I wrote the lyrics and melody for Ark of Philadelphia, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Elliott Sheridan to record it for me.

Song Title: Ark of Philadelphia

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Ark of Philadelphia

Verse 1:
Over the horizon
there's trouble up ahead
the rumblings of a storm
upon this ground we tread

Do secrets from the past
keep coming back around?
or have the winds of change
come blowing into town?

Here comes the flood
Here comes the rain
gonna set out on this journey
and start my life again

Searching for hope
searching for faith
show me a sign
help me find my place

Searching for love
searching for peace
no answers to find
give me something to believe

Verse 2:
Though I am no prophet
or old religious sage
I build my boat with lessons learned
from battles we all wage

The walls of this city
no longer hold me in
As I close this chapter
a new one will begin

Time to raise the sails
cast my troubles out to sea
put my fate in better hands
and hope it sets me free

After the clouds
after the storm
you shine your light on my face
and make me safe and warm

Searching for hope
searching for faith
show me a sign
help me find my place

Searching for love
searching for peace
no answers to find
give me something to believe

Give me something
something to believe


Reviews of Ark of Philadelphia from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (overall score: 7.1 out of 10):

  • A feel good and light opening that serves as a fine intro for a vocalist who has a lot of talent and passion in their lyrics and the tone they bring to the track.
  • Good song I like the production value. It's very high quality and the artist has a nice voice and vocals are really good. The beat is smooth as well. Loving the vibes from it.
  • Has a nice groove and some catchy melodies. The mix sounds real good, unfortunatly the singing falls short for me a little, not too much, still is a nice song.
  • I HATED THE ARTISTS VOICE!!! The song itself lyrically may not be so bad but it definitely isn't going to work for me with this person singing. Sounds like a bad Brittney Spears song. Mix of country and pop? Please, the song would be so much better with a different artist.
  • I like the rhythm and beat of the music. The vocals fit well with the sound of the music. The lyrics are good and fit with the music.
  • I really enjoyed the guitar playing in this song. I thought it had a nice rhythm and sounded great especially during the beginning of the song. I also liked the vocals a lot.
  • I really liked the guitar in this song. It was relaxing to listen to and it put me in a good mood. I had no complaints about this song at all. Great tune.
  • I think that this song is amazing. The intro is really catchy and makes you want to keep listening to the song. I think that the song writer has an amazing idea and the song is inspirational and awesome.
  • Beat could use a little boost in volume. The mix sounds good other than that. Everything else sounds good.
  • Nice opening , guitar and drums lazy and cool. Male vocalist has a clear, effective voice. He has a light and vibrant style, articulating the lyrics with lots of emotion. Instrumentals add to the placid and mellow tune. It's a clever song and appealing.
  • Oh wow this is a really pretty song I love that you can hear all the indtruments as well and I can relate to the lyrics of this song.
  • Song is upbeat in music. The vocal style is opposite of the music which works for the song. The lyrics are little mundane with nothing really catchy, and it does get a little corny half way into the song.
  • The intro is nice with good guitar sounds, very pretty. The vocal starts strong, with good tone, on beat. The overall blend of the song is good.
  • The melody was very inviting and warm, but the vocals sounded like they needed to be more in balanced with the background track. It felt like the vocalist was just talking at times as opposed to singing.
  • The singer's voice captured my attention. He has a very nice tone to his voice and it has a smooth sound to it. The music is pretty nice, but I don't like how the beat is performed.
  • The vocalist is not someone I would listen to. Sounds far too amateurish. He could probably sound good with lessons, but I am not a fan at this point.
  • This song has great instrumentation. I love the beat. I like the lyrics a lot. Elliott Sheridan has a very good voice. I really enjoyed listening to this song! I look forward to hearing more from this artist in the future.
  • This song is not bad, but there is nothing in this song that really grabs me. Objectively the lyrics are nice and all of the elements fit together well. I would say this is a good song but for some reason isn't my thing.
  • This song sounds smooth and relaxing. It makes me want to relax and be calm and just chill out. I would seek more from this artist. Their voice is very relaxing.
  • Wow, a different Sheridan hitting the scene now! Haha. I like that song title. Feels very profound. It's a pretty cool little song. I'd listen to it again.

Below is an acoustic version of Ark of Philadelphia by Douglas Haines:

Reviews of the acoustic version of Ark of Philadelphia from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (Song Rating: 6.4 out of 10):

  • Sounds like a relaxing sound from nature. The voice is very soothing and refreshing. The guitar is nice and calming. The message is a great one. The voices blend together well and give a sense of calming. The way the guitar and voice sound together is like a smooth sound.
  • You have a good vibe about you. The singing style really matches your voice. You sing in this mellow and slow country rhythm. And the emotions in your voice really fits the mood of the lyrics. The mood of the song based on the emotions in your voice, and the tune is sad. The woman vocals are pretty behind your voice, even though it didn't last long. The tune is probably too basic and simple though, but I do like the melody.
  • The vocalist of this song sounds very affectionate toward the subject he sings about in this piece of music. The pitch and tone of the vocals match the rhythm and tempo of the guitar that the instrumental parts of this song create. I feel very emotional from the feeling in the voice of the singer. A very well written song. The voice sounds like it could use a little bit more of a strong lead on that continues through the song, as the vocalist seems to get weaker, instead of more affectionate toward the topic that he is singing about.
  • The introduction melody of this track sounds calm and rather peaceful. I like the way that the simple instruments blend together to make almost one continuous sound. But, the vocals on the track are by no means in sync with each other and that is a real shame. Otherwise, you could very well have a hit on your hands. The vocal talent is rather strong and definitely deserving of note.
  • Nice mellow intro to this song. I liked the way the guitar sounded in the arpeggio. I think the singers voice was good too he had a great sound to his voice. the lyrics were also pretty good and had a nice meddage to them and the beat and recording sounded good to me too.
  • I know this is going to be a folksy song just by the first 3 seconds. It is somewhat different from other folk songs because the mas voice is very unique and not many other folksy artists have this voice. Once again, the lyrics are very cheesy, which i dont enjoy, but the singers voice makes up for it. I rate it 8/10.
  • This song is very lyrical and singable. The lyrics are softly spoken and sung. The gentle lullaby like style really adds to the song. The lyrics are poetic and gentle. They are also a bit romantic. The guitar adds to that romantic feeling to the song. I would not change a single thing about this song.
  • This song sounds dated and very typical. I do not find the lyrics inspiring and I think that they lack passion and they are pretty conventional. The melody is ok and the vocalist has a decent voice but there is a general lack of energy and substance in this song. In a way this song could put me to sleep. I do not like the composition and the instrumentals are dull and lazy.
  • The intro is quite interesting and I love that little tune. This specific singer sings with a lot of soul and I can actually sense much sadness in his voice as if this was a true problem that happened to him. He does not have a very unique or tasteful voice. e sings with so much emotion that it does not take away from the quality at all.
  • The guitar strumming opening is alright. The singer sounds ok as well, the lyrics aren't that appealing though. The quality of the audio is actually decent, very impressive. The second vocal layer was a nice finish, it helped the lead dude, alot. Hope your way into the music industry goes well dude.
  • I really liked the rustiness of the artists voice. i liked the calmness and sadness of the song. i would listen to this song for fun. i really liked it because it sounds alternative to me. i liked the meaning of the lyrics, it could relate to plenty of people, i can relate to it.
  • A smooth guitar starts out the song followed by a male singer who has a smooth voice also. The vocals of the song and instruments match really well and work together to create a beautiful sounding tune for the song. The singers voice relaxes me and his lyrics are quite meaningful and easy to connect to. The guitar solo parts are really nice, but I think I would prefer a different sounds there.
  • It's an inspiring old story telling song. The singer sounds sad and a little predictable. Lost love and desperation seem to be carrying the song. The music itself isn't bad. The vocalists voice isn't bad but the lyrical content seems cheesy and overdone. It's uninspired and overdone. The instrumental part isn't original but it's good quality for an old country tune if the lyrics were changed.
  • The beat to this song was well composed and perfectly put together. The musical instruments were soft and natural which helped create a positive atmosphere. The vocalist was leading with a positive attitude which reflected on the rest of the song. The lyrics were interesting and i did want to hear more.
  • The old sounding voice did not appeal to me at all. This song would have been better with a fresher, higher voice. I do love the lyrics to this song because they tell the story of a life. I like the simplicity of the guitar in the back ground that was a good music choice. This song would have been better with a piano and a high pitched voice.
  • I think this song is very calming because there is a smooth guitar and the mans voice is very soothing to. This song would be good to be listened to while reading because it calms you down. I would rate this song a 9/10.
  • This is a beautiful song, if you like indie or folk music you will enjoy this song the instrumental is close an intimate. the vocals are beyond amazing, both of these artists really know how to sing and keep a good harmony going, i can see this being in a movie.
  • This song brought such a huge smile to my face. I smiled all through the song. I can see this singer up on stage singing while playing the guitar. It is a joy to imagine this while listening. The lyrics are well written and easy to follow. There is not much space in between the verses and not much repeating with the refrains. The playing of the guitar is very soothing and smooth. The background instruments are complementary. The overall performance of this song is amazing. It is a rich sounding song. This singer has an extreme talent.
  • The lyrics are of substance and I can tell as soon as the song begins they sound truly beautiful and full of soul. The vocals are spectacular to match the instrumentals and lyrics which are very appealing. As a whole this entire song it perfect. It is a song of great potential and I would definitely buy it as the rhythm itself is to die for.
  • Nice and gentle chords. But the singer is not as talented. The intro in the beginning is too short and the voice comes in too sharp. Not something that I would choose to listen to on my own. The song is slow and calm but there are multiple voices which is confusing.