I wrote the lyrics and melody for Afraid, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Chris Davidson to record it for me.

Song Title: Afraid

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Verse 1:
One day when I was younger
my grandpa sat me down
told me that true wisdom
is not so easily found

Only as the years
they pass before our eyes
do storm clouds lift away
and show us bluer skies

And all alone we sit
with wrinkles on our skin
looking in the mirror
of what might have been

The moments you will treasure
and shine a light upon
make them last, while you can
just blink and then they're gone

He said...

I was afraid to laugh
too scared to walk tall
to stand out in the crowd
and be part of it all

I was afraid to love
I was afraid to live
afraid to show this world
what I had to give

Now take this as a warning
don't make the same mistakes
find that strength inside
before it is too late

I was afraid to laugh
too scared to walk tall
to stand out in the crowd
and be part of it all

I was afraid to live
I was afraid to cry
as seconds keep on tickin'
man, I'm afraid to die

I was afraid to love
I was afraid to live
afraid to show this world
all I had to give

I was afraid to laugh
too scared to walk tall
to stand out in the crowd
and be part of it all

I was afraid to live
I was afraid to cry
the seconds keep on tickin'
and I'm afraid to die


Reviews of Afraid (song score: 7.5 out of 10) from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service:

  • The introduction seems to have a key point in the song having a good introduction gives the song character. The vocals are wonderful and pleasant to listen to. The lyrics are well placed and it fits perfectly together with the singers voice. The artist has a beautiful voice which makes the song the perfect thing to fall asleep to. The instrumental has a very important part in the song to keep the rhythm going.
  • Song sounds very comforting in the beginning. When singer starts to sing, I am not matching style of the voice with the pace and tone of the instruments. Not certain what tone the singer is trying to sing in. The upbeat chorus is a nice change. A nice transition. The beat is nice and uplifting.
  • The strings opening the track made me attentive, VERY impressive choice. The orchestral sound was cool too, the guitar chords chosen to carry on the song keeps it all together. The audio quality is also up to par, the lyrics are ok, it builds upon itself with the instrumental.
  • The wind music with the guitar has such a unique one a kind sound. The voice did not go along with the music layers. The voice was also very Plain and not enjoyable to listen to. A higher voice and faster music would have made this song more entertaining.
  • The beat to this song was pretty in your face which i did not enjoy as i felt a little overwhelmed. The musical instruments were powerful to begin with then softened. The vocalist was clear and concise at all times which helped his voice to stand out. The lyrics were relatable to real life experiences and really had me thinking about life and everything in between.
  • I have given this song a 7 out of 10 simply because it has great meaning. The vocals are good and the music sounds exceptional. The lyrics are amazing. I can hear this song on the radio and I believe the artist could make it to that level. Very well written and played.
  • This song has a nice theme to it, I love the atmosphere that is set when the song first starts. The melody was amazing as well, it sounded very beautiful and angelic to me. One big thing I didn't like was the lyrics, at times they sounded very basic as the wording seemed very very off, but it was okay.
  • I like the first part of the intro because it combines very well with the guitar. I mean instrumental part is excellent here. And when the male voice began to sing was awesome. I like drums part in the middle of the song. These lyrics have a lot of message to tell us. I like the melody that this song have, it is so characteristic.
  • I dont really enjoy country music and this is no exception. it has a twang to it that veers into country-ville i dont think that this artist is mainstream. I dont like the violin paired with the guitar. The guitar should be paired with a piano. It is generally ok. I can picture this song on the radio with more instruments in the background. The vocals are okay.
  • It starts out slow but when it got going it had a good beat and nice guitar in the background. It got a little faster which made it better, the fast-paced. I really didn't like his voice and it didn't match with the beat he was singing a little bit to slow but other than that it was nice. I wish it was a woman singing instead. I did like the background music but it could of been a faster paste. I like the song and I would listen to it again.
  • This has a soft melody and I can just knock out to sleep listen to this track. The singer has a great voice and hold a note really well. The lyrics and nice too it puts our mind at ease this artist has a great sound and the guitar had a good sound too.
  • I like how nice and slow the guitar and flute started the intro. It was a beautiful touch. The singer had amazing voice that went well with the melody. I felt like the song may have been too soft. It was really slow and I felt like it needed something more to make it spark. Overall, a really great song.
  • Like the guitar intro. Like the sky weather imagery in the beginning. "Looking in the mirror of what you might of been" was an amazing line. Liked the part about the grandfather's words, very relatable. Feels almost like James taylor with a mumford and sons twist , it stands out from most music in this genre because it's not about romantic love, but more of a warning to not let life pass you by.
  • The violin at the beginning was a nice touch. The melody is pretty so far. The guitar is soothing and nicely done. I'm not too crazy about the vocals though but the lyrics are poetic and thoughtful, which is always good. The mood of the lyrics matches the mood of the song well. The song has a nice nostalgic feel. It sounds genuine.
  • The melody is very soothing to my ears. The guitar flows through the notes. His fingertips slide right on the guitar. His has a great tune. The vocals needs a little work through. His lyrics are well written. They make sense and speak the thruth. His Voices just needs a few minor tweaks and this song would be perfect.
  • Right at the beginning of the song I would have turned the radio station. This is too somber and whiney. The melody behind the music seems basic, not too easy, but nothing too difficult. I hope this song was created to heal a band member or a close friend.
  • The acoustics in he beginning are absolutely breathtaking. They accompany the subtle violin so perfectly. The singer has a lackluster tone of voice but he sings with such emotion that it sounds good anyway. The lyrics are inspiring and beautiful. This is a song a lot of people will fall in love with.
  • Very sweet and soothing song and even though this isn't usually the type of music i listen to i really enjoy it! The vocals were very beautiful and i envy the artist's talent and gift in music. I found the rhythm very good and the production of the song was outstanding!
  • This song is very nice and peaceful, sad at the same time and i like the guitar and the vocals! this is a great song for sad momments in TV show and on YouTube this would be a sad song for people to use. I would like this song to be sucsessful someday and I think its ready to be published.
  • This song sounds a bit alternative. I like it. The acoustic guitar makes warms the song. It is a calm song that makes you feel relaxed. It makes you want to sit by the fireplace with a cup of hot tea. I like the relaxing tone.
  • This song has a unique and ear catching beginning. It is very smooth and tuneful with a harmonica and guitar and possibly a piano. The variety of instruments sounds nice together and provide a beautiful melody. The singer has a unique voice as well, but It doesn't go well with the music in the back. His voice is a bit harsh in comparison to the soft sounds of the instruments. His voice takes over the background music sometimes.
  • I think this is a country song because a man is telling a story and there is a good beat to it. It seems like the song takes place in the west because there is guitars and violins. I would rate this song a 9/10 because I like the beat of it.
  • I like how multiple instruments were the ones that started the song, I like the background music because it is smooth and calm and plays at a steady pace throughout the whole song, and a plus is that the artists also has a very calm, relaxing, and soothing voice, which will make the bodyrelax after a long hard day at work.
  • Nice strings and acoustic melody. It is not aggressively one genre and seems like it could be a timeless piece. The content of the lyrics has sense of hopelessness that could be seen as romantic or inspiring. I think it would work well as a sound track song for a feature about a struggling adolescent. Really good and isn't too overpowering that it wouldn't be bad to listen on repeat.
  • Its a calming nice song . great way for realaxation. its a great song . i really like the nice slow tempo and the melody goes great with the voice of the artist.i envy the artist . it is very inspirational.i love it ! great song for countrie song lovers.
  • Sounds like a country song, The tone of the artists voice is great, the band sounds like they are in tune with the music. I like the fact that there is a great harmony in the background vocals. The song is well sung and well put together. I like this song, its not too bad. The string instruments are well balanced, and the vocals sound well rehearsed.
  • Interesting start, the intro was perfect, the instrumentals were fantastic, they have a really good connection with you, the vocals tell you of a story about a young man who was lost in the world, he knew what he wanted, but struggled to get their, eventually he found himself and he's now telling his story. It's a very emotional song. I'd like to hear more from this artist.
  • I love the instruments in the beginning. I'm guessing those are violins, the sound is beautiful. The lyrics have started, honestly the timing is perfect. I love the string sounds in the background, it really complements the drums in the song. The violins once again, sound beautiful. This is like nothing I've ever heard before. The drums have a perfect balance with the vocals and the words can be heard very clearly. Rhythm is very good and easy to listen to. The melody is fairly catchy and would definitely get stuck in someone's head which is great for selling. This song is very good. The violins really impressed me because it's something you don't hear that often in music now a days and I like how it sounds with the drum's accompaniment.

Below is a remix of Afraid, by Caruano95:

Reviews of Caruano95's remix of Afraid from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 5.8 out of 10):

  • As this starts off it is alright so far waiting on the vocals. Now the vocals are on it doesn't have the song sounding that bad some may really like this song it's alright. Its tuned pretty good that's always a big plus and nothing sounds off beat or off point an that is a big thing. The lyrics instruments the vocals and voice ain't bad.
  • The intro of this song was very simple and focused on the drive of the drummer and orchestral effects, which I found quite dull and unimpressive. The lead singer, however, gave beauty to a song that otherwise lacked it. The lyrics in this piece were well written and truly showed the passion and emotion that the lead singer obviously had while singing this song. Overall, the instruments themselves were unimpressive, but the lead singer was very good.
  • All these songs are so dead. I hate the song. Lyrics are terrible. Music is so bad I don't even want to reveal how bad the music is. Just don't listen to it. Singer has a dull voice I could do so much better this was such an annoying song.
  • The intro has a solid and steady beat that helps build the framework for the song. Slowly more elements are added. The singer's voice sounds average. The sound quality of the singer sounds a bit off in an indescribable way. The song flows in an airy way, rather than fluid. It's movement is deliberate and well composed. The lyrics are innovative and really convey the tone of the song. The simplicity of the song only elevated the bold truth of the song. I'd like to hear this song more, it makes me feel something within myself.
  • I would've enjoyed more time for the first instrument to begin and then layer all of the others in more slowly during the intro. Otherwise the instruments blend well. I am in love with the chorus. It feels so relate-able! The lyrics are a perfect fit for this college generation or for any highschool/college graduate!
  • I like the violin harmonizing In the background. I love the beat its a great toe tapping song. I also enjoy the lyrics reminds me a little of my experiences. The vocals are good and keep rhythm to the instrumentals. Good song. Not sure I would consider it becoming the next big radio hit but may be enjoyed by people who enjoy this genre of music which I'm having a hard time really deciding what genre it really is.
  • I absolutely abhor an enfranchisement of badly placed musical technicality within the instrumentation of songs, and this song doesn't have it. But one thing that does seem to annoy me about this piece is the decibel level of the vocalist, which is crucial to the professionalism and the feel of the song. The lyrics are meaningful, however I feel as if this will not really make charts. But the feeling of this song makes me feel very placid.
  • It's an alright song. It is very ordinary and the guitar and the drums are repetitive. The singer is the bright spot in this song. He enunciates well and really touches all the right notes in the song. He also brings a feeling that the song is missing from the poor beat.
  • The intro music was very enticing and interesting. The vocals however felt flat and unoriginal. There was little conviction and it did not feel very heartfelt. The melody is boring and uninspiring. The entire song felt predictable and unvaried. It felt awkward and unprofessional on the whole. I was not interested in hearing it all. It was structurally flat.
  • The hap and kick drum may be my favorite parts of this song. The harp makes the song sound like a lullaby. The voice of the singer reminds me of the singer Sting. The way the voice has that airy echo to it sounds amazing. I really like the mix on this song.
  • I really love the intro, It has a very cinematic feel to it! The vocals are nice, and I wasn't sure about the echo on the vocals at first, but it grows on you. I think the lyrics are pretty good. I think the song would be better if it changed more instrument wise during the chorus. Overall it is a very nice song, and it could probably fit with alternative and indie songs.
  • His voice is very soft and soothing, it has nice rhythm to it, but its not very modern in my personal opinion, i feel this song has more potential but it just seems very dull and plain. It doesn't have enough going on in it.
  • The beginning was very mellow and calming and then when the beat was added, I viewed it a whole different way. I was really getting into the song and then the vocals starts and OH MAN, is this song awesome. The soft vocals really compliment the soft and calm sound.
  • Wow, I love the opening. The singer's voice sounds a bit edited and it makes it way too obvious that it was filmed in a recording studio and while that's okay, I wish that it were more raw. I'm a big fan of the lyrics. I wish the chorus was a bit more exciting but it fits well enough this way, I guess. Haha, this one sounds like you could fall asleep to it (in a good way).
  • Verry nice, beautifull melody, makes me think of a happy life. The voice is so great, with a deep meaning on the words. Lyrics are perfect, verry catchy. Melody is calm and relaxing. Elevate mood to the best level of happiness. I really love to listen to this song.
  • The beat of this song makes you want to tap your feet. The artist's vibe made it hard to see anyone dancing to this song though. So this would work well in the car. The instrumental was outdated .He could have embellished some more.It would've gave the song some flavor and gave it something unique. The song was just OK.
  • I like the way the bass drum sounds in the beginning when it starts out as sounding more delicate before gradually getting punchier. It was a unique effect. I like the overall instruments chosen for the background. It gives the song a very peaceful sound. I also like the echo/reverb effects on the vocals. It makes it so the vocals also match the peaceful sound of the background instruments. The background instruments however have a tendency to be a bit repetitive as the song goes on which can make the song a bit boring. Other than that the song was nice to listen to!
  • I didn't enjoy this song. It was boring and sounded like he was singing the same chorus for the entire song. Should have been clearer with the lyrics instead of just starting the song one way and ending it with how hes scared to love. Why did it start with your grandpa and then you go off about how you are scared to laugh love, etc.
  • I like the acoustic guitar at the start. I like the lyrics, they have such character to them. I am a musician myself, and i know that every song has a story to tell. This song is about loss, and leaving someone. This is a good song, I would recommend it to many friends. Good for a sad scene in a drama tv show or movie.
  • A poppy display of a rock steady beat and finely plucked nylon acoustic that trails the tears of every word spoken. The upbeat style through out makes a catchy lick, stick... even after the song long ends. Lyrical gems and story telling elements gives the words purpose and a fresh life to the minimal loops and strong backing acoustic guitar. Commercial sound would describe this best, and easy modern listening from some distant planet.

Below is an acoustic version of Afraid, by Douglas Haines:

Reviews of the Douglas Haines version of Afraid from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 6.2 out of 10):

  • I liked the introduction as it set the mood for a thoughtful song. The vocalist had a clear, rich voice. The subject matter of love is interesting and universal. The lyrics are easy to understand and I really relate to them. They are inspiring as they encourage the listener to step outside of their comfort zone to reach new heights.
  • The intro was excellent couldn't have started out any better. The choppy guitar riff add more various tempo changes to the mix of the song. The lyric of the song had a lot of stimulating emotion on the table, as the story talked about experience that the artist had to go through to grow. The challenges of the lyric provided distinctive word and added feeling many can relate too. The overall production of this song was harmonious.
  • The song has great lyrics and meaning, and is great for when you want to remember fond memories or when you want to ponder upon missed opportunities. However, the guitar playing isn't as tight as it should be, and the melody isn't great. The singer's voice is veering towards mediocrity. The lyrics could be sung much more smoothly.
  • The guitar music is pretty standard and cliche. The singers voice has something rustic about it, which I can appreciate, it makes the song sound more raw and honest. The chorus is a little dull, I probably wouldn't listen to this but can still appreciate his voice.
  • This song is nice. The lyrics sound very anecdotal and fairy tale like to an extent. the melodies being sung are catchy, but they could be even catchier. The chorus is weak, and like the verses, could be so much more. You need to make the chorus more powerful. On the whole, the track is good, but has lots of potential to be even better. Good work.
  • The melodies in this song are very tuneful and interesting. I like the mixture in pitches which vary throughout the song. I think the vocals too are warm and expressive, which makes me want to continue to listen to the song. The introduction and the instrumental accompaniments are nice and balanced. They are very rhythmic and smooth which makes it very nice to listen to all throughout the song. I think this artist is very talented and skilful but the song could do with some improving with the lyrics. I say this because they are quite predictable and repetitive.
  • The really nice pitch to the harmonies is done with a slightly amatuer style as his voice is somewhat shaky at times. His vocals are also passionate in this track, he almost gets his powerful louder chords in there to a higher standard. I like the overall cool structured intelligence he shows to make the track better and better in the end. I don't think the song is still good enough yet for radio but he should never give up and keep singing this way getting every chord improved. The lyrics are my favorite element and some people would relate to them. He sings those with passion and believable content.
  • I adore acoustic songs, especially with good beats and lyrics. I completely feel that this song is touching with the lyrics used along side the tune. Very touching, an involving song that would be used and very much so enjoyed by Americans. It sounds as if there is multiple singers, maybe 2 or 3 but Im not completely sure.
  • Nice lively heartfelt guitar opening. Once again I have the same complaint. The guitar player is great. The lyrics are great. The vocals leave a lot to be desired. The voice is very grating, no breath support, no appeal to the tone quality. The harmony is fine. Not very strong. The guitarist would be a great rhythm guitar player. This is music you sing with a friend at a campfire to try to get a date. But unfortunately this voice won't go any further. These songs have the potential to do so.
  • The two instruments give the song a body which is good and creates interest. Sometimes the guitar is too loud for the singers voice so the lyrics become unclear. Good pace and the singers voice is in tone thought the whole song and is interesting thought the whole song.
  • I didn't like the song from the beginning to the end. It seems like it was not my type of song and i did not enjoyed it. So that's why im not interested in listening to that song again because it was not something that i enjoyed listening. I hated the vocals, the instruments and the way it was sang. The vocal, the way the guy was signing, his voice, his tone, the depressing guitar.
  • Clear acoustic strumming, doenst seem to lead anywhere though. the vocals are strong and clear, there is no background instruments leaving the song to feel empty. the song is basically just a strumming guitar and two men singing, it lacks any depth and character. there is nothing to make this song stand out from any other generic country song. the vocals are standard and meet the basic requirements for a country style song but there is nothing special.
  • This is a bit more upbeat, and I assume once again Douglas Haines. Sounds a little more demo like, but is a good variation on the acoustic overkill, as it rocks a little more. Very sad lyrics again, but with an uplifting appeal. Gets under your skin.
  • The song has an overal depth of quality to it, I feel the mix between guitar and vocal had the right balance, as it worked in harmony with each other. I could imagine this song would sound lovely being played live because of the acoustic sound. I liked the distinctiveness of the vocals in the song.
  • Great intro lead by the guitarist. The upbeat sound mixes very well with the vocalist. At some points though I feel that the vocalist was a little overpowered and a bit hard to understand and hear. I really like the use of two vocalists the blending of their voices is really great. Possibly the addition of some strings or percussive instruments could really add to the song.
  • This song just has a singer and guitar. The guitar is strummed very strongly to reflect the emotional words about being scared. Unfortunately the chorus about being afraid goes on and on a bit too long and becomes boring, also sounding trite. He needs much better words to make the composition work.
  • Melody and guitar of this song is great, the lyrics talks about his past life with his grandfather which a lot of people can relate to. The piano and the guitar is a great combo in this song as it gives it a powerful, strong tune I would say. Enriched lyrics, amazing produced beat, great melody, I think this song as a whole is a hit, anyone can like this one. Eveythying just sounds mastered good, etc.
  • The guitar at the solo beginning prepares the listeners for the mood of the music. I like the storytelling. I couldn't really tell if there were two singers or a solo singer. If there are two singers, the other was inaudible. The chorus should be more exciting? It didn't sound very different compared to anything else. In fact, if the music started in the middle or towards the end, I wouldn't be able to tell where it is.
  • The song starts off with a really catchy introduction of beautifully played guitar strums, then income the vocals with complement the guitar strums really well. What I do feel is that the changing and fluidity of the backing track where it alternates and is not just repetitive works really well and is my favorite part of the song. I would rate this song a solid 6 out of 10.
  • This song is very nice and it has great harmony i love it.This jam has beautiful beats and sweet lyrics.This music makes me feel happy it makes the day even better.I like those smooth bridges on it it is unique.Im recommending the song to family.
  • This is a very folk style song. The lyrics remind me of how engaging some of the most popular folk songs are. I really enjoy this song. Some fiddle would sound good in the chorus, bass would do a lot for the song too. The tune is very well structured and is put together very tastefully.
  • I would add more bass on the guitar amplifier for a fully dark sound, wich would be good in this song in my opinion. Lyrics are good, we can hear them well and we an follow the story too which is great. I like the singer too, his voice fits perfectly with the type of the song. So yea the song is great, but I would simply add more bass for the guitar because there are great bass parts in this song that we can barely hear.
  • A second offering from this minimal folk artist contains lots of strummy chords from his acoustic guitar, and sage wisdom from his grandpa. This fairly conventional format is a showcase for the authors musing on life advice from an older relative while finding strength in individuality. The dour message is delivered on the chorus with the artists voice doubled in vaguely harmonious counterpoint, and that is really all for accents. I would say the song could use adornment from a subtle band and would benefit greatly in its appeal from at least a rhythm section.
  • The guitarist sets the stage for vocals that paint a picture in your mind, which is always a good thing I feel. The music and the vocals are melodious, but I think the background singers could harmonize better with the lead singer. I also think this tune would sound better with a more varied music structure. I thought the music was too predictable.
  • A well played acoustic guitar is fronted by fine vocals in this well composed country track. The melody is nicely shaped and is followed by an engaging chorus. The recording and production quality could be a little more polished. The lyrics capture the attention of the listener. A good track.
  • This is of a western style. The guitar is the only thing at all I hear playing in the melody. As much as I love hearing an acoustic guitar it needs change. There is long holds of notes or more instrumental. Even a solo part would be nice too. I think the audio is sharp and can hear everything clearly.
  • The instrumentals in the introduction are a bit messy, and the lyrics started too sudden. Though somewhat unintelligible the lyrics are personal and induce heavy emotions from the onset of the song. The lyrics seem to be stalling, though this is not necessarily a bad thing. Although the meaning was conveyed well, it was also somewhat cliche, or stereotypical to its style. Though the "I was afraid to die" part was well written, it seemed to badly clash with the instrumentals. The lyrics are really well written, and show the emotions of the character in the story of the song but, unfortunately, not the emotions of the singer. In general I can see myself listening to it again, but not going out of my way to listen to it! The song ended well, as did the instrumentals. The rhythm and melody of the song was catchy in a good way. The tempo suited the song really well.