Song Title: All We Could See at the Window

I wrote the lyrics and melody for All We Could See at the Window, but paid Chris Davidson to record it for me.

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All We Could See at the Window

Verse 1:
She came to the world an angel
A smile that opened your heart
all of my life I'd been living
but not until then did it start

Suddenly there was a balance
between the sun, the earth and the moon
cherish those days when you have them
'cause they always pass by way too soon

As she boarded the plane to Virginia
spreading her wings and learning to fly
all we could see at the window
was our little girl waving goodbye

Verse 2:
Eighteen years full of kisses
birthdays and school plays galore
eighteen years worth of memories
while I watch her walk out the door

Always be faithful I tell her
let your conscience be your guide
know that whenever you need us
we'll always be right by your side

As she boarded the plane to Virginia
spreading her wings and learning to fly
all we could see at the window
was our little girl waving goodbye

As she boarded the plane to Virginia
spreading her wings and learning to fly
all we could see at the window
was our little girl waving goodbye

All we could see at the window
was our little girl waving goodbye


Reviews of Chris Davidson's version of All We Could See At The Window from the Crowd Review service (song score: 6.2 out of 10):

  • The harmony in this song of art was just perfect, it had the right instruments and the right tune to it. The accompaniment in this song was just so good as well, the accompaniment sounded solid throughout the song. The vocalist could use a bit more emotion and passion because he sounds too monotone and really dull.
  • This track is immediately giving me very spiritual vibes. The overall tone is one of calmness and serenity. Your voice is nice and soothing, and your lyrics are poetic in style. The melodies are okay, but they are not anything special. The chorus takes a very different turn, but it's good. I think this track has a lot of potential, but it's not there yet.
  • Very nice light airy opening guitars. The subtle vocal hum was a nice touch. The beat came in and just kind of gave you a little skip. It was really beautiful. The voice is awfully harsh for the really smooth beat and calming instrumentation. His voice is fine but it doesn't match the style of the music playing behind him. The chorus was really beautiful. The beat as nice and cool. The harmonies were pretty. I didn't really love the lyrics. Reworked you might have a good country song with a different vocalist.
  • This song sounds like a Taylor Swift song. I can listening to this anytime. It almost sounds like David Bowie singing. the cool drums make this song up to date. I love how the singer is describing the things he has experienced. The chorus is pretty darn cool. I love the harmonies of each one of the voices. I would like to listen to this song on a relaxing day. It almost reminds me of a Beatles song but more dark and mysterious.
  • The melody in this song is slowed up and the instrumental kind is quicker than the melody so that doesnt quite match up to be a good combination. But other than that I love the lyrics he uses, the passion he speaks about, and this song would easily be played on the radio and not be hated on i would say.
  • Gorgeously reverb "mm"s at the start are truly heart warming and the beginning is beautifully innocent sounding with just the right mixes of sounds however, I was really annoyed to hear an electronic drum beat come in and ruin that. The chorus section is not bad, it's pretty generically 00's pop sounding, however, the beginning section is something the song really needed to incorporate in a lot more.
  • The ear full as the drumming of an angel attached to it. the song does not have much of an meaning to it but the acoustic guitar is giving me realness. the track has a male vocalist and his voice is very strong for a semi country vocalist. I like the song but I feel like it needs some work to compete with the air.
  • Starts off very slow and calm and then it takes a major turn to a more pop feeling. i love the melody. The vocals don't really fit the style but it's still very sweet and relaxing. The chorus part is very catchy. It's like a mixture of pop and rock and all this other stuff. it sounds cool. it sure sounds like something to lay down and relax to. I like it. Props to the artist for this creative song.
  • Nice beat but the music just ruins it. the voice is mediocre and sounds off key. the lyrics are good. when the band joins in it sounds better. the lead singer seems too loud and stands out to much. I do like the style and vibe of this song, it's very chill.the band does sound pretty good in the back ground.
  • I think that this song is great, I find the tune to be a bit cheerful in a lot of beats. I think that the song is great and really does keep a consistent beat along the melody of the song. It's a different song that really keeps the tones in a lot of different areas. It's not generic and keeps beats happy. A lot of positive harmonies run through this song as well, Not too flat for the most part.
  • The song has a low chant sound mixed with a strong acoustic guitar segments. A lot of compound instrumental forms can be found in the chorus. I thought the singers notes were graceful and meaningful at the choral portions. This song was centered around one main character but lead out into different channel. This was very relaxed and had a great pace.
  • I think this is the kind of song I would listen to when I am driving to work. The tone and harmonies of your voice was high spirited. Rhythm has a cutting edge tune that I was blown away by. Instruments sound authentic and sizzling. Your music will be remembered for the hard work that went into making it.
  • The music of this track is very atmospheric and dreamy, or at least its trying to be. The beat is very artificial and bland in my opinion. The vocals are in need of an injection of energy and conviction. The lyrics are very dull and melancholy so it would need an impressive performance to turn this song around, and it just isn't there.
  • The wonderful harmonies allow for the tune to have that break in the beginning before the singing starts. It lightly gives in as far as the singing chords and makes the song complete. This singing vibe is really mellow and as if he is singing on a cloud. I imagine how the video is like and can imagine a cool story behind it all. The smooth and sophisticated words were written with lots of thought and meaning behind them also. There is some really sweet advice in there too as the singing turns out to be very heart warming.
  • This song has a distinctive, warm and expressive beginning that hooks you in to listen further. The vocalist sounds confident and heartfelt in his performance of the lyrics. There were no pitch problems and he was never out of tune throughout the entire track. The lyrics themselves are pretty generic but still enjoyable nonetheless. I think this was very well done from a musical standpoint and resulted in a solid song.
  • I loved that the song had a nice calm live moment with it. It brought confidence in the song, especially the consistent beat. I loved the chorus joining the singer and makes the song so much more full of life. the echo in his voice was really nice and natural as well.
  • The steady slow intro is relaxing, then it mixing into an upbeat sound is attention catching! The vocals are original with the accent. Steady and soild beats are key and this song grasps those characteristics! The mix of vocalist for the chorus was ideal and adds to the originality.
  • This song has a very simple melody. Unfortunately it sounds like every pop ballad out there. The vocals we nice. The lead singer has a unique voice. The production was well done and everything was well balanced. It was an average song, but unforgettable. Now that the track has stopped playing I can't even remember it.
  • The lyrics were too quiet and lowkey compared to the instrumental. The instrumental was too distracting too the lyrics. Also sounds like you made the instrumental on garage band. I really enjoyed the chorus though but i would change the instrumental to build it more. It's just the same beat continually through out the song. Overall liked it.
  • I think the beat is the best element out of all of them, it has a great rhythm and a really good bass line. The lyrics are pretty decent, especially the pace that matches the beat. I think the vocals sound a little too monotone, and a little dull.
  • The guitar sound is great on this recording. The singer has an award winning voice. The overall arrangement has a super amazing presentation. I think the chorus has too many harmonies in it or it's overproduced. I would rather hear a more stripped down version of this tune. The lyrics have a thoughtful edge. The melody is better than any jive on the pop charts.
  • The beginning of the song sounded like a early two thousand song. The man has a very deep calming voice. The chorus is very good with this song. It fits very perfectly. This song is a six out of ten. I probably would listen to this again.
  • I love listening to the acoustic guitar in the beginning of the song. The song starts off sounding very relaxing and soothing to my ears. The singer has a very soft, touching voice that really makes you feel good. The song is very happy sounding. I love what the artist has wrote about. This is a very good song for that reason.i rate this song 10/10.
  • The intro begins with an interesting match up of synths guitars and drums. They go particularly well together because the synths are set in the background while the guitar takes over the melody. Then the drums help kepp the pace matched. The singer's voice is not professional but it is neither bad. The lyrics are very cliche another song depicting a girl. The song speaks about a girl leaving a man even though the man loves her.
  • Lovely soft intro for this song with great melody, vocalist has a very familiar sounding to Morrissey. Excellent song structure, and goes well along in the car on a long drive, the one thing I dont like is the chorus and the use of extra voices dubbed in, where I think this song suits to be me more solo sung.
  • The mixture between like instruments and electronic sounds and drum pad worked really well together. At times the vocal line felt a little unclear but it had a nice melody line and good supporting vocal lines. Some of the vocal filters felt out of place but didn't drown out the tone.
  • This song is a classic love ballad at the intro but then a cool nineties beat drops. The vocals are a little underwhelming at first, as the intro suggests a pop or R&B song. Instead, the singer delivers an echoing voice reminiscent of When In Rome without punching out the rest of their upbeat glory. There is a good instrumentation but the rhythmic variety is shallow.

Below is a remix of Chris Davidson's version of All We Could See at the Window by Caruano95.

Reviews of Caruano95's remix of Chris Davidson's version of All We Could See at the Window from the Crowd Review service (song score: 6.3 out of 10):

  • I like the kick drum at the start of this track. the lead vocals are sounding great. what a voice hes got, sounds a little bit like morrisey the guy out of the smiths. i love the vocals mainly. i will write down this guys name after its finished and i rate it 10/10.
  • I love the introduction in this song. The little humming and it sounds like a guitar at the beginning too. The echo seems a little bit strong though... it could be my headphones. The lyrics sound deep and midway through the song, the song reminds me a bit of the beatles. I really like this song.
  • There are a lot of pauses in the song. and you can't really understand the artist whose lyrics because he is so low voiced. the beats of the song are toneful. they're shapely and stylish melodies. the artist was out dated for the song and beat. it made him seem unprofessional.
  • This band in the back ground was amazing. I love the guitar and the tuning of the song. I feel the energy was great and I could see this song on the radio. I feel the singer was different and so was the melody in the base of the song. the best part was when all the different singers came in.
  • Country beat and sound to the intro brings the listener to this realm but it's not country, it's more pop-commercial in that respect The story is there, you can hear it in the lyrics, especially in the chorus section with the varied vocals. The rhyming is good, and the consistency for the chorus will help the listener join your on this journey.
  • At the intro of the track is a very nice drum pat and it is repeating often. the piano is very nice and I think the way the man sings has a ghostly just do to it. the violin or viola that plays in the back of the track is very cool and I feel like the way the man sings has a very cool tone. he has people singing with him and it sounds really atmospheric.
  • The start of this song sounds good with the beat. it sounds like a song for a girl. the singers voice is good and i like the lyrics too. i think this song would be a good song and could imagine it on a film.
  • This is not my type of song, but I can see it being catchy and popular. The singer is talented and the vocals go well together. Its something easy to remember the words to and singalong to. The instrumentals are fun and uplifting to. Its something I could see being plaid in restaurants during lunch.
  • Sounds like a Taylor Swift song. The beat is meant for a girl but a guy is singing on it? Choose your beats wisely because it is essentially what makes or breaks a song. In realty this guy sings pretty bad. The beat is louder than his voice although im sure he did it because he cant sing. pick your genre of music wisely because this is not for you man.
  • Very careful beats in the beginning. Then more instruments start to show up. A male singer starts to sing very quietly, like a whisper. It does seem the singer is slowly getting louder, however, he is still pretty quiet to start with, which is the only flaw in this song. Hence, everything is really great expect for the male singer whispering.
  • Nice starting beat with guitar and a nice ongoing beat. I like how the voice is distant. Piano ties the guitar and beat in very nicely. Great melody combined with the harmony. Great chorus because it really makes the vocals feel real and not as distant. Also the lyrics are very relatable because many parents will go through this exact circumstance. Already nodding my head to this song. Good luck you're going places!
  • I like the stacked melodies of the intro, which lead into the verse. The vocals are a little bit off, almost sounding like a droned out and low, bass-like sound. In terms of the lyrics, the theme is actually not so cliched, as it is more about letting go than about just going through the heartbreak of love. It is very refreshing. In terms of the instrumentals, again, I really like the progressions that the respective instruments go through; it is very soothing. The chorus is definitely the best part of the song, as it reaches a good climax of the theme. Overall, I could definitely see this song being on an alternative-folk station, but not really as any kind of a hit.
  • The intro really appealed to me from the start and the solid bass line got me beating it too. The use of guitar riffs to accompany worked really well and i especially like it when he started singing in time. It really does calm you down this song and there is really good use of vocals which tells a story! There isn't much change of tempo but i think it is good even without the change!
  • The even beat of this song created a lovely rhythm for this track. The piano on the background gave the music harmony and the blend of the other softly playing musical elements made this piece grow and evolve musically with grace. The melody was simple, but the notes were rich with harmonics. The lyrics were imaginative and the vocals heart felt. The singers combined their voices on this track to make one amazing sound. this is truly wonderful.
  • Cool rhythm has a nice drum kick making it as a tempo, and the piano sounds nice and relaxing as well as the tone of the music. But I am not a fan of the singing, it is not bad but some parts seem off tone, other than that it is a nice song.
  • The beat is very simple but it is also very good as the listener will be able to keep track with the song. The funny thing about the beat is that it never really changes in this track. The lead singer has a good voice and he manages to hit all his notes, and he has adequate back up singers. The one thing about this song is I felt the lead singer held back instead of letting it all go.
  • The singer of this slow guitar based rock song seems sensitive. Unfortunately there is so much echo he sounds as if has been recorded in a cave. At one point he sings a loud hissing sound that makes one cringe and should have been taken out by the producer. Finally the way the chorus sings is not likeable at all.
  • The song is very peaceful and relaxing, and makes me want to sleep. The artists voice is very unique though, and the way they all come together and sing is awesome. I like the way it picks up and slows down it makes the song different from most. The lyrics "spreading her wings and learning to fly" make the song relatable.
  • The introduction of this song is really disappointing. There's not really anything syncing together in the beginning. After that though, things become a lot cleaner. The first verse just fits in right, even with the poor intro. The chorus is really good especially with the spot on vocals and the singer's great intonation.
  • This is a really fun song. the piano player is doing a killer is the lyrics are really cool an calm. the harp in the background caught my attention. the male vocalist is really talented.the meaning of this song is amazing as well. i really like the choir in the background. really good job by the artist as well as the band. i love this song. overall rating is a 9/10.
  • I enjoyed listening to the intro it's soothing but the beat is catchy at the same time. The vocals are great it's good harmonizing. The lyrics is okay, it has a great message to it that people can relate too. It's full of emotions and passion to it. The song and the sound really matches together on conveying the message of the song. It's now overpowering one another.
  • The beat is strong and lovely. It makes me want to get up and dance and sing. It sounds like falling in love and makes me feel happy. I love the message of the song. It's very interesting and I can't imagine anyone not liking it.
  • This melodic intro reminds of the 80s. A subtly distorted voice sets the stage for a nice tune evenly driven by guitar, drums and a keyboard. The string arrangement in the background invite to dream. A few more voices join in and the chorus sounds full and give the song even more drive.
  • This song seems like a father's song about saying goodbye to his daughter. The softer elements are what kept me engaged with the track. The balance between the piano, the brusqueness of the singer's voice, and the more rock-esque pieces seemed like a perfect musical manifestation of a devoted parent. While the steady beat, spoke to the consistency of a parent's love. For a song that could be easily written off as corny, this came off as sweet and sentimental, with a slight edge.
  • I love the feel of the song, the tempo is soothing and the voice reminds me of mister roger's neighborhood. very cal, cool, and collected. i'm also in love with the guitar in this specific song, so cool. i give this song i 9/10. Thanks for letting me listen to your awesome song.
  • This song is soothing but i feel like i needs more life. The guitar is hard to hear in the piece i think it should louder. The singers have a good voice they create a good atmosphere and sound similar to Take That. The lyrics are nice but I feel they are a bit repetitive. It is a good piece but things could be improved 5/10.
  • This song is brilliant and old fashioned sounding I have to really listen to understand the kinda sounds like the old group exile. I like the old fashion beat the plays in the background .i also like the tone of the artist voice.this would be a great hit for the older crowd of listeners.
  • The intro was excellent. I like the lyrics when you said "Suddenly there was a balance" and when you said "All we can see" in the hook or chorus I think, I felt like you were a professional then lol. Good job on that. The singer has an attractive vocal tone, and puts real feeling into the lyrics. Great guitar solo too, and the performance quality is high too, keep it up!

Below is a version of All We Could See at the Window by Douglas Haines:

Reviews of Douglas Haines' version of All We Could See At The Window from the Crowd Review service (song score: 6.4 out of 10):

  • Calming and soothing guitar tone, i really like the way the singer sounds Dylanesque, the lyrics are very deep and very personal too the writer. the harmonies are sweet i like the way everything sounds together. There is no percussion that's something that is lacking but his voice rings right through the music to make this an enjoyable tune. i rate this a 6 out of 10.
  • This song reminds me of Bob Dylan. It has a personalized folk sound. I think the song tells an interesting story about a girl growing up. The lyrics are good but the melody is kind of bland. It's a song that might tie families closer together but I don't think it will be a pop hit. It's the kind of song that can only be appreciated in personal contexts and not through mass media.
  • The guitar works itself really nicely to arrange itself towards the song. The bass strings are a little bit weird and feel off key. The harmony vocals are nice and memorable, but the rest with the vocal arrangement is a little bit forgettable. This feels like an album filler track, but it definitely would be liked among it's genre. Great progression.
  • The guitar has a fast rhythm and the singer starts off the song slow, but I feel like he is going to speed up. The singer sounds like he does not care because he sounds neutral and bored. The longer I listen to him, the sadder he sounds. The lyrics are cute because it is about a dad who cares about his daughter and does not want her to leave.
  • The intro reminded a little bit way to much of "Hey there delilah" for a few seconds, but other then that it turned into a master piece, an peaceful mix of the singers soft voice and the guitar strings. The lyrics are extremly well writen, they really get to your soul. The rythm of the song is probably what got me most intrested, a really appealing song.
  • Guitary strings of lovely calming harmonies, it's what the song is about musically. Background of this one is very easy on the ears. You could use it for a baby's lullabye by itself. The singing is a mature male singing the harmonies like he has a love for this music. I love the way he sings with a loving spirit and memories in the song. Dedication song that is very much a tear jerker as well if you listen to the words.
  • I love this song it was nice to hear someone singing to their daughter from their father point of view, every word that was sung was on note! and the guitar and other instruments in the background were perfectly in harmony! good job writing this song! mixing was great! singing was loud! very good job on this song! 5 stars!
  • This track has a slow tempo of country tuned music. The voice of the male artist that sings is ok but is a little boring. His flat style of singing and the plain lyrics that he sings may not be of much interest to many listeners. His voice is good. But the kind of song and the way it sounds as he sings is not interesting. Some of the lyrics are meaningful but the song is very plain.
  • I have come to fully appreciate guitar players, because some can make a song better or worse. The guitarist seems to be the only redeemable quality of this song because the vocalist is pretty painful to listen to. The lyrics are depressing and seem like they are trying to be deep but are failing in an epic manner. Needs far better lyrics.
  • The acoustic guitar is used on alot of tracks as the into, so it is a bit overdone. however, in this situation it works pretty good. the lyrics are memorable because of the singers strong, melodious voice. the lyrics are very deep and hit home with a powerful message. i liked it.
  • It has an abrupt start to the intro with the vocals but it lacks enthusiasm as it sounds it's dull and lifeless. The melody and lacks instrumentation and it could do with another vocal to help him sound more confident. There is no change in verse to chorus and it would be nice to hear something different. The audio isn't the best.
  • It sounds like the guitarist just let the notes out. The singer reminds of the vocal style of the singer of hallelujah. The song is slow, but there is some emotion in the song. The song aounds kind of similar in the way the rhythm of the vocals and the noted of the guitar. The song makes you want to remember the past.
  • The beginning of the song is very peaceful and interests listeners. The vocals blend well with the instrumental accompaniment and the lyrics are very beautiful and memorable. The vocal melody is impressive and has just enough variation to stay interesting, but doesn't have too much variation to where it is overpowering.
  • The gentle and mellow sounding acoustic guitar melody is very calm and tuneful to listen to. It sets the tender tone for the song, which allows for the singer to use his smooth and soulful tones to sing about watching his daughter grow up. It has a very sentimental sound to it throughout, which is very warm and heartfelt, almost making me feel as if I could cry as he conveys his sadness about waving goodbye.
  • I think that the clavier in the intro sounds great. I like the lyrics that are composed in this song. The vocals, though a little high pitched, sound pretty good. I think that the accessible aspect to this song is a bit shaky because it sound so loud, but I love the lyrics. This is a very heartfelt and touching song. The dynamics laid out here are clearly read. The texture is smooth through out the whole song. The melody of this song is so soft and clear.
  • The guitar is very soothing and the vocals combined with it are very in tune. The chords that were chosen to play was the right choice because it definitely fit right with the lyrics and the vocals or the artist. The actual lyrics are very creative.
  • The singer of this song has a very raspy and intriguing voice, that drew me in immediately. As I listened to the lyrics, a true appreciation grew. This song has deep lyrics from a parent singing to his daughter who was leaving the nest, and the emotion could be heard in his voice. Parents could appreciate this song more than anyone, but even without children, this song is just as respectable musically.
  • This song sounds bland and the lyrics are lame. A dull melody accompanied by monotone vocals. I'd say the lyrics are decent as best. This tune puts me to sleep and is too slow for my liking and taste. The vocalist needs to expand his range or stick to song writing.
  • The sound of the melody in the introduction is beautiful and has a good sound to it. The vocals of the song have a constant tone to them. The lyrics of the song are have a very sweet tone to them and a lot of people will be able to relate to the song. The song has quite an emotional factor to them. I think the melody is a bit too soft for the song though.
  • The soft guitar is a very simple, yet effective track, the vocals that match them start out a little quiet and slow however slowly starts to develop and show more range. The song all in all is a little slow but is a nice soft piece. The lyrics are very sad which matches the instruments very well.
  • The vocals are too loud or the background music is too soft, but not so in an annoying way, something you only notice if you're looking for things in the song. The singers voice is beautiful, it helps make the song more touching and at first I found the lyrics very standard, but the more I listened, the more it seemed personal and its like you can really feel what the singer is talking about. Then the transition to the chorus is perfect, it matches the tone of the song perfectly and there is honestly nothing else I could change. This song is perfect just that way it is.
  • This had a very pretty guitar part in the introduction. The chord progression was well outlined with the arpeggios. The singer is strong and melody and really selling the melody and lyric on the listener. The music is a bit boring and you could consider adding A beat and bass line to make it more moving and flowing. O.k. demo and great melody an lyric but lacking in musical instrumentation.
  • The like the fact that's the song is very simple, buy using the acoustic gutair. This helps to accomadate the vocals, keeps the melody very simple, this allows you to really listen to the lyrics. The lyrics detail vivid story in which makes your mind wonder. I like the fact they have kept the tempo the same throughout the song.