attention. The theme of the sung was poignant. I personally think that there should have been another instrument accompanying the guitar to shape the song. It became a little boring at times. A bridge would have made the song come alive and full.
  • I like how they play guitar in this song, although it's a little sad lyrics I like because it's soft. This song take me to the fall weather. To me the voices sound good, the feeling they put in the interpretation is good in my opinion too.
  • I really like the guitar sessions in this song. The singer sounds good and the lyrics are good and head in a direction. I think it could be better performed but over all this song is better than average. Its kind of a tearfull song but well done.
  • Absolutely love the lyrics. Never lose that line: We all live in a world where everyone dies. As a big fan of acoustic guitars loved the tune and melody. Would have liked to hear some bass guitar and maybe some backing vocals just to jazz it up a bit. Was never a country fan but having heard some of the stuff on here am starting to love it.
  • This song draws you in at the start with beautiful guitar. The guitar is allowed to shine throughout the track as there are no other instruments. The next part of the song that draws you in is the vocal. A voice that could only be described as being truly country delivers lyrics that are both heartfelt and touching. A beautiful country track.
  • This song has some very neat lyrics. I like the story he tells and how he tells it. This is a song that I could easily listen to any time of the day. The tempo moves at a nice. The added vocals is a nice touch and compliments his well. This is a very nice song.
  • The use of guitar made me think it was going to be a country song, which it did turn out to be. This is one of the better songs in country songs. I, myself am not the biggest country fan as you can see but this was alright. I wouldn't listen to this again though, but I don't think I would skip it if I was listening to a playlist.
  • An acoustic track with a country/folk feel. I like the story the songwriter is relating, the lyrics are well done "the light at the end of the tunnel is sometimes a train" is an excellent line! But I do not particularly care for the vocals and by presenting them plainly with just an acoustic guitar, the vocals need to have a lot more presence than they do.
  • The acoustics create their own rhythm and flow without a drum beat. The lead singer has a distinct vocal tone and you can feel his emotions in every word. Song lyrics tells and interesting story that feels relatable. The background vocals softly blends in adding harmony. This song has radio appeal because it has balance, emotion, and structure.
  • An amazing guitar entrance. i like the accent of the singer. the guitar is good as it plays right through. the lyrics were very meaningful. the song will appel to a wide variety of people. the country style is amazing. the way the singer has a very powerful voice gived me goose bumbs on my arms. the great. the way the guitar faded out at the end was amazing.
  • An acoustic intro which demonstrated a lovely guitar riff, opened the song onto a country style singer with a nice tone and good pronunciation. The minor elements of this song make it feel as though its sung from the heart. Though the guitar is very repetitive the vocals and harmonies make the song interesting and has a certain attractiveness to listeners.
  • Im loving the gartar in this also his deep voice gos so well with the beats which molds so well' i think the lyrics are kinda sweet to listen to they have meaning so im thinking this song as meaning' also it sounds a little sad.
  • From the start of the song I already like the intro with the guitar. I don't like the voice that much but it's not bad. Maybe it's just the genre but it is not a bad song. Ill give this song a 5/10.
  • Its a cool smooth and relaxing music.I would sleep listening to this.Its soothing you can listen to it when your bored mad or happy. That is why its a great song for all occasions. His voice was really good. Also I would rate it a 7/10.
  • The song sounds like breakfast at Tiffani at the beginning. I would put more music in the background, maybe a tamberine in the background to give the song a little more music. Singers are excellent. His voice powers over hers though, but good harmony in the song. Maybe they could speak about something in the end of the song about trying to get back together.