I wrote the lyrics and melody for A Scary Thing, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Elliott Sheridan to record it for me.

Song Title: A Scary Thing

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A Scary Thing

Verse 1:
I stand in a field
and look up at the stars
has ever a love shined
as brightly as ours

The look in your eyes
the thrill of the chase
connected forever
through time and through space

But will it all be enough?
How long can it last?
We head to the future
Keep running from our past

Baby, love is a scary thing
catch my heart
as I cut the string

Be my rock
when I fall apart
hold my hand
darling, take my heart

Verse 2
I stand on the edge
it's a long way down
if life is a circus
then I am the clown

tumbling and tumbling
no safety net
lost in a moment
the night that we met

I see, yet I am blinded
don't know what's up ahead
all I want is to have you with me
when I climb into bed

Baby, love is a scary thing
catch my heart
as I cut the string

Be my rock
when I fall apart
hold my hand
darling, take my heart


Reviews of A Scary Thing from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 7.6 out of 10):
  • A bright and uplifting guitar opening that serves as a good intro for a vocalist who has a lot of talent and passion in their lyrics and the tone they bring to the track.
  • I like the beat of this song. It is very upbeat and makes me happy! The lyrics and the beat matches well and one does not over power the other.
  • I liked the lyrics and music. I liked the theme that love is a scary thing and you're uncertain. The music was fun and mellow.
  • I liked the upbeat music to this with the kind of softness in the vocals. I would listen listen to this again and seek out more from this artist.
  • I really didn't like the singer's voice all that much. The instrumentals were fine but hard to appreciate over the voice of the singer.
  • I thought that the guitar playing was very good and probably the best part of the song. I thought that the vocals and lyrics were also good. Great work!
  • It's not that bad. Some really nice parts in this one. Could use some instrument tweaks to make at least the drums stand out a bit more. To light for my liking.
  • Nice sound to start the song. Very engaging, with a little old school twist to it. The vocals were ok, but not great. A little slow to start out, but got going with the vocals. Good Song.
  • Not bad, a little bit different, but still not a bad song. The vocals are good and the lyrics sound decent. The instrumentation is great and the production is excellent.
  • Really reminds me of Tom Petty, but has its own touch. I like the flow of the words a lot though as it fits good. Easy to drift away to this one.
  • The lyrics are good and fit with the music. I like the sound of the rhythm and beat of the music. The vocals are okay.
  • The song was really simple and laid back to listen to. I like the tempo and the lyrics of this song. I like that there is only good vibes in this track.
  • This duo is just really good. A lot of people will be able to relate to the lyrics, and it will surely make them smile like it did me.
  • This guy has a great voice that works with many different kinds of songs. His vocals are great and the melody of this song is really nice.
  • This is for sure a real hit, it has some real different qualities that make it easy and fun for me to listen to, this could be something special.
  • This song has a more country feel to it, especially when the singer starts singing his monotone, bored lyrics. He doesn't sound interested in singing at all. The lyrics are also a bit boring, even though they try to be deep.
  • This song was pretty good in my opinion. There were elements that could have definitely been better, like the production, but other than that would listen to again.
  • This song was very easy going and pleasant. It was nice to listen to and chill out to. I would not mind hearing more. Thank you.
  • This was a nice easy-listening piece. Very mellow, the lyrics were good the tune upbeat. I can see listening to this while sitting on the porch swing.

Below is an acoustic version of A Scary Thing by Douglas Haines:

Reviews of A Scary Thing from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (Song Rating: 7.0 out of 10):

  • The guitar playing is very calming and soothing, especially in the intro. The singers vocals are also just as relaxing. The rhythm is very nice and is what makes it calming. This song sounds like something that i'd like to play to sleep to. Seems like it'd have commercial success with country fans or people who enjoy acoustics. But very good song overall!
  • The grace in this song is very touching. The lyrics are gorgeous and touching. The soft dynamic really works well with the acoustic guitar here and the vocals. The lyrics continue to be touching, but there is some clever word play thrown in for the song's touch as well. I love it.
  • The intro is nice and warm with just the guitar. The male voice sounds nice and calming. Relaxing. The pace of the song is great, not to fast, not slow. The back up singer sounded great and just in time. The message of the song is nice, the fact of a simple song with just the guitar and 1 voice is always calming and relaxing.
  • The instrumental beginning at the beginning sounds nice, but once the vocalist starts singing, I start to lose the feeling of the emotion the singer felt when writing this song. This sounds like it could be a very emotional song that displays his love for his significant other, but the singer did a poor job of demonstrating this. Overall, the song came off very weak to me.
  • The lead vocalist has a very strong and talented voice ... that I can tell. But on some notes, he tends to fall flat. Work on that. The backup singer are so in harmony, it adds to the dynamic of the song. The accompaniment is so beautiful.
  • This song has the feel of a sixties folk track in the Bob Dylan era. It seems like a decent storyteller tune. The melody isn't too bad, but it is a little boring. The lyrics talks about a circus and clown. I think this record could get played on college radio during freeform programming. The vocals are sung well and the production is good.
  • Beautiful relaxing song..sounds like a slow country bluegrass song..beautiful guitar..very reflective on life and love. i can dig it. but it's so touchy and feely, sounds like it should be sung by a woman. lost and very feminine definitely depressing and the singer seems like he is very lonely, maybe could have passed during the romantic period of the 1800's.
  • This is an excellent song that I will love to kick my day off with. This song will kick my morning off right. The music is so mellow and relaxing and the lyrics are pretty just like this tune. And the vocals together is what I will call a beautiful duo. The voices are dreamy and each has this pretty and tender tone. One voice is deeper while the other one is more softer. It's a very beautiful blend. And the lyrics are written with perfection and they're very heartfelt.
  • Very acoustic sounding, that's nice. I really like that. I'm getting a Neil Young or Bob Dylan vibe from the vocals. I'm a fan of both of those guys, which makes me like this song more. The way the guitar is sounding reminds me of a great folk band that I'm a huge fan of, Fleet Foxes. The sound of this song is so bold and so unique. That'll make a lot of acoustic/folk music fans want to listen.
  • This intro is slow and I like the guitar intro playing melodies. The voice is very slow and calm. I think the lyrics are suitable to be sung to a loved one because it is heart-warming. I think the lyrics all come together to bring the music even more tight. I like the guitar just playing chords in the back because that doesn't distract the other parts of the song.
  • The music is comforting. It sounds a bit like Mumford and Sons. It is not nearly as good as Mumford and sons but their style is very alike. The harmonizing is soothing and the lyrics are sweet and i like them. I would listen to this song while on a long road trip. I like it and i rate it a 9/10.
  • This song was a bit of a letdown at first. It was very slow and sluggish to draw the opening melody in. It dragged until the male vocals popped on the scene. The guitar drifted in and out of the rhythm. Good vocals and lyrics brought the life to the song.
  • Nice slow and beautiful played song. This song has a very tuneful and soulful beginning that lead to a great foundation for this song and what its about. I love the vocalist's voice its so rich and tuneful.This song has a nice beat with the guitar and the piano playing.
  • I like how the artists voice sounds so smooth and peaceful, it goes right along with the background music making a beautiful melody. It also seems like he putted a lot of time into his lyrics so that it would go along with his background music and at the same time sound really good.
  • His vocals have a weak noise to it. he takes to many long pauses. his melody and guitar don't go together.His lyrics are very plain.His instrumental is off balance.All together the structure of the song was not well put together. I really don't know what else to say about it.
  • The acoustic guitar is very beautiful. The only thing I don't really like about this song is the vocals. They just don't appeal to me very well. The lyrics are good though and are interesting because you don't hear very many songs today that have a lot of meaning in them. There is a lot of good symbolism in this song and also a lot of imagery that just makes the mental picture this song creates vibrant and beautiful.
  • Nice acoustic feel to this song, I think they lyrics were too fast though, but I did like them in the chorus. The singer had a good voice and the guitar arpeggios were good too. The beat and melody were good and I liked the recording, it was very clear and every part of the song was clear.
  • In my opinion, the melody is interesting and memorable. It is not overly complex, which could be a bad thing for some but I like it that way. It is catchy in a simplistic form. The lyrics are thought provoking and inspiring. The instruments bring a balance to the music, which I enjoy. However, it is not weak or plain in anyway. It is a good accomplishment on the singer's part.
  • Country music isn't particularly my favorite genre but in this case, the soothing sound of the music was very calming and I liked how the guy's voice was also very calming and his southern accent sounded very comforting. The lyrics were very beautiful and full of melancholy. Love songs are beautiful and this one was just another perfect example of a love song. Very very nice song!
  • This sounds like Country again this voice sounds very similar and if it is the same his voice sounds a lot better. However the guitar dose not sound as good, but its sounds like another love song slash sad song. But some could view this as a motivational success song in a way, if i was in that kind of mood it could be some kind of an inspirational song. To be fair its hard to understand if there is a story to this song it sounds so to me the chorus plays then some random piece of a love story, for me if it connected it wold sound better.
  • What I like the most about this song is how quickly it jumped into the vocals it was truly astonishing because they were unique and soft making me feel relaxed and at ease. I really enjoy the way the artist has such a melodic voice but what improves the quality of this track was the lyrics they came straight from the heart. I feel like this song could be a success if played on the radio. The instrumentals are so soothing especially the guitar which goes so well with the artist's voice. This song is super extraordinary.
  • This is a good album song, this song is good for the fans of this artist. I don't think that this is good enough for a single, this will not appeal to people who doesn't follow this artist. The instrumental was alright, it was better than the vocals. It had some rhythm to it but it wasn't anything that you could dance to. This is a fair song, it would be great for the fans of this artist, but not for someone who is hearing his music for the first time.
  • The clear steady stream of the guitar's chords light up the intro. The lyrics sound dreamy and heartwarming. The artist voice is very compelling and adds a great amount of depth to the lyrics and the sounds. The instruments make the sound seem as if I am in the audience at the concert where this song is being played. "Take me heart", these are such strong lyrics that well make any woman want to hear this song. I see this song being popular among the female fans and a favorite among couples.
  • Very nice, calm and relaxing i would love to listen to this i think you should publish this on youtube! i think this would be a hit on youtube very calm to listen to when playing games! I like the guitar in the background. Very easily sucsessful. i would like it to have some female vocals it would sound better!
  • Nice easy listening guitar at the beginning. Vocals sound too country for me.I do not enjoy country music thus i do not like this song. No. I do not like this song at all. The guitar is too repetitive and is slightly off beat with the vocalist. the vocals are too country sounding and the lyrics aren't consistent and do not make sense.
  • This song isn't the best but it's very well written and country style. This is very good people should seriously listen to this! This is very good somg but the artist is very well spoken, this needs more treble but less bass. I will say this somg needs some work it needs a stronger voice I think in my opinion. Besides that, this somg is better than a lot others! I will definitely tell my friends to listen to this! But, this somg needs deeper bass but the tune is smooth and it needs to be rough in some spots. The singer is very well.the songwriter made good words and fit them together very well.
  • It was good, i liked it and i would listen to it for pleasure. its a little slow for my liking but i like the lyrics. i definitely liked the mans voice. if i heard this song, it would have me wandering who the artist is and listen to his other songs.
  • This whole song is very soft and subtle feeling throughout, almost like it is just swelling up around you. It has an interesting quiet sound, nothing overpowering or forceful. The lyrics are simple and easy to listen to, and they sound very real and honest with the singers efforts, his tone is rich and real and gentle and adds beautifully to the melody. This whole song has a very deep, even, smooth, comfortable feeling to it, like a gentle lulling sway that is just comforting to listen to. I enjoyed it.
  • I would buy this song. It reminds me of when my dad used to play his guitar out by the campfire. You can tell the artist really has a passion for what he's doing. He's got great guitar melodies and well thought out, meaningful lyrics. I think almost everybody would enjoy this song.