I wrote the lyrics and melody for 3 Little Dots, but did not make my own version of the song. Instead I paid Elliott Sheridan to record it for me.

Song Title: 3 Little Dots

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3 Little Dots

Verse 1:
You rolled out of bed like every morning
picked up that old backpack
and walked right out the door

To a world full of wonders
to a future shining bright
the first line of a novel
that only you can write

Cut to the chaos
and the panic
warning sirens start to wail

A heartbeat
set to silent
is waiting to exhale

Down empty hallways
come the footsteps
and the echoes
of the shots

All I'm left with
all I'm left with
all I'm left with
is 3 little dots

Verse 2:
Didn't even get a kiss goodbye
didn't say "I love you, kid"
and look you in the eye

The fabrics of time
start slowly to unwoven
landscapes of beauty
now barren, dark and broken

Frantic phone calls
wild screaming
primal terror in the air

How did we let this happen?
to hell with
thoughts and prayers

Down empty hallways
come the footsteps
and the echoes
of the shots

All I'm left with
all I'm left with
all I'm left with
is 3 little dots

All I'm left with
is 3 little dots


Note: My song was inspired by this article by Noah Reich.

Reviews of 3 Little Dots from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (overall score: 6.1 out of 10):

  • Good guitar that is used. It sounds more country but the lyrics are still pretty good. The voice is also melodic and good sounding. I also like the drums being used.
  • Great guitar and vocals. Could be a country or a pop song. Great song structure, this artist has a hit in my opinion. A good beat all the way through.
  • I did not like it at all. I don't understand what the three little dots mean. The song was like background noise. And it was short.
  • I don't like how it is sad and slow. I wish it was more of a pop song. Needs to be more upbeat. The lyrics are nice though.
  • I like the guitar in this song alot. The beat and instrumentals are great and work really well together. The vocalist has a good voice that fits.
  • I really enjoyed the sound of his voice. The lyrics were easy to follow. The instrumentals was perfect.
  • I think the name of the song was unique and memorable. Th lyrics fit the song well also. However, I just feel that it was lacking some personality and emotions.
  • I think the singer sounded flat and his voice was a bit shaky and not smooth sounding a lot. The music was fitting for the lyrics but didn't keep me interested for long.
  • I thought I was going to listen to a pop song. This sounded like a country song right off the back and I do not like country music despite being a Southerner! His voice is okay but sort of monotone and I was just annoyed and l just listened to required 30 seconds. Glad it wasn't offensive, just not my type of music!
  • I thought the guitar instrumentals were strong. The singer had an interesting and unique voice. The song was quite haunting, which I think was the intent. However, I would not call it a pop song.
  • It feels like this is a singer songwriter one. I like the laid back vibe of the song. This is an easy song to listen to.
  • Not the biggest fan of this one, its just a little too slow and low key for me. Its not a bad song, I could see it being super popular, but its not my thing.
  • The background music and the vocals felt a lot like country music. The music was okay, and the same goes for the vocal, but the song was boring.
  • The guitar chords are great and I love the straightforwardness of this track. His songwriting is excellent and his passion shines through.
  • The guitar is pleasant, and the vocals/lyrics are great, but the song is just too simple for me. There is nothing that makes it stand out from the rest of the music out there.
  • The guitar was solid, and gave a personal touch to his lyrics. The story felt like his unique journey, him sharing a part of himself.
  • The instrumental for this song sets the mood and rhythm and pace. The vocals are fairly decent, the lyrics are about average. I'd give this a 8/10.
  • The lyrics of the song are super pretty! I liked that the intro to the song was nice and short. The singer had a nice voice. The song did sound a little faded and distant.
  • The song is a little too country for my taste. Not a fan of the song. I would not seek more songs from the artist in the future.
  • The song starts off strong. I like the guitar riff and the vocals are cool and fit well too. It's both a song I'd listen to again and one I'd show off to my friends too. I like it.
  • There's quality musicianship here. Love the sound of the instrumental and the vocals. Just didn't care for the song itself. Melody's a bit repetitive.
  • This is a fey folky pop song. The vocal is smarmy. The lyrics are insipid. The music is wonder bread. The production is crisp.
  • This is a very inspiring song. Very nice vocals and melody. I wouldnÂ’t consider this a pop song, though. It has more of an alternative/indie/singer-songwriter vibe. Very good song, though!
  • This pop song is very good. The music is played well. The song has a good beat. The lyrics are fresh and original. The vocalist is good and stays on key (most of the time). The song has good structure. The lyrics fit the music and the voice.
  • This singer has a very unique voice. I love the lyrics. The music is so perfect for the singer's voice and the lyrics. I want to hear more from the singer based on this song!
  • This was a pretty decent one for the most part. The vocals were ok but but I thought the delivery could be a little better. Had a nice 90s sound on this.

Below is version of 3 Little Dots with vocals by alwayssoul17 and music by Elliott Sheridan.

Reviews of alwayssoul17's 3 Little Dots from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (overall score: 5.6 out of 10):

  • I didn't like the song that much because the music wasn't that interesting and was too light. He had an okay voice but didn't show enough emotion.
  • I don't think this song is produced enough to b a single. The vocals sound too "live" not polished enough, with little slips that do not expect from a track that may be a single on the radio.
  • I enjoy the calming mix of acoustic guitars on the track here. It sounds really soothing to listen to this melody. His singing is about average though.
  • I like the singer's voice. It has a nice smooth sound to it but I think it sounds more like a country song to me.
  • I really enjoyed the soft and subtle start to the song. I liked the slight build up and consistent tone of the vocals and beat together.
  • I really like listening to this song. It has some great beats and a lot of energy. I think the quality of the sound production is excellent.
  • I really like this song, he has such a nice singing voice. It's very relaxing listening to him. The lyrics are really good. I would play this over and over.
  • I really like this song. It reminds me of all the songs I found inspiring in my youth. It's got that folk/rock feel that I enjoy listening to.
  • I thought it was a decent song with a good meaning behind it. I liked the artist's voice, but it seemed a bit squeaky at times.
  • It's very average song. I don't see anything cool here. However, it sounds more like country music. Anyway this is not something I like.
  • Sounds more like a country song, which isn't my preferred genre. I thought the guitar sounded crisp and pretty good. The vocals were pretty good, but I felt they were a bit forced. The harmonies were solid and the lyrics were interesting.
  • The guitarist is talented. I don't really care for the tone of the singer's voice. Too much vibrato I think.
  • The instrumental was very pleasant to listen to but the vocals were not very good. I did not enjoy the song very much at all.
  • The lyrics for this song do a good job in telling an interesting story. The vocalist really puts the right amount of emotion into his voice and pulls the listener into the son.
  • The singer had a pretty generic sounding country style voice, some parts sounded a little flat. The lyrics weren't that interesting or catchy. The audio quality was good. The instrumental sounded pretty basic.
  • The singer sounded pretty damn good on this one. Had that nice classic late 60s and 70s sound going for this one. Good listen here.
  • The song has too much of a country feel to it. Too slow. I would not seek more songs from the artist in the future.
  • The song is pretty boring to listen to. It does not really do anything that is interesting. Overall a below average song to listen to.
  • The song is very basic and boring. I do not like anything about it. Production team did not do good on this song. It got better, but still boring as heck.
  • This has too much of a country feel to it for me to really enjoy it. The vocals are off pitch and don't quite meet the music quality.
  • This immediately makes me think its a country song and turns me away from it. I cant picture a song like this being on the radio.
  • This starts off pretty good, I like his voice a lot, feels like a pretty nice mix of country and pop, the guitar sounds good.
  • This track is real nice, has a good mellow sound to it and I can get used to listening to tracks like this on the regular, thanks for posting this one.
  • To basic and nothing catchy or separating it from others. Vocals are sub par and the background needs some work with mix up style and sounds.
  • Very nice melody. The vocals are a bit unpolished, but there is real emotion that is attached to the lyrics. It seems more like it fits the country genre rather than pop. But this is a very moody song that can bring feeling to the audience.
  • While the song isn't bad, there's nothing remarkable about that's going to make me want to listen to it again or remember much about it.