As Rich As Trump

Verse 1:
I'm just a virtual business man
creating websites is my plan
working hard to build up my Internet empire

Not yet a mogul or tycoon
riding the wave of the new dotcom boom
hoping someday soon that I'll retire

I wanna be as rich as Trump
my balance sheet would overflow like oil from an Arab pump
if I made less than a million a day I'd be in a slump
I just wanna be as rich as Trump

Verse 2:
I sign proposals and contracts
getting stressed out to the max
while sitting at my desk all day

But at least my bank account is growing fatter
with each traffic record that I shatter
but I still self-park instead of using a valet

Data's flowing fast through my IP switches
teens discussing American Idol and those Laguna Beach bitches
If I were The Donald, I'd dispense poison pills
and cut management's golden parachute cords
I'd even be voted best evil genius
at the MTV Video Music Awards

I wanna be as rich as Trump
all my paychecks would nice and plump
with Ted Turner and Rupert Murdoch I'd power lunch

I wanna be as rich as Trump
my employees through hoops I would make them jump
if I caught them stealing they'd get thrown out on their rump

I wanna be as rich as Trump
with finances mysterious like a dark matter clump
when my net worth declined too much I'd be a grump
and in negotiations the other guy would always be the chump

All I want to do is be rich like Donald Trump