I wrote this poem to be used on the thank you cards handed out at my wife's baby shower in 2007. It was from our unborn son (Jacob) to all the friends and family that attended.

Baby Shower Poem

Thank's for coming to my shower
the baby world's hottest ticket
rocking the womb to the crib
ya, that's how I kick it

Other tots may scream and cry
but I'll be one well behaved kid
don't want to make my mommy
ever flip her lid

Gonna have playdates with the stars
like Suri, Apple, and Rumer
light up every room I enter
with some of my cute baby humor

All through the night I will sleep
my diapers they will never stink
when it comes to feeding time
the whole bottle I will drink

They're gonna put my pretty picture
in all the baby magazines
maybe even flash my little image
on those big movie screens

I'll be the best baby ever
so blow the horns, bang a drum
better get ready for me world
'cause here I come