I wrote the lyrics and melody for Another Bullet In The Chamber, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Chris Davidson record a version of it for me.

Song Title: Another Bullet In The Chamber

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Another Bullet In The Chamber

Verse 1:
They say that love is war
we all end up with scars
men fight a losing battle
while hanging out on mars

Sometimes a star burns bright
and then it fades away
nothing fills that hole
when nothing's left to say

Should we hide and run for cover
as alarms ring out in danger?
each passing day tears us apart
one more bullet in the chamber

Verse 2:
The castle walls they crumble
no longer king and queen
hear marching of the drummers
like ghosts in the machine

The sun will always set
the sun will always rise
but never will I see again
hope gleaming in your eyes

When did smiles from a friend
change to glances from a stranger?
every season of our life
another bullet in the chamber

Every season of our life
another bullet in the chamber

Every season of our life
another bullet in the chamber

Reviews of Another Bullet In The Chamber from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 7.1 out of 10):

  • The song starts with some thunder storming type sounds and then transitions into a nice piano melody. I really enjoyed this song. The male voice sounds so peaceful to match the music. There is a quiet percussion beat in the background of the piano melody. I love the harmony with the vocalists. The song has a very calming and relaxing feeling to it. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this piece. The vocalist sounds like he almost has a British accent. I am not sure if the song has a clear hook, but the song is very calming and I would listen to it again.
  • I love the background music. The artist has a lovely voice. I love that there are two voices meshed together and they mesh together well I might add. I enjoyed the lyrics but still found the song a little dull. both artists are very talented and have what it takes to make it in the music business but not with this song.
  • Interesting sound samples used in the intro: war sounds, helicopter? The patriotic sounding percussion and the piano are an interesting segue into the verses, as is the lead vocalist's voice. It sounds like the only percussion on this is a snare drum and only a couple of notes on the piano. Even though the instrumental quality is simple, I like it. I can't stop listening to it. The guitar licks were also simple. This is not exactly mixed like an acoustic track, yet the engineering on it needs some polish. This song has potential.
  • Wow I thought that this bank was similar to pink floyd at first but then it mellowed out. Very nice harmonizing. Interesting instrumentals. This song grabbed my attention right away. Lyrics are dark. I like dark lyrics. This song would probably be popular with people in their twenties and thirties. Wow I love the guitar solo, this is such a unique song. Id highly reccomend this group.
  • The song starts out with the sound of war and comes into piano into the song. This is really a way of making the music and the song your own. This is a great way to present a song. It freely has a fresh sound. The singers are really nice to listen to I give the song a 10.
  • The beginning has a war theme to it then skips to a sweet slow song. If i had to I would remove the war theme from the song and just start with the slow melody. I like the singer, he has a decent voice. And the lyrics are good. I don't think I would listen to this on a regular basis. all and all a good song that's why i had to go a 7 on this only because the war theme threw me off but it does fit with the lyrics so i guess.
  • I immediately liked the classic drumming in this song - I love military drumming. Hearing it in tandem with the piano and the melancholy lyrics was perfect. I liked the lyrics, which were easy to listen to and understand, and I liked the harmony of voices for the chorus. I liked the fade in of the guitar and the steady background beat of the drums through the song. I can easily imagine myself buying this song and the album it's on sometime in the future. It has a haunting melody and a gripping chorus, and I really enjoyed it.
  • This song was a little weird in my opinion. The lyrics were a little tacky. I also didn't think that it was necessarily upbeat enough for me. I wouldn't listen to it but I am sure there are some that would. Some recommendations that I have would include more instruments to diversify the sound. Also maybe the use of a background singer might be useful to this group.
  • The warlike intro is ok. I am somewhat confused with how the drums were introduced. I feel that the drums were introduced a couple seconds too early, or at the very least they needed to be brought in with more fade and slower. I do like the lyrics. I think that the second singer is a bit too loud compared to the first singer, which honestly hit my ears wrong. I do like the instruments that are being used. The singer has a very good tone for the emotions he is trying to get out in the song. The second time the second singer comes in is much better than the first time he comes in. I really like the drums during the rest of the song. The guitar is very beautiful. I like the beat and rhythm and I can definitely feel the flow of the song.
  • Intro begins with the echoes of war sounds and a drum roll fading into a pretty piano melody. A quirky brit-pop vocalist leads us from the verse into a nice harmonized chorus. The lyrics referencing bullets in the chamber are somewhat dark but the melody keeps the song light. A subtle but strong arrangement kept me listening to the anti war sentiments.
  • Not sure where we are going with drummers and lightning in the beginning of the song, sounds like a sound track, basic beat is pleasant love love the singers voice, words are sentimental, drums make sense in the middle, would buy this song online, sweet voices, has meaning to me.
  • Emotional... yes life is like a chamber of war. we never know what will happen tomorrow. I think that the beginning of the song should be changed. A different type of entry, Shorten. The theme of war does make sense. I think it could be used for a movie soundtrack.
  • I already love this track. I can hear the violence in the track and it attracts me to the war effort in nations to construct themselves as evident democracies. WOW a quick flip to love in war! I love the vocalist. The vocalist could easily be seen as a U2 type of group. I can tell this song is for a war effort somewhere but I don't know where. Very melodic in reference to the vocalist the instrumental and the tone.
  • Machine gun fire? Violence as mood setter for a beginning to yet another military sympathetic cash in? Comparing love to war with military beats and a stately piano feels a touch like too obvious to me. Using battle ground drumming and fifties acoustic guitar chords and a harmonious pair seems like it has been done before. Platitudes of sad love feel too forced. Not great.
  • Can this song get any better? I loved the introduction so kxuh likes. War thing going on. The tune was amazing. Very productive. The lyrics were so good I can tell you wrote this song from personal experience. That's why I love to hear that. The melody needed no work it was great! I love this song, you sounded exactly like Sam smith.
  • This song starts out with the sounds of a sniper like in war, perhaps in Iraq as well as the sound of a drum beating military style, from there it goes to some piano chord progression. The lyrics go with the war intro, stating that "they say love is war" explaining why they just sampled the gun shots. The lyrics are meaningful and I like the metaphor they use, talking about love as if it were war. The voice of the man singing is nice and soft, a hush tone is used in this song but I think it works with the song. I think this is really cool and I like how the military drum is played throughout the whole thing and the military war metaphor is used throughout the whole song.
  • Interesting opening. The sound of gunshots got my attention and the drum harmonized with it so well. The singer does a great job. I can hear him crisp and clear. His voice is just a little louder than the music, but with this style of music it works. The piano lends a great touch to the song. The drum line makes a strong statement while the piano paints the song as a sad tribute. The instruments are well played and are the perfect combination to this song. The lyrics are strong and convey the point. They work with the music to paint a strong scene. The harmony part that starts at "should we run and hide for cover" looses the song a bit. The voices just don't match up well. I can't figure out if it's just a mismatch of tones or if the volume of the two voices doesn't quite blend. This part is far too loud for the music to keep up with. This takes away from the song. Overall: This song sounds great and the lyrics are powerful. The music is well composed and played. The only real issue to iron out is the Harmony. Well done!
  • Looks like a military style song from the introduction and the music slowly picks up with the vocals providing a great deal of comfort. The vocals and the back ups are in an unique sync with each other, which is the biggest strength along with the instrumental music. I would say the music is soothing and the voice even more, the song on the face value makes you want to listen to it again and again, guitar interlude adds extra magic to the song. The song is tremendous and I would say an extremely positive song with great background sounds as well.
  • The intro to this song was well done, starting off sounding like your in the middle of a warzone and slowly changing up the scenery with a marching band sound which changes up the whole mood of the song and is fun. The vocals are nice and have nice rhythm, although this genre doesn't interest me much this song intrigued me and i enjoyed it. The mixing/mastering of the song could have been better. Overall I enjoyed this track.

Below is an acoustic version of Another Bullet In The Chamber performed by Douglas Haines:

Reviews of the Douglas Haines acoustic version of Another Bullet In The Chamber from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 7.2 out of 10):

  • The vocals were very nice to hear in this track. I think the artist was excellent in this performance. I like that this track is just vocals. Very unique song with a nice structure. The artist was professional and really delivered in this track. Well done.
  • The singers that really begin the song sound a bit too flat an boring. Their vocals aren't exactly the most enthusiastic either. I feel like there could be some harmony in their voices. I also don't like the duet very much. This is a strange song to be honest and needs some more positive throughout the bridge.
  • Every listener loves to hear a soft and melodic beat that's enjoyable to listen to at any time of the day. This song did just that, to say at the least! The instrumental tone was great to listen to and was greatly complemented by the sweet tone of the artist. Overall, it combined to create a great song that I would listen to again!
  • One quiet song with guitar riffs being easy on the old mind here and again is heard. This sad sounding vocal is somewhat nice to listen to. His harmonies are that of a determined musician and singer, his voice made for some type of singing for sure. The chords of his singing reflect on what is on his mind all the time. It seems like this song was written just for him. The sound of the background is somewhat light and wish there was some other instrument at times other than a guitar.
  • The acoustics in this song were really tender and gentle, it had a nice slow rhythm to it. The artist needs to make his voice more unique because he sounds like almost every other singer here. The meaning of this piece was really profound and it made me think about it for a bit even after the song was done, wow.
  • The opening instrumentals are really pretty and I like the authentic solo sound. The guitar work and specific is absolutely gorgeous and really makes an impact on the introduction of the song! The following vocals are very outstanding and I feel as if they carry a lot of emotional depth. The lyrics are also beautiful and I love the meaning and storytelling behind them!
  • Lyrics! These are everything. So emotive without over exaggerating the story line. I like the production as well. I'm not quite sure if I would have chosen this vocalist on something like this but it works for the country rock ballad genre. I would love to here a version of this done with a woman just to add some depth to the song vocally because lyrically you can't get any better.
  • Nice mix of voices for the song, can hear both peopleand it sounds very fluent and nice together. Good lyrics, different but meaningful words. Background music is nice, low enough to understand lyrics that are being sung. Very calming and soothing song to listen to. Should maybe to a higher pitch with some of the lyrics or change volumes more.
  • This song has a beautiful melody. It is very nice to listen to and to relax with it. It has a beautiful personality. The guitar sounds extremely nice and the vocals in this song are nice to listen to as well. This production is super nice and it it really beautiful too.
  • I always feel relaxed when I hear an acoustic track. And this is no different. As a matter of fact, this track may be one of the best I have heard in a while, very similar to the style of Lady Antebellum. The soft melody of the guitar is welcome to the ears and is nicely accompanied by the soft melody of the artist's voice.
  • The melody grabs the listener's attention with a tuneful and unique but memorable introduction which is then followed up by heart warming and rich vocals performed to an excellent quality. The lyrics are inspiring, deep and clever making the song even better and giving something for the listener to sing along to.
  • The mans voice is not the strongest or the most on pitch but its pretty good for the type of song this is and it is actually really fitting. The melody is very simple ut very moving and catchy, i feel like someone is pulling on my heartstrings. I would probably choose to listen to this song on my own if i had the mp3.
  • If you like country music this song is for you. Sweet and sensitive. A voice very precious like an angel tone. Sending a message through the music this audio is very passive. Gives you something to think about. I can see this being on the radio and becoming very popular. Very romantic for couples or sorrowing in your thoughts.
  • Love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it. The voice in this is very gorgeous. The lyrics are very meaningful and deep. The instruments used in this song were well played and were very gentle. Definitely something i'd listen to when trying to relax.
  • I love the beautiful melody the acoustic guitar plays in the introduction. The male lead has a romantic quality to his voice. The harmonies are crisp and clean and add a nice dimension to this song. The simplicity of this song makes it honest and authentic. I feel like it is very easy to listen to and a lot of people will enjoy this track.
  • Unclear how I feel about this song. Has some typical country elements. Nothing that stands out. The singer has a nice voice, but nothing outstanding. The acoustic feel almost makes it rely on his vocals to make it sound country. The lyrics do not really distinguish the type of music, could work just well in a more rock song.
  • I really enjoyed the intro, it was calm and melodic. Then I was surprised by beautiful, clear, soft vocals that convinced me of what was being said. This song is so thoughtful. It has so much meaning. I listen to the lyrics and feel like I'm there. There is such great vocal control and I appreciate that the music is playing quietly in the background so that I can hear and appreciate the voice.
  • Absolutely love this! The voice/vocals are just beyond perfect! The tone is deep and unforgettable! Really pulls me into the song. The music is just right, gentle enough to go with a good flow with the the lyrics. This lyrics are meaningful and passionate! I can hear the emotions being sung through this song. Has a s light country and western feel to it. I would definitely purchase this.
  • Loved the guitar, simple but with a lot of purpose, but the "twang" on the voice was a bit much for me. The chorus was masterful, and the lyricism was fantastic, this is a song I'd listen to while on a road trip. I'd love to learn the geographical origins of the artist to find what influenced them. I'd love to hear more from them.
  • This song hurts me for a variety of reasons. The singer has clear talent and the song has great emotional moments. But these fall flat with a load of cliched lyrical tropes that weave together to make a quasi-sensical story. This is simply a song that could have been stunning had it not been for downright lazy songwriting. It's still passable acoustic rock with a few bright spots.
  • This song is really good. It reminds me almost of John Mayer in his earlier days. The song is rather slow, and the singer has a light voice that makes this song very soothing. It has a haunting tone but it is very enjoyable to listen to. I would probably add this to my normal playlist.
  • Very nice song to listen to. I thought it would be something like a lullaby because of the beginning chord progression but the lyrics are quite sad while the melody is very mellow. The harmony in the chorus is beautiful and the song is quite emotional, event hough the melody may not be that original.
  • What a nice guitar intro. This song has a very soothing style even if the topic is depressing. Very clean sounding song. I could see this type of song being played during a show like Blacklist where they use music to emphasize a series of scenes. This song is ready to play, no improvements that I can see.
  • The song's introduction is gentle and lulling, and the finger picking shows definite talent on the player's part. The singer has a robust yet sweet voice which is well suited to the song. The harmonies are dynamic, interesting enough that I am happy at the addition. The lyrics are somewhat dry in that they refer to the same stereotypical ideas espoused in country music, so it comes across as cliched, but luckily the vocalist can compensate for this. I also quite like the refrain "another bullet in the chamber" - this lyrical idea really stuck out to me, and perhaps if the song more so focused on that idea it'd be more fascinating and poetic.
  • I love the soft opening to this track and was happy when the vocalist cut in that he has a voice similar in tone. The lyrics are good and obviously well thought out, the vocalist has the right level of passion in his voice to make the song emotive and sound relevant to me. The slow tempo would make this ideal for a slow dance, while the atmosphere created by the vocals and lyrics helps it to sound so romantic. Lovely.
  • A sad country song, with guitar accompaniment. Talking about something that used to good but is now gone. possibly about losing a friend that you once cared for a lot.This song is very relatable. I think it can be improved by making it a duet though. With a lovely female voice. That would make the song absolutely stunning and perfect.
  • I love love love this song. Its so raw and beautiful. This song has so much potential to be a top 100 billboards for country music. The lyrics are so sweet and caring, you can tell this song took months to be put together because its so well put together. Love the acoustic guitar and just how sweet and comforting it is.
  • The intricate picking at the begining gives this song a romantic sound that goes well with the lyrics. The lyrics themselves are underwheelming and unpoetic; two details that are important for creating a stand-out love song. However, the harmonies give the raspy voice some depth that take the song to a new level. While I personally would not choose to listen to this song in my freetime, I think this will be popular among people who enjoy listening to slow rock and country music. This song is too simple for everyday listening, but just simple enough to have the right feel to it.
  • Gives off a country vibe. To be honest, I'm really not a fan of country or anything that sounds remotely country. This would be a good song for the Vietnam war period. I actually liked how your lyrics were consistent with your theme and I could feel the emotion and effort you put into this song. Don't let my rating discourage you, you really did a good job. It's just that I don't like stuff that sounds like country music or makes me think of country music.
  • This song has a country feel to it due to the guitar playing in the background, but it sounds beautiful. The male vocals are phenomenal. The lyrics are nice as well. Thoroughly enjoyed this song although I am not a huge fan of country the song left a good impression.
  • A well played acoustic guitar passage is followed by fine vocals in this attractive country track. The well written lyrics are all sung with clarity and in a well enunciated, and expressive style. The double tracking of the vocals works well. The tuneful score is well crafted, and arranged in an admirable understated fashion. An adeptly recorded, performed, and executed track.
  • Beginning is very a well shaped, smooth, and melodic guitar before being met with soulful and clear vocals. They richly express the refrain ("another bullet in the chamber"). The vocal layers sound well harmonized and the transition into them is smooth. The overall guitar melody is well timed and engaging. This musician is obviously very accomplished. I think the overall biggest strength of this is that it flows remarkably well and the lyrics - which are sung with great emotion - are easy to follow because they are so clear and melodic. Style is simple but honest, and it works.
  • The first intro riffs sounded like old Fleetwood Mac. Now i can tell it has country overvtone. Very relaxing guitar tone. Its a little too sad for me though, wish it was a littled more upbeat but it was a great song.
  • The introduction of this song fully grabbed my attention. As soon as the lyrics began, I could immediately tell this would be a thought provoking song. As I continued to listen to the song, I was proven right! The lyrics are very captivating. The vocals sound very nice and although the vocalist sings very mellow, it still is powerful for the tone of the song. I could see this getting air time on the radio . The music and the vocals were in perfect harmony and I truly liked the overall arrangement of this song.
  • This song was OK to listen to and to review. It really isn't necessarily up my alley or what I normally listen to, but I can see where some rock fans would like it. It is a little bit too slow for my liking. The song seems to drag. I could see where the lyrics could be easily related to for some people. All in all, I'd say the song is average to below average. I wasn't a huge fan of the singer's vocals, and there wasn't much in the way of guitar, either.
  • This song had a timeless and classic feel to it. The tempo was good and steady. The lyrics were a bit grim. But they were fitting to the song. The background music was a good counterpoint to the song and the vocalist had a steady and pleasing voice.
  • This song is pretty, and sad. It seems really repetitive, and the chorus was the one of the sad parts. While the sound was lovely, it had a little bit of a love song vibe to it, despite how the lyrics made me feel. The vocals were good, he had a good voice. I liked this song, the lyrics did not bother me, just surprised me when I started listening to them.
  • I like the guitar in the intro of this song because it calmed me down a lot after my long day of work. The vocals are not too goo in my opinion. I do not like how the guitar never changes its melody because it makes me want to change the song. I am going to give this song a 5/10 for its good singing, but bad lyrics.
  • This song is perfectly written. The pain in the lyrics comes across perfectly in the singers voice. The song is wonderfully written and performed. The background music fits the melancholy feel to the song. I would love to hear more from this singer/ song writer in the future to see what other works he has done.

Below is a remix version of Another Bullet In The Chamber by Caruano95.

Reviews of the Caruano95's remix of Another Bullet In The Chamber from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 5.7 out of 10):

  • The intro is kind of electronic which I don't care for but I know a lot of people would really like. The vocals are nice as well but I don't think the vocals really match the instrumentals. I also can't really understand the lyrics and I wouldn't be able to sing to it which is a downside. Not my cup of tea.
  • The immediate start of the introduction in this number lets me know what song it is. It is a unique yet predictable indie track that I am not exactly in love with. Although the drum samples have an exotic and rare feel to them, I think that they are a little bit overdone and need a little bit of work, I enjoy the song though, well crafted!
  • I like he intro so far. Sounds like from an older movie but not too old. I like the techno beat and the mans voice is very nice. I like the song so far. Sounds like a song a band group will perform at a karaoke bar or a talent show. The song is nice.
  • Interesting and unusual mix of keyboard and electronic sounds. You may want to add something beyond the standard I IV V I chord progression. Variety in instrumentation would enhance the opening. The vocals are flat in affect. The lyrics are simplistic. The harmonies are interesting but also lacking in emotion. Because there is no variation of instrumentation the song feels like something written in a music theory class. The string effect helped some.
  • The song begins with a strong keyboard influence and with a heavy piano emphasis. The sound gives the listener the impression of a great deal of alternating notes and back and forth that seem to "go up and down". Pros: The song is very unique is its use of the keyboard and has a sound unlike nothing else. Cons: the lyrics are somewhat vague...it would appear that he is philosophizing about his life? But its hard to tell without making a concerted effort to listen to the lyrics. Of course, the sound of the keyboard more than makes up for any ambiguities in the lyrics.
  • The music was very powering and jumpy at the start which only increase. Well the volume increased,I started hearing the lyrics off the song and noticed that the tone was a little weak for the background provided. Further into the song I realised that they did a break with just instrumentals, I found that they changed the impact off the beat slightly. This made a big difference when they brought the vocals back into place.
  • The starting tune feels very energetic and ready to explode. The lyrics feel very original and deep. They feel like they are coming from the artists heart. The melody sounds very interesting and memorable. It really sounds like the artist has put a lot of work into this song. He also seems very creative because the background music is something I had never heard before.
  • I love the introduction of this song because you don't know what to expect when the beat finally drops. However, the singer's voice does not sound natural. It sounds like he used a little auto tune to help level out his voice. Try just letting it flow and see how it sounds. The melody, however is beautiful and inspiring.
  • Straight into a pop fun beat line. Then a slightly heavier beat joins with a male voice. Its quiet slow though even though there is so bass. Two voices join but nothing much improves, feel like it's not catchy or inspiring. As the song goes on there is a violin in the backround which is a slight improvement but the lyrics are really boring and I feel that this song might actually send me to sleep soon.
  • This song's radiant music beat is compelling in a pleasant, soft way that exudes the right setting for the melancholic vocals. I think the singer could increase his enthusiasm and energy a bit near the middle to refrain from sounding so consistent and making the song get a bit predictable in tune and sound. Overall, this song is off to a decent start, but it needs more liveliness to balance it out.
  • The random synth at the start is nice and gives this track a good identity. The vocals are quite crisp in sound and the lyrics are deep and thoughtful. Although the tune is uplifting, I feel overall the musical sound weighs a little heavy for me. The quality of the sound does build up as the song goes through, which give it gravity.
  • Piano and tinny noises greet the listener to this song's intro. A male voice sings about love and other things, but the lyrics honestly lost my interest. The song itself is a relaxing medley continuing the piano and curious tinny sounds, but doesn't ever really pick up beyond that. It's not great, but it's far from bad, I would listen to this song again.It is also a little bit on the short side.
  • Love the instrumentals! Especially the beginning. It has a light and airy, fun feel. The singers voice is very basic, as well as the words. The voice sounds very far away, which is not very intriguing. The instrumentals are very good, but the song itself makes you kind of want to fall asleep... You can't really tell what they are saying. I think it is a Christian song but I can't even tell because I cannot hear their words.
  • Great song and great voice. love how the beat flows throughout the song and the intro which made me know what type of genre it would be. i love your voice and how it fits both the lyrics and the beat, i could listen to this all day and would recommend this to anyone. keep up the great work, love it!!
  • I loved the sounds being produced in the introduction of the song. The piano has a great sound to it. The vocals are a bit bland for my liking. The lyrics of the song feel like they are coming straight from the vocalist rather than feeling like the song was written for them. The melody of the song is great to start off with, but there is not much variation to the melody throughout the song and this is frustrating.
  • Nice start.it sound like a girl song. But then it comes on and a guy is singing. His voice is OK I'm not sure what he is saying. I like the beat it sounds like a eightys song overall It's OK It Does Need Better lyrics.
  • I really like the melody of this song. it reminds me of the 50s or something. i don't quite think his voice fits the sound of the music but that's ok. maybe if he sang in a different chord? the background vocals come in at the right time, so that is good. the guitar solo is awesome, but it would be great if it were a tiny bit louder.
  • I found this songs insturmental to be incredibly relaxing, and very pleasent to listen too! it had an amazing rhythm and certianly went very well with the vocals of the artists! the vocals were very soft, natural, and also might i add original! amazing song! i am highly impressed!
  • This song was very drab. The singer seemed unenthusiastic and the backing track was dull and monotonous. It was one track repeating throughout. I couldn't even tell if there was a hook because the tempo never changed. Nothing ever changed. The lyrics were forgettable because the singer seemed to not care about singing them. I really felt like this song would put me to sleep. It will not be a hit.
  • Slow funky techno instrumental with groovy lyrics to compliment. The tone is catchy and the lyrics are magnificent. The layering of instruments change the song making it not so repetitive but at the same time sticking with the mellow, relaxed vibe of the song. Easy to listen to and enjoyable to listen to.
  • I enjoyed the electronics paired with the piano at the beginning. The harmonizing works well with the song, although the main singer sounds sort of sad. Could maybe add a different beat to the song to make it more interesting because I got a little bored by the middle of the song. The lyrics are well-written and portray a clear message. The guitar addition near the end was great, although I wish it would have come in much sooner. Overall, a decent song.