I wrote the lyrics and melody for Are We There Yet?, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Chris Davidson to record it for me.

Song Title: Are We There Yet?

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Are We There Yet?

Verse 1:
Just a little boy
full of dreams
and counting stars

A world of magic innocence
in the backseat
of our car

Singing to the radio
playing all those silly games
with every mile passing by
it will never be the same

Are we there yet?
How much longer more to go
Are we there yet?
Riding down that open road

Verse 2:
Like headlights on the highway
we move on
through the night

Each year
a mile marker
of our sadness and delight

Singing to the radio
windows down, as I drive
on the winds of a summer breeze
those memories come alive

Are we there yet?
How much longer more to go
Are we there yet?
Riding down that open road

Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?
Are we there


Reviews of Are We There Yet? from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 5.8 out of 10):

  • This is a very classic rock sound with an acoustic heavy guitar sound, the acoustic is a bit boomy and the electric could be in a bit more, separate the guitar tracks and use e.q. to make them different, the vocals sat well and the singer was on but the tune seems to be a bit dragging and you might re record at a bit faster tempo to make it more exciting and to make the vocalist sound better, all and all a cool home made demo that shows promise but a mediocre performance and song, a great start and you are on your way, keep writing and recording and it will only get better, concentrate on the low end drums, kick and bass should be level and different frequency to make them more of a foundation, this is a big cluster and needs panning, e.q. work and separation to make all of the instruments sound better and have their own space in the mix.
  • I really enjoyed the background music. The lyrics are great and they tell a wonderful story. The guitar player is extremely talented. the artist voice is ok but it's nothing earth shattering. the song and voice does not have that wow factor that I was looking for that reason I don't think the song will be a big hit.
  • The beat and melody are in tune and really catchy. They aren't too fast, and aren't too slow. There aren't many instruments being played. The vocals are clear and strong. I can understand the lyrics, and there is meaning behind them, and I can relate to the song. The instruments do not drown out the vocals, which gives the artist a clear chance to sing. The verse and chorus are played nicely. There is a good pitch change at the chorus, and there is an instrumental, giving the song structure.
  • I think the song has an amazing guitarist and drum player. They both should have solo spots in the concerts. The singer is really allowing the song to come from his heart. Rhythm is smooth and composing. Lyrics are fantastic and I think the song belongs on the radio and in commercials. The singer will become very famous if he stays on this path.
  • I liked the vibrant, bouncy and upbeat opening to this song and was pleased that the lyrics kicked in so early. They seemed quite thought through and meaningful as well. The rhythm was fast paced and upbeat and the backing instrumental did not take any attention away from the lyrics so I could clearly understand them.
  • This is a very nice sounding track. It has a catchy melody to it, with great lyrics and creative delivery of them along with the music. The arrangement of the verses and the choruses are well organized, and the bands performance is great. In my humble opinion, it's overall production could be better if the drums, keys, and guitar had a bit more reverb added to them to balance them with the reverb on the singer's vocals, better preparing it for radio airplay.
  • The introduction of the song executes very well. The melodies and instrumentals heard were very impressive. The tone and emotion that the singer brought was also very well executed. I could hear the amount of emotion and message that the song had to offer. I really had hoped that there would've been some more impact though, and throughout the middle of the song, I heard the singer having trouble adjusting the pitch of his voice. Overall, the song was great listening to. Although, I was not satisfied with the climax and felt disturbed by the singer's errors, it was a great listen. I can see this song inspiring many people in the future.
  • Quite a john mayer intro. keep it that way. vocals are perfect with the whole tone. the guitar is perfect. however along the line the vocal kind of dropped. the audio is not checked properly. fix it. i like the relaxing feel of the atmosphere. keep it up. very good. very swag. the lyrics is somewhat sad. but it does suit the music.
  • The song starts lively this makes me happy and is the music I like. When the vocalist enters it makes me feel less happy. This is not music I listen to and I hate it . I know people that would like this. It has a possibility of being a hit. In conclusion 3/10.
  • The music was off at the beginning, it was out of time. The lyrics were very nice and sweet, "singing to the radio" "little boy" the backing voices joined in at good timing but the instruments at the beginning did not. The vocals were a bit boring, it was the same pitch the same tempo through out the entire song, apart from the backing vocals.
  • Sounds like another classic country loop to start off the song. The singer is definitely authentic. I don't really think that the beat to the song goes with the feel of it. The singer isn't really that talented and it sounds like a drunk bar song. A better job could be done with the lyrics and the instruments in the background could be better as well. He stays on a loose beat and that feel is not one that I particularly like.
  • This song is brilliant. I love the use of the guitar, the voice that has been used for this. My only downside would be that the lyrics aren't too great. That is the only reason why I am going to have to rate this a little lower than a 10. This song is good though as the guitar and drums have helped to create a postive vibe which is what was needed for this.
  • Yes i love this song very much because the lyrics relate and the instrumentals are really cool like 450 nig it its really nice also the harmony and arrangements make me happy, it's really special to me! i think that every mile passing by will never be the same as i hear this song because it is so well made and has potential! very good melody.
  • The guitars in this song do not mesh at all - the rhythm sounds disjointed and confusing to the listener. The vocals sound unconfident and could definitely be better framed by the instrumental, they sound recorded on top of the song. The piano nor shadow vocals do not translate well, and would definitely improve with better mixing. Some vocalizations sound hesitant and misplaced. There is something artificial sounding about the instruments in this, and the voice could use a better mic - it sounds like it's coming across a large room (and not in a purposeful way that lends to the song.) It would be best that the piano permeated the entire song, and the weird vocal looping be entirely omitted. If you wanted some creative aspect to this, the latter part of the song with "empty space" in it would be filled nicely by sampling a radio broadcast or movie speech of some kind, it kind of does well with the "in a car" "are we there yet" thing going on in the lyrics. Also, the drums are awful. You need more of a crescendo towards the end, some point of interest in order to engage the listener.
  • Good catchy beginning. Nice melody and rhythm in the beginning. Very soothing and heart-warming.The vocals match the music really well. It sounds organized. I like the lyric also. Very appealing and inspiring. I really enjoyed listening to the song, it sounds like something that can be played in a scene in a movie. Original and expressive. Melodies are well-shaped and melodious.
  • This song had a nice beat and the lyrics had a strong meaning to them, talking about growing up and the things we miss as children. But the vocals seemed to be distant compared to the band, almost like the singer was singing far away from the microphone. The melody was nice and the instruments were in sync, but it seemed like the lyrics lagged behind the music and didn't flow together nicely. There were breaks in the song and it didn't seem like the song was in tune. The music at the front seemed almost too long, I believe the vocals should be introduced sooner as to capture the listeners' attention. The lyrics were meaningful but I think that they should be more descriptive, they seemed almost too simple for a folk/alternative song. I think this song has potential, but the lyrics and beat need to flow together, and the singer needs to be louder so it doesn't seem like he is so far away. The vocals need to be the focal point and what is being heard first, not the band.
  • Unique song and artist have some promising voice. This song wasn't that great due to some weaknesses in singer's voice. The words were quite good with some meaningful lyrics. Beat was decent too but song wasn't filled up with much contents as there were few gaps. Few weaknesses in this song as it lacks some vital sound effects. The melody wasn't that good and the harmony was a bit shaky. Although artist have a great voice but they need to work on better instrumental for more advanced output.
  • I am enjoying the happy guitar that starts off the song and the vocals that would remind someone of their childhood. This song feels slightly country. Although im not a fan of country im still enjoying this because of the happy sounding feel that the song gives off. Overall good melody and beat with a nice vocal.
  • This song has a bit of dreary feel to it. But it has a country vibe to it as well as most of them do but something about this song just doesn't work. The guitar feels a bit flat, theres no difference between any parts of the song. The drums are very basic like a 2 year old is playing them. Hating the echo on the extended notes, it just sounds like an 80s christmas ballad. Then it goes back into country.

Below is an acoustic version of Are We There Yet? by Douglas Haines

Reviews of the acoustic version of Are We There Yet? from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 6.2 out of 10):

  • The guitar at the beginning of the song has a very encouraging tune, and it actually sounds a little bit inspirational. The vocals in this song sing great lyrics, and has a great sound. I do not like country music, but this song is actually not bad, and you did a good job with the creation of this country song.
  • The intro of the song sounded solemn and that the artist had a very important thing to say. I do like the ballad style that this song in tackling. The musical accompaniment and the harmonies on this track are amazing and add a lot of depth to the ballad. The vocalist himself does not have a very pleasing voice, and does not keep in key and just sounds really bad.
  • This country song exists in hundreds of others. It's not creative lyrically and doesn't have much to offer in terms of music diversity. The chord progression stays the same and there is no climax or exciting point in which the listener is captivated. It stereotypically about dirt roads, the children, and memories. I don't dig it.
  • The introduction with the acoustic guitar was very interesting and hooked me on the melody. His vocals were distinctive and he has a unique voice from others. His lyrics were deep and inspiring, they had a deeper meaning than most would perceive it to be. His instruments were balanced, imaginative, and creative. I think that overall this man has a good gift and a lot of talent he may be the next big country singer.
  • I feel like this is an interesting song. To be honest I find it to be a great choice for many genres. I think that it needs more passion in the lyrics, they seem predictable in a lot of areas and very generic. I don't like the songs transitions, they are too boring and don't really hold a certain note.
  • The lyrics are great and the introduction is the best. The lyrics I can relate to when he said if you dream you can count the stars or something similar to that . The guitar gives me a soothing type of beat and I love it .. I love this . The beat is amazing and comply with the guitar. The tempo is just right.
  • I like the way you are taking your time and not rushing through the song. Perfection takes time. The tone and harmonies of the instruments were played with integrity and charm. Rhythm has a classical background beat. I think this song has a good chance of getting played on the radio.
  • I like the raw and emotional feel to the beat its very good an fun feeling. But the singer needs some lessons because he's voice is nice but it's very shaky and sort of whiny. But the song has potential, and might be an smash.
  • I am enjoying the dreamy guitar introduction. Really love the vocals and the lyrics. This guy should be a country star. HE has a fabulous country tone to his voice. The lyrics are so country and tell a wonderful story. The guitar accompaniment is simple and work so well with the singing and the lyrics. Great job:)
  • The way this tune chimes along is pretty nice and really does a good job at maintaining a decent rhythm section. The tasteful lyrics is what gives this song muscle. The emotion is the singers voice sounds organic and just feels right. The way this song ends though is not very gradual and just kind of ends right away and I don't like that very much.
  • The beat goes with the melody as well as the lyrics. His vocals are crisp followed by the tone of pitch that's coming out. Commercial potential this artist has, it seems that he shares a connection with his home town. I feel as if I am on a open road as the hook is "Are we there yet". Outstanding piece I will be giving this a A plus rating good job.
  • The voice was soothing and nice. The song in general was nothing unique or new. It sounds like almost every other folk-sy anthem song. The chorus became a little much to bare with the constant question of "Are we there yet?". I found myself asking if I was at the end of the song midway through. Thankfully this track is short and so I didn't end up completely hating it.
  • The guitar solo at the beginning of the song was a very nice introduction that lead to the singers very soulful tenor. His voice is deep and filled with a lot of emotion. The guitar in the background is really nice and I could hear this song being sung beautifully live. I like that this song is song and performed in an acoustic format. The arrangement of guitar with lead and background vocals works really well together. The meaning behind the song is a little generic but the singer does get his message across. I am not a fan of country music but I would not mind hearing this song at a concert.
  • The Guitar is very classic and its playing a very basic tune which is nice. The lyrics are very reflective and the voice is on key and its blending very smoothly with the guitar and the story that he's singing is very poetic but it so short and sweet which is really unique.
  • The guitar intro makes it an interesting hint to keep listening to the song. The singer's voice is pretty much a standard for this genre, yet sometimes the pronunciation makes it a bit difficult to understand. The lyrics become repetitive by the mid-time of the song, which gives the tune a boring quality towards the end.
  • I'm loving the smooth sound of this track. I really would love to do this but would really really love to be a manager or something. Nice vocals tho. This is good music too. Something I could vibe to. Oh, and nice intro. I can't forget about the outro tho cause its all perfectly put together. Nice.
  • Would sound better with just simple strumming and less chord changes/variations, especially at the start. Voice goes reasonably well with the guitar. 'Are we there yet?' is strongest sequence, but repeated too much almost to make up for the lack on other areas. Good finish, poor start.
  • The vocal recording sounds kind of fuzzy. The guitar key is very pretty. The harmony could use a 3rd level maybe? I enjoyed the catchy chorus. I wish the demo was longer! I thoroughly enjoyed the song, however it doesn't seem like number one hit quality. It's more like a song you fall in love with on an album after hearing it once and thinking " i can't believe that was the same band!"
  • The beginning of this song sounded like an old Taylor Swift song. I liked it at first. When I started to listen to the lyrics, I liked it more. Even though every single country song sounds like this, I found something about this song nice. It was calming and sounded like something I would listen to on a road trip.
  • Very nice acoustic strum, vocals ten out of ten. A unique song as you can feel the story spoken out by the singer as if he is experiencing it then and there. A great song for easy listening and sitting back relaxing, I quite enjoy the way the soft playing of the guitar is supported by his soft singing and soothing voice. A potential hit song in the future!
  • This song has hard beats and very good vocals. this song express the love it took making it, also the beats in the background is very hard. I think this song should be played in the movies when a character jumps or something. I really like the songs without the lyrics and vocals. this song is very hard and very soothing. the rating on this would be somewhere around 5-6/10.
  • I love the sound of the guitar. The singer cuts in too early. I would have loved to hear more guitar first but seeing as how the singer's voice just ruins it, there's probably no remedy for the vocalist besides giving him some vocal LESSONS. However, the lyrics are stellar. I rate this a 3.
  • This has a really nice acoustic to it and has a cool voice but it is a little slow for me. I would listen to it in my free time and the lyrics are nice. The man also has a really calming voice. I also enjoy the simple use of only one instrument as it gives emphasis to his voice and gives the very calm and relaxing vibe. I know many people who would definitely be into this song regardless of their genre preferences.
  • This song is good for plenty of people who like country music and good song lyrics like this very good song that I'm listening to so if you're at country side and like smooth country music you would love to listen to this smooth country song. so i will be giving this song a 9/10.
  • I like the introduction in how it starts with a slow tempo and then gradually picks up the pace. This particular song sounds like it is part country genre and part easy listening genre. The strumming on the guitar had a gentle melody. The words to this song of "Are we there yet" I can relate to very well. I have heard it many times such as kids always seem to ask that very question while traveling. The vocals fell off at times but on the flip side this song had at least a two-part harmony on vocals during the chorus. This had a nice touch which gave the song some warmth. I would say that this is an average run of the mill song.
  • The intro of the doing is really peaceful and soft. It has such a nice country feel in the intro and sound nice. Your voice is nice and well controlled through out the song. I think this sin could be played on the radio and be enjoyed by a lot of people. The rhyme and beat produced by the acoustic guitar is really pleasant.
  • Nice start of the song very calm and chill i really like it a lot.I personally would fix it by adding a few more tune to it like a little more bass instruments at the moment for me its a bit borning. However i understand that this is a sadness song so it a choice.The lyrics are strong and powerful and has a strong sense of emotional feeling.
  • The song starts off with a nice acoustic guitar playing in the background. The lyrics seem to be about a road trip with the man and his family. "Are we there yet?" It sounds as the kids are getting impatient and he's just amazed about how they look. He's making memories with his loved ones. I liked the guitar the whole time. The lyric seem happy and they paint a picture of a man who is driving with his family. He's looking in the rearview mirror and smiles at his kids playing and being happy.
  • The opening riffs remind of something right out of a James Taylor album. In a way that's a plus for this artist, as it shows they have traits of an established artist, however it also takes away from the originality of the piece. The tune is easy to follow and the chorus sounds beautiful, if repetitive. The topic itself is easy to relate to. Almost everyone has been the kid in the back of a car asking "are we there yet", and in a broader sense, throughout life as we seek personal fulfillment, we ask ourselves that quite often. The harmonies are simplistic, but work well with the feeling of the song and add an almost wistful quality to the chorus. Sometimes however it sounds as if the artist is straining his voice, which detracts a bit from the overall sound quality of the piece. It also sounds very similar to most country or folk type songs, which may hinder the artist in his attempts to stand out from the crowd of the all the artists out there of the same genre. Overall it's a very nice piece of work, with relatable lyrics, nice instrumentals, a good voice, and a pleasing melody. If I were the artist, I would work on making sure I treat my voice well and sing what best fits my vocal range, and creating a distinct personality with my music.
  • I didnt really care for the song as a whole, it was overly repetitive and just overall boring . The guy has a good voice just really simple lyrics. Felt as though I could have written the words to this song. It lost my interest quickly. It might do good for a driving sequence in a movie but not for a radio hit.

Below is a remix of Chris Davidson's version of Are We There Yet? by Caruano95