I wrote the lyrics and melody for A Friendly Reminder, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Douglas Haines to record it for me:

Song Title: A Friendly Reminder

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A Friendly Reminder

Verse 1:
Are you feeling sad?
is everything a mess?
does your head take a pounding
from the constant stress?

Where there used to be hope
is now a sea of despair
you were once born to run
now your living on a prayer

So when your spirit's down
and you've run out of luck
trouble's piled so high
you no longer give a ______

As you work your way through
the cosmic meat grinder
consider this song
a little friendly reminder

Try to laugh
Try to smile
just forget about life for a while

Forgive and forget
feel love and not hate
keep your dreams alive
and make your own fate

Verse 2:
I know it's cliche
but stop and smell the roses
go play in the gardens
drink straight from the hoses

You can walk through your life
always following the crowd
or choose your own path
and hold your head up proud

Don't let the energy vampires
drain your body and soul
flush them out of your life
and take back the control

Time will always heal
the pain you feel inside
give thanks for what you have
and enjoy the ride

Try to laugh
Try to smile
just forget about life for a while

Forgive and forget
life is too short for hate
once you find inner peace
you can make your own fate

Reviews of A Friendly Reminder on the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 6.9 out of 10):

  • The instrumentals in this track are beautiful. The guitar is wonderfully played. The vocalist has a nice clean and clear voice, he sounds really sincere and heart-felt. The song has a good message although it's a bit mundane for me. The melody took me on a journey, it's beautiful.
  • This song is like it could be in the music scene by the soft guitar in the beginning. This song sounds like a love song. The singer sings beautifully in the song combines really well with the guitar. The lyrics are really sweet. The artists got a great tone in music.
  • I like the simple melody of this song. The track is catchy and easy to listen to. The vocalist has a nice tone to his voice. I found myself connecting with the emotional story of the lyrics. I did feel slightly bored at the end of the song as I felt that it had plateaued somewhat. This song could be a commercial success.
  • As I hear the song, I think about the deep feeling and expression that is laid out in the vocals on this song. I really like the artist's singing voice. He has a distinct and very natural tone. The artist sings from a place of knowledge and sensory meaning. I appreciate how he sings the song with care an devotion.
  • The opening was well done. It is a very simple tune but it has a fast tempo and good rythm. The voice the artist uses seems a little off. His voice just can not seem to find the one note that he can hit comfortably. He goes too high then to low. The lyrics are deep and it tells a nice story that makes you remember days long passed.
  • The beginning had me feeling like it would be a good song. It feels like it's a gospel song. It's slow and sad. The man's singing is good. The lyrics actually have some meaning. Some of the lyrics are just odd. The other singer also sings very well.
  • This song fills out a secure digital memory of music. This track has a very odd vocal about the way around it. This track is browsing the vocals and rhythm. This track has an incredible guitar player in the background. This track is highly recommended for morning radio.
  • The song starts off very slow and low and also quiet. I can start to hear the guitar playing and the singer begins his part. He sounds very good, and like he is speaking with experience and personal opinion. His song seems like it is speaking about his life because of how he's singing with emotion in it. The song could use a better musical background, but the singer is perfect with how he's singing the song. The low guitar background music helps recognize his voice more than the music itself.
  • A very lovely guitar is heard, leading listeners into a set of sung lyrics. Rather beautifully sung. Mellow tune, quite, yet tuneful with a nice harmkny. The rhythm is rather pretty, as long as singer is tune, then this will do well on the radio. Maybe slow rock in genre. Great for older listeners.
  • The intro is soft. Slow passed but goes well with the song. His Vocals are sweet and makes me feel happy. The Melody is good. The song stays on course the whole song. I can relate to the song. Over all the Vocals and the Melody are wonderful. Very soothing.
  • This song is clearly highlighting the troubles we have to face as we grow up. it is a friendly reminder to keep loving and keep smiling. life can be easily expressed through music and most songs we hear today reflect that. we don't hear too many songs on challenging topics like the stresses of life. the artist has bold vocals, the lyrics are welcoming and filled with love.
  • The introduction is welcomed like an old friend to your ears. It's played beautifully and makes you smile. The vocalist comes in with confidence and is well balanced with the instrumentals. It's very well presented in a package that makes you want to tap your foot to the beat. Though sometimes the vocalists rushes through some words that make it hard to truly discern what he's saying. The backup vocalist joins during the chorus and adds some clarity to the lyrics and balances well with the lead.
  • The guitar in here is beautiful. The lyrics are very powerful and deep. There seems to be a passage in this song, a story that is being told, which is very touching and makes you think about life and to smile about it. The melody in this song is amazing.
  • Great song to drift asleep to! That is not a backhanded compliment though! I really enjoyed it mainly due to the mellow guitar playing mixed with the wonderful singing. The message of love is awesome and lacking in a lot of songs these days! Lyrics are good and not cliche.
  • Nice intro with the guitar. Love the major and minor keys thrown in there. Vocals aren't as strong or on beat. Just speed it up a little bit because the vocals are behind. Try to use a different octave for the harmony, it will add more depth. Nothing wrong with the song, very nice overall.
  • Smooth start to the song. very relaxing and calming. sounds a bit country but is nice. would suit a long drive or something that you can just relax to and chill out. nice lyrics with a repeating guitar in the background giving the song a catchy sound. very deep and nice.
  • I love how the guitar sounds. The artists voice is beautiful & I love the lyrics. It all comes together & makes a great beautiful song. I would listen to this on my own. I would also recommend it to my friends and family because it's a pretty song.
  • This song right here makes you think. I like his sing voice. He sounds like he means his words. He is talking to a very important woman in life. This is deep and anyone that is under stress would really enjoy this song. The beat has the right tone and is a little low but rides with his voice in the right way.
  • Immediately the music captures my attention. There lyrics are nice, I can understand what he is saying. The vocals are clear and he has some great harmonies. I love the guitar and the soft sounds. It sounds like a song that can be sure used for a sound track. I think he has a nice voice.
  • I immediately think of Life is strange, the video game. the game as cool. this song is cool if not cooler. it reminds me of the old country of mother Russia. the melody reminds me of Mexico too. 8 out of 10 for the lyric's and a 10 out of 10 for the beat, but a 7 out of 10 for the vocal points.
  • I don't think this song would be the top of the charts. The artist has good guitar skills. The chorus is catchy. He rhymes with all of his words. "Try to love try to smile just forget about life for a while." The chorus is what makes the song great. I would listen to this song on the radio . I give this song a 8.
  • This song starts out with a beautiful acoustic guitar sound. The singer has a voice like Don McLean. The sings in a storyteller style that feeds my brain with cosmic imagery. The lyrics are very strong and drive the production. It's a minimalist arrangement, which is refreshing and great for this production. It's also like a friendly James Taylor tune. The melody is alright but it's mostly the words that make this composition great.
  • Beautiful folk feel in voice and guitar. This song is very tender and calming. The guitar is just played so gently and liltingly. This song was encouraging and just filled with emotion. Had a good bob dylan feel but the singer was just talented in his own right.